18 Year Old Lakewood High School Student Pulls Out Of BOE Elections Race

FIRST REPORT: Aasim Johnson, the eighteen year old Lakewood High School student running for the Board Of Education, has pulled out of the race, TLS has learned. Johnson tells TLS says there are several reasons for his decision to pull out of the race, but mainly because he wants to “Pursue secondary education.”

Remaining in the race, are incumbents Irene Miccio, Meir Grunhut, Yoni Silver and newcomers Lee Mund, Meir Singer and Joel Schwartz.

The school board elections will be held Tuesday, April 17, which is three days after Pesach. TLS.

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  1. #1, your dead wrong. It wasn’t the pressure or the fundraising. Aaism was smart enough to realize the next 4 years of his life in college was more important for his future then sitting on the Lakewood school board unless real changes can be made. I am also convinced he is smart enough not like you that the majority of the board must change.
    What the township and the children do not need is another 3 years of members taking orders from (moderated) others in town. This has happened for over 18 years and it’s time we had change

  2. He is going to college? Good for him! THEN he can run for the board….. I think all the other candidates should have to (at least) produce a high school diploma.

  3. the election is a farce, no matter who is elected nothing will change ,only a State takeover is going to make things right here in the Lakewood public schools . I hope that I will proven wrong and have to eat my words , however time will tell. Lets see if a 37% graduation rate is going to become the “norm” for this pathetic board that runs the schools

  4. to all- if you want a real board that doesn’t take orders but reacts to the children’s need vote ” SILVER, MUND AND SCHWARTZ

  5. This year I will vote for Larry, Curly, & Moe. That should make the majority in town happy. And these 3 could probably do a better job then the current ones.

  6. Aasim, you are a smart young man who deserves better then what this board would have dished out to you. Get your education and become the man you were destined to be!! G-d bless you and your efforts.

  7. How sad is this??????????? You the school board should all be ashamed of yourselves, maybe you should go back to school. Did you graduate from Lakewood? SHOOT FOR THE STARS JOE……………….

  8. what a smart young man he is. go get your education and make your family proud, you are a fine young man, you will go far in life and i only wish you the best. you will make this world a better place. there should be more young men like you.

  9. Right on #10. What ashame and a pity…. I first hand see what Lakewood is producing and it is very disturbing, WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!
    Shoot for the stars Joe, Good Luck!

  10. April 2010

    Seitler promised to lower taxes, not keep even but lower.

    March 2012
    Mr seitler votes yes to a 500k increase

    someone explain to me?

  11. good for you Aasim!! I was so worried you would give up the chance to go to one of the great schools you’ve been accepted to!! Don’t hang around here trying to fix something beyond repair.You’re a great kid & you have a lot to offer the world! A certain trombonist & I & the rest of our family wish you all the success you’ve worked so hard for!

  12. Smart move Aasim, shoot for the stars. I hope you are very successful and land yourself a great career. Just make sure you don’t get too rich, because then the “occupy wall st” crowd and the democrat liberals are gonna hate you and try to tax you and take away all your money to give it to the others who didn’t work as hard as you and didn’t make as much money as you.

    So work hard – just enough to make enough money to feed your future family. Then please come back to Lakewood and buy a house here so that the Lakewood BOE can tax you to oblivion to pay for the bloated union salaries. We need your hard earned money! Who else is going to pay for the BOE’s increase in taxes (unless Chezky Zeitler and Yoni Silver can continue to keep taxes down)

  13. Aasim, I see where you are coming from but I do not think your decision is wise. 30 years ago, a young man seeking a career and getting an education would be a wise move. However, the market is flooded with many capable and educated young people who cannot find employment. Gaining a “skill” is not the golden key it once was. Look for something that gives you an edge that is not just a piece of paper. If you can gain experience in politics and then put that on your resume together with a degree, you would give yourself the edge over your contemporaries. Instead, you will be just another person with a degree in a rough job market.

  14. #17, seitler did the best job he could with two week’s advance notice. Due you think anyone on the board could have done better, no way.
    As one of the board members previously stated keeping the election in April is easier to defeat the budget. Miccio voted to leave the election is April also, why do you think. Use you imagination and add 7 points, you might be right

  15. Aasim,

    Remember, we are what we are because we know who we were.

    It is our history that makes us into a nation, binding the present generation with generations of the past, making us into a nation of law, rather than a tyranny of men.

    Then, it is the law that binds all our peoples into a nation.

    So, go and learn history and polical science in our nation’s capital and return home to serve your country.

    Then remember that it is the teacher that is the link that binds the nation to its moral past.

  16. In all fairness to the taxpayers & parents of the BOE students, Silver should be reelected. The other 2 incumbents should step down in favor of others, or they should be voted out.

  17. Great choice Aasim! Do not waste the opportunity to move on and further your education, for the antics of Lakewood Board of Education. Trust, after you have completed your studies and you’ve experienced life outside of the borders Lakewood, if you decide to come back —- there will still be a need on the LBOE. Be strong. Stay humble.

  18. Aasim – God bless you.
    I completely understand the decision that you have made. The transition from High School to College is a great step and it will take all of your strength to take on all of your new responsibilities.

    You are smart to pursue your education, unencumbered by the responsibilities of elected office.

    Be a good student, study hard, and make your parents and your support group proud of your accomplishments. You will have the rest of your life to contribute your time, skills, and energy for the betterment of others. Devote the next years to taking on your higher education.

    Be well my friend.

  19. # 23, you are dead wrong. Are you telling me Aasim could make a difference being on the board.
    Read my lips, “the only way of making a difference is if Mund, SIlver and Schwartz win”.
    The BOE and the town must look to replace members who can not vote on there own. The time has come to make a change.

  20. #29- I am not saying that at all. I do not know Aasim personally and have no idea what he can accomplish on the board. I do know that having a degree is not that helpful in this world. If he feels he can accomplish something on the board and pursue a degree in a few years, the combination of the 2 will give him an edge.

  21. Unemployment statistics show that while those with a high school education or less suffer 9 1/2 % unemployment, those with a college degree suffer 4%. A “piece of paper” seems to be providing jobs for the educated. Those with a college degree also make a substantial amount of money above those without. This young man is doing the wise thing. I wish him the best.

  22. Good Choice…..college is always the better choice. my prayers are with you Aasim!! Get your education , then come back and make a diff.

  23. Thanks for moderating #34, I will take it as is. I do have one question.

    I have heard Mr. Mier Singer does not live in Lakewood and works for (moderated). All I want to know if this is accurate. If you know the answers please post it.

    Thank You

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