BREAKING: 15 Students onboard school bus involved in wild overturn accident in Lakewood [VIDEO & PHOTOS]

15 students were onboard a school bus when it was involved in a wild overturn accident in Lakewood this morning.

The accident happened shortly before 8:00 AM on Forest Avenue.

According to preliminary reports, the school bus was doing its morning route, and had approximately 15 girls on board at the time of the accident.

According to an eyewitness who spoke to TLS, the bus driver allegedly tried cutting off a vehicle making a left turn, losing control of the bus, and striking several vehicles.

There are no reports of serious injuries at this time.

Dozens of emergency personnel are on scene.

UPDATE: Approximately 15 girls were checked out by emergency personnel on scene. There are no current reports of hospitalizations.

Extensive area closures are expected.

UPDATE: Statement from the LPD:

“Just before 8am this morning Officers responded to a motor vehicle accident involving an occupied school bus at the intersection of Forest Avenue and 11th Street.

Upon arrival, responding officers reported that the school bus was on top of an unoccupied parked car, thankfully none of the 15 students on board the bus were injured.

At this time, the investigation is still underway and the circumstances surrounding the collision are not readily known. Additional information will be released as it becomes available.

Anyone with information is urged to contact the Lakewood Police Department at 732-363-0200.”


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  1. Wow! “Monster Jam” car crushing sport came to Forest Ave; School Bus became a monster truck car crusher; but anyways how many times had that wild, impatient school bus driver been suspended. The school bus driver shortage is getting worse. That’s who’s driving our children. I wish all the injured a speedy recovery. רפואה שלימה

  2. I know it’s gard to get anywhere fast in Lakewood and when you have a schedule to keep, like a bus driver, it can get very frustrating, but if people would just slow don’t and not cut people off trying to make turns or let others go before them, we would have a lot less accidents. I personay have to drive up rte. 9 every date and I usually let people turn from side streets in front of me and others let me make left turns into rte. 9 in front of them. That’s how all drivers should act in Lakewood.

    • “Slow Down” not sure it is possible to go slower than the 2mph traffic travels when busses are running.

      As far as “let others go before them” sounds nice, but what about the hundreds of cars waiting behind the person letting everyone go?

    • It’s not good to immediately judge the driver of the bus. Like comment above says…others drivers can be the cause too. Witness says the bus was cut off. Sounds like this is a very busy street with a lot of impatient drivers.

  3. Anyone ever heard of private bussing?? (like the chasidish schools have)????????? Anyone with more info of how to get it done is welcome to talk to your school administrator.

  4. Glad to see everyone believes in guilty until proven innocent. How about we let the police investigation conclude before we string him up in the town square.

    • Investigation!? kidding me! No one injured? 15 children no doubt standing up, running up and down the aisle as I’ve seen first hand, sticking their heads out of windows.. and no-one injured? there’s your investigation…no one speeding ,no one turned illegally..nothing the see here

  5. Its about time we get our own busses and stop being at the whims of the BOE. R Lazer Scheiner (or any other Nediv Lev) this should be your next lakewood project. Lets step up to it.

  6. Its about time we get our own busses and stop being at the whims of the BOE. R Lazer Scheiner (or any other Nediv Lev) this should be your next lakewood project. Lets step up to it. We can do it!

  7. Its about time we get our own busses and stop being at the whims of the BOE. R Lazer Scheiner (or any other Nediv Lev) this should be your next Lakewood project. Lets step up to it. We can do it!! Its our children after all!!

  8. I spoke to the police officer and the driver in the vehicle involved myself and NO ONE was injured or brought to the hospital. Let’s all be thankful for that and stop jumping to conclusions without the facts.

    • Of course no one was injured..speeding school bus with 15 children (probably standing up in the aisle no seat belts) rams a vehicle that turn turns on its side and the bus rests on top of the car…and no one is injured it’s another Festivus miracle…and somehow their parents are there to take them safely and quickly body has to be checked for concussions or injuries..amazing…now now you shouldn’t be speeding see you tomorrow

  9. Most bus drivers I observe drive carefully. It’s not an easy job. In this instance wouldn’t the guilty party be a driver making a left turn in front of the bus? A driver going straight or making a right turn has right of way
    over a left-turning driver.

  10. I spoke to the police officer myself and the driver of the vehicle involved, and BH NO ONE was injured or brought to the hospital. Lets be thankful for that!!! Wait for the real facts!!!

  11. On this day when most congregations in Lakewood say the Selichos (beseeching) of Yud Gimmel Middos (13 traits of mercy of Hashem [G-D]), we have truly merited His watchful eye. We should steadily be Zoche to only good tidings.
    We must Thank Hashem for this and every Neis (miracle).
    May this be a year of Geuloh Shleimoh (complete redemption).

  12. In my humble opinion, we the Lakewood community should gather tonight for song and dance to praise Hashem [G-D] for this great miracle.
    Tzadikim (Rabbi’s) have said it is a greater service to thank Hashem for the good, than only to bemoan misfortunes. By showing Hashem our appreciation of this miracle, it shall bring Brochoh [blessing] to us for a sweet new year!

  13. It is not just the bus drivers that are irresponsible. Daily I see drivers in and around Lakewood pulling out into the main road just inches away from cars that have the right away. Because there is a shortage buses many parents are driving recklessly going to pick up their children. They need to add time to their driving instead of taking risks at intersections. It is very scary in and around Lakewood now. Over-development, overpopulation and not attention being given to infrastructure improvement before approving developments. Instead the professionals lie for the investors stating the new developments “will have little or no impact” on traffic. This is what needs to be addressed.

      • this morning on White Road we started to drive after a bus had picked up children–a driver decided everything was moving to slow so he passed ten cars in the other lane including bus-

    • CAN SCHOOLS ALSO ADD SOME LENIENCY TO “Latenesses”?! So parents wouldn’t need to feel that pressure after sitting in a half hour plus of traffic?! Thank u Hashem no one was hurt. And thank you to those who are brave enough to devoting themselves to bus driving!

  14. I am sorry to hear about this accident with children involved. I hope everyone is well. However, Lakewood has become so overcrowded it is hard to get around now. I suggest timing yourself so there would be less accidents and to be mindful of others and not just yourself.

  15. @ Chaim Zev Krupenia x3
    “Let’s step up to it”, “We can do it”. Who are the we, and why don’t you start with your own donation, before pointing out a wealthy individual that just benefited the yeshiva in such a major way. Step up to it first.
    Does he owe you anything? Does anyone else?

  16. Thank goodness nobody appeared to be injured (or seriously inured).

    I’m not sure how a turning vehicle gets cut off by a vehicle traveling straight, though….shouldn’t the vehicle making the turn be the one that has to yield?

  17. We all need to get to places but we should appreciate the bus drivers! (Of course they should drive carefully, like all other drivers should too!!) We get upset when the bus comes late but we need to understand that they are also driving in Lakewood traffic! And if they don’t come, WE would have to drive all the kids. And when we think there’s traffic BECAUSE OF the busses, we should keep in mind that each bus is keeping 10-30 cars off the road!

  18. Come on Lakewood residents as u approach ur holiday … be honest .. how many of you drive without ur phone in hand ??????? Last I checked that was against the law. And tickets should. Be issued for distracted driving…how many non bus related accidents are in Lakewood daily ??? Come on you swim with sharks you’re going to get bit

    • I personally never ever drive and use my phone at the same time.
      I want to know, who are those guys driving on Central Ave. on Friday night at speeds of 70 mph. I almost got hit at Columbus Ave. and I used the cross-walk to cross Central Ave. Just because Friday night in Lakewood it happens to be the roads are quiet, it is illegal and dangerous to turn the roads into a car racing track every Friday night.

      • No one is stopping for you at any crosswalk on a Friday night (or Saturday) in Lakewood.
        They’ll just scream that it’s the way ‘you people’ drive.

  19. This is the byproduct of overpopulation and infrastructure not built to withstand so many vehicles on the road at the same time. I feel bad for these drivers, it has to be one of the most thankless and unpleasant jobs, ‘specially in Lakewood.

    I’m afraid until massive infrastructure improvements are made, to accommodate the many many people driving on the road at the same time, such accidents will keep re-occuring. Ever try making a left turn anywhere in this town during rush hour? It’s nearly impossible without getting into a near accident.

    Let us pray that this is a wake-up call to everyone. Drive safely and gmar chasimah tova!

  20. How about showing the school buses in Lakewood some courtesy !! Maybe even let them go instead of trying to race in front ? Or dare to dream park ur cars in legal spots so we are able to get around the town safely or stop making route 9 four lanea and when given the courtesy to let a cargo why must five of them go maybe if the drivers in Lakewood Warren in such a hurry all the time to get to that red light there would be a lot less accidents the fault is not only on the bus driver and you’re ignorant if you think so you think so

    • Donna, thank you. We collectively have to be aware that the jobs of Lakewood bus drivers is very challenging! Instead of harping on what they’re doing wrong and pointing fingers, we should try to help the situation by being courteous drivers – especially to buses! It’s OUR kids they are driving…let’s show them some respect. Thank you bus drivers

  21. Not surprising (moderated) drivers have no regard for the rules of the road. Yesterday around 8:15 on the cirner of Park and 7th bus number 201 webt right through a 4 way stop sign almost hitting me. There is no use calling the company. The police should set up a number to call in

  22. Don’t jump to conclusions – is absolutely the way to go.
    Let us all examine our driving habits. How many times do I have to stop short, because someone just pulls out of a side street, phone to the ear, etc…. There are definitely bus drivers who don’t drive carefully, but there are also excellent bus drivers who are courteous and give our children a pleasant ride to and from school. Should each school get their own drivers? That would be wonderful, but right now we have to deal with what we have and derech erertz goes a long way.
    Everyone is in a rush in the morning and we should all leave 10 minutes earlier so that we can be courteous, calm drivers. A Gut Gebentshed Yor to all.

  23. We need bus monitors on the buses. The bus drivers have a hard enough time concentrating on driving through Lakewood without having to take care of the kids on the bus.

  24. Just think about trying to be a bus driver in Lakewood?!?! I wouldn’t do it for anything. Between the traffic and the tight spaces it’s horrifying. Please be more thankful and considerate to the drivers

  25. While I agree with the fact that there is a lack of courtesy, people driving while on the phone etc, I take offence at Ms. Donna Byrns’ insinuation that it’s only Jewish drivers. Even if that wasn’t the intention, that’s how it came across. Please be careful how things are worded. Thanks

  26. So terrible and traumatized. There needs to be monitoring and cameras. IF was dangerous driving, of course should be prosecuted. These are our children in the bus!! We need to be able to trust these drivers

  27. Maybe drivers in Lakewood should make a concerted effort to show courtesy to school busses. Having generally voluble passengers, with frequent stops and complicated turns can make any driver irritable. That driver is driving your children. Make his or her job more pleasant and user friendly. Don’t preach to the bus drivers. Tackle the problem at the sedN and minivan level!

  28. I take offense to Ms donna bryans too. Acusing an entire community of bad driving is wrong. And fyi news flash the bus driver was not jewish. So….

  29. Just be careful that we’re not saying any loshon hara about Lakewood, we Wouldn’t want to have to ask every person in Lakewood for forgiveness

  30. If you see a situation on a daily basis, It should be reported and a Police Officer should be stationed to inforce the law. To many people have taken the law into their own hands. No regards for stop signs, traffic lights or yield signs. But they know how to use their horns,

    We saw during the hight of the pandemic that people in Lakewood were have weddings, parties etc.

    TYime to respect the Law or Leave.

  31. B’H that 15 girls are safe today.

    The issue is too many buses, and too many bad or rushed drivers (both buses and parents).

    And no one is willing to make a change, but maybe we need to overhaul the entire school system and create a public school style model.

    Public schools place children in the closest building to their homes. Why not do the same? Make clusters of schools, one for yeshivish right next to one for chassidish. Add a few extras in for boys vs girls, young vs high school. All your children have to be in the same area of town, saving plenty of buses and extra traffic.

    If possible, try and find a larger building where you can put 2 schools on 2 floors or wings, and split the costs.

    Have a Board to determine where your child belongs based on hashkafa. Let them determine tuitions. If you prefer to go out of area, transport your children.

    It will never work because people want to hold onto the school they feel is better, or where friends go. But Lakewood is full of neighbors, and the kids can learn to make new friends.

  32. People got the story wrong the bus was behind a car that was turning..but didn’t put signal on or last second so the driver had two options to rear end that car or swerve into parked cars and that’s what he did.

  33. Dear Brooklyn interloper,
    Hashem sends us reminders all the time about our driving habits in the form of fender benders and tickets. That we get such an impactful episode with a bus of 15 high school girls seems to be telling us more, particularly when we are 2 weeks into the school year and AS A COMMUNITY we have failed in this area.

  34. This doesn’t surprise me! I live in Lakewood and I’ve seen bus drivers going 65 in a 40mph. They go thru red lights and almost hit me one time. I’ve seen one bus drivers make a turn so fast it looked like the bus was going to flip on it’s side. They need to instruct these people on how to drive those buses and the laws on the roads!

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