BMG Yungerleit Sign Up For Areivim Program Following Petirah Of R’ Dovid Frost Z’L

IMG00058_wmPhoto of Yungerleit at the BMG Kelinman building signing up for the Areivim program, following the recent Petirah of R’ Dovid Frost Z’L. The Areivim program, was established by Askanim in response to the needs of individuals left widowed and orphaned and left without means of support due to the loss of the family breadwinner. The program acts as a conduit by which to offer support in the form of $50,000-$100,000 for every child left orphaned by the death of a parent. Members sign up to join a group. Each group is made up of several thousand members and when a member of the group passes away, Areivim collects $5 per orphaned child from each group member for the unfortunate family. Those funds are then invested with the help of a financial planner to ensure long term growth. Interest payments from the investments can then be used to help offset daily needs and costs, while the principal is available for major expenses such as marriage.

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  1. Buy life insurance now. I pay 400$ per year for 1 million of coverage. If ch”s this happens would you want all the thousands of 5$ checks come to the shiva house or have an insurance company mail you a check. It really does sound like a ponzi. What is in it for the askonim? Why can’t EVERY SINGLE responsible father call an insurance agent and do it the normal way, y this concoccted stupidity of collecting 5$per child. Please s/o explain what is in it for the askonim?!?!?!

  2. No 3 is 100 percent right life insurance is a proven system that has worked for over 150 years btw this yungerman had areivim and they still opened a keren for his family

  3. if one is young both husband and wife should get a 1 million dollar policy for 30 years. when one is young 20-22 they dont have health issues arise and will get top preffered pricing . But if one waits until they are 25-28 or does not get a 30 year term which is locked in price for 30 years they may find a helath problem and not be able to afforrd any insurance.

    the Areivm plans claim one will not need to go collect. But they are wrong as any size family needs a mimimum 100K. dont fool yourself with 250K or areivm if they wil collect.

  4. does there really have to be “something in it” every time someone does something good??? do u really believe that no one does anything without a personal gain?
    Not everyone can afford ins thats why this is a help. its not meant to cover evrything but together with social security and other programs (depending on each case) it works out. I happen to be involved with a case of a sudden death and it is very difficult to puttogether the amount of $$$ needed to make sure the family does not fall apart. In the case that I am involved the nifter actually did have a ins policy but its nowhere near enough for what is needed.
    Do u contribute to the many case nebach that are happening or r u just complaining that someone ELS is doing something about it?????

  5. Disgusting. What, do these guys show up everywhere a young person is niftar because they know they’ll be more well received (using the niftar as a poster child for their cause)?? They should be thrown bodily from the building and chased out of town. Show a little respect for the niftar!

  6. there iss a reason some key gedolim did not sign onto Areivim and the answer is it does not add up. aske the insurace acctuaries and this will fall apart leaving many with no coverage whatsoever.

  7. Before you sign up with them, ask them exactly at what point will they start to pay the full benefit to American families. There is a reason whay there is a fund for R’ Dovid even though he was a member of Arevim.

  8. Ask them what they do with the $$ that is set aside for the chassunas. They “invest” it. Who insures that investment?

    It’s a ponzi scheme. They use the $$ in the interim and cover the deficit from the collection for the next niftar.

  9. i am a male, married, with bli ayin hora 8+ children and was told when i had only 3 to get insurance, which i did. but what made an impression on me was what the broker said. i told him that in kollel (which i was in for 7 yrs) its difficult to pay the 60-70 bucks a month for $1 million. he said ” those that cant afford the monthly payments, are the ones who need it (insurance) the most” !!!!!!! hamayvin yavin.

  10. As for those screaming Ponzi, it cost nothing to sign up, and you only pay if someone from the group passes away. The money then is transferred to the family. The program does not hold any funds at all, so it can’t be a Ponzi.
    Saying it can’t work and life insurance is the answer is wrong too! Life insurance companies rely on future premiums to cover deaths. If in the future they can’t collect premiums, then all you paid in is lost. If you miss a payment then all you put in is lost. In the case of Areivim “premiums” are paid only in case of death. The risk are limited as it covers only unmarried kids and doesn’t extend for a person’s full life span.
    I wish people would know what they’re talking about before spewing such idiotic statements.

  11. Insurance companies are highly regulated and must maintain enormous capital reserves. They are also backstopped by the state and policyholders will be covered even if the company is insolvent.

  12. Why are there two Araivims and which one are the Lakewood oilam a part of? Why don’t they just join together if no one gets any profit. Am I missing something?

  13. #14: The money is NOT immediately transferred to the family. Read the fine print – it’s held by the organization and disbursed in drips and drabs as expenses come it. The bulk of it is held for chassunahs. The organization is free to do wit h the mney what they wish in the interim, relying upon the next death & collection to cover. That’s definitionally a ponzi scheme.

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