BREAKING: Authorities investigating doll with knife through its head hanging near Lakewood school (PHOTOS) [UPDATED]

Authorities are investigating the discovery of a doll with a knife through it, hanging near a Lakewood school.

The doll, wearing what appears to be similar to a school uniform, had a knife through its head.

The discovery was made while local, County and State official gathered in Lakewood. Committeeman and Police Liaison Meir Lichtenstien immediately brought it to their attention.

With the incident occurring on the heels of the Pittsburgh attack, following the meeting, Police Chief Greg Meyer went down to the school to speak with the school.

Lakewood Police Captain Greg Staffordsmith tells TLS the incident is under investigation.

Anyone with information is asked to call Lakewood Police Detective Kevin Martin at 732-363-0200.

UPDATE 1:37 PM: Detective Greg Staffordsmith says the incident does not appear to be intended to terrorize.

“Although the act is certainly disturbing in nature, there isn’t any evidence on scene to suggest that this was intended to terrorize or send a message of hate to any particular person or group,” Staffordsmith said.

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  1. @big fan… the only one that runs the show and we should feel safe is if the one above is watching us not BEN as you call him is around or any other person for that matter. You’re comment sounds a lot like Appikorsus although I know you didn’t mean to sound that way but it just has a wrong ring to it

  2. As I have said we need a yoim tefilah here in lakewood!! A gathering of all yidden together no matter what type of yid you are!! We have to all unite!!

  3. Jay…
    Do YOU know the origin of Halloween????

    The ghost of hollow would put on masks & terrorize the yidden of the town……
    Let’s not wait for something to happen.

    • No.The origins of Halloween trace back to a pagan festival that was celebrated by the Celtics (Irish) over 2,000 years ago. Had nothing to do with Yidden. Sorry.

  4. I find this extremely creepy. Anyone who would do this, especially in this climate of divisiveness is either demented or someone full of extreme hate. Either way I hope this is investigated very thoughrouly. I for one will not be able to relax until the perpetrator is found.

  5. Sorry – That is not just a Halloween joke – with a girl in a uniform being stabbed. It is freaky and who is to say that it’s not a threat? There are lots of sick people in the world unfortunately. It’s extremely distasteful at the least.

  6. this country has turned upside down and halloween eith it. we dare not be unafraid. HaShem takes care of us but that does not absolve us from davening

  7. This needs to be taken serious – the style and timing tells me that this individual has horrific plans. We need to look after surveillance videos and chase him down. Hashem Yerachem!

  8. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! Investigate! In these times of hate involving violence against religion, race, schools and government institutions, you can’t be reactive.

  9. this act—whatever the intent–should not be disregarded—it is insensitive at best—but a warning that should be heeded–i personally feel unsettled by it

  10. Enough is enough. It was not a Halloween joke!! It was a sign from hashem that we are in dire need of moshiach.,, and must take this seriously.. we need to get out of our heads and think about it… this psycho saw a Jewish target and hit on hit hard..

  11. To me that looks like a teen looking for attention (or a dare), and a mom trying to figure out where the last knife in the set ended up.

    That being said, it’s worth looking into because I don’t know if that happens to be a similar outfit to a schoolgirl, or if it was purposely designed to look like it. Because that would be a warning.

  12. This is a sad incident, which can be very scary. I grew up in Lakewood, where almost all my lovely neighbors were from the Jewish community. We need to stop the hate and although people may take this as a prank, I don’t think it was. The way we’re living nowadays it’s scary how much hate is being spread. Tonight we will join in a vigil for antisemitism and hate in Miami.

  13. The doll looks like a Madeline doll which can be a pricy collectible type doll – or $20-$40 (or cheaper if it’s a knockoff).

    It doesn’t look like the dress came with the doll (the fit looks wrong) although similar enough in style to a Madeline outfit, which is not a BY uniform…

    Being that it’s around Halloween time it’s easy to chalk it up to a prank, but given the current climate it would be reassuring if that premise were verified…

  14. just saying that lakewood people should start and behave nicer to גוים. sometimes what you do is what you get. the torah said כי בצלם נברא האדם and that mean we should respect every one. as an israeli you american guys have a lot to learn about it

  15. ….When something does happen, then they’ll investigate? An ounce of prevention!!!!
    1. Doll in school uniform
    2. Near Jewish School
    3. Knife in Head.
    That looks like more than a Halloween prank! If you care, you would look into it. I bet the perp has an anti Semitic page on whichever social media they write on.
    Does anyone remember the officer and his daughter with pictures of Rita’s and death threats at the children of the day camp who were there? That was on social media!
    Better Safe than Sorry!

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