BREAKING: Gov Murphy Lifting Indoor Gathering Limit, Mask Mandate, Social Distancing Requirement

Governor Murphy announced at his daily press conference that effective Friday, May 28th, the indoor mask mandate in New Jersey will be lifted.

Murphy had been one of only a handful of governors who kept his state’s indoor mask mandate in place despite the CDC saying that vaccinated individuals don’t need to.

The governor was blasted for his decision to leave the indoor mask mandate in place by numerous Republicans and medical experts, and he has now relented to their calls.

Businesses and entities overseeing indoor spaces may continue to require face masks for employees, customers, and/or guests, despite the governor’s lifting of the mandate.

Governor Murphy also said that also effective Friday, the requirement to socially distance 6 feet in indoor and outdoor settings will be lifted, but social distancing will remain in place in places where masking continues to be required.

The lifting of the indoor masking requirement still leaves in place certain places where masks will continue to be required, as per CDC guidelines, including:

  • Health care settings, correctional facilities, and homeless shelters
  • Airplanes, busses, trains, and other forms of public transportation
  • Transportation hubs like airports and train stations
  • Child care centers and facilities
  • Youth summer camps
  • Public, private, or parochial preschool program premises
  • Elementary and secondary schools, including charter and renaissance schools

Additionally, Governor Murphy said the limits on indoor gatherings will be lifted effective June 4th, as well as the 30% capacity limit on large indoor venues of over 1,000 seats.

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    • For the vaccinated only. Others must mask.

      The ethical calculus here is probably as follows: We now know that vaccinated individuals do not carry the virus. They should be able to move around society as normal without masking. As for those people who have not received their shot who might fear that the unmasked people wondering about might be faking it, you have had ample time to get your shot. If you haven’t then you venture out at your own risk. The vaccinated public is no longer is obligated to shield you from your fear of getting harmed.

      Go out and get your shot. We’ve all had ample time to do so.

      • If you had the shot what are you afraid of from the unvaccinated folks? I still don’t get it? Why should they be punished if the can’t harm you once vaccinated?

        • You must have misunderstood me. Let me clarify my view:

          If you are vaccinated you should have NO fear of unvaccinated people. Period.

          The argument to mask even if you were vaccinated was the following:
          1) You might still be able to carry the virus even though you yourself are protected from it.
          2) If we allow vaccinated people to unmask in public, then there will be other unvaccinated people who will unmask also because they don’t care. Then, if you are a careful UNVACCINATED person, you could never enter a public place and be safe because you could never be sure if the unmasked people around you are legitimately unmasked because they are vaccinated or whether they are just flouting the rules. The only way we could make public spaces safe for high risk people would be to require masking as a matter of public policy.

          So what is different now?

          1) We now know that vaccinated people do not carry the virus. So they do not have to mask to protect others.
          2) We should now be able to allow vaccinated people to unmask and have this on an honor system. Why? Because the high risk people we have always sought to protect have had ample time to go out and get vaccinated. So even if there are unscrupulous individuals who are unvaccinated who will go around unmasked, the people who would be afraid of such a scenario have been vaccinated. The ones who are unvaccinated who go around unmasking themselves are being negligent about their own health. We no longer have an ethical obligation to protect them by masking because the tools available to protect them have been around long enough.

      • no one can guaranty that the ones get the shot are not contagious .
        also the one how get the shot double there chance to die if they get the virus.
        the shot doesn’t guaranty protection from virus , it may kill you.
        76 dead from the shot .that official number. how many really die because of the shot.Big secret.

    • hi. So Wrong, Sweeden Never weir a mask ,Never quarantine,Never distancing,never any stupid things. And they are the one how had the Lowest death from this Simple virus.
      please check and educate your self. America is the Naive people on hearth.

    • @logic Friday is the beginning of Memorial Day weekend. Nothing to do with the science he just wants to get back into good books.

  1. @confused They will have government Agents standing by the door in front of each location to draw your blood then test it for antibodies if you fit the criteria after a phone call to the governor to tell him the results will you receive a special permit from Highness to go maskless for thirty seven minutes

  2. So in stores basically it’s only going to be enforced on young children, because it’s obvious that they weren’t vaccinated…?

  3. When will city hall be open? The CDC and the governor has allowed opening of indoor space and no masks required.

    Theses meetings are for the public when will it be open?

    There are numerous pending court cases because of the indifference of the zoning and planning board to the public. Enough! Open city hall to the public.

  4. So only the kids – the ones whom it was never dangerous for will still be required to mask up. I think he once used a good word for it knuckle head…

  5. Vaccinated individuals can carry the virus. There have been at least 9,245 vaccinated people who got covid, 835 were hospitalized, and 132 died. Now the CDC will not be reporting on their website anyone who gets corona after vaccination. They will only report those who are hospitalized or died. This way they can say that it is the non-vaccinated who are getting the virus (and being hospitalized and dying from the virus). Because you know if the vaccinated end up in a hospital or die, they will not attribute it to the virus but rather to some medical condition. That only happened BEFORE the vaccines came out (attributing death to covid despite other medical conditions) in order to scare people so that they would run to get an unapproved, unlicensed injection.

    • hi.
      First there is No Vaccine for sarve2. check the CDC definition of vaccine ,
      With antibiotic the virus die.
      the whole scam star in 2002. or if you wen the true it started in 1944.
      please do research before talking.

    • Let me be more accurate.

      Yes, 5% of those vaccinated will have no protection from the vaccine. True. But their disease will be much less severe. But I was not referring to those people.

      I was referring to the 95% for whom the vaccine works. For those people (the overwhelming majority) their body will not carry the virus – they are not contagious to others.

  6. He knows his days are numbered just like the other moron hypocrite murderous governors. Nice try. Too little, too late. By the way, George, where’s all the Federal Virus money?

  7. Horse Blanket it isn’t too late. People have very short memories. As far as the federal virus $, it is in your food box. Also chaim yankel, the courts aren’t opening for a looong time. They’re using this virus as an excuse to let people get away with things that the government wants people to get away with. That story with the couple who made their wedding on a flight shows the fly by night (pun unintended) of these random covid restrictions which have no rhyme or reason.

  8. Nice try, horsey, but he’s gonna get reelected.
    Today I heard that according to a recent poll, even Cuomo, with all the scandal surrounding him, would win against any republican by 10 points.
    Oilam Goilam.

  9. For sure its all moronic. I don’t get a food box though. Government employee benefits are likely where it goes first to shore up their raided pension funds. If you want some rhyme and reason, Newsom got sued for $1.36M on Friday. Coincidence it’s Murphy’s turnabout on Monday? These regressive dysphoric governors are all gonna get smacked down by we the people. Game over no matter how many blankets cover the donkeys. I’m sure that’s an analogy. Aint workin’ out for Cuomo too good either.

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