BREAKING: Governor Murphy Tightening Covid-19 Restrictions

Governor Murphy announced at his daily press conference today that he is tightening Covid-19 restrictions due to an recent uptick in positive cases and increase in the rate of transmission in New Jersey. 

The governor said that indoor gatherings are now being limited to 25% of capacity or 25 people, whichever is less, down from 100.

Weddings, funerals, memorial services, and religious and political activities will still be allowed to have indoor gatherings up to 100 people, but only if it doesn’t exceed 25% of the capacity.

Additionally, face coverings will be required for all students at all times while inside a school building, regardless of social distancing, unless doing so would inhibit the individual’s health.

Murphy said these restrictions will remain in place until the state sees a 7-day trend of a decreased number of positive cases and an appreciable drop in the rate of transmission.

“It all comes down to this: The only way we can get to where we want to be with indoor activities is if everyone plays by the rules and no one tries to make end-runs around them,” Murphy said. “This is not a game. This is about public health and safety.”

The latest spot positivity rate for New Jersey was 1.88% and the rate of transmission climbed to 1.48.



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  1. This is prime meat for the political conspiracy theorists.
    Dems want everyone to die, that’s why they don’t want to admit that there are treatments that work.
    Dems don’t let anyone gather because they don’t want the economy to restart.
    So do they want people to die or not??

    Reminds me of the antisemites who hate the Jews, sometimes because they’re poor and at other times because they’re rich. Either way it’s just an excuse for hate.

    Want to believe that it’s Bill Gates who’s behind the virus? That’s the second most popular conspiracy theory.

  2. What a piece of drek. If the numbers in Lakewood were off as reported here the Lakewood scoop, by a WHOPPING 60% INACCURACY, how inaccurate are they in other locations? One has to say that they are inaccurate!

    Personally, I have had enough. I will wear a mask where I’m supposed to but as far as everything else, I really don’t care anymore. It’s clear that this is being politicized beyond a shadow of a doubt in order to attempt to help Joe Biden and make the president look bad. Every decision has that overture to it and I am done.

    Anyone doesn’t like it, too bad on you!

  3. Jaxonite,

    Feel free to say what you want to say and think what you want to think. The fact is that the decisions that are being made, make no sense whatsoever. It seems that far too many decisions in this whole narishkeit coming back 5 months is only to make political hay.

    A lot more people like talking and hopefully they will remember this on election day when we vote in person because mail order voting is full of fraud even if the Democrats don’t think so.

    • Real “Oskim Betsorchei Tzibbur” know that whatever good intentions you have you will always be criticized by many and met with suspicion at every turn.
      The same applies to politicians. No matter what good they do they’ll always be criticized by the other camp. Who in his right mind truly believes that it’s in his best interest to run NJ down to the mud? Is there any precedent in politics anyone could refer to?
      I think people and politicians have to be judged by their actions, not by their political affiliation. The numbers going up in NJ are real. Let’s stop reacting like children and criticize the Memshala without mercy on a public forum.

      • Real oskim betzurchei tzibbur know that you always do whats best for the tzibbur and whats best for the tzibbur is to open yeshivos and shuls, learn torah and daven.
        Whats best for the tzibbur is getting people back to work to make a parnasa.
        Whats best for the tzibbur is allowing doctors to prescribe medication and pharmacys to fill those prescriptions without the government blocking treatments.
        Whats best for the tzibbur is to deal with the truth and not the media and political fantasy
        The pandemic is over. There isn’t even one possible scenario according to any source that would make what we have now a pandemic. Covid is not over (never will be). Covid is still here and BH we are now in a place where even those who might get it the chances of serious illness or RL death are near zero.
        Last week more people died from car accidents in NJ then covid and yet we allow people to still drive

        So the answer to your question Jaxonite is absolutely yes that Murphy and the democrats would rather see people die and run the state into the mud. Not even a question. Murphy keeps extending the emergency so he can pass laws without having to go through our state elected officials. Its all about him and all politics. Nothing about health, nothing about safety and nothing about the truth.

  4. Until there is a Democrat elected President and the House and Senate are in Democrat control we will never see an end to this Pandemic.

    Vote Republican President, House and Senate …..stop this madness

  5. Jaxonite.

    Let’s remember that we’re thousands of campers that got tested recently in order to go to camp, obviously there will some more cases. And even with that, it’s only a handful!
    And let’s also keep in mind the death rate which is not going up.
    And there was an article going around yesterday that there were 20 new cases in Lakewood and today it’s down to 8. 12 “positive” cases mysteriously turned negative overnight.

    • And let’s remember that Murphy is looking at NJ as a whole where the numbers are going up, not just Lakewood’s number who are BH holding steady.

  6. It’s not a question of conspiracy, rather it is clear that people of the liberal persuasion see government control as the solution to all problems and as such their knee jerk reaction is always “we must control the reprehensible citizens”. This covid is being used to push this country very far into the socialist direction so the even if it swings back somewhat after covid, it’ll never go back fully.

  7. Any store that requires masks and throws you out for it I don’t go there anymore. So they lost my business. I don’t wear a mask period. I don’t care what stupid Murphy says

  8. Mahesh unbelievable.

    We’re down to 1-2% , near zero deaths, and still he’s tightening restrictions. Its nuts.

    At this rate We’re lucky if the blue states are fully open by summer 2021.

  9. As a physician, I’m absolutely shocked by most of the posted comments. I can’t believe that lay members of an erliche Torah community feel free to opine on an issue that al pi halacha requires consultation with experts. Gov. Murphy is not making this stuff up, he doesn’t even know what the rate of transmission is (it’s based on a complex computation). Rather, he is acting based on his advisors who are primarily concerned about safety, not dethroning Trump. Who are the epidemiologists that the anti-distancing/anti-masking folks are basing their halachic decisions on? Can you name even one? When Gov. Cuomo cancelled summer camps in NY, was that political or anti-semitic? No, it was based on the advice of his Jewish health commissioner Dr. Howard Zucker. M’heycha teisi that Gov Murphy is willing to ruin the NJ economy in order to influence the presidential election? How dare anyone in the frum community say that it’s muttar to have large gatherings without distancing/masks, based solely on eineinu ro’os, without an expert? If it’s such a dovor poshut that we are safe because of herd immunity or whatever reason, kindly provide the expert to back you up.

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