BOE: Have A Problem With The Board Of Education? Speak Up Tonight

boe new buildingThe following message was submitted to TLS by the Lakewood Board of Education: “In light of the ongoing busing and other issues affecting the Lakewood Board of Education this year, we would like to invite all parents to participate in tonight’s BOE meeting”. “Of particular focus is those that have complaints about certain bus companies arriving late, not arriving or even driving recklessly”.

“We have received dozens if not hundreds of complaints about our transportation department not being responsive to ongoing abuses by a certain bus company”.

“We urge you to come forward and publicly state your issues so we can finally take the appropriate action and put this issue to rest for the students of Lakewood”.

“If you are a school, public or non public, and you have a complaint about busing, please come as well”.

“Any school that has a problem with the classroom rental issue or multi vendor obstructions, this is your time to vocalize your concern”.

“The process is very simple: Come down to the BOE meeting room at 6:30 pm and sign your name in the sign up sheet. Then return at 8:00 pm and your names will be called in order”.

The members added, that if anyone had any issues over the last two months they can email them to [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected] before 6 pm tonight so that they can have a detailed list of all the complaints. TLS.

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  1. I have a Vort tonite for a close friend and cannot be at this BOE meeting, but would like to bring a serious bussing problem to your attention.

    We have a 4 bus companies serving our school. Since they get paid by the run, they always try to squeeze-in as many runs in the morning as possible. They some times bring the students way too early (8:15AM instead of 9) or late, since they squeezed in another run before ours. These abuses are very disruptive to the school and to the parents, but most of all to the children. Again, all companies are equally guilty of this practice.

    My strong recommendation is that the only way to stop this abuse, is to refuse payment for run that is not completed ON TIME, within a defined narrow window. That’s the only thing that will put a stop to it. If need be, let the driver punch a clock when he or she arrives to discharge the students, similar to security officers punching in at different locations as they make their rounds. The technology is readily available and inexpensive.

    Thank you for listening and acting.

    A concerned school administrator.

  2. To “A Concerned School Administrator”: The best way to solve the problem is to be be more flexible on the start and stop hours for the schools and to consolidate buses for different schools. It is ludicrous how many buses are running at the same time. So if you are serious about solving the problem look at the all options and not just one.

  3. I cannot believe how callous and insensitive people on this blog are. The news that a frum bus company may lose valuable contracts is greeted with glee? How many frum employees will lose parnasah from the latest BOE board members initiative? Did the BOE members ask a shailah? Is it okay that they want to rip up existing contracts? Are we at the point where their word is meaningless? Would you want to be meshadech with such people? How can we sit silently by while this is done in the name of the tzibbur. I too own a house in Lakewood and would like my taxes to go down. I am not willing to see halacha and yoshor trampled on to make it happen. Which Rav in town are the BOE memebers consulting with? Will we see a repeat of the Tiny Tots fiasco? Are we better off? Before everyone jumps on the bandwagon and cheers on the avalas being done take a step back and think about where this is leading.
    In my humble opinion the entire proposal is a Chillul Hashem.

  4. kudos to the last comment lets stop hacking and see what we can do to make the busing work….. i have kids serviced by 3 companies and they all need work….. its easy to deflect a broken system and make a scapegoat

  5. If you only would be as concerned for the kids sitting outside all morning and waiting for busses that never show…what about the parnassah and jobs of mothers who are constantly coming late to work because they have to take their kids to school late

  6. i have kids as well but there has to be a way to figure this out and making it work for all parties involved who says over taxing other wise over extended companies will make it better…. the system is at fault here

  7. So if you are so confident that you are right, ask your Rav if you should file a complaint. I personally have children who get on Negba buses every morning and I find they come on time and are courteous to deal with.

  8. to shmuel zaks: i too felt the same way as you until i waited outside in the cold each morning waiting for a bus that came 30 minutes late most mornings!!!! the bus company couldnt be reached….and when you finally reach them, you can get up to 4 different responses! take this morning for example, i called the company at 8 and was told that a bus would be on time today. after waiting for 35 minutes, a bus arrived at 9:05. this causes me to be late to work, and my daughter to get off her school day on a rocky start since she comes in middle of davening each day. this is very unsettling for a child. i understand that its a frum company, but before i put through a complaint, i tried speaking to the company’s manager many times and told them in advance that i would write a complaint. i was told from the company itself, to conatct the board of ed!!!!!! i have been dealing with this for many months, and nothing has been resolved. i dont just vent, i actually call, email, and go in person! i’m sorry but they arent taking my frum child into account either!

  9. Why is the board being insensitive to the rest of the community who will not be able to attend the meeting because they are paying their respects to their fallen hero???

  10. to the last comment
    if however they can fix it you wouldnt be adverse to having them do the runs correct? lets see if they can come up with a solution and thus we wouldnt be the cause of taking away money….. i repeat again you blame them as they are the biggest however the blame should be with the system the boe is making them a scapegoat lets fix the system…..and we will all be happy

  11. If I was giving ” eidus” you would be correct. I am simply asking where is the daas torah? Are we comfortable with Yoni Silver, Seitler and Zlatkin making their own decisions on our behalf? Which Rav in town have they consulted with? For that matter why are you posting anonymously? If you have something of value to say why don’t you post with your name?

  12. THIS BUSING ISSUE GOES ON AND ON, ONE MUST REALIZE, THAT schools are starting at different times, one must realize that boys are on one bus, girls on another, schools are not that far apart, to have boys and girls on same bus routes,

    Would love to know what parent does want thier child put on a bus when their is 2inches of ice, and covered up with another 4 inches of snow,

    Would love to know what parent would take the liability of making the decision for all the busses to roll on snowy days and with dangerous raod conditions, THIS IS WHY TRAFFIC AND SAFETY TAKES THE DRIVES THRU THE TOWN. DO NOT BE SO STUBBORN, A CHILD’S LIFE IS AT STAKE,

  13. Why is it the systems fault?Because 1 company cant get their act together you blame it on the system?By the way they arent the biggest!!!They are number 4 in this district!And yet there are no problems with any othr companies remotely like these.They came before the board of ed and made PROMISES

  14. the people you mentioned should not have to speak with a Rav in town. The BOE is independent body. The state should see the comments and disband the BOE.

  15. For the records I support all 36 motions made by Mr. Seilter. The reason why I left is the meeting turned into a circus. Comments I am receiving today is unjust but understood where it’s coming from.

  16. # 17
    I’m a big fan of safety but how did we manage to get our cars out after 2 days of snow to drive our children to school, while the bus companies couldn’t seem to manage it a WEEK later.
    This was followed by a minor snow fall where after having the whole day off to clean the buses, they still needed a 90 minute delay! Please get real. The roads were clear for that one.

    BTW I remember a mere few years ago when we had bussing for every holiday. Which is only fair as our drivers have off for our holidays instead. Then one holiday was given. Then more were added.

    PPS Even on these holidays my high school boys still get Negba bussing, without any extra fees to me.

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