Belz Rebbe Conducts Hanochas Even Hapinah in Eretz Yisroel, for Lakewood Shul

PHOTO: The Belzer Rebbe in Eretz Yisroel yesterday performed a Hanochas Even Hapinah in Eretz Yisroel, for a new Lakewood Shul.

Several Belzer Chassidim from Lakewood went to Eretz Yisroel to watch as the Rebbe poured cement into a small container, which is to be placed in the foundation of the soon-to-be-built Belzer Shteeble in Lakewood.

The Shul is being built in the Chestnut area.

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  1. This is not just a belzer shul, but a huge developement being built for belzer families. Hundreds of belzer families will be moving to Lakewood iyh over the next few years.

  2. WHen I got married and left Boro Park 36 years ago, I thought I was moving to a city where I would finally feel comfortable being litvish. Nothing against Chasidim, but I always felt different among my mostly Chasidish friends. It felt so good fitting in, in Lakewood. My how things have changed!

  3. Who cares anymore I would rather have Chassidim then all the modern people who pollute the ir hatorah with their wives pritzus and then they cry when we don’t want their kids in our schools at least the chassidim dress properly and make their own schools

  4. To #9, Thanks for the suggestion. However another reason why I was happy to leave Boro Park was the congestion. I live in a house with space all around and hope NEVER to have to live in ANY development.

  5. To #15 &


    He is not reffering to people like those who start off not knowing enough about Tznius. He is reffering to people who KNOW & have grown up in Bais Yakovs & then drop all what they learned. Those people are Machshil Everyone!

  6. Most of the prizuss you see in lakewood today is from our own chinuch, kids are burning out right and left because of the level of learning has been geared to the elitest. Go back 10 years in 7th and 8th grade hardly anyone did all tosfasim and no way did the rebbe say mefoshim. Poshut peshat. We need to teach our children the “tamai iminhagim” and make learning geshmak. Same for the girls schools . They are our children and we nEed to be mekariv them kiruv krovim

  7. To #15 don’t blame me for the fact that you don’t want to be a frum jew!! Ahavas yisroel is an answer to everything I’m living in Lakewood for over 30 years the Flatbush and Flatbush type people are ruining this beautiful mokom torah I don’t have to have ahavas yisroel for people that come here but don’t have ahavas yisroel for the people living here for years before them by ruining the kind of place we want to live in and raise our children in!

  8. “Who cares anymore I would rather have Chassidim then all the modern people who pollute the ir hatorah with their wives pritzus and then they cry when we don’t want their kids in our schools at least the chassidim dress properly and make their own schools”

    Seriously???? I can’t wait till your child decides to be a bit different. Haha, you will push him away so so so quickly. And it will be us “modern people” who are their to try and help him. And by the way careful with what you say as it is us “modern people” who support you, and your kollel checks which you clearly do not deserve.

  9. T’was the night of the geulah,
    and in every single shteibel,
    sounds of Torah could be heard,
    coming from every kind of Yeidel.

    This one in English,
    some in Hebrew, some in Yiddish,
    some saying pshat,
    and some saying chiddush.

    And up in shomayim,
    the Aibishter decreed,
    “The time has come
    for My children to be freed.

    Rouse the Mashiach
    from his heavenly berth,
    have him get in his chariot
    and head down to Earth.”

    The Moshiach got dressed,
    and with a heart full of glee,
    went down to the Earth, and entered
    the first shteibel he did see.

    “I’m the Moshiach,
    Hashem has heard your plea,
    your geulah has come,
    it is time to go free!”

    They all stopped their learning,
    this was quite a surprise,
    And they looked at him carefully
    with piercing sharp eyes.

    “He’s not the Mashiach!”
    said one with a grin,
    “Just look at his hat,
    at the pinches and brim!”

    “That’s right!”, cried another
    with a grimace and a frown,
    “Whoever heard of Mashiach
    with a brim that is down?!”

    “Well”, thought Mashiach,
    “If that is the rule,
    I’ll turn my brim up
    before I go to the next shule!”

    So he walked on right over
    to the next shule in town,
    confident to be accepted
    since his brim was no longer down.

    “I’m the Mashiach!”, he cried
    as he began to enter.
    But the Jews there wanted to know first,
    if he was left, right, or center.

    “Your clothes are so black!”
    they cried out in a fright.
    “You can’t be Mashiach —
    you’re much too far right!

    If you want to be Mashiach,
    you must be properly outfitted.”
    So they replaced his black hat
    with a kipa that was knitted.

    Wearing his new kipa,
    Mashiach went out and he said,
    “No difference to me
    what I wear on my head.”

    So he went to the next shule,
    for his mission was dear,
    But he was getting a bit frustrated
    with the Yidden down here.

    “I’m the Mashiach!” he cried,
    and they all stopped to stare.
    And a complete eerie stillness
    filled up the air.

    “You’re the Mashiach?!
    Just imagine that.
    Whoever heard of Mashiach
    without a black hat?!”

    “But I do have a hat!”
    the Mashiach then said.
    So he pulled it right out
    and plunked it down on his head.

    Then the Shule started laughing,
    and one said, “Where’s your kop?
    You can’t have Mashiach
    with a brim that is up!

    If you want to be Mashiach,
    and be accepted in this town,
    put some pinches in your hat,
    and turn that brim down!”

    Mashiach walked out and said,
    “I guess my time hasn’t really come,
    I’ll just have to return
    to where I came from.

    So he went to his chariot,
    but as he began to enter,
    all sorts of Jews appeared,
    from left, right, and center.

    “Please wait, do not leave,
    it’s all THEIR fault!” they said
    And they pointed to each other,
    and to what was on each other’s head.

    Mashiach just looked sad,
    and said, “You don’t understand.”
    And then started up his chariot
    to get out of this land.

    “Yes, it’s very wonderful,
    that all of you learn Torah,
    But you seem to have forgotten,
    a crucial part of our mesorah.”

    “What does he mean?
    What’s he talking about?”
    And they all looked bewildered,
    and all began to shout.

    Mashiach looked back and answered,
    “The first place to start,
    is to shut up your mouths,
    and open up your heart.

    To each of you, certain Yidden
    seem too frum or too frei
    but ALL Yidden are beloved,
    in the Aibeshter’s eye.”

    And on his way up he shouted,
    “If you want me to come,
    try working a little harder
    on some ahavas chinam.”

  10. I know a belzer guy who applied & was told that its not for him, they said it was being built for the real frum belzers. Now. Mind u he has a long beard & isn’t a tuna bagel.
    Hard to coexist when u can bearly exist!!!

  11. contact mr. gruen from champion associates realty
    he helped us close on our house in 1 week
    i never saw a realtor work so hard in all my years like he did

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