BREAKING: Lakewood’s Yesodos school closes due to financial difficulties

yesodos lkwd tlsLakewood’s Yesodos school has closed due to extreme financial difficulties, TLS has learned.

Parents yesterday evening received a message which stated the school would be closing because of an approximately $100,000 deficit.

There are approximately 30 children in the school, geared to children who have not yet been mainstreamed into regular mosdos.

Last year, a group of Lakewood baalei batim and askonim took it upon themselves to help Yesodos, but it has become too difficult for them to carry the school on their own.

(The school is unaffiliated with Yesodos Bais Yaakov.)

Askonim are expected to meet this week to discuss the future of the mosad.



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  1. With all due respect to the group of parents that i’m sure work very hard to keep this mosed up and running. why not make a broad online campaign, 100K on charidy sounds very doable, based on the numbers we’ve see in recent weeks for all types of organizations from no brand organizations to well connected ones. if this is a tactic to wake everyone up and say “we need money” it sounds childish.
    if they go on charidy and advertise, i like many others will donate. FYI,
    i personally heard of this school only once before.

  2. A major school in Toronto was closed last week due to financial problems. This is the second school closed in recent years. Now 160 girls from elementary will need to find a place to learn. It’s a pity so many schools are supported from out of town when Toronto can’t keep up its own schools. And by the way, there is no room in the other schools to just add them in.

  3. Reply to Meir (comment # 1)

    Meir, You don’t “advertise” on Charidy. In order to run a Charidy campaign you need to have 75% of your money (in this case $75,000) lined up before you start. I am sure the people running this mossad have already tried what is available to them and couldn’t get it together.

  4. @Meir- Aside from what Yaakov pointed out regarding the necessary capital to get a Charidy campaign off the ground- which would be a tremendous hurdle, the 100,00$ raised would be a stop gap measure. That would get them out of debt currently, but what about next yeat at this time? They business model they have is not sustainable. There is an incredible staff to student ratio which is crucial for the success of the students, as it is in SCHI, but they do not have the government funding that a school like SCHI has. They will keep digging the hole of debt deeper each year. What needs to happen is some sort of long term plan how to support and sustain this extremely necessary and wonderful mosad which there 30 kids need for their very survival. Charidy is simply not a sustainable, long term fix.

  5. It is a great school. All children should be taught in a school like that. I know a wonderful kid who goes there. He is doing so well in school, better than his siblings who go to a regular school.

  6. #2
    Where did the “160 girls from elementary” that you speak of come from? The article here states approximately 30 children…are you including the children from Toronto?

  7. To 7 I’m talking about Toronto. Even schools with a mich larger amount of kids, 160 approximately is being closed due to lack of funds. It’s not just Lakewood, Toronto is a rich city but has been thru a few closing in the last few years.

  8. @a
    I would like to explain that as a parent of a student of yesodos you need to understand that this is not a regular school that has closed so big deal you go to a new school yesodos takes Care of the problems of these challenged kids. These boys desperately need structure which right now they don’t have since they’re sitting confu as ed at home whilst their siblings are happily in their schools. .we don’t have the kop to collect money for the extreme tuition coz were too busy looking after these very challenged children
    Frustrated parental cw

  9. Has anyone contacted rechnitz? If ever there was a need – it is now. My neighbor is home, home, home. That’s terrible for a Yong 12 yr old!!

  10. TLS, if you post a mailing address tonight, bli neder I will send $100 donation. I ask my fellow citizens to join in and send whatever little or much that you can. Every donation helps and all together we can make a huge difference. LETS GO LAKEWOOD! Hatzlocha.

  11. @realist- Thank you for your response. I do agree with the fact that the rebbeim certainly need to get paid everything they are owed. The tremendous koach and effort put forth by each staff member in such an institution is beyond the scope of my reality. I’m not saying Charidy is not somewhat of an answer. I’m simply saying that you can’t expect a campaign such as Charidy to fix all fiscal problems going forward. Folks like Meir need to realize that a one time fund raiser or parlor meeting would not be putting the school back on their feet- it would be paying off old debts. The town as a whole needs to assume responsibility going forth or this same scenario will repeat itself time and again. We can not allow this vital mosad to close down. The parents of these pure neshamos have enough to contend with. They do not need the additional worry of raising funds they do not have.

  12. Rabosi,
    Lets get together and help this Mosad its the only one in town that help children on the Spectrum
    Hashem holds dear the Torah studuy of Hevel Shel Tinokos these are innocent yiddideshe Kinderlach that cant go to “regular” Schools

  13. I totally agree! Yesodos is filling a crucial need in lakewood. It should be a community responsibility and there should be a community effort to keep it open. These boys have no where else to go because no other school will accept them because of their challenges. Any child that does have another option for school already switched to a different school in the begginning of the year when Yesodos wasnt sure if they would open because of their financial difficulties

  14. As a staff member of this incredible school I can personally attest to the amazing accomplishments of our students. I shudder at the thought of what will become of our boys if the school is forced to close down.

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