BREAKING: 5 more cases of Measles confirmed; 10 under investigation

There are now 24 confirmed measles cases and 10 cases under investigation, the Ocean County Health Department said.

The measles outbreak is presently defined by a rash onset date of October 17, 2018 through November 25, 2018.
The measles outbreak continues until at least 42 days after the last known infection. The last rash onset date is November 25, 2018 and 4 days of infection ended on November 29, 2018. Therefore, at present, at least 42 days must elapse from the date of November 29, 2018 prior to consideration of an end to the measles outbreak.
Vaccination is encouraged and those children involved with exposure to a confirmed case may be subject to an order of exclusion, if unvaccinated.
The Ocean County Health Department continues to support and highly encourage the exclusion of non-vaccinated children from schools, preschools and daycares in the outbreak area. These entities have the authority to make that decision when an outbreak has been declared by the New Jersey Department of Health. The age range so far for the current outbreak is 6 months to 59 years old.
People are reminded to check their immunization records and if there is any sign of symptoms to contact your healthcare provider prior to showing up at that provider’s office so that appropriate arrangements can be made for examination or treatment.
The potential for spreading infection exists four days prior and four days after a measles rash onset.
People can become ill from measles from 5 to 21 days after being exposed to the virus.
Measles-like symptoms include fever, rash, runny nose, cough, loss of appetite and pink eye.
Measles can spread through coughing and sneezing and can live on surfaces and in the air for up to two hours.
30% of measles cases involve additional serious health complications.
The Ocean County Health Department continues to communicate and coordinate daily with the State of New Jersey Department of Health and other healthcare providers in response to the measles outbreak.

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  1. ‘30% of measles cases involve additional serious health problems’ –
    so far we had over 130 cases in the US and hundreds more in eretz yisroel, and without making an ayin hara boruch hashem you couldnt find a single injury yet to make a big deal about!
    Time to hop off the ride you’ve all been taken for.
    (tls please post this, you usually don’t put on the smarter anti-vaxxer comments. Thanks!)

    • Tell the family in E”Y that lost their child to the measles that since only 1 baby died, its really not a big deal. Who cares about 1 Jewish soul, right? Any preventable disease that carries any sort or risk, no matter how small should be avoided!

      • I know that family’s neighbor. You don’t have to tell them anything. Their baby (most likely) did not die from measles. The baby was sick from birth. The news blasted it as measles because the baby was unvaccinated, but the baby was never tested for measles, and in fact the baby’s symptoms were indicative of another illness…

        Correlation does not equal causation. Yes, the baby died, and that is a tragedy. Yes the baby was not vaccinated. Yes there were many cases of measles in E”Y at the time. However, CORRELATION DOES NOT EQUAL CAUSATION! Being unvaccinated is not a cause of getting measles! But it was a good juicy news piece!

        In any cases, the malach hamaves is really getting away with everything – never gets blamed! There is always something else to blame!

  2. To “out of school” Please be better updated on your information yesterday an 82-year-old lady died because of the measles- she is the second reported deaths due to the measles…

    • well informed, the Israeli ministry of health reported it was a lady with ‘serious underlying medical conditions’. There isn’t too much information about her, don’t know why she caught it now and not before the vaccine for measles came out in 1963. The same way they blamed the death of the baby in EY (you’re 1st case) on measles just because he was unvaccinated, without proof and with other clear possible causes for his death (going according to Yosef Ing here) this could have also possibly not been because of measles-find out if she was already in the hospital (…) a long time before this.I personally agree you were taken for a ride, and you clearly didn’t ‘hop off’ if you think you’re well informed after hearing the little the health ministry had to say about her health.

  3. @outofschool actually, one baby in EY died, and another has encephalitis as a result of his/her measles (I forgot the child’s gender). However, it’s adorable that you think you wrote a smart anti-vaxxer comment, so good for you!!

  4. A baby died in Israel and another baby in the US is suffering from brain damage from this outbreak of measles this year!! Those aren’t (quote) “injury to make a big deal about”?!!!! I’m sure there might have been other complications that took place but they both started from the measles. While vaccines may not be perfect please don’t discount any risks of the viruses which have always been and continue to be there!

  5. You are correct most anti-vaxxer comments are “not smart” AKA – dumb.
    As is your comment…
    I hope someday you take your head out of the sand.

  6. Just called ocean county they said no date change just number changed as few more cases were only reported now but it actually happened few weeks earlier . Interesting why they only got reported now , hope it’s not intentional continuation of anti vaxxers prosecution that is going on last 2 month

  7. I’m sorry well informed, Mrs. K and smarter but what outof school meant was that there was only a baby that was Down syndrome with heart problems that died from the measles and another that got encephalitis from it r”l.
    It would be nice if well informed could give a source for the case of the old woman so I could check into it more.
    Now that is a very small minority out of the hundreds of cases of measles that turned out just fine bli ayin hara.
    Nobody should feel personal about this because if you do then any of your comments will not be coming from logic rather from personal bias or insult or from feeling threatened by the minority of individuals that commited the terrible sin of not having the same opinion as you.

  8. @well informed if I told you that 82 year olds die all the time and it was only a coincidence that she had the measles when she died you probably really wouldn’t want to take that.
    Well, that’s what doctors tell the many parents who keep complaining of SIDS and autism right after a vaccine !
    Being that I’m ‘even smarter than OOS’ you probably really don’t want to post this,but please do;)

  9. I am appalled at the comment “only a baby with down syndrome…”.
    If this is the way this cruel hearted person refers to other people’s suffering- then we can see what this means of the anti-vaxxers in our community in regard to their responsibility and sensitivity to other people in the world besides themselves; and in regard to their lack of knowledge.
    Is there any way to help out these misinformed poor souls who have a mental block in their brain? We need to understand they are the equivalent of a cult gone dark that needs direction, love and guidance in showing them LOGIC.

  10. There are many complications that you would not hear about. Measles can cause eye damage leading to blindness and if I’m not mistaken weaken the heart leading to complications later on. Measles was never known for a large amount of fatalities. It was known for lifelong suffering after that you wouldn’t hear about now

  11. Apparently “I THOUGHT YOU PEOPLE WERE ABOVE THIS” grossly misunderstood what OBSERVER meant to say as he wasn’t chas v’shalom putting down the terrible tragedy that occurred to that unfortunate boy z”l and his family. All he was trying to say was that it can’t be considered a measles complication when that boy z”l was nebach suffering from other illnesses.

  12. I pity “vaccinator” and hope he will mature in the future and realize that not everything is fun and games or about saying the smartest line

  13. ChecIk out the comments on Besides endangering the community with your buying in to the fake-science anti-vaccination propaganda, you also are inflaming the resentment towards our community.
    I hope we don’t need a tragedy to change this insane trend.

  14. Provaxxer: if you want to be “shocked by disgusting comments” then read Observer again: “ONLY a baby with Down Syndrome”!!!!!! My comment about him/her being an idiot was WAY TOO KIND!! Obviously that person can’t be a frum yid – or even any yid at all if he/she can make a comment like that!! It shows how low the anti-vaxxers have sunk!

  15. @shocked observer

    This baby clearly died of measles. I’m not sure you did research at all because the baby was a “she” not a “he”.
    1. She was unvaccinated!
    2. She did not have other “illnesses”. Down syndrome children are born with other defects- like AVSD (heart condition). If this baby survived her newborn period- the most dangerous when having this condition, her death was not due to the “illnesses” as you call it she had.
    An unvaccinated baby got measles and died at 18 months. face the facts.

    • I know the family’s neighbor. It is not clear at all that the baby died from measles. In fact the baby’s symptoms were indicative of another illness.

  16. To curious You can’t even get one fact about the story correct.the baby was a 7 month old that was not only born with a heart condition and other health issue but the baby was from a family of natura karta who did
    Not seek out any medical treatment for the issues.The media pumped this story down everyone’s throats using this story as the perfect example when a kid catches this Deadly disease called measles, as soon as the details of the story came to light the media dropped the story like a hot patato and never brings it up again,of coarse it suddenly doesn’t fit their bias one sided deceptive agenda .

  17. Anti-Vaxxers is a mental illness (aka “global paranoia”) that can only be treated with medication. But there is little hope in the prognosis of this disorder, because ALL those that suffer from it; don’t believe in medications!

  18. @out of school says made a comment, and everyone attacked him for the comment. He said that the article mentions that 30% of cases have serious health complications. He asked where those complications are, why don’t we see them. He is being attacked on all sides because a baby and an old lady died from measles. Two people, out of the many that contracted measles, is less than 30%.
    There might be good answers to this question, but it’s still a valid question. Maybe the “serious health complications” was that many measles patients are now autistic, but they didn’t die. That would be an answer.
    I want to point out, I do vaccinate, and I believe in it, and I have strong opinions about people who believe that vaccines are bad for the general population, but the guy did ask a fair question.

  19. I am over 50 and got tested. Even though i was vaccinated as a child i DID NOT have the immunity. I then got the mmr vaccine. Just saying, unless you know for sure you have the immunity you should get tested.

  20. Interesting that curious/ chazak/ Yosef are all insisting on different facts about the niftar baby. 7 mos vs. 18, boy vs. girl, healthy vs. Down’s. Does that mean that maybe it’s more than baby?

    And when Observer said “only a baby with Down’s”, I’m sure he/she meant “*only one* baby, who happened to have Downs.”

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