BARUCH DAYAN HA’EMES: Body of missing father found [UPDATED]

The body of R’ Dovid Traube was found a short time ago by a search team in Greenwood Lake, where he had gone missing yesterday.

R’ Dovid had heroically jumped into the waters after his son fell in.

While he was able to save his child, R’ Dovid tragically did not emerge. Hundreds of volunteers and multiple state agencies took part in the search for the body, with their efforts being curtailed by bad weather.

R’ Dovid, a widely respected ben Torah, leaves behind his wife and seven children.

The Levaya will take place at 5 PM at Bais Medrash Elyon, 76 Main Street, Monsey, NY. Kevurah in Eretz Yisroel.

Yehi Zichro Baruch.

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  1. Wow. BD”E. This is a terrible tragedy. And eerily similar to the Virginia tragedy. Im sure there’s a message here but I dont know what it is. But I guess we can all improve a little on the things that need improvement. To each his own. May HKBH give strength to the family to carry on.

    • The message is that lakes and oceans are not swimming pools. THere are currents and mud/seaweed that can suck you in. If there’s no lifeguard, Don’t go in without a life jacket.

  2. Would everyone really listen if a gadol told us what to do?
    We don’t have neviim so it gets tricky
    What happens if it hits a nerve like “cut your sheitel”? Or “no social media”?
    Or “cover your knees, elbows etc”?
    Easier said then done!
    What about if we’re all m’kabel to give each other brachos? We are ALL Hashem’s children & He loves us EQUALLY! Why are we so quick to judge?
    Maybe if we bless each other instead of bad mouthing each other we’ll finally improve our sinas chinam?

  3. Unfortunately, for us, after the fact, the message we can infer is ונשמרתם מאד לנפשותיכם. H-shem determines the length of man’s life, but it is incumbent on people to do their utmost for the safety and welfare of themselves and their families.

  4. We all know intellectually what is right & what is wrong & it sometimes just takes a wake up call to steer us in the right direction.
    A little over a month ago Klal Yisroel lost a giant who along with many other exalted qualities excelled beyond words in his Ahavas Yisroel to ALL members of Klal Yisroel namely Harav Dovid Trenk Z”L.
    We have already heard of how R’ Reuven Bauman z”l excelled in this very same middah & it will not surprise me to learn in the coming days that the niftar R Dovid hakohen z”l excelled in that very same middah as well.
    Perhaps, just perhaps the Ribono Shel Oilam is showing us that we have the ability to unite & drop everything when we know that it is what is called a “search & rescue” mission. We must now ask ourselves why do we have to wait until after the fact to extend all of our time, energy & resources to a search & rescue mission when we all know somebody perhaps a sibling, a friend or neighbor sitting right next to us in shul who may be drowning in his or her sorrow & just needs a kind word & a little recognition & can certainly do without any harmful words or gestures.
    Let us all commit to greeting each other with a kind word, treating each other with respect & certainly to refrain from any negative speech or the like & in that merit be zoche to be makabel pnei Moshiach Tzidkeinu speedily in our days!

  5. The fact that during the month of Av there is so much less תורה being learned given that all ישיבות and kollelim and חדרים are on the most part closed for the month, there’s no question we see clearly that לימוד התורה is our biggest מגין. I’m in no way c”v making the case or reasons for these heartbreaking tragedies that are tearing our collective hearts apart but we have to see how these months of Av and Tamuz year after year are R”l months of unspeakable tragedies. So perhaps just perhaps we should all try to learn more than we could these few weeks of summer vacation that are are left.. בשורות טובות

  6. Hashem is waiting for us to seriously wake up and do teshuva as a loving nation together.

    Nothing just happens by coincidence. Every tragedy and event has a direct wake up message from Hashem.

    May we all come together ASAP and do serious teshuva to prevent these tragedies from happening again C”V

  7. Everyone needs to STOP judging and figuring out the Ribono Shel Olam’s cheshbon. Likewise, people should use basic common sense and basic safety when going on a trip. EVERY SINGLE PERSON should be wearing a life jacket no matter how old.

  8. Moshe: how can you be so rude and discuss a tragedy like this in such a detached way with such coldness? Do you realize what just happened?

  9. @moshezichman instead of admonishing @moshe for his comment you could’ve used this opportunity to
    a) tell him nicely what he did wrong or
    b) thanked Hashem that He gave you the sechel to understand how grave this situation is or c) daven that @moshe should have more sensitivity towards unfortunate situations.
    There are more ways to improve our ahavas yisroel.

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