BREAKING: Confirmed Measles cases grows to 14 since Lakewood outbreak, with 10 cases under investigation

There are now 14 confirmed cases of Measles since the outbreak, and an additional 10 cases under investigation, according to information obtained by The Lakewood Scoop.

A list of locations where the infected patients visited are not yet available.

According to Ocean County Public Health Coordinator Daniel E. Regenye, the 14 confirmed cases of measles and the 10 under investigation which exist as of Friday, November 16, would be much higher were it not for the immunity provided by those who have received the MMR vaccine.

On October 24, 2018 the Ocean County Health Department first received information regarding confirmation of a measles diagnosis for an Ocean County resident. In the roughly 3 weeks since, the Ocean County Health Department has initiated or responded to literally hundreds of telephone calls and emails as it has investigated the potential sources of exposure and numerous persons who may have been exposed to this pervasive infection.

“It is important to also note, that the Ocean County Health Department assisted in the coordination, delivery and/or administration of 12,400 doses of the vaccine to community providers since the onset of the outbreak,” Regenye said.

The Ocean County Health Department has assisted with vaccination efforts through the deployment of 7 of its public health clinical nurses, in addition to responding with 4 health educators and numerous administrative personnel to assist in the measles response. The Ocean County Health Department has also issued a number of Health Officer Orders of Isolation and Health Officer Orders of Quarantine in an attempt to protect Public Health in the community. The Ocean County Health Department has focused much of its resources and instituted an incident command structure to address this concern. In total, the Ocean County Health Department has provided internal training and orientation to over 30 staff members of administrative, clinical, health education, epidemiology and support functions to provide for a highly coordinated and responsive effort.

Approximately 90% of susceptible people will get measles if exposed to someone with the disease. Only those who have been vaccinated or who have been sickened with measles already are not susceptible. The measles virus also lingers in the air for up to two hours after the person with measles has left a room or building.

Added to these frightening statistics is the data which suggests 30% of measles cases result in complications including pneumonia, corneal ulceration, brain scarring and even death with infants and pregnant women being particularly susceptible to complications.

“The present measles outbreak is a true public health crisis which warrants the full attention of not only the Ocean County Health Department, but also all medical providers in the outbreak area,” concluded Regenye.

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  1. If Lakewood refuses to quarantine the towns people maybe handing out face masks to wear until this illness stops. Now the motor vehicles in silverton has been effected, honestly this is just going to cause more bad press for Lakewood, such a shame.

  2. There are many cases not on the radar of Ocean County Health Department. There are anti-vax families where all kids are home with measles. They don’t go to the doctor because they don’t want the spotlight. Who knows where those kids were while they were contagious.

    • Absolutely untrue. Shame on you for posting this. Thankfully (most) readers of this site are bright enough not to believe some silly claim without any merit

  3. The current outbreak stems from our community’s travel to israel were there are 1500 case which stemmed from travel to the ukraine where 24000 people have been reported with measles. The media won’t report this because they are Fake News. They report what serves the narrative they like or ghat helps clickbait

  4. I am pregnant and terrified. I also teach in a school which doesn’t have enough backbone to exclude the antivaxxer. I am filled with fear each day.

    • In your grandparents’ generation this was not an issue, because everyone caught the measles at some point during their childhood and they were 100% immune for life by the tlme they became pregnant. And the mother’s milk gave the infant immunity. That’s why we don’t hear old stories of how pregnant women everywhere had miscarriages due to measles: It wasn’t happening. What a shame you were deprived of this protective immunity.

      • @R. Upright

        We should thank Hashem for the vaccine. Apparently, you aren’t very old and also not a fan of history. Prior to 1963, when the first vaccine was manufactured 400-500 people died each year from the measles. This doesn’t count pregnant women who miscarried or children who were born with mental retardation due to developing encephalitis in utero.

        Maybe we should also try to develop natural immunity to Polio, smallpox and Ebola. It’s a shame people worldwide have been deprived of this protective immunity?

    • If you are truly terrified, have the backbone to find different work – one that you believe doesn’t put you at risk- if there’s such a thing. Or be a stay at home Mommy or soon to be one… Enough with telling others what to do.

      No more talk – take action – it’s for your health! or is it?

  5. Some simple clarity:
    There is unwarranted hysteria on both sides of the argument, where most are reacting out of ignorance and anxiety.
    1. The risk of death or injury is minimal on both sides. Most children will survive vaccination or the measles intact.
    2. Some children and adults are at risk of death and or serious long term consequences if they catch the measles – this is researched and documented.
    3. Some children and adults may be at risk of consequences if they are vaccinated. The certainty and severity is not documented by the mainstream medical establishment in the entire world. True, there is no guarantee that there are no hidden consequences for all. It is understandable that some people will choose not to proactively do something that may be harmful and choose to take a passive risk (shev v’al taaseh)
    4. You and your child are most likely not at high risk for death or injury from vaccination or measles, unless you are from the minority that is vulnerable either way. Thus, no reason for hysteria on either side of the argument.
    5. Some people are vulnerable to death or serious injury from the measles, and an outbreak raises the risks to those. In other words, if you don’t vaccinate and there are deaths or serious injury, you may be responsible for being part of that chain.

    As per MOST rabanim who have investigated the cost/benefits, it is mandatory to vaccinate to protect the vulnerable, otherwise you are in the category of a Rodef. In other words, the risks of an outbreak are significantly greater than any possible risks of the vaccinations. (I will assume that excludes those who are DEFINITELY at risk from vaccination, but ask your rabbi.)

  6. Everyone knows that TLS is control by the big drug companies- at least that’s what the alien who landed in my backyard told me.

    Also there is clear proof that autism discovered after vaccination can lead to retardation in the parents.

  7. Thank you TLC for bringing out this important discussion .
    My family is vaccinated ,
    For people that claim that MMR vaccine is totally safe , please look into this as from research I did seems there is a string link to autism although drug co denies it . There was even a wistle blower that was a head of the study for CDC that they covered up the results of the study that showed link in kids under 36 month , especially boys .
    The best thing that people can do is to make a simple study between MMR vaccinated and not ( use Amish people as example )

  8. One of the questions you should ask why is MMR ( measles mumps rubella ) always given together although people can have reaction or allergy or one of them ,especially rubella vaccine , shouldn’t they give it separately ? From my research it has to do with patent that co who came out with MMR has , and if you break it then other co can come in and make their own measles vaccine
    Button line vaccines safe life’s but don’t think that co that make them only have your interest in mind , in case something is faulty or has side affects they do cover them up and only show you that in general society benefits from it instead of iimproving it and making it safer
    Button line we allowed & should do our own research

  9. Ralph – The only reason your family are vaccinated is because you don’t want your kids at home! If you never went to college – how can you understand the research?
    I’ll explain to you for a price.

  10. Ralph – Since when is a degree in Physics make you an expert in medicine?!? Btw, I don’t have a PhD. That’s not what they give for medical knowledge!

  11. Ralph-

    You say that there is a strong autism (ASD)/ MMR link. But a recent study of 95,000 children (15k unvax’ed by age 2, 8k unvax’ed by age 5) showed that there was “no increased risk for autism at any age. In fact, autism rates were LOWER in the vaccinated groups.”

    Other studies involve scanning baby in utero, or by 6 months old (before vaccines), and find differences in the brains of future ASD-diagnosed children vs. their neurotypical counterparts, further proving the genetic component.

    You also claim that Amish don’t vaccinate, but studies say roughly 87% of families do (and similar to Lakewood, many rushes to get one after a 2014 measles outbreak). The prevalence of ASD is lower, but definitely there.

    I understand that your physics PhD means your interest is not in organic science. But as a scientist, you should appreciate looking into the research that says otherwise.

  12. To Health on
    You offered to teach me how to do research & blamed it on lack of education , don’t think your seminary & perhaps 3 year PA school gave you those skills . But if you claim you have the know how , please help me find the vaccinated vs unvaccinated data in regards to autism .
    Kids are not born autistic , autism is course of something , besides how can you prove it if you gave him shots at 1 day old & 2 weeks old ?
    Nobody says shots are the only course of autism but definetly there is strong link to it . (It’s like saying I have prove that car accidents don’t course death , as I was in a crash and I am still alive . )

    • @Ralph

      Even if Health is a PA, they still have 3 more years of medical training than you do. Also, a simple Google scholar search would allow you to find the article written by DeStefano and published in Pediatrics in 2004.
      If you really have a PhD you should be able to read the article and understand the statics. Read the original article published by Wakefield in Lancet and tell me how you can make a conclusion with 12 test subjects.
      Since you are claiming that your education lends credence to your research do you mind telling us what your thesis paper was on and who was on the thesis committee during your defense? If you can’t or won’t prove you have a PhD don’t use the claim of having one to support your opinion.

  13. Seankonnery
    What you saying is like I have a prove sugar doesn’t course teeth fall out as I was born with out teeth and didn’t have sugar . Nobody says shots are the only way to get it , but autism comes from something , they didn’t have much autism before vaccines introduction
    Also how can you prove it’s nothing to do with shots , do you know that they give vaccine on day 1 of baby life ? ( don’t even want to mention what this day 1 shot is for as it makes me laugh )

  14. To pregnant teacher

    Do you go shopping to “any” stores?Do you have Cleaning help in your house? Is there unvaccinated school workers in your school? I think you and every one else whom has compromised Imune System should lock them selve in there house and not come out for 21 days after the last case of the measles in America!!

    If you get grocery’s delivers pls get special hazmat suits to unpack and disinfectify!!

    At all cost don’t go to a doctors office!!!

    Bottom line grow up!!!!

    • @Smart

      I guess your username is a euphemism. Most of the world vaccinates for the MMR. Just because a person comes from a country that is poor and doesn’t speak English doesn’t mean they don’t understand basic medicine. It’s mainly the USA that allows people with moronic beliefs like third gender to hold on to these opinions even when they run counter to what the rest of the world knows to be normal

  15. Ralph -I don’t have to – Common sense just posted the research & he didn’t even charge you!
    Btw, is there a degree to Become an Anti-vaxxer?!?

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