Tift, Greenspan And Friedman Win BOE Elections

boe elections 2011.jpg candidates tlsFIRST NUMBERS ARE IN: 9:25 PM [ALL UPDATES BELOW] Polls are open from 2:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. Candidates from left to right, are: William Hobday, Boruch Mandel, Ira Rosenthal, Larry Loigman, Abe Ostreicher, Boruch Blaustien, Larry Avrin, Shuie Schmuckler and Tracy Tift. Not shown, are Yisroel Friedman and Zacharia Greenspan

As in previous elections, TLS will keep you updated with the results, when the polls close.

9:25 PM – Yisrael Rosenthal 37 2.70%
Tracey Tift 340 24.84%
– Lawrence Avrin 72 5.26%
– Baruch Blaustein 68 4.97%
Zecharia Greenspan 236 17.24%
– Larry Loigman 94 6.87%
– Abraham Ostreicher 52 3.100%
– Boruch Mandel 45 3.29%
– William Hobday 117 8.55%
– Yisrael Friedman 229 16.73%
– Joshua Schmuckler 60 4.38%
Write-In 19 1.39%
Total 1,369 100.00%

9:38 PM
Votes Processed – Polling Place/Percent : 11/38 28.95%

Vote Count Percent
– Yisrael Rosenthal 75 1.77%
– Tracey Tift 1,184 27.98%
– Lawrence Avrin 413 9.76%
– Baruch Blaustein 92 2.17%
– Zecharia Greenspan 740 17.49%
– Larry Loigman 149 3.52%
– Abraham Ostreicher 135 3.19%
– Boruch Mandel 77 1.82%
– William Hobday 215 5.08%
– Yisrael Friedman 724 17.11%
– Joshua Schmuckler 388 9.17%
Write-In 39 0.92%
Total 4,231 100.00%

9:53 PM
Votes Processed – Polling Place/Percent : 26/38 68.42%

Vote Count Percent
– Yisrael Rosenthal 185 2.03%
– Tracey Tift 2,543 27.85%
– Lawrence Avrin 862 9.44%
– Baruch Blaustein 168 1.84%
– Zecharia Greenspan 1,412 15.46%
– Larry Loigman 553 6.06%
– Abraham Ostreicher 259 2.84%
– Boruch Mandel 146 1.60%
– William Hobday 849 9.30%
– Yisrael Friedman 1,403 15.37%
– Joshua Schmuckler 690 7.56%
Write-In 61 0.67%
Total 9,131 100.00%

10:04 PM
Votes Processed – Polling Place/Percent : 32/38 84.21%

Vote Count Percent
– Yisrael Rosenthal 225 2.08%
– Tracey Tift 3,020 27.91%
– Lawrence Avrin 951 8.79%
– Baruch Blaustein 199 1.84%
– Zecharia Greenspan 1,735 16.04%
– Larry Loigman 634 5.86%
– Abraham Ostreicher 323 2.99%
– Boruch Mandel 189 1.75%
– William Hobday 979 9.05%
– Yisrael Friedman 1,717 15.87%
– Joshua Schmuckler 776 7.17%
Write-In 71 0.66%
Total 10,819 100.00%

Votes Processed – Polling Place/Percent : 38/38 100.00%

Vote Count Percent
– Yisrael Rosenthal 259 2.11%
– Tracey Tift 3,425 27.86%
– Lawrence Avrin 1,049 8.53%
– Baruch Blaustein 220 1.79%
– Zecharia Greenspan 1,972 16.04%
– Larry Loigman 727 5.91%
– Abraham Ostreicher 378 3.08%
– Boruch Mandel 248 2.02%
– William Hobday 1,131 9.20%
– Yisrael Friedman 1,937 15.76%
– Joshua Schmuckler 856 6.96%
Write-In 90 0.73%
Total 12,292 100.00%
Budget: – Yes 766 24.85%
– No 2,316 75.15%
Total 3,082 100.00%

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  1. Larry Loigman, a lawyer, has always fought for what is right, no matter the consequences. If he is elected I am sure that the whole town will benefit from his fairness and honesty. A vote for Mr. Loigman is a vote for yourself!!

  2. If greenspan and friedman had the decency to at least go through the motion and show up by debates I might vote for them. Where is the common sense to at least show up once!??

  3. The only truly independent candidate is Larry Loigman. He has proven to be honest and not beholden to any special interest or insider – if you know what I mean.

    If you are interested in a mature professional candidate, who will truly attempt to lower your taxes in a responsible way – vote Larry Loigman.

  4. I am a regular guy who wants to do what is right. I noticed however that there are numerous Mosdos who DID NOT sign the endorsement for Freidman and Greenspan. To give you an exact idea here is what I found out after speaking to ALL the Roshei Mosdos. The following mosdos did not sign: Bais Faiga, Lakewood Cheder, Nesivos Ohr, Kol Torah, Bnei Torah,Kaminetz, Bais Rivka Rochel, Ohr Hatorah, Satmar, Bais Avrohom, Bais Tova,Shagas Aryeh, Toras Aron, Bais Hatorah, Toras Emes,Bnos Melech, Toras Chaim, Bais Shaindel, Chinuch L banos, Bais Yakov High School, Tiferes Bais Yakov, Bnos Bais Yakov, Bais Aron, Torah Temima, oros Bais YAkov, Bais Pinchus, Birchas Chaim, Rachmastrivka, Ateres Tziporah, Bnos Penina, Bais Yakov Elementary, Bnos Bracha, Bnot Yisroel, Ohr Hatalmud, Chemdas Hatorah, Moreshes Yehoshua, Toras Zev, Toras Menachem and others.

  5. Please set aside sectarian considerations and narrow interests. The top candidates in this crowded field are clearly Blaustein, Hobday and Loigman; based on their credentials, position on the issues, proven concern and involvement (sometimes a bit too avid, as in the case of Blaustein). They certainly have my vote – for the taxpayers and the kids.

  6. Most confusing election yet. It is time for real information! so that regular people know who is who. Who is out for the regular people and who is for the special interests .dizzy

  7. It is amazing that we the people (who have not been following these candidates closely) can’t get an unbiased overview of the issues the candidates and who they are beholden too. Then we can make an informed decision. Does anyone care to explain in plain English who represents what? Cut to the chase and let us decide .

  8. All these comments are to confuse you. Just unite and vote for one person. If everyone votes for their friend then the frum vote means nothing and the seniors that always stick together will decide the vote. Just vote for who the roshei mosdos say. They know what’s best for our childrens education. Daas toira will prevail.

  9. My official vote was with the Tzibbur. I hereby cast my unofficial vote for A. Oestrecher and express Hakoras Hatov for all his work on behalf of the Klal.

    I would also like to express appreciation for all the others as well.

  10. Its a very sad state of affairs when there are more comments on the scoop than votes cast at the ballot box. I just came back from the polls in my yeshivah district there were a total of 26 votes cast

  11. Shame,shame,shame!!!! Some 12,000 voters out of our HUGE town Lakewood showed up to vote! At least my vote brought in one good guy, Tracey Tift. Congrats! Josh(Shmukler)and Lawrence(Avrin)- I tried.

  12. Wow – takeh amazing. No one anything about the winners, but they WON. Can we get a statement from Zeva Kriger, who is mamesh a tzadeikas & has helped hunreds, if not thousands, of kids in this town, if she’s happy w/ the outcome ? Thanx TLS for another fabulous job of covering a v/ important election.

  13. MazalTov! Here’s your first assignment.

    According to the Lakewood BOE’s own figures, there were 3,324 children with disabilities enrolled in our mosdos as of 10/15/09. Yet only 11.28 percent, yes, only 375 out of the 3,324 will receive any therapies for their disabilities. These numbers come from the BOE’s application to the State, available online (at ). Feel free to check it out for yourselves. Since then the unmet needs gap has only deepened. This is a direct result of the cutbacks Mrs Krieger is rightfully complaining about.

    We really hope that you will quickly address this huge unmet need, now that the principals’ endorsement has won you your positions.

  14. Can someone please pay my 25000 dollars tution
    Why is my kids education any different (if not more important) than kids getting 100s of thousands of dollars therapy that no parents even see any changes most the times. . Why should I pay for there therapy and these same people at least pay my tution. Its cheaper.

  15. I clicked on the link you provided, (thanks for the info). As I read it, you were overly generous. If you don’t count the preschoolers, ages 3 to 5, there were actually 2,807 children with disabilities enrolled in our Lakewood mosdos, but only 241 were slated to receive therapies. That’s only 8.59%, not 11.28.

    What is happening with the other 2,566 children??

    Sure looks like the new Board members have their work cut out for themselves. We will need to watch and give them continued support.

  16. they cut the budget to the bone and it still get a 75 percent “no” vote. They might as well raise the budget next year, because the voters would approve the budget if the total levy was cut to ten dollars. I don’t like my taxes either rabbosai, but sheesh, give credit where credit is due!

  17. Wow ! That Readers Scoop post is an eye opener. I didn’t realize more mosdos did NOT sign, than signed. I mean, like, a LOT more. Why didn’t the NOT signers put out their own letter. I’m confused. Who did the NOT signers endorse ? And why should any board member be good for one (mainstream) school & not for another ? We should move to Lancaster, PA. Cheap land ! Low taxes ! Vuss Kehn Zain Besser ??!!

  18. TO Readers Scoop & d!

    Please note that all High schools are not involved as they only get bussing! According to Rabbi (moderated), ‘we don’t get involved in politics’! The other schools listed are either startups that noone ever heard of or wants to hear of.
    You also listed Grozovsky & Rozansky that did sign! Get your act together.

    To d! :

    Lancaster sure is the place foryou. At the next BOE meeting, we’ll make you a good bye party!

  19. The sad fact is that over the past 3 years the number of children in our mosdos receiving PT and OT was drastically reduced by the Lakewood District from 467 to 120, a 74% cut. This was achieved under the pretext of “centralization”, by the introduction of the Nonpublic Therapy Service Center. Not a single parent or educator was consulted, and certainly none approved this wholesale termination of services to our most vulnerable children.

    According to Mrs Adina Weisz, Director of Related Services at the Lakewood District, (letter to the Superintendent, May 24, 2010) all the OT/PT is currently paid for out of the local tax levy, not the federal IDEIA grant. This explains, but certainly does not excuse, the cuts. Mrs Ziva Krieger correctly sees through this scheme. Her complaint of sharp reduction in essential therapies is right on target, while the District’s response is completely off-base.

    I think that the release of her letter on BOE election day was timed as a call for a change in course.

  20. Everybody get ready to pay more taxes its back to the good old days of %10 increases every year! The endorsed didn’t even bother to tell anyone what their goals were. What does that tell us about them?

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