BREAKING: Lakewood Poskim ban ALL Minyanim, Including on Porches; Visits within Lakewood also banned

Letter issued moments ago and released to TLS:


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  1. Can someone please clarify for me why the rabbonim are adopting more serious measures than what Murphy put into law? His stay at home order clearly states you may visit close family. Also, everyone has a right to be on their own porch…

  2. Has TLS received this from the rabbonim themselves?
    unfortunately, there are individuals who have personal agendas and want to stop minyanim . this letter should be verified

  3. Litoeles Harabim:
    It is suggested that those with higher potential risk or anyone with symptoms consider Taking Quercetin and Zinc(and perhaps Vitamin C and D as well). Studies suggest Quercetin works to A. Block entry of virus into cells and B. Act as a Zinc Ionophore which allows zinc into cells and then inhibit virus replication. This is similar in in some aspects to Hydroxychloroquine which is being used now but unfortunately not available to patients in NJ outside of the hospital setting due to its potential although rare side effects. These are over the counter supplements that are typically safe to take in moderation.

    • Why do you need him to sign it? This is a letter from the Poskim not the Rashei Yeshiva. They’re the ones everyone should listen to – including R’ Malkiel.

  4. The Governor’s rules represent the considered opinions of the medical establishment and general good sense. “Aivah” reflects the gut reaction of the masses of our neighbours, not necessarily well disposed toward us to begin with. Any and all behaviours that “put a sword” into their hands is dangerous for the tzibbur. It is not LOGICAL to fault people who are following the rules, and yes, we are entitled the use of our porches and decks, but the masses and the hysterical media who cater to their prejudices are not viewing this logically.

  5. one of my neighbors was always leaving his house on Friday night/ Yom Tov right when shul would normally start.
    Then another neighbor mentioned that the Ups driver in our area has seen people making a minyan
    Besides not listening to Das Torah, It a big Chillul H-shem that the delivery drivers see our community gathering and not following the rules. This is also having a bad affect on people that are frum in hospital since doctors don;t want to treat people who are not following the rules. They say why should I help you if you didn’t follow all the rules put into place.

  6. I would like to share my thoughts with confused and 456:
    Governor Murphy is basing his measures on the CDC suggestions and balancing those suggestions with their impact on the NJ citizens. The Rabbanim are basing their measures on Pikuach Nefesh and preserving lives. If only there was much more foresight, how many more would be alive today…
    On a second note:
    Only someone who has observed how close some porches are to each other and who has seen some of the mingling happening post porch and backyard minyanim can comment about their dangers.
    Only someone who has a medical and epidemic background can comment on how much we need to distance ourselves.
    Only someone who is on the front lines working with the government, hospitals, Doctors and patients can comment on how much Aiva there is out there.
    On a third note:
    Reb Gershon Eidelstein, Reb Shloma Miller, Reb Moshe Heinemann Shlita and others have stated no minyanim should take place.
    On a forth note:
    The Brisker Rov ZTL is famous for saying we are not mekel on hilchos Shabbos, we are machmir on pikuach nefesh, today is is not a question of being machmir, but of actual pikuach nefesh.
    I would love for 456 to explain me what sort of person would have a personal agenda to stop minyanim.
    A gut Yom Tov and may we be zoche to the Geulah Shleima b’Korov!

  7. The ppl who need to see this dont have internet and dont get the calls
    Can you pls post this in apartment buildings its very important i cant leave due to not feeling well. But it would prob be a big mitzva for someone to take apon themself this letter with these signatures and post in all lakewood apartment buildings.
    My humble idea

  8. It seems that the whole run to absolve these minyanim is not that there’s anything wrong in having them (we’re talking about minyanim that are adhering to all the measures set forth by the Lakewood doctors and rabbanim and health officials, like the one I went to over Yom Tov) but out of concern of איבה. That doesn’t seem reasonable. Of course we always have to be concerned about Chilul H-shem but that we shouldn’t be able to do something that is totally appropriate just because ‘they hate us’ seems way over the top. Perhaps we should stop all the things that gets their attention like Kapporas or Tashlich. I guess my point is that as so long as we are doing things that are allowed and we are listening to health officials we can’t worry about the rest. Perhaps when confronted just explain to those that are overly concerned ‘Look, what we are doing is perfectly within the rules and regulations, have a nice day!

    • It’s not the eiva in itself that’s the problem. From what I understand, there are rumors that medical professionals are not treating Jewish patients with the proper level of care because they see inappropriate gatherings and believe we are bringing this on ourselves (obviously this is not widespread practice and is totally unethical, but it’s hard to know exactly what is going on in the hospitals because of limited visitation.) so now it’s become an inyan of rodef, that c”v a person partaking in a minyan may inadvertently lead to the death of another.

  9. Oy the ‘ayvah’! Put aside the ‘ayvah’ for a moment. Let’s talk about stupidity. I have never seen such stupidity in all my life. Zu Torah v’Zu Lomde’ha? What a Chilul HaSh-m! Do you not understand how this virus spreads? Person to person. The only ‘weapon’ we have currently to fight this virus is to eliminate the person-to-person connections. To those who continue to engage in ad-hoc Minyanim: Put aside your false frumkeit becasue you are killing people! Unwittingly perhaps, but in the face of the facts with which you’ve been presented, stupidity is going to be no defense for your culpability. I guarantee you that Hakadosh Barush Hu will present you with a bill of responsibility for your actions – in defiance of both Torah and Chachma!

    • So let’s all stop!!!
      Stop shopping!
      Stop shmuzing to your neighbors!
      Stop visiting family!
      Stop picking up mail!
      Stop touching door handles in your building!
      Stop touching cash!
      Where does this “person to person” stop?
      FYI government is not trying to stop the spread of covid-19 totally because that’s impossible! They are just trying to slow the spread so that health care system does not get overwhelmed. So for all those how did not get it yet, get ready, it’s coming after everyone!

    • Cut the nonsense, Yossi. The people who might be killing others are the ones in the crowded supermarkets and standing within 6 ft of the cashiers, not the people spread out on porches and outdoors in backyards.

  10. Hmm, If we don’t know if you are immune after you catch it (even though Fauci said that you are) then I’m sure everyone understands that:
    1) a vaccine won’t work
    2) this quarantining will be indefinite…

  11. do all of the above listen to the same rabbonim when the say wigs should be cut to 12 inches ???

    lets not pick and choose when to listen


      • So you’re saying that just like those people have your yetzer hara, the minyan people also have theirs? Because in both cases its the correct thing to listen to the rabbonim

  12. The dates on the letters Don’t match! One syas the third day of chol hamoed and the other says the 4th! That’s besides the fact that these letters were only put on the scoop after they posted the “psak” These letters were definitely not coming straight frm the poskim!

  13. Hate, they have hated us for a long time. We are 3 years at least (of open hatred) too late. If it wasn’t this, they would pick on something else. Why didn’t I see letters from rabbonim about OVER-DEVELOPMENT. Cool masmid says it like it is.

  14. Dear Dates,

    These letters are legitimate. Since we believe in Halacha, let us follow Halacha even when our personal views differ- that is what differentiates us from Reform and Conservative – we listen to Halacha even when our personal views differ.

    Thank you for all that you are doing to keep our Kehilla safe – this is a shared sacrifice from us all.

    You can also listen to the Robocall which Rabbi Forchheimer personally made today which reiterates the Psakim.

    A gut yomtov,

    • r AARON..Can you please explain how a legal porch minyan can cause aiva?
      a porch minyan means each family stands on their own back yard deck. they are mitzaref with other people who are on their own porches . there is no mingling what so ever.
      they are 100 percent legal and corana safe.

  15. I have nothing to say regarding the Psak Halachah, other than that it should be followed like any other Psak Halachah.

    The only thing I would add, as someone who has been been fighting the Aivah on Social Media for years, the single biggest cause of this aivah, by far, is over- development. Once aivah has taken root, it is very difficult to reverse.

    Unfortunately, it has now gotten to the point that is endangering the lives of people, as they may not be getting the care they would otherwise receive

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