BREAKING: Lakewood’s Ateres Bais Yaakov elementary school shuts its doors

Ateres Bais Yaakov elementary school has closed its doors, TLS has learned.

The school, under the auspices of Rabbi Baruch Sher, moved from Manalapan to Lakewood just last year.

Rabbi Sher, an alumnus of the Yeshivos of Peekskill and Derech Chaim opened Bais Yaakov of Western Monmouth County. Originally, the school’s primary goal was to provide a quality chinuch to families of the area. However, as the school’s reputation grew, it soon attracted families from Lakewood as well as from the Staten Island kollel community.

“It’s a school that touched many lives,” Rabbi Sher told TLS. “Every girl that came, left for the better. It’s unfortunate, there was big need in town- I don’t know what’s going to be in the future.”

The school was forced to close due to funding issues.

“I’m Makir Tov to Hashem I was able to touch all the lives we did over the past seven years,” Rabbi Sher said.

Rabbi Sher, clearly distraught over the closure, says he hopes to use his Koches to continue serving Klal Yisroel.

Askonim are working on placing the children in other schools.

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  1. Everyone complains that this “town” is a crazy place where you can’t get into school. Problem is that parents (myself included) won’t send their kids to schools that will take everyone. The schools that are most needed close down. So who’s fault is this?

  2. Maybe the askonim that are working on placing the students into other schools, could work on making the school more financially viable. Let’s work on helping them, instead of using this platform to bash other people.

  3. I find that parents don’t expect a free ride. The yeshua will come when we take rechnitz and Rabbi Kanarek’s example and over extend ourselves for jewish education.

  4. when you pay for a two month camp almost as much as a ten month school tuition this is a problem !

    no one goes to camp unpaid, however the mosdos are always last to get paid , so unfortunately this is the outcome of an under funded mosas

    may hkdb’h PAY rabbi sher & all others that are moiser nefesh to always help the klal

  5. I’m just wondering how can so many ppl afford to send their children to camp , however tuition is never a front burner?

    we all know that no one gets on that bus without being paid up in full….

    why are our mosdos second class citizens ?

    • Camp is not an option for those who are working to make a living. It’s no different than tuition. Someone’s gotta watch the little kids

  6. @moshe because camp is considered a luxury. besides I know of some super nice camp directors in camp that due offer discounts etc to families that need the help.

  7. @moshe…I wish all the parents in our camp paid up before their kids get on the buses, however that is not the case…every year we chase parents for payment still Chanukah time.

  8. Baruch Sher is a tzadik who really tried his best to help these girls and succeeded in a big way.So many of these girls were mazliach JUST BECAUSE OF SMALL CLASS SIZE! WE ARE PAYING A VERY HEAVY PRICE BECAUSE OF THE LARGE CLASSES! THE AITZA HERE IS TO REOPEN THE SCHOOL WITH THE COMMUNITY TAKING RESPONSIBILITY (NOT RABBI SHER) FOT IT! THE AITZA IS NOT TO STUFF THESE GIRLS IN ALREADY OVERCROWED SCHOOLS! Also parents who have children who are not thriving in large schools need to do whats good for the kids and send their child to a school which is actually good for THEM!

  9. This is really sad. Parents should look into Ateres Tziporah as an alternative. Its is always hard to change schools but at AT I think the loving warmth may make it easier.
    Hatzlacha to all. Hope it gets solved

  10. You guys can’t talk if you don’t know who pays tuition and who doesn’t. I for one paid up every dime i owed for tuition to ateres bais yaakov. My girls got such warmth and care from their teachers. They were really there caring what was in the best interest of each child. It’s a shame that they had to close.

  11. The philanthropists need to kik in. Every school needs to have strong financial support. Over time the schools become self supporting. They just need help getting on their feet. Moshe not every family sends to camp. I know of a family that just can’t afford camp,their children stay home.I feel bad for them.the fact is not everyone goes to camp.

  12. Schools with normal class sizes will never be self supporting . They can barely he self supporting if they have huge classes ,and then we wonder why do many kids do not turn out the way we want .

  13. Maybe before schools open, should be a semi-viable business plan or don’t open. It’s not right to the girls to just open and hope for the best

  14. I know plenty of kids w parets cant afford tuition. Parents stay home and kids go to camp and are charged nothing for camp.
    Young Kids can not stay hole an empty town no friends around to play with

  15. OK GUyS lets make an URGENT PARLOR MEETING RIGHT NOW!!!!!! NU LETS GO!!! Where are we making it? Whoever can get up and take charge is like Pinchas who took charge!!!

  16. Wow! It’s about time we woke up and smelled the coffe! Yes it’s tragic. But I know first hand that almost every mosad here in town are struggling like crazy! We’re all very quick to badmouth the executives and board members for not letting everybody in, but those same parents are the ones threatening the schools not to take in certain families! And it’s also sad when we close our doors in the faces of these struggling roshai mosdes begging for their lives for help to pay their teachers!

  17. Just a thought reading all the comments. We are in the 3 weeks which is caused by sinas chinom. Instead of using this forum to spread or negative thoughts, let’s be Dan l’kaf zechus and use it for the positive. Them we can help bring moshiach and all tzaris will go away.

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