BOE Proposes Building New Public School Building

The Board Of Education is hoping to build another public school building to accommodate the overflow of students, the Board President Carl Fink announced this evening at the public meeting.Fink says the building of the school is one of many goals the district has as they look to improve the school system.

The school building – which according to a BOE official could be partially funded with federal dollars – will reportedly be designated for elementary or middle school students.

There is no word yet on when or where the school would be built. TLS.

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  1. How about you take the illegals out of the schools and you will have plenty of room….. Oh wait Obama said they could stay. I say let HIM pay for them with HIS money, not my tax money!!!

  2. Cue non public school parent saying public school doesn’t deserve a new school. We should continue having 25 to 30 plus kids in each class

  3. Big tax expense. Maybe if Lakewood didn’t have all those ‘Illegal Immigrants” with all their “anchor babies” living in town we would not have to build a new school. Too bad New Jersey’s governor doesn’t have the guts to file a law suit (he was an attorney) charging the federal government with failing to uphold the US Constitution.

  4. Thanks to president Obama we have to pay to educate all undocumented immigrants ‘They all deserve an education” Soon we will not be able to afford anything anymore because all the undocumented deserve evrything on our backs !!!!

  5. Its soo easy to blaim everything on others..stop complaining on everything and live your life..and alot of illegal imigrants do pay taxes as well for your info!!!

  6. If you do not want illegal aliens in Lakewood, do not hire them. If they are in Lakewood, their kids have a right to education.

    If you hire a tradesman to do a job in Lakewood, who shows up to do the work? Not the craftsman you thought you were contracting. If you want to know the price of an item in a store, who is stocking the shelves for you to ask?

    One thing is sure, their kids are getting a top quality education. It is the right of every resident in our land. Unfortunately, our own citizen kids, the future leaders of this town, who have zero opportunity for education. Shame.

  7. The kids attending the schools usually ARE NOT illegal. However, their parents are. These kids have a right to a free appropriate public education – they are American citizens and eventually will contribute to the economy! progress occurs in society when people are educated!

  8. A lot of illegals pay tax (FICA, Fed, NJ) but not property taxes which are used to fund the schools. the amount of property tax per capita the land lords pay barely makes a dent into the expenditure on education.

  9. Absolutely ridiculous. I am so curious to know what percentage of the children in town go to Public School. I saw my new tax bill and almost fainted. What’s would our tax bill be like if all the children actually went to public school?

  10. when they pay their rent to the landlord, part of that rent is for property tax. Do you think someone wouldn’t include all costs of the property in the rent? Part of the problem is the slum lords renting out their properties for cash to multiple families. 1 family in each bedroom and then the subdivided basement with more families, but the taxes are for a 1 family house, that is why it is underfunded. Thank the slum lords.

  11. Hullo…….? Can you just imagine what this is gonna cost us taxpayers?? What about all the tax cutting promises of the LAC?

  12. You won’t build another public school but having 70 private schools some as big as some of the industrial buildings in town are ok. Where is the logic there? Sell a couple old ones and combine them with a new school..something that will make it a better education for all..I

  13. This BOE is decent, caring, and up to the difficult job that lies ahead. They are responsible for the care of all of the students that reside in Lakewood School District.

    The children are presented to the School District with the opportunity to take on education and the responsibility to take on that education.

    The duty of the School District is to provide a thorough and efficient education. The learning centers (schools) and professional teaching staff must be sufficient to accommodate all students that enroll.

    The local taxpayer is obliged, along with state and federal funding to provide the funding.

    Now, the district must find new and better ways to insure that public education is provided and received to the best of our ability, Language arts at an early age in critical to the mission.

  14. Did anybody care to find out who pays for a new building? Does anyone on this site even look into facts? Well, let me tell you. The state of NJ pays for the building of new Public School buildings in ALL Municipalities. There has been a freeze on that for 2 years and Lakewood will not build a building until that freeze is lifted and funds are approved. your are all a bunch of hot heads.

  15. I would like everyone who speaks before they think to close there eyes and imagine the child or children your talking about being yours. We can all work together to make Lakewood a better place for everyone. I would like to propose a new resolution- Lets all talk positive thoughts for a month

  16. Whatever happened to the contract with the Boe? Did it fizzle out because the union wants more than they are offering?

  17. Your are wrong.
    The state doesn’t pay for every Public School. The state has grants and in some cases will pay for it.

    The taxpayer ends up paying most of the time.

  18. Dear Mr. #10, you asked “What’s would our tax bill be like if all the children actually went to public school?”
    – a LOT higher, the public school system is spending way more per child, while private school parents are paying for their children’s education as well as paying property taxes.

  19. At least Mexicans are willing to work hard. Maybe your grandfather remembers when he came here and worked hard to buy the Brooklyn house that funds your existence today. Hard work is a virtue, and protects you from many problems and makes you a real member of society. Being supported has no value to you as a person or to mankind. Get a life and get a job.

  20. To #19 , please stop threatening to put all your children in the public schools , because in reality that would be a good thing! Then WE ALL would get the proper school funding for ALL students!

  21. Our tax dollars are being sent to Abbott District Schools. They are building new, luxurious schools while ours are falling apart. The State is ignoring the terrible condition of Lakewood education. The APP highlighted what our problems are and the need for corrective action. It’s time for the citizens of Lakewood to come together and demand action by the State to improve our education system. The Town refuses to address the slumlords and allow multiple violations of our codes. Lakewood is doomed if we don’t start to address our problems in a united fashion. I am writing to Gov. Christie and my state and county reps to address the education disaster we not have. They must stop ignoring us. Perhaps we should stop paying our taxes as the Town stopped paying the bill when JCPL didn’t fix our lights fast enough. We should withhold payment until the State and Town fix our school system.

  22. to # 26
    don’t hold your breath, governor christie is well aware of what goes on in lakewood. He’s not a stupid man! it may have to go to the federal level!

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