BOE, Tiny Tots Fiasco Spreads To BMG

protest flyer bmgPHOTOS: The Board Of Ed, Tiny Tots issue doesn’t seem to be letting up any time soon. This morning, cars around BMG were plastered with flyers calling on Yeshivah students to protest by calling the BOE members. On the paper, the phone numbers of BOE members Seitler, Zlatkin and Silver were listed, as was the phone numbers to LAC member Mr. Schmuckler.

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  1. This is out of control. You would think you’re dealing with mindless lawless people.

    Grow up people- theres a more civilized way to deal with this!

  2. I as a parent of a child in TT receiving services just want to let you know that i am just as upset as the rest however we must never forget that we are not entitled to anything, we should be greatful for what they have given us and also think ahead and not be totally dependent on others. You are the one making decisions and planning the future of your childs chinuch and also know that how you conduct yourself is part of that chinuch too. There are many wonderful playgroup morahs out there willing to accomodate the situation and for those who need extra special services i am sure things can be figured out in a calmer more derech eretzdig way. Where is Dass Torah Ask them how to deal with this situation. Demonstrating will go no where and only make a huge chillul hashem (which btw applies to yidden,making another yid embarassed to be one of us)

  3. Hey I agree with this Protest is everyone with this… Because Thousand of people are hurt by this … I am with this Protest 100% So call these people today to support the issue

  4. Its time these board members faced up to the decisions they make. The parents are 100 percent correct to advocate on behalf of their children.

  5. I DONT UNDERSTAND – Why should we pay for the education of the regular kids in TT that out number the Special Kids in TT – WHY SHOULD WE PAY FOR THE Tuition of the regular TT childrem – The protest here should be that the TT owners should be funding this from ALL the money that have made over the past years from the BOE and our tax dollars. Amazing what a PR job these owners of TT are now doing with flyers and protests

  6. Why can’t the special ed children go to stars or schi and the regular ed children go to playgroup/babysitter/ paid daycare just like the rest of the town?

  7. Why is TLS deleting a portion of my comment NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT!! (Moderated-some things are not to be said in a public forum. If you have any further questions, please contact us via email. Thank you for understanding).

  8. To me tt shut their doors over 500K is the board supposed to bend during negotiations every time someone plays hardball using parents and kids as their pawns

  9. Let’s grow up and deal with lifes chalanges

    You are not perfect and not everything in “your world” can be perfect either.

    Chin up and face the challenge and be thankful that this is all you have to deal with

  10. The more I read and see the reaction of these parents for simply not wanting their children to attend public school, it makes me wonder if we would be called anti-Semite if we acted the same way.
    What an opportunity to teach your children to embrace other cultures, something very much needed in Lakewood.

  11. I just don’t get it. Maybe someone can explain. Why do parents of regular children think they have a right to ask the lakewood taxpayer to pay their childcare bills? Really, is there something that I am missing.

  12. This Was a TT desicion. Let us go SPEAK to Him and ask why he is entitled to be the cause of our Taxes going up. How many people work soo hard for their money?!?

  13. Answer to #11, The “special ed children” are not all the same. Many do not need SCHI, cannot get into STARS who are very specific on who they allow in, and require the opportunity to recieve therapy within a regular inclusion class – which is why TT needed to have regular children as well.

  14. How about posting YOUR numbers?! You wanna harass them,we’ll harass you. I’ll give you a call in the Am hours tonight just once on the hour.

  15. please post their #’s so we can CALL & THANK them for all their tireless, thankless, selfish-less hard work!!
    MR’s Seitler, Fink, Silver, Zlatkine, Smukler – THANK YOU!!

    a fed-up taxpayer!

    they were NOT up to par (as per the state) , They are to blame – stop using the BOE as scapegoats for your failures!

  17. if you want to protest then go protest in trenton. its a state issue not a boe member issue. you had no problem going to protest in trenton when it came toeiva and other issues. why is this isssue any different. one thing i will say though is that if yo guys dont stop harrasing people you will be arrested and that will surly be another reason to protest in trenton

  18. any one who knows a little history in the lakewood political scene knows this is history repeating itself from before SCHI was created . The district was saying we will take care of your children and the frum community was against it thinking once they get rid of Rabbi Eiseman they will do what they want Last time it was the non frum Board members and this time its the district using the new frum members

  19. This has nothing to do with regular ed children. The board was trying to take some $ from the state early childhood grant and use it for special ed. The way they could take the $ was by funding regular ed kids. Remember its all about saving takes and nothing to do with educating children.

  20. 4 years ago there was no TT. When they opened, there were protests against MI for forcing children to go there. Now they do not want to leave, this town is so confused it is funny! What happened before TT? Parents found other options. Why don’t you try the PS option and if it does not work, then work something out after succos.

  21. #17

    You make me laugh! Do you think you make sense??? We the taxpayers should pay through our nose so YOU can work late on Erev Yom Tov?!! For that you can justify protesting in a development at 12 AM?!!

  22. these new guys mean well. in an attempt to cut the budgets they made some compromises and they have have had the rug pulled out from under their feet.
    if you want to complain . you should go after the master of puppets on the BOE. he has been pulling all the strings and controls all the legal aspects. he can fight what he wants and let go what he wants ( and just hired himself a new superdendint puppet , after the old one started forgetting that she was a puppet) and sent his new puppet to rat out TT to the state.



    you can look up his home phone

    in case you want to email him.

  23. you never cannot go to public school. that was your choice. but you are correct, we are very selective in what and when we protest. woeful performances all around.
    does anyone care about the kids?

  24. Sounds like most pple are upset bec. they will actually have to PAY for their kids playgroup. I think pple have to realize they cannot get everything for free in life.

  25. B”H my kids are not in school in Lakewood anymore, but, I don’t like to pay taxes through the roof either. I am happy the new board made decisions to save us money and a different solution has to be worked out. I never knew there was free frum day care. Everyone who works has to pay for child care somehow. You earn – you pay. Why does the burden have to be on the tax payers.

  26. I think what made the parents so upset was that they found out last night, the night before TT was supposed to start. THat’s quite a problem for full time working parents.
    Also, why is everyone saying it’s free. TT is quite expensive for the regular ed parents.

  27. Is it so terrible if your Pre-school child attends public school? Do you really think that there will be drug dealings and “mind altering” experiences at that age? I really dont understand people on here talking about “goyim” like its some sort of disease. This is the kind of stuff that generates hatred towards jewish people. Everyone needs to act like adults. Your child needs special services. If you dont want to pay for these services on your own, you go to the Public school system and get these services. End of story. Your child will not end up turning into a drug dealer or murderer for spending a couple of years with us “vile Goyim”

  28. It all boils down to do what we know is best but we must pay for just like everyone else. We can not expect the government to pay for childs education regular or specail ed. If we choose not to send to public schools.

  29. All the credit to the boe members and the lac members for giving themselves for the klal without any reward. All the naysayers are people that are thinking of themselves and think they are entitled to something that was a luxury until now. The bottom line is the town can’t afford luxuries anymore so everybody has to cut back. If you don’t like what the government is giving you and you want more pay for it yourself stop relying on the taxpayers to pick up the tab its not affordable anymore the property taxes are way to high.
    Mr seitler and all boe members and lac members keep it up there will always be individuals that are against you and they usually speak louder then the people that apreciate your efforts keep up the great work

  30. I am a TT parent, and I want to say THANK YOU to the board!
    The board is 100% right.
    It’s time people stopped thinking they are entitled to free daycare at the taxpayers expense!
    As much as it is going to hurt me to have to pay for this out of my pocket, I am honest and objective enough to know that it is wrong to force taxpayers to pay for this.
    Thank You Chesky, and Mr Schmuckler. The silent majority appreciate what you are doing. Please dont get discouraged. Any action worth taking is going to trigger massive opposition from the vested interests. This is what seperates true principled leaders from feeble politicians, who fold like cheap cameras at the first sign of opposition.
    Don’t get turned off by the rabble rousers!!
    It’s sad when frume yidden, who picket a board members house in middle of the night, act in a way to be expected from certain elements, not yiray shomayim!
    Gut Yur.

  31. To #39 – Michael Huff, yes, it’s really that terrible that children go to public school. Little kids absorb things like sponges. They’re extremely impressionable. Not to mention, I don’t think goyish teachers really watch how they talk or what they say. Think of it this way: Would you like your child to come home talking about the Terminator and Spiderman and asking you to buy him a fake gun to shoot with? Or how about them saying “I’ll kill you” if you make them angry or won’t buy them something they want?

    Little things, yes. But it’s the little things that count. This is the age where children are the most impressionable, so you want to make sure they’re getting the right hashkafos.

    Think of it this way: When you build a building, you want to make sure the foundation is as strong as possible, right? You wouldn’t settle for cheap material if you wanted your home to stay standing for the next 20 years. Same thing here.

    And I don’t think goyim are vile. I think a lot of them are extremely nice and caring. But parents often paint a darker picture to their children because at the end of the day, we don’t want them playing with goyim or speaking to them, because of the power of hashpa’ah.

  32. Mr Seitler , Silver, Scmukler, Fink, Zlatkine – please keep up the amazing work!! we really DO appreciate it!! remember: empty barrels make ALOT of NOISE…

  33. I sent Chezky a big thank you.

    Rabbosai, please go to Chesky and thank him. He needs our support and encouragement to stand up to the “establishment”

    Just say a simple “thank you”, and tell him that we are all behind him.

  34. Why does everyone keep saying that it’s about time we pay for our children’s daycare – I don’t know what you’re paying, but I was prepared to pay Tiny Tots upwards of $5,000, which I can pretty much guarantee is more than you pay your child’s playgroup morah. Some families in this town actually have two working parents, many of whom need a double income because Mommy and Daddy don’t pay their bills. There are not many options in terms of full time daycare for those of us in that situation. So before you get all excited for your 15 seconds of anonymous virtual fame, think before you hit the submit button, and reread your comment to see if it even begins to make any sense whatsoever.

  35. I am a non jewish resident of Lakewood resident with a 4 yr old twin boys and an 8 yr old. I am a single white parent them and paying 1800.00 a month in child care. Where do I sign up considering I make just too much to qualify for head start programs etc. I do not get public assistance of any kind. I make 2100 a month after taxes. I have to rely on the support of family to survive!!! Gee I’d like a handout. And when I called about the program they told me the lottery was already done last night yet the web site is taking enrollment!

  36. Now you saved alot of money, by causing all of the children that were supposed to go through the BOE, and get help, to instead go to a regular playgroup, due to the ratio of 14 to 4. NOT a great job, as how will they turn out…

  37. Who found out last night? I am a TT parent and we took our kids to schoool today all exited for the first day with a new briefcase, clean sheets etc and all we found was a note on the door saying “We are closed”. All of this is and should not be about money. We pay any price for good chinuch of our children. But not to have the decency to call up the parenthood AT LEAST the night before is shocking. I do not hang out on “The lakewood scoop. com” and therefore we knew nothing about this!!! No one should get free day care but that is an issue overall with all the government fundings. For those of us who pay full tuiton for each child, work hard, pay our taxes etc. this is a shock and unnecessary stress and confusing to our children who were so looking forward to a great year of school, friend and learning.

  38. Thank you LAC for working tirelessly to save every household approx $6.10 per year and now hundreds of parents in TT have no where to go other than trailers with other public school kids. You lost my vote!

  39. Though I voted for the new board members. I must say I made a mistake. Sorry there is no excuse for leaving kids without a place to go a day before school starts. And i dont say big deal they will find a new school or they are by a PUBLIC SCHOOL. Thats not a excuse. And for all the commenters that say it was not the board members fault. Well then why the quiteness from them. Have they forgot the email address to lakwoodscoop. I know they went in there for the klal. But they messed this one up BADLY.

  40. The amount is not the problem. Everyone of us regular or specsil should pay for and find there own education if they choose to not attend public schools.

  41. i could not have said it better and to all those thanking the boe members just remember u have no clue what its like to have a special ed kid so just stop while ur ahead…

  42. Great Post #20 The more I read and see the reaction of these parents for simply not wanting their children to attend public school, it makes me wonder if we would be called anti-Semite if we acted the same way.
    What an opportunity to teach your children to embrace other cultures, something very much needed in Lakewood.

  43. Folks, if you don’t think the entire system is broken you have a mask on. The district is in a run away mode that needs to be fixed. Sit back, reflect on the issues and you will soon realize moves are being made for the good of all children.

  44. We separated ourselves and must take care of ourselves. Can not expect government to pay for our choices. Is that not how we take care of regular school. Do we not pay tuition and form our own schools.

  45. Can somebody explain something to me?

    My parents tell me in Hungary before the war for english studies everybody had to go (by law) to something called gymnasium. Besides that for limud torah you went chaider.

    My understanding is that gymnasium was somewhat like public school but since there were so many yidshe children they stuck togather but had to put with the usual heckling.

    Somehow, everybody survived this and this was at a time when a women wearing a sheitel or a man wearing cufflinks was considered “modern”.

  46. What i have to say is whom ever came up with the idea of giving out the BOE members cell phone numbers is wrong. Do we realize that these members DO NOT GET PAID to serve on the board. They all have other jobs that they do to support there families and its wrong to harass them when they are trying to help US as a Kahilla.
    To all those who are worried about sending there special needs children to a public school, take it from a parent that has a child in the public school system, if that is what is available and its the best for your child TAKE IT. And those who have a regular child there are plenty of play groups that will gladly take your child.

    The ones who posted the numbers for the BOE members you owe them all an apology and hope they are michal you before the Yom hadien…….

  47. #60, do you mind explaining exactly what you mean by “embracing other cultures”? Because there’s a huge difference between teaching our children to appreciate other cultures/customs, and “embracing” them, as you say.

  48. TO #2

  49. #19 – I was a full-time working mother when there was no tt. my kids went to regular playgroups, and a post-seminary girl came to my house to watch them in the afternoon until I get home at 5:30. She also started supper – which was great. It can be done – I did it for years. Other working mothers I know have found other solutions. In other words, the community does not have to create a solution for your schedule. Find one yourself.

  50. its one thing to blog and vent online but i must say this is completely out of control. You should show your kids how to over come things and find solutions to problems instead of creating more. Protesting and acting ignorant is not going to help your children get back into tiny tots. So find another place for them to go. get it together this is really becoming an embarrassing situation for the entire town

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