VIDEO: NASA’s Antares Rocket Explodes Shortly after Liftoff; Watch Live Coverage

nasa explosionVIDEO OF EXPLOSION: The NASA rocket which took off at 6:22 PM has exploded seconds after liftoff. The Antares rocket was supposed to be visible from New Jersey.

The rocket was unmanned. Live Coverage here

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  1. I was watching live and couldn’t believe my eyes. Ive been an armature astronomer my whole life and things like this are just heartbreaking. Only good thing is that no one was hurt. Large loss of science experiments that were bound for the ISS, though. Ugh.

  2. Chacham, you wouldn’t be commenting like a nitwit if it were YOUR life’s work that just went up in flames, or as you say “in the garbage”. Not only were 5,000 lbs of experiments on board, but that rocket also contained all of the new provisions such as food, water, and supplies for the astronauts currently manning the ISS. Way to have some empathy dude.

  3. Ka-Boom. Another massive waste of time, effort & money. And for what ? The whole manned space program is a Waste. Besides for a “morale Boost” here & there, We have not gained an iota of anything from the whole manned space program. Oh, sorry, we got Moon Rocks ,pics of Saturn’s rings & we, gasp, removed the title of planet from Pluto. And for this we, tax payers, collectively, spend almost a trillion dollars. Nuts.

  4. We’re there any yidden on board? All shuttles that blew up… From Columbia to the Israel one had Jews on it. Hashemite put us here on earth. When people think they are great and try to conquer other worlds where other species live then the person is removed by Hashemite from the world. Bottom line: stay in this world earth where Hashem put us

  5. That was my point! The astronauts are also wasting our money. It’s time to spend money on real things, to research medicine and provide jobs, not on trying to find out if there was once life on Mars! This country is heading in the wrong direction with a golfer at the wheel. The people in this town and all across the states are being squeezed by high taxes, so the government can spend on nonsense.

  6. To Michoel: Your “world view” is a bit skewed.Do you consider it wrong to fly on an airplane? Since when is space/the moon not our world? Do you say Kiddush Levanah? Are you aware that there are lots of useful items NASA scientists invented for everyday use?

  7. To (not) Chacham can you explain what it means to invest in jobs. Sounds like a liberal “feel good”. How by the government spending money does that create jobs.
    Private sector makes jobs. Government tax and regulate last that will help jobs.

  8. Let’s not forget that the rekiya (sky) is not the shemyim. No one is trying to concur other world, nor could they anything physical in this universe is part of aretz. Reference the gemorah in the second perek of chagigah regarding the definition of shamyim.
    For all those who consider this a waste of money, would you rather live in a country who’s main objective is not to innovate? If so there are plenty of third world countries that would love welcome you. Part of being a first world country means investing in technology and the future. While NASA pushes engineering forward the rest of the world including yourself benefits.

  9. It just goes to show after all their checking, rechecking, calibrations, and evaluations, how fragile it really is and nothing is routine and we’re not in charge. Thankfully no one was injured or killed only a heck of a fireworks show.

  10. This is an unfortunate event however a lot can be learned from this. When we all go to the heavenly court g-d will show us our life and ask what have you accomplished in your lifetime? Some will show homes, cars, businesses and some will show they gave up their entire life for Hashem. This rocket represents all the meaningless things and tens of years wasted and in 6 seconds it was gone. Think about a person wasting his time down here on nonsense and believing he is righteous only for g-d to show him otherwise. When will people wake up? The world is boiling do teshuva.

  11. If people took the time to research what was going on in the International Space Station you would realize that it’s not a waste of time and money. Scientists and astronauts from around the world conduct experiments daily on revolutionary medicines, energy conservation, new technologies, human health, etc. It makes a big difference being able to conduct these in space, for one instance, microgravity effects on cell and tissue growth can be dramatically different to those on Earth. Various experiments have used the culture of cells, tissues and small organisms on orbit as a tool to increase understanding of biological processes and in the development of new medicines.
    The space station also provides a unique platform for inspiring students to excel in mathematics and science. Station educational activities have had a positive impact on thousands of students by involving them in station research, and by using the station to teach them science and engineering.
    Those of you that believe the space program and it’s counterparts are just a waste of money are either uneducated on the topic or just have a stubborn opinion against science and won’t be swayed no matter what evidence is shown to the contrary.

  12. It really saddens me to read the comments here, as people claim that space exploration is a waste of money.

    Firstly, NASA does not spend “hundreds of billions of dollars” – Their annual budget is $16 billion, which represents 1/2 of 1% of the total federal budget.

    Second – we are not going into space to look for little green men, or play with moon due. The amount of technological and medical knowledge we have gained from our space program benefits every single person on this planet.

    This is from an interview with Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson – An astrophysicist who is also the director of the Hayden Planetarium in NY:

    There’s the GPS. There’s the precision and affordability of your LASIK surgery. That kind of surgery predates NASA but it became accurate and affordable in the presence of the technologies that NASA pioneered to dock the space station with the space shuttle.

    There are cordless power tools, which were invented because you can’t plug tools into the wall sockets when you’re fixing satellites or space-walking around the space shuttle. There’s the Cochlear Implant that allows deaf people to hear. That was pioneered by space technology.

    The fact that you have smoke detectors. The fact that pavements in slippery areas are grooved. It’s simple; it’s not high-tech. It’s actually low-tech.

    But the traction that you get from rubber onto concrete was something that NASA engineers thought of in landing the space shuttle. Scratch-resistant lenses for eyeglasses. When you’re building transparent windows for space vehicles and there’s possible risk of debris hitting it and then compromising your view, you put top people on it to solve that problem.

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