BOE Members Take Action – Compile List Of 33 Motions To Be Passed

boe building tiny tots meetingTLS EXCLUSIVE: Prior to the education issues, the Board Of Education would like to make the following statement. “With a heavy and solemn heart, we would like to extend our heartfelt condolences to family of Chris Matlosz and his fiancee. May you find comfort and solace in this trying time. G-D bless Chris, his family and all our officers”.
“It in this solemn time that we have come to realize that each and every person must do what they can to make sure such a tragedy never befalls us again. As Pastor Glen Wilson said, one of the key elements in creating a vibrant and safe society, is education. We must ensure our children, all children, get the best education and services we can afford to give them”.
The Board has reviewed many past meetings, as well as many issues that are still outstanding as of today, and has compiled a list of 33 motions which they say should be passed for the sake of all the children and their future.

These 33 motions cover almost all of the outstanding issues not dealt with until today (except those that are under State review).

“We have put them together into one bill list and have sponsored this bill by all three of us”, says Board member Chesky Seitler on behalf of himself, Carl Fink and Yoni Silver.
“We urge our fellow Board members, in this solemn time, to remember what our priorities are and what needs to get done”

Click here to view the 33 motions. TLS.

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  1. If the superintendent deems the 90 day delay for safety reasons
    then it is acceptable.
    They have to reword it it says “90 day” should be 90 minutes

  2. Looks like the board members feel that the board attorney is trying to sabotage their efforts to reform the school system. If we voted them in to change the system and hopefully lower our taxes and get rid of all the back room deals, we should be backing them full force.

  3. Looks good. Although there are two issues that could use clarification:

    1. Why not include a motion to have GPS’s on all the busses with the capability of notifying schools and parents of their whereabouts?

    2. Maybe 15 minutes late 3 times a month is a bit generous.

  4. I have a few problems with this proposal:
    1. “A motion to request from the Superintendent, due by the next meeting, a detailed cost and plausible plan, to open an extensive and comprehensive special Ed facility in- district. The plan must include the support of the special Ed dept as well as the IEP team. The plan should have target dates of implementation as well.”

    What will happen to all of the students who are in SCHI and other receiving schools? Will you now force them to leave an environment where they are comfortable and demonstrating progress so you can open your own facility that will most likely fail? Are you willing to pay for a top administrator, well-trained teachers, therapists, etc.? I think that the idea is good in theory but will most likely fail just like everything else in the district unless a considerable amount of thought, effort, and money is put into it. In which case, you probably won’t be saving any money anytime soon.

    2. “A motion to adopt a policy in regards to test scores. Any teacher who is deemed to be underperforming will be laid off at the beginning of the next year. Should this conflict with State tenure laws, it will be decided on a case by case basis.”

    How exactly to you expect to deem these people as “underperforming?” Do you think test scores are everything? Have any of our Board members actually spent a day in a district classroom? Do you have any idea how much time and effort teachers need to put in to their lessons. Teachers are not magicians. They just try their hardest and try to make a difference. Can’t you come up with a more comprehensive way to determine adequate teacher performance? BTW, I am not a teacher.

  5. Motion # 34 — They forgot this one — “ALL REQUIRED BUSING will be within the guidelines supplied by the State of NJ and there will be NO OTHER BUSING ALLOWED”. In other words – bye-bye courtesy busing and save the taxpayers $4 MILLION a year.

  6. it’s about time someone really cared about the public schools. Some BOE members just don’t get it, some parents don’t get but for the first time the administration gets it. Lets blame the people who caused this.

  7. Aside from the fact that these motions were typed up in unprofessional language – some of these silly ideas are either totally ridiculous or violate the law..

  8. what’s silly is the teachers union has been ripping our children off the 40 years. It’s time to wake up before we have failing schools in all of New Jersey. The teachers only care about the pensions they recieve for doing nothing.

    Second- I hope all the residents of Lakewood read this. Thursday and Friday possible snow- have your car pools ready. No complaining

  9. there are numerous issues from what i read with this motion and there are some uneforceable things that can be contested in court
    ‘A motion to terminate without pay, all teachers acting inappropriate or deemed by the
    administration as such.’
    this is very vague language you need to spell out what would be inapproprite is ,you cannot leave this up to someones interpertation this will never hold water you are setting youyrself up for a lawsuite if a court deems that a teacher was removed unreasonable without merit

  10. Do any of you care about the public school students? Have you any knowledge of tenure laws or contract law? These proposals do not show any real knowledge of these subjects. 90 minute delayed openings were instituted when the roads were too dangerous for the school busses. Isn’t a 90 minute delay better than the school being cancelled for the day or a serious bus accident?

  11. Some of the proposed Motions are in violations of several federal laws and regulations. While I can not stand the thought of my taxes educating thousands of children that don’t belong here, the thought of not educating them is scarier. Cancelling a bus contract in the middle of a school year is not wise, forcing them to add more drivers and or buses either begged, borrowed or stolen from other companies is a maybe, also other companies will charge more, even though the BOE thinks it will be Negba’s responsibility to pay for the new service, it is not, basic contract law. It’s nice the BOE wants there to be school regardless if there are unplowed roads and utilize out police force as their personal guides, but it is unrealistic. Good luck getting rid of tenured teachers. There is an expression, too little too late and another expression too much too fast, there must be a moderate process, first get the kids to school (busing problems) and require all the lesson plans, etc., as required by their contracts. After you have a handle on those then continue on with the next set. Make real goals, my sons bus was late yesterday because his driver called in sick and the sub did not know the route well, today she was late because of roadway conditions, one more blockage (perhaps a Westgate traffic jam) and his bus would be in the three strikes, think about what makes sense.

  12. This is a wish list and can never work because the majority of it is against the law. Terminate a teacher without pay before being judged guilty? Constitution anyone?

    #17–it will never happen as long as the majority of the board are from the nonpublic school arena and that is our $4 mil + per year in courtesy bussing.

    What I would love to see is the nonpublic students take the HSPA…only then can they fairly judge what is going on in the public schools. Anyone willing to “walk in my shoes”? I doubt it because then they couldn’t blame the public schools for everything wrong in the world.

  13. Kudos! board members this is great for the people of Lakewood finally some are standing up for the people.We need to know exactly who didnt vote for these things

  14. i would love to see one yeshiva keep up with even half of what i just read. i challenge any lakewood yeshiva to step forward and show the world how well educated their graduating class is.

  15. I see at least a few people have come to their senses.Heck with all the red tape!We need to do whats best for the students of Lakewwod.I am a public school Mom and Im sorry to say this but alot of our teachers stink and the unions are only making it worse

  16. I’m amazed at the lack of common sense that are displayed in these “motions”. Baruch Hashem my wife has a decent parnassah as a Public School teacher, abd it would be nice if these board members actually new what goes on in school. Have they ever stepped foot in any of the Public chools? These motions are just in time for Purim!!

  17. as a public school teacher we have many dedicated teachers who avail themselves to the students during lunch periods and after school. This is in addition to the after school ses programs. Many of us spend our prep time making parental phone calls and holding student conferences. I challenge anyone to come and see what we do.

  18. Michelle Rhee is, by no means, a “Superman”. Please take a deeper look at the research and the current performance of the schools in Washington, DC.

    Teachers can not raise test scores without the support and participation of parents. Also keep in mind that standardized tests have been proven to be biased against students of color as well as English Language Learners. Anyone want to take a look at the public school population in Lakewood? The single largest factor in a child’s success is the education of the mother, not the work of the teacher.

    “Buses” and “busing” are spelled with one ‘s’, not two. The grammar and spelling in this entire document leads me to believe that the yeshivas are not doing a much better job than the Lakewood Public Schools…

    When “the administration” does try to make changes for the better, they are continually slammed by this board, which is evident at every board meeting. Don’t expect them to work miracles without support.

  19. #36 – You hit the nail on the head! I worked in the Lakewood Public schools for years and have only seen Mr. Thomas in the schools! Not once have I seen frum board members!

    Why attack a 90 minute delay? If it is dangerous, it’s dangerous. How about the next time it snows and their is no delay, ALL the teachers CALL OUT! I mean, hey they have been working without a contract!

    Getting rid of teachers based on test scores? Will this only impact teachers that teach Math and Language Arts/Reading? At the middle/high school levels? How about Art, Social Studies teachers – areas which are not tested? How is it fair? Lack of resources – and I’m not talking about textbooks – TECHNOLOGY! No computers, printers, photocopiers. Lack of ACCESS!!!

  20. I understand the need for fiscal responsibility ,however contracts are just that an agreement by two parties that are legallly binding !!
    “Those who are
    currently in the middle of a contract will be asked to go along with this, as was done in the past.”
    No way can this be enforced

  21. to 36- if you think its so good there and the teachers are great, than u and your wife have nothing to worry about as per the letter. (if the teachers are FAILING ….) Now u can learn in peace….

  22. I think that any suggestion that The Lakewood Scoop has should automatically be implemented whether it makes any sense or not. Practical or not. Financially sustainable or not. No vote should be needed. How pathetic.

  23. I don’t agree with the motion to report all residency to the zoning board.This is not a police state. Nobody should be afraid of educating their children on the basis of getting a fine or being rendered homeless. I understand the thought behind it but the implementation is just wrong. Also you then should have to report the private schools based on the services they are getting(busses etc.)

  24. I am sorry if you are sefishly worried about your wifes parnassah,but if she is a good teacher than why are you worried?By the way these 3 board members have each been to the publics schools more times than all other board members combined!!!!Aside for Lenny Thomas

  25. I have a daughter in the Lakewood High School Things have gotten so bad that I am scared to let my child go to school.The violance is unbearable and the learning stinks.The teachers can barely control the classroom.Board members Please finally do something about this.Every day that she comes home unharmed I bless the Lord

  26. To The Board Members:
    From a Lakewood Taxpayers point of view I say THANK YOU!! If the bus delay is for safety reasons then let the school start late. I have spent too much time carpooling. My kids are getting to schoola t the same time as a 90 minute delay. Why do you think its safe to put an additional 3,000 drivers on the road as opposed to the delay?? Thank you for taking our concerns regarding our non bus (bus that isn’t picking up the kids) seriously!

  27. This is a good beginning. Accountability begins at the top. Any Board member who does not support this reform bill has abdicated his or her responsibility, and must be replaced.

    There are many more issued that were not addressed. Such as why were none of the special education vendors paid anything this school year? Nada! Why are they being choked? Why was “multivendor competition” turned into a farce?

    Still, better late than never.

    Smart idea posting this in advance, especially on reform-minded TLS. Hope it does not backfire by giving the opposition time to plan the legal strategy to drive a stake through the heart of this reform.

  28. I don’t like the 15 min late bus rule. As the drivers will never wait even a min for a child. Parents will than claim the bus never showed. It’s going tone a mess.

  29. This is not just for Lakewood but why so much glory for the athlete students but not for the hard working/ overacheiving student on their studies? Big problems in good old U.S.A
    Just have FUN – play X-BOX, you tube and facebook. Get on programs and be unproductive member of society. That is the majority of public school kids the past few years in NJ. very sad situation….

  30. The vendors checks are on the bill list and will be approved at this meeting. The issue was only brought to light 2 weeks ago and was taken care of by the admin.

  31. Zlatkin supports most of these motions. However, as many here mentioned, rightfuly so, that some of these motions are legally murky and will not hold up in court. The idea of the motions is to make a move and should anyone decide to sue, fight and let the best man win. Mr. Zlatkin wants no part in court cases or heavy fighting. As such, he will support those that he feels are legally sound but did not want to join as a co sponsor. Rest assured Zlatkin is looking out for all of us.

  32. they need better BOE in Lakewood so the children can improve their future better.. Who cares about past but we must support every child right to learn .. The United State Laws Passed no Child left out of education.. As Puskah in Torah we must teach our children what Hashem wants to learn all about his mitzah and Love world… Love his creation Love his Laws…Obey them bring Bais Hamedsh home…I am Home sick want Holy temple standing again…



  34. the administration must act. children who do not care to learn or children who would rather fight then learn expel them all. give the children who want to learn a chance.
    get rid of all the teachers who are here doing nothing. The administration must act.

  35. Lakewood Superintendent of Schools should be the last person authorized to cancel or delay busing due to snow. Safety is not the motive; budget savings is. Only Lakewood’s Public Safety Director should be authorized to make that call (a position currently held by Committeeman Meir Lichtenstein).

  36. These ideas were many times brought up in closed session and were asked to be put on the agenda, our board attorney every time had another excuse of why it never made it to the agenda. It’s time for the board attorney to go, he is fighting us on everything that we try to get done.

  37. Better Idea says:
    January 19, 2011 at 7:34 am

    Lakewood Superintendent of Schools should be the last person authorized to cancel or delay busing due to snow.

    UMMMM! That is exactly who should make that call. She is in charge of the schools. And what in the world would this have to do with the budget? First of all, you all don’t want her to spend any more money, second, what in the world is she saving? Do any of you think before you type? It all comes down to you not wanting your non-public school kids home an extra 90 mins. too bad! If the roads are not safe and are covered in ice or snow in the AM, then EVERYONE needs to stay off of them so that they may be cleaned up so that ALL the children get picked up safely! Do you not want ALL the children to be safe?

    Some of what is in this document is not legal. And I am quite angered by the fact that the public school parents are not being informed or consulted about any of these issues. It appears that ALL this info is always consulted with the parents of the non-public schools. THAT IS AN ISSUE! I happen to be a tax payer too, and I do not appreciate having my rights pulled out of my hands. I don’t feel any of you, by the way most of you all spell and misuse grammar should have any say so over my child’s education! I would much rather the State came in and took over. From what I can see, this town can no longer handle these issues!

    As for the fighting and troubles in the HS, it is a direct result of the cuts to security and the interference of some of our community members that this is all happening. It is being set up to fail. That is why we hire failures to do the jobs, and the community no longer allows administration to do there jobs. Smart! And you all want to have say over my child’s education. Worry about you own kids, please!!!

  38. Are you trying to imply that the failure to pay $$Millions to Special Ed vendors for services rendered for nearly 5 months was an “oversight” that “only came to light 2 weeks ago”??

    You are adding insult to injury. It WAS NOT taken care of by the Administration. The “Administration” (we know who they are fronting for) did not take care of the problem. They ARE the problem.

    Folks are waking up – – yes, even in Tunisia.

  39. I can’t resist replying to this set of proposals. Kudos to # 39 you hit the nail on the head. Inviting Mrs. Superman? She does have a name and in some circles in Washington that’s not it. Firing teachers illegally due to test scores, how about holding parents and students accountable. Now if a student fails any of the elementary tests nothing happens. Parents are not stepping up to help their children.Yes,many do, one can not generalize. The BOE members who tell us the Lakewood teachers are terrible generalize about many good teachers. The motive here seems to be grandstanding as most of these suggestions would not pass a legality test. Maybe a No Board Member Left Behind Test is needed.

  40. I find it very suspicious that the board is introducing these 33 motions and invitiing the citizens of Lakewood to come and voice their opinion on a night that many citizens of Lakewood (who are also taxpayers) will be paying their respects to their fallen hero. Is this a ploy or just an inconsiderate oversight. Also, as a long time resident of Lakewood who has seen their taxes go up tremendously, I wonder why the private schools who receive a good portion of the education budget should not be held to the same standards as that of the public school. After all their education system should be as good if they are willing to take the money. I, along with many seniors, feel that they should also take the state standardized tests and if they don’t pass maybe services should be cut. Also, I don’t understand why so many of your readers are upset with the 90 minute delays – after all it is for the safety of your children or doesn’t that matter. Look at the school closings and you will find that the other towns have 90 minuted delays and closing.

  41. interesting that yeeeaaarrrssss ago we had students who went on to excellent colleges and universities and became drs. , lawyers, business people. But then, our population was so different. Perhaps all of you who feel that teachers are not doing their jobs to get the students to pass state tests should step into the schools and see what the teachers ARE doing, the make up of the classes. I wonder how the students in the private schools would score on the state tests.
    But then, they dont need to take them and I have a feeling they would fail. I do not know the answe to this question and if anyone out there does, please, let us know: have any BOE members gone into the schools and spent any time there?

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