Eight-Count Indictment Handed Down To Levi Aron In Murder Of Leiby Kletzky – Faces Life In Prison Without Parole

charles_hynes_tlsBREAKING NEWS: The DA’s Office in NY has just announced that an eight-count indictment has been handed down to Levi Aron, the man who confessed to kidnapping and murdering Leiby Kletzky A”H. Charles Hynes, the DA, is currently giving a news conference, where he announced that the indictment includes a 2-count murder charge.

Aron is facing life in jail without the possibility of parole.

Earlier today, the death of Leiby Kletzky was ruled a homicide. TLS

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  1. Ok momma so do you rather they let him out on the streets? How come there is always those people that kvetch about everything? There is a god who runs this world.

  2. The Rosh Hayeshiva of the Lakewood Kollel Bus, Hagoan Hatzaddick Reb Dovid Lowenthal, anounced on the bus that everyone should make a Kabbala for the Niftar, about Shacharis, the davening became a totally Anderish davening afterwords.

  3. if he will killed by inmates there is a chiyuv in pidyon shvuyim. Ps can someone tell me differance between arraigned & indicted?

  4. its going to cost us about 30 to 50 thousand dollars a year to keep him housed and fed three times a day..not including care for his ” medical ” condition. so who is really paying for his “horrific “crime..

  5. a maximum security prison will be the best thing for this monster. The prison inmates are ruthless with child molesters/rapists/murders and he will be subjected to nightly prison justice (without being too graphic) until he is killed. He will not last a month.

  6. the question is he sane enough to go to trial or is he insane and will go right to a pyscho ward. I don’t think he would do well in jail. I can’t imagine what this child went through. this child has a place in my heart always

  7. Inmates don’t like animals who hurt or kill children. They treat them harshly.
    BTW, the point I was trying to make in my first comment was that he deserves to suffer a worse fate than prison. Gehenom comes to mind.

  8. This is terribly embarrassing.

    The murderer did a horrible, horrible crime. Somewhere, somehow he enacted on an urge to kill.

    Reading some of these comments I’m wondering: HOW ARE YOU BETTER?

    Some wish him a worse fate then the child! Oiysh.

    If you have these murderous feelings of revenge in your own heart- how are you any better then the murderer?

    Rachmonim bnei Rachmonim, what Geder can you possibly affix to prevent you from acting out your own urges? Especially when you have committed them to writing already?

    The Torah dictates our daily life.

    Revenge is out.

    Killing is out.

    Please- some say Hashem wants improvement- how about not worrying about some other murderer- and start with yourself.

    I believe some posts above are a true Chilul Hashem. For Shame.

  9. Another rightful point is: the murderer is someone’s child, and is entitled to Teshuva, as Halacha dictates. Who are you to B’Avel him? This is solely between the murderer and God. Not you. I hope- that in retribution one of your own children don’t go on to earn you such a heartache when they grow up. Harbei Shluchim L’mokom. Keep on posting against a shattered Neshama and you may be earning yourself Kifel Koflayim!

    Why only worry about one child- a young one- who is no longer amongst the living.

    If you truly care, you would be very, very concerned about the welfare of the murderer as well. A caring heart does not turn on and off, nor differentiate. Your self interests and emotions are speaking when you vent your anger. It is certainly not a caring heart.

    One Yid lost his life- another has messed his up terribly- oy, oy, cry twice. But to turn on an unfortante soul. A Yiddish Neshama. Hashem Yerachaim!

  10. i’ve read that his lawyer is going to prepare a case that will require levi aron go to a mental health facility instead of going to prison being that he claims he “hears voices” and has “hallucinations”. absolutely not. this guy belongs in prison for what he did. he definitely knew what he was doing. for goodness sakes, he drugged the kid before suffocating him. obviously no person is well for doing something like this, but prison is the answer. but only God knows what his future is.

  11. this person will not be kept in genral population in prison, especially during his trial which could take a long time. The possibility of him beign put in Gen Pop once trial is over depends on the room in the prison, but he will likely never be alone when around prisoners or he will go to a criminally insane psych hospital, that is part of his defense.

  12. I was hoping for the death chair. But being in prison with other murderers, you could be sure he won’t live too long. The Gemara says in (Kesubos 30) that even though we don’t have a Sanhedren and we can’t kill murders, the “din” of the four misos are not butel, they get them in another form.

  13. General population in a prison would be just right, torture until he is eraticated….an eye for an eye is true street justice, in my opinion, condolences to the family, friends and community.

  14. All you – heed another opinion.

    No “Dinim” are applied to this fellow. – Except your own opinions.

    Because you and other posters call him an “Achzor” does not make him into one.

    You represent unorthodox vigilante justice at its best.

    A Yiddishe Hartz is a caring one. ALWAYS. (Unless a Bais Din shel 23 say otherwise.)

    The difference between you and Levi Aron is- Mr. Aron supposedly confessed to detectives. You- do not know when you are wrong- even after being told, and continue to spew your own Toras Lakshon- which creates problems for Klal Yisroel.

    The Torah says Ain Odom Maysim Atmo Rosha- this, in a case with THREE (according to Shulchan Aruch) kosher witnesses listening. And this was not even the case.

    Because you read and believe all, does not create an Achzor. State your case- you do not seem shy- go on and tell the world your criteria of Achzor and how you unilaterally came to the conclusion that it applies in this situation.

    You are completely wrong. You are creating a Chillul Hashem with each wrongful, hateful post, and proving that in your heart of hearts you as well have absolutely no problem being cruel.

    The danger is- you continue to roam freely.

  15. An afterthought: Had Hashem wanted a Misa B’yiday Odom to be M’chaper, there would have been two Kosher witnesses to the act.

    Hashem in his wisdom chose otherwise. Levi Aron is free to do Teshuva and be right with God. Hashem granted him this leeway.

    Who are you to wish a fate other then the Rotzon Haborei?

  16. There is no such thing as teshuvah for killing someone especially a little inocent child.I f you dont consider this guy an achzor you should keep your twisted logic to yourself.If any of us are dangerous is is YOU.You sound like an accomplice

  17. I’ve explained the Torah and Hashem’s side- please reciprocate I’ve explained the Torah and Hashem’s side- please reciprocate by explaining your understanding. Awaiting….

    Until then I will consider my word final- for myself- and all those who choose to read.

    You have nothing to base yourself on except your emotions- which are not guided by not by Torah nor by Halacha.

  18. Chaim is wrong.
    The Rambam paskens that even bizman hazeh if there is a murderer amongst us we should capture him and torture him, mainly as a deterrent.
    Bleeding heart liberalism has no place amongst torah yidden.

  19. I agree with Chaim.An I don’t beliv that he could have done it had we not had different forms of retzicha and achzoriyos within our qwn selves ..the loshon horo..the yoraid lsoch umnosoi she’ll chaveroi etc..
    the basic indifference and disconnect to other neshomos that we share with laron

  20. Chaim- I am probably one of the few readers that will agree with you. I may not understand all the things you spoke of in regards to the Torah (me being a non jew), but it is not for us nor any human to decide when and where it is acceptable to put someone to death or what manner of torture they should endure. The day will come when all our deeds will be accounted for. His punishment will be dealt with justly.

  21. Fool- Dont decry the “Rambam Paskins”

    You- like me and all of Klal Yisroel require a Bais Din Shel 23 to apply any psak not a “Ingnorant Balei Mussar” as you claim to be.

    Until you have a Psak Bais DIn- none of this wonderous Chiddushei Torah regarding Mr. Aron’s status can be applied.

  22. i can see why you feel this way, i too wish the bais hamikdash was here and we had the sanhandren to govern us, but sadly they are not. so as i’m sure you know that the torah also says that we should live by the laws of the country, in this amazing wonderful country where they put killers in jail for life, is a good thing!! i’m just sorry the option for death is off the table. because if this was my child, he would be getting off to easily. my hart goes to the family not to someone who can hurt a child like that.

  23. The rambam paskens that bizman hazeh, without a beis din of 23 we must punish and protect our communities.
    You have some chutzpa to ignorantly argue on the rambam based on a cheider education.

  24. isn’t there a death penalty is ny state? i am opposed to the death penalty, but if it is on the books who could deserve it more than this guy?

  25. Chaim is not “wrong”. Chaim simply has a problem of gayvah. He sees himself as holy, while all the commenters are shkutzim. Berating everyone makes him feel like a tzadik.

  26. all this talk is getting comlicating. theres a concept of miguided pity “nebach an apikores is oich an apikores” but we also know that a jew who kills another jew, bais din kills them. and another aspect is we know that speaking badly about other ppl EVEN IF IT’S PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE is lashon hora. i dont claim to know what the right thing is but its important to ask. How sad would it be, if hashem send us this harsh message and we just mess up again. basically speak to your local orthodox rabbi

  27. Chaim you are an insane liberal who does not know right from wrong. Let’s hear it–we should be “dan him lekaf zechus”–or “al tadin es chavercha ad shetagia limkomo” or “maybe he was molested as a child” or “maybe we are all guilty for not davening w/ kavanah and if we would have done ours, this would never have happened” or “he missed his “nekudas habechirah and we miss ours so we are all evil”–afra lepumcha! Why don’t you do the world a favor and go on a lifelong machsom lefi! I sure hope that you aren’t sitting and learning all day to fuel your twisted logic!

  28. I 100% agree with Chaim ! &no! No relation to the killed . I am a ben torah! & so do the 50 or so yeshivah liet I spoke to feel the same! In hisotry; we allway gave this over to the goverment to deal with & the stayed out ! This curseing behind the killer has to STOP its not a yidisha midah (‘lo salin nivloso al hoetz’) the torah leave dignaty for the killer too ,he has to get his punishment ! But we are not needed to cheer it on!

  29. By: Ruchel Segulah (Responding to Commentors on “The indictment of Levi Aron”)

    I am very glad I came upon this page (off of FB other, I am very Kiruv-involved there – please use my name for contact,) moreover it’s comments, to be exact; because I needed to hear more of the TORAHDIKA viewpoint (which I do of MY OWN RAV ANYWAY; he happens to be head of the Beis Din in BP, but that is beside the point.. Why?!… I’ll tell you.. BECAUSE..)
    The most important and defining characteristic of a Jew is “RACHAMIM” (MERCY & EMPATHY!) How does one achieve that? By LISTENING, PUTTING HIMSELF IN THE “OTHER PERSONS SHOES!”
    THANK U VERY MUCH INDEED CHAIM!!! ..For your neshamah and for bringing some “light” into this sad discussion and topic.
    You’ve pointed out MORE than the obvious.. Some don’t even realize that they are solely thinking of “themselves!” ..And of “their” pain.. (THOUGH, they DON’T even have the capability to see it..) THAT IS ONE REASON WHY WE ARE IN GOLUS. ..”AND” how such a thing could happen!
    They don’t realize completely that: Hakadosh Boruch Hu KNOWS WHAT HE DOES & He alone runs the world & ORCHESTRATES “EVERYTHINGGG” which happens (just as He did THIS!)
    Al Pi Halacha: A person who kills another, in SICKNESS or by accident is “Chayeiv Koreis”.. AND may do T’SHUVAH (Go ask a Rav or learn PLEASE, before you start putting others down who HAVE learned as Chaim CLEARLY HAS.)
    Al Pi Torah: REVENGE is a SIN.
    You don’t know the true details of the killer, as I equally don’t. I hope the truth will prevail; and that the one’s who are supposedly professional in his mental evaluation will do their job appropriately, honestly and ethically..
    Goyim, Goyish authority and Goyish media (on which many here and everywhere unfortunately and blindly put their trust,) are not always true or in pure form. (WE know, for example, that Aron wasn’t really of our community, or really Orthodox for that matter.. Unless you haven’t been paying attention to such matters and instead been solely consumed with “revenge.”) I happen to know that “they” can be quite corrupt. I DON’T CARE WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE! (Believe everything you see on TV?? Are you a TV watcher?? What do you know about Halacha or what have you tried to LEARN or find out?? Only when a Jew hasn’t [learned,] is when he starts believing in OTHER, before his own people.)
    In my expert opinion (as a Torahdika and sincere person B”H, and as an analyst [which every Yid should be rather than judge and jury,] with some pharmeceutical knowledge;) from the limited information that I, or the rest of us, have (since I don’t know from, or have HIS DOCTORS REPORT.. The one [if not, more] who was treating him with the anti-schizophrenia medications, psychotics and many other I’m sure, of which might’ve very well have been subliminally-toxic and mind-altering to “him;” especially considering his “existing” mental condition. By now they [authorities] should have consulted with HIM [Doctor.]) Or from the limited other important details, that one would acquire, if he spoke with Aron directly is that:
    He is clearly VERY sick..
    He probably IS a “paranoid schizophrenic” among “other” things. I DO believe he hears voices, so strongly that he has to put on music or other to drown it out. That he has hallucinations..AND, that he is taking medication, of which was possibly not being gaged correctly or HE WOULDN’T BE; or for that matter, [he] would be more monitered (administered psychotherapy, etc) to prevent him from having done something like this or “any” questionable, terrible, horrific, illegal or uncivilized things that I believe might have been inevitable considering this [mental] status (I heard he engaged with other children as well.. How BTW, do I WISH that the woman to whose daughter he allegedly tried to give a ride had spoken up before he could get to “this.” But I try to give “Dan L’kaf Zchis.” As I do EVERYONE. As well as his own parents & friends etc.. As I DO the people on the streets of BP who are so self-absorbed that they don’t even notice when a child, like Leiby obviously was, seems lost or misplaced.
    I am sure you’re going to respond to that with “not our fault, who could know or notice, etc..” But I have news for you.. IT “IS OUR” FAULT THAT THIS HAPPENED!
    Those who can’t appreciate that H”KBH is sending a clear message, those who point fingers of REVENGE (and for that matter degrade eachother as you are against the Torah “murderously” doing here,) rather than to instead LEARN from this and work on being better “Menchin” and Yidden, and on doing real T’SHUVAH – have clearly NOT and are without question MISSING “IT.”)
    Such is Golus.. DARE we have the chutzpah to say “Where is Moshiach??” OURS is to LEARN!
    So, WHO is to blame, the SICK person or the ones who should have been responsible for him (doctors, therapists, family, even friends or employers to some extent.)
    Well, again I have news for you..
    Hashem is telling us that: WE ARE ALL RESPONSIBLE..

    (According to some calculations, as Chaim eluded, some here fall within worse category than he, sadly and obviously; since “he” is sick.)
    THIS is where the phrase:
    “Kol Yisroel Arovim Ze Loze” – All of Israel is a guarantor for his “fellow” Jew – applies… And guess what?
    IV. WE ARE NOT THE BEIS DIN! ..And, to give example to those who don’t get it:
    V. The Kletzky’s (in Torah fashion appropriately) stated to Goyish media:
    ..with all due respect.
    Hashem Y’racheim

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