Faced with Severe Issues, BOE President Calls Emergency Board Meeting

boe 2014JUST IN: “I am calling an emergency meeting for tomorrow, Wednesday, to discuss the lack of text books, lack of educational services and lack of nursing services in the schools,” Board of Education President Isaac Zlatkin told TLS today.


Zlatkin says there are many kids with asthma and other health issues and did not have nurses in their schools today as they usually.

In regards to the education services, a Board member tells TLS, “I’m appalled at what is going on, as the board was assured that there would be no interruption of services.”

All the above issues overseen by the administration, the Board member said.

The closed session of the meeting will take place at 6:30 p.m., and the public portion of the meeting at 7. p.m.


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  1. Can we please have twenty thousand children and 10000 adults by this meeting! The state should realize that this is education and health at stake over here.

  2. Call the emergency meeting for right NOW! Not tomorrow night! Children must have nurses for their medical needs as well as the text books.

    Also where was the Boe until now? Something tells me they knew this was coming…

    They have messed up the Lakewood taxpayers BIG time.

  3. Only get upset when the private schools are missing things never seem to care if the public schools have in books or supplies. Where is the $$ to come from. Busing????

  4. We are all gonna sit here and kvetch but not gonna do a thing bc the same ppl will be elected as has been the case for the past who knows how long so let’s actually do something

  5. Unreal. Im expecting the next TLS story to say: COLORWAR Breakout !! They cut funding after school starts for the boys & 2 days before girls school starts ? Is this someone’s bad idea of a joke? there are kids w/ real health issues, mental & physical, suffering. They’re entitled to help. BOE must provide that help. And they charge for it. Chutzpah !!!

  6. If Helen is at the meeting she will blame someone…maybe it’s the state monitors fault or some administrator or lawyer or George Bush. Doesn’t matter who…She will point fingers and Laura winters won’t go to any meeting without her partner in crime.

  7. There is NO money. The leaders of both the BoE and private schools have been told that by the State Dept. of Ed. in just these terms no matter what they feed the press and the public. The choice is to cut programs or raise taxes, period. The gravy train funding by the state and federal government has left the station and won’t be coming back! Not that I’m particularly fond of those sitting on the Board, but in all fairness how do you think that anyone else except leprechauns with their pots of gold could make any difference.

  8. EVERYONE should show up.


    Show that we are ONE

    You, your relative, your friend, or neighbor IS going to be affected!

    You Care – Show it.

    Its time to take a stance.

  9. How could the board not have seen this coming? Thousands of children are stripped of vital resources and another couple thousand trained resource workers losing their jobs??? But they didn’t see this coming… Someone is going to have to answer for this when the dust clears and I wouldn’t want to be within four hundred yards of that man when it does…

  10. This has got to be more than just about money. If it would be a money issue we would’ve known a few months ago. Not 2 days b4 school starts. Thanx, Isaac, for calling an emergency meeting &, hopefully, ironing out these problems. Hatzlocha !!

  11. Nobody want to address the 800 pound gorrilla in the room and that is illegal aliens whos kids are bankrupting new jersey schools as well as schools across the country. Sure put your head in the sand and blame private schools special needs etc etc. Its the tens of millions of illegal kids that are burdening town schools and services across the land. And until we gather the courage and fortitude to tackle it head on things will continue downhill with no hope in sight!

  12. To oldmansfury. I don’t know why you are calling this a gravy train. People in Lakewood are no different then any other town. They contribute significantly to the states revenue.I have a business in Lakewood and pay a significant amount to the state and federal government in taxes and fees and I am not alone.

    Recently UPS changed my pickup schedule. When I called my rep, she explained that unlike the rest of NJ where things are stagnant, there has been an explosion of businesses in the Lakewood area. All these businesses are paying federal and state taxes.

    Asking for some of those funds back in the form of services is not a “gravy train”

  13. It’s not as much about NO money as spending the money fairly for both public and non public. Public is in as bad if not worse shape than non. Helen and co don’t care about children period. Doesn’t matter where they go to school. I want everyone helped fairly and properly.

  14. Whoever can attend tomorrow’s meeting is asked to please do so. Please help us voice our dissatisfaction in how our children are being left in the cold. This is our time to fight for their future…

  15. Doesn’t anyone see that this has been a deliberate plan put forth many, many years ago. The plan to place public school kids in other towns. GET IT!!!! THE PLAN LONG RANGE.

  16. The real elephant in the room is the fact that many of our public school don’t receive the proper funding. While many are complaining about private schools not receiving textbooks, how about looking at the public schools where some classes don’t even have textbooks

  17. It seems the board is getting ‘railroaded’ on this. I can’t believe that the board knew about this and decided to wait until 2 days before schools starts to have this come out!! It seems that management is the BIG problem. The board is just as surprised as all of us. Whoever on management is respopnsiible for this should have a lot to answer for!

  18. I was a public school student over 10 years ago in all honors classes and we never had enough books to go around. We either had to share or use old books that were falling apart and had missing pages. I can only imagine what the other classes were like that had more students. I know the classroom dynamic has changed much since I went to school in Lakewood but I can’t imagine that the conditions have gotten any better.

  19. There is mismanagement if the norm in the public schools is not to have enough text books… We care about all children in lakewood. Every child deserves a proper education.

  20. The problem with socialism is that sooner or later you run out of other people’s money. There’s only so much taxpayer money to go around. Priorities have to be established. Parents are going to have to step up to the plate and fund some of these services themselves. Like private school busing.

  21. Doesn’t anyone see that this has been a deliberate plan put forth many, many years ago. The plan to place public school kids in other towns. GET IT!!!! THE PLAN LONG RANGE.

    Really and 9/11 was probably a plot of the american government also right?

  22. Lets say you are right that this is the plan…to ship children to neighboring public schools. SHouldn’t you be thrilled? They will have books, they will get educated, they will not have to worry aboiut the gangsters in hallways, Why I would be thrilled. You might be onto something. I think it would be wonderful. They BOE should definitly look into it.

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