Bentch-Phobia Is About To Be a Thing of The Past! Bring on the Blessing with BLAM! [VIDEO]

The brachos we receive when we bentch with kavanah are tremendous. We’re guaranteed arichas yomim (R’ Shach zt”l), healthy children (Steipler Gaon zt”l), and parnassah (Sefer HaChinuch).

“My father, Mr. Moshe Bistricer, passed away at the age of 101. I’ve never seen him say birchas hamazon without a bentcher. He had hatzlacha in his life and great arichas yomim, and we’re sure that his commitment to bentch with kavanah gave him those great z’chusim,” explains Duvid from Boro Park.

There are countless sources that highlight the power of Birchas Hamazon and how it can bring tremendous brachos and yeshuos! Yet we are being marketed by the Yetzer Horah to keep us away from unlocking this treasure!

So why are so many people hesitant to wash??

To some, “carbs are just too fattening!” It’s 2023! You can find plenty of low-cal hamotzi options out there.

Others “don’t have time to bentch.” Did you know that bentching with kavanah takes approx. 3-8 mins??

Bentch Like A Mentch (BLAM!), a creative, fun new movement and lifestyle brand, is bringing the mitzvah of birchas hamazon back to where it belongs: in the forefront of our minds! BLAM!’s mission is to educate the world about the power of birchas hamazon and encourage others to bring down their blessing by bentching with kavanah (aka BLAM!’ming).

Started by a passionate bentcher (aka BLAM!’mer) who experienced the power of bentching firsthand, BLAM! Is your go-to source for all things bentching! Want to see brachos in your life? Join the 40 Day BLAM! Challenge! The goal of the challenge is to bentch with kavanah for 40 consecutive days… and watch the blessing rain down. And boy is it raining down!

“My wife and I were trying to sell our house. We took it upon ourselves to bentch with kavanah for 40 days as a z’chus that we should find a buyer,” Hillel, a BLAM!’mer in Ramat Beit Shemesh says. “On the 40th day of bentching, we closed escrow on our house.”

There are brachos and yeshuos happening every day from infertility, parnassah, shidduchim, refuah and more! Stories keep on coming in!

The BLAM! 40 Day Challenge is for men, women, and children of all ages. When you join the 40 day challenge, you’ll receive a 25% off discount to exclusive BLAM! Merch and access to the famous BLAM! Bentcher that will change your bentching guaranteed!  When you complete  the challenge, you’ll be entered to win awesome swag! Don’t sweat it,  The BLAM! Team & your BLAM! Fam! will help you stay motivated and excited to bentch with kavanah.

You have nothing to lose, but everything to gain.

“Thank you for (re)introducing me to the concept of bentching! It works!” -H.K.

Learn more about BLAM! and sign up for the 40 Day Challenge today!


BLAM! Sources

  • The obligation (hence phobia) to Birchas Hamazon is written in Sefer Devarim, Parshas Eikev (Chapter 8;Pasuk 10) ואכלת ושבעת וברכת את ה׳ אלהיך
  • Rabbeinu Bachei (Devarim 8:10)- ואכלת ושבעת וברכת את ה׳ אלהיך– “One must focus on this, because  this Pasuk is the  secret source of blessings”.
  • Rashi in Devarim 11:15 on ואכלת ושבעת says that “blessing” is in the “bread”
  • The Gemora in Brachos (20b) brings down a lesson from Rav Avira, Rav Ami & Rav Asi, that the Malachim (angels) complained to Hashem. “Hashem, in your own Torah it says אשר לא ישא פנים ולא יקח שחד, that you do not give favor to any undeserving party, and do not accept bribes. But you do many favors for Bnei Yisroel, even when they don’t deserve it! Because it says ישא ה פניו אליך!”

Hashem responded to the Malachim- “How can I not favor Klal Yisroel?! When in my own Torah, I instructed Bnei Yisroel- ואכלת ושבעת וברכת את ה׳ אלהיך, that only when after you eat and are fully satisfied do you need to bentch and thank me. Yet, they love me so much that they thank and bentch me even when they only eat a small כזית!”

Can we possibly imagine how much Hashem would appreciate his children if they washed just for the sole purpose of being able to bentch and thank him!

  • The Ma’or Vashemesh (Parshas Mishpatim) explained that if people would sanctify themselves through saying Birchas Hamazon properly, the food they eat will heal them of their illnesses and they will need no other treatments.
  • Zohar (Parshas Terumah, page 169a)- Anyone who recites Birachas Hamazon is blessed through it.
  • Zohar (Parshas Vayak’hel 218a) – Hashem loves the mitzvah of Birchas Hamazon, therefore, whoever recites it after he eats brings Hashem tremendous Simcha, and he will receive Hashem’s blessings to the degree that he blesses Him with joy and enthusiasm.
  • The CHIDA writes (Nitzotzei Orot-a commentary on the Zohar) that saying Birachas Hamazon out loud and with joy will likely cause one to become wealthy, as it says in Mishlei 10:22 “Hashem’s blessing makes one wealthy and will experience sadness no more”.
  • Sefer Harokeach (#337)- Birchas Hamazon contains all the letters of the Alef Beis except for the letter ף. This symbolizes the promise that if people fulfill the mitzvah of Birchas Hamazon with proper concentration, they will be spared any bad effect from the angels of אף,שצף,קצף all of whom contain the letter ף.
  • Shach al Hatorah (Talmid of the Arizal) says that whoever is cautious to say Birchas Hamazon with Kavanah will not be eaten by worms and insects in his grave.
  • Gemora in Brachot (35b) says that if someone eats without Bentching, it is as if he has stolen from Hashem and from the entire nation of Yisroel. The Sefer Tola’at Yaakov explains that by reciting the appropriate blessings, we cause Heaven to shower its blessing on the world, bringing prosperity and plenty to its inhabitants, and by failing to say the blessings we deny the world this positive influence. Therefore, someone who eats without reciting the blessings is considered a thief.
  • Sefer Hachinuch #430 (Introduction)- Birchas Hamazon encompasses amazing secrets and powers, and one who bentches (BLAM!’s) and thanks Hashem for everything that he provides for him/her, one  can then ask Hashem for anything that we need, knowledge, forgiveness, Refuah, wealth and anything that we ask for.
  • Sefer Hachinuch #430- I have a tradition from my teachers that anyone who is careful to fulfill the mitzvah of Birchas Hamazon is assured that he will find his livelihood in an honorable fashion his entire life.
  • Rav Chaim Vital (Sha’arei Kedusha Vol 1, unit 6)- In reward for fulfilling the Mitzvah of Birchas Hamazon, Hashem will open the trove of bounty for you, and you will always be sustained through His generous hand.
  • The Gemora in Brachos 48b- Moshe institutedfor them”, for Yisroel, the bracha of הזן את הכל (the very first Bracha in Birchas Hamazon). The Ben Yehoyada noted that the words “for them” seem to be superfluous. He explained that by reciting Birchas Hamazon we channel bounty and blessing to the entire world from the highest realms of heaven. Moshe Rabbeinu instituted the text of the blessing in such a perfect way that it brings bounty and blessing to the Malachim (angels) as well as to the physical world. Thus, the words “for them” refer to the angels while the words “for Yisroel” refer to the people of the world.
  • R’ Alshich (Commentary on Rus 3:7)- Boaz always said Birchas Hamazon and because of that Zchus (merit), Hashem sustained the entire Bnei Yisroel during the years of the famine.
  • Maharsha (Nazir 66b)- Our sages taught that it is as difficult to obtain one’s livelihood as it is to perform the miracle of the splitting of the Red Sea, and  for this reason Hashem commanded us to Bentch Him after eating, as the Pasuk states ואכלת ושבעת וברכת את ה׳ אלהיך, once we fulfill this mitzvah, Hashem bestows his blessings on us, giving us plenty of food to sustain us further. There are many spiritual forces that wish to prevent us from receiving such bounty. The Brachos we say are our missile defense system against those who would prosecute us in Shamayim (Heaven).
  • Kol Hachaim Palachi (page 117)- If someone always says Birchas Hamazon out loud he will be granted a long life.
  • The Magid of Mezritz said that we should be more cautious about saying Birchas Hamazon with Kavanah than Shemoneh Esrei, because Shemoneh Esrei is a Mitzvah MiD’Rabanan (Rabbinical Commandment), while Birchas Hamazon is a Mitzvah from the Torah!
  • Rebbe Shlomke of Zvhil taught that saying Birchas Hamazon from a Siddur or Bentcher with Kavanah is mesugal for having children and grandchildren who fear Hashem and are Talmidei Chachamim.
  • Rav Yosef Chaim Sonnefeld ztl told people who came to him for advice and for a Bracha for Parnassa to concentrate on the meaning of Birchas Hamazon.
  • A woman came to the Brisker Rav after having several children that died in infancy for a Bracha. The Rav told her to make a Kabbalah to always say Birchas Hamazon from a siddur. She followed his advice and was blessed with many children.
  • A woman came to Rav Shach after being married for several years without having any children. He told her to make a Kabbalah to always say Birchas Hamazon from a siddur. Within a year she gave birth to a healthy child.
  • Rav Schach said that when one recites Birchas Hamazon with proper concentration he is bound to be granted success in every area of his life, especially in obtaining his livelihood and long life.
  • A wealthy man came to Rav Shach ztl and gave a large donation. Rav Shach told the wealthy man that he will give him a formula that will guarantee his continued success. The wealthy man waited anxiously to hear the magic secret, to his surprise Rav Shach told him to always use a siddur to say Birchas Hamazon, unfortunately the man didn’t listen and he lost all his money within the year.
  • The Steipler wrote that children who are raised in a home where the mother says Birchas Hamazon out loud, will have Heavenly protection from illnesses and accidents.

More tried and tested, real life stories continue to be written every single day! The F.O.B phobia is nothing more than a genius tactic by the Yetzer Hora to distract us!, to fool us and to try to keep us far away from this tried and tested Treasure!! Sometimes the best hiding places are the ones that are right in front of our faces! The recipe is printed in black and white, right in front of us. It’s time we outsmart the Yetzer Hora by joining the BLAM! Fam, and unearth your colorful treasures and BRING DOWN THE BLESSING into your life, and to the entire world so we can finally bring Moshiach once and for all!!

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  1. Do we really need to get silly and fun in order to do mitzvos?? I would suggest that even if you actually encourage people to keep one mitzvah properly in the long run you get people used to only doing fun mitzvos in a fun way.

  2. I can relate to this. my son who is high functioning ASD is anti washing/benching and anti all fleishig. he would rather not eat at all then eat something hamotzi or anything that involves chicken or meat bc he doesnt want to wait 6 hrs for dairy. The fear is very real for some ppl but other ppl just dont get it.

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