Biden Shipping 5M Barrels From US Oil Reserves Overseas as The US Runs Out of Engine Oil and Diesel Fuel

By Ron Benvenisti. Truckers are advising what’s left of engine oil and diesel fuel will be gone within a month and then will be unavailable for 1 to 2 years.

“We are running out of engine oil and diesel exhaust fluid additives, the supply chain can come to a halt within a month.”

Meanwhile, President Biden is delivering desperately needed American oil to foreign nations, including… China.

Supply chain problems with U.S. railways, the distribution of diesel, gasoline, and especially a diesel additive, mandated by regulations, that limits emissions from highway trucks, could decline and cause prices for fuel to rise more than they have, and lead to shortages and higher prices for many consumer products delivered by 18-wheelers nationwide. According to market research, there are only five manufacturers of the DEF additive worldwide: BASF SE, CF Industries Holdings, Cummins Filtration, Nissan Chemical Industries, and The McPherson Companies.

With all the current consumer product shortages already impacted by the supply chain problems, this has the potential to bring consumer goods, such as food and other necessities to close to or even non-existent.

Despite all this, Biden has already ended oil and gas leases, closed pipelines and barred the expansion of refining. The SPR is releasing about a million gallons into the American economy every day while shipping five million barrels overseas.

The U.S. government, specifically the U.S. Department of Energy owns the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR), whose sole purpose is to store approximately 700 million barrels of oil in case of an emergency or disruption.

Despite this urgent need, the US Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) is releasing about a million barrels per day after reaching its lowest level since 1986 in May. The SPR is now being depleted with the price of gasoline and diesel in one-fifth of the nation now over $5 per gallon. In a bear market, the price of U.S. crude futures has been climbing above $100 per barrel. Oil prices might have increased anyway if the SPR wasn’t being used, according to government officials.

The fourth-largest American oil refiner, Phillips 66, shipped about 470,000 barrels of sour crude from Texas’ Big Hill SPR storage facility to Trieste, Italy, according to U.S. Customs data. Trieste is home to a pipeline that carries oil to refineries in central Europe.

The information revealed that Atlantic Trading & Marketing (ATMI), a subsidiary of the French oil giant TotalEnergies, exported two cargos totaling 560,000 barrels each.

Cargoes of SPR crude were also being shipped to the Netherlands as well as an Indian Reliance company refinery. There are claims that a third shipment was going to China.
The most recent exports come after three ships helped replace Russian crude supplies by transporting SPR crude to Europe in April when Russia shut down supply lines due to the war in the Ukraine.

With the government’s regulation of natural resources, and refineries still operating at close to capacity, U.S. crude inventories are at their lowest level since 2004 when U.S. Gulf coast refineries were operating at a 97.9 percent capacity.

According to available data and sources, more than 5 million barrels of oil from U.S. emergency reserves which lowered domestic fuel prices are now being exported to Europe and Asia, despite record-high prices for gasoline and diesel in the country. Joe Biden’s efforts to lower the record high pump prices is being hampered by the export of crude and fuel. On Saturday, Biden reiterated his call for fuel suppliers to lower their prices, ostensibly because of profits being made by the oil producers.

Because of supply chain problems with U.S. railways, the distribution of diesel, gasoline, and especially a diesel additive that limits emissions from highway trucks, could decline and cause prices for fuel to rise more than they have, and lead to shortages and higher prices for many consumer products delivered by 18-wheelers nationwide, said Pilot Flying J, a large operator of truck stops in th US, CEO Shameek Konar in testimony before the Surface Transportation Board. “The current situation is untenable,” said Konar in his Apr. 27 testimony, which was largely ignored by the liberal media. Under the worst-case scenario, he added, it “would be an absolute catastrophe,” and “equal to removing 10% of the trucks from the road today.”

Diesel engines manufactured after January 1, 2010, are required to meet lowered NOx standards for the US market. Vehicles affected are Passenger Cars, Light Commercial Vehicles (LCVs), Heavy Commercial Vehicles (HCVs), including Trucks of all sizes, Construction Equipment, Buses, Law Enforcement and First Responder Vehicles such as Ambulances.

Vehicles Affected:

  • Passenger Cars
  • Light Commercial Vehicles (LCVs)
  • Heavy Commercial Vehicles (HCVs), including Trucks of all sizes
  • Construction Equipment
  • Buses
  • Law Enforcement and First Responder Vehicles such as Ambulances.

The increasing fleet of heavy-duty vehicles are driving the demand and the supply is diminishing at lightning speed.

North America holds the largest market share. The standardization of diesel exhaust fluid tanks in buses manufactured in countries such as the US, increasing demand for commercial vehicles, both, LCVs and HCVs, and ongoing projects will expand the market in the North American region, if, according to the truckers, there is one left. Which seems unlikely at this time.

While refusing to even look at US fuel production which brought prices down to record levels during the prior administration, Mr. Biden and his “allies” have even banned Russian oil to ostensibly irk Vladimir Putin soon after he launched the invasion of Ukraine. Despite the US sanctions, Russia’s revenues from oil sales have been on the rise causing soaring fuel prices around the world.


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  1. That’s an interesting and unique policy: Restrict the production of oil here in the US, and export whatever oil we DO have to Europe. A simple concept, and yet so detrimentally effective.

  2. This is pure unadulterated propaganda. It says “President Biden is delivering…American oil to….China”, THEN sneaks in that these are just CLAIMS. Claims from whom? There is no citation for any of these ramblings. Surprise surprise.

      • There has been no ban on refinement expansion. Oil drilling leases have not been ended. There are millions of acres currently leased and NOT being tapped. During 2019 through the end of 2020 there were no new wells installed. Instead of investing in new equipment for future wells(for after the global downturn from the pandemic) the oil companies used the money they SHOULD have used on capital investments to buy back there own stock shares (because they were trading so near 0 they felt they should snatch them up and make a killing when the stock values rebounded.) This left Oil companies unable to prepare wells until AFTER the economy warmed. It takes a minimum of 8 months to tap a new well.
        The US lost 5 refineries in the last 3 years and hasn’t replaced them. So the US is at MAX refinement capacity. 5million barrel s were sent to refineries in other countries to utilize there capacity to provide the globe with diesel and gasoline (including the US) So pull your knickers out of your bums and get the full story next time. The executives of the energy companies are more to blame than anyone.

  3. Tabloid level fake news. US oil companies are free to do whatever they want to greedily fatten their bottom line including selling THEIR oil to the highest bidder. Foreign owned Shell and BP can care less about the US.
    To blame Biden for their policies is just divisive lies to divide our country. The only way Biden can stop Big Oil from diverting our oil overseas is to nationalize US oil production and set the price based on costs just like in a Socialist governments like Saudi Arabia and Venezuela who give their citizens free healthcare and universities. If you don’t like the results of capitalism, move.
    Isn’t free capitalism great

    • There are no references to Shell or BP in this article, unless you can prove that I am I wrong. (I read it twice).

      I guess non-US companies can do whatever they want. BTW, USR was shipped to the Netherlands so what’s up with Dutch Royal Shell?

      BTW, I served my country in Saudi Arabia, Columbia and Venezuela. I’m not moving.

  4. Except it’s oil that we the tax payers already bought from oil companies.
    Giving away or selling oil from our oil reserves is treason in my book.
    I wonder how much destruction to our country will be allowed before those that can stop it say enough is enough?

    • Its gona keep going till us citizens stand up and do something about it. Sitting and complaining has never solved anything actions solves problems

    • Also learn what moves your everyday of living ! You can’t be that stupid of not knowing what keeps you alive, this president is global rich from selling out Americans daily livelihood from oil, & gas production

  5. You do not have a clue to how supply and demand works. The president does not control price of fuel. Greedy wall street crooks and corporate America control prices. As for supply corporate America again control production not the president. There no shortage of crude oil in world. Just the greed of corporations that’s the problem. If Biden threatened to remove crude oil off the commodity of stock market I guarantee every Republican and corporate monster would lose there minds.

  6. Thanks a lot obama! I dont care much for Biden or any politician and find trump highly entertaining but…this article is garbage. News flash! Other countries buy oil just like we do! The federal government doesn’t set or control the price of any commodity its freely traded bought and sold on wall street the same as gold silver wheat and corn. Duh.

  7. Ok John, if you know so much about demand and supply, and the President dosen’t control the price of fuel, why under Trump we pay less than $ 2/g, and under Biden, we have more than $ 5.5/g, because we have the same fuel corporations in this country?

  8. It’s not just Biden selling off SPR oil – somehow his son Hunter has managed to direct where and to who it’s been sold to. The results are Biden gets rich selling off national assets. What’s next….selling Ohio class SSBN’s to North Korea?

  9. This is what I was told everything is going the way it’s going because Biden wants everybody in electric cars I’m just saying what I was told me personally I don’t know I believe the world’s coming to an end and this is the beginning of it. Peace cuz God’s got my back

  10. Biden’s Energy Department in April announced the sale of 950,000 Strategic Petroleum Reserve barrels to Unipec, the trading arm of the China Petrochemical Corporation. That company, which is commonly known as Sinopec, is wholly owned by the Chinese government. The Biden administration claimed the move would “address the pain Americans are feeling at the pump” and “help lower energy costs.” More than five million barrels of oil released from the U.S. emergency reserves, however, were sent overseas last month, according to a Wednesday Reuters report. At least one shipment of American crude went to China, the report said.

    Washington Free Beacon, 07/02/22 4:22 PM

  11. Oil is released from the SPR, and companies who are authorized to buy then sell it to whoever they want Phillips 66 sold a ton of it overseas. The govt doesn’t control who they can sell it to. This needs fixed by the legislative branch, so call your senators and congressmen.

  12. Wow, an article of lies, and some commenters here actually believe it. The only shred of truth in this article is when they precaded Biden with the word “President.” One commenter asked how fuel was less than $2/gal under Trump but over $5/gal under Biden. Fuel only dropped that low under Trump when the pandemic stopped the world. It wasn’t that low before the pandemic and it didn’t take long to go past it once the economy started opening up again. That’s called supply and demand. Also, the president does not control the price of fuel nor tell oil companies who to sell to. There are more leases available now than there were under Trump. No pipelines have been shutdown, and before someone says “Keystone XL,” that pipeline wasn’t completed and would not have benefitted US fuel prices one cent. This is pure trash.

  13. If the moron wouldn’t exec order pipelines closed and ship our existing oil overseas we wouldn’t have this problem. As well as if the EPA would step back and figure out why they’re mandating all this crap instead of milage mandates, we also wouldn’t have this problem. All these diesel “filters” are so restrictive that if you took them off, you would have a guaranteed 10mpg gain. AGAIN, if the EPA would back off and look at what we really need, we would have 70mpg trucks already. And for all you who believe the president doesn’t change fuel prices, under Trump I paid 68 dollars for 32 gallons of ethanol free premium. Now under biden I’m paying over 78 dollars for 16 gallons of the cheapest fuel on the road. HE CLOSED 2 PIPELINES AND SHUT DOWN FUTURE LEASES, SELLING OUR OIL TO FOREIGN NATIONS, MOST OF WHICH TO A COUNTRY THAT HATES OUR GUTS, AND DEMANDS THAT MOM AND POP GAS STATIONS TAKE THE HIT. Because you know damn well that the big Corp ones aren’t doing crap. We all need to demand that our pipelines are reopened and leases are being granted, AND OUR OIL ISNT BEING SOLD TO FOREIGN NATIONS UNLESS WE HAVE A SURPLUS.

  14. What an absolutely garbage take. Grow up, and at least understand the subject matter you’re writing about before spewing pathetic bad opinion pieces like this drivel. You’re a lousy journalist.

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