Bais Yaakov Elementary To Remain Closed, Parents Asked To Find New School, Teachers Asked To Seek New Employment

Bais Yaakov Elementary closed(AUDIO message from school obtained by TLS, and Letter from parent, below) Dear TLS, I’m not sure if people have heard or not, but Bais Yaakov Elementary School has closed down and will not reopen. At first we thought that the school will remain open at least until the end of this school year, but today a message was sent to the parents and staff that the school will not reopen. Does anybody have a solution to so many girls’ problem? No school is willing to accept the girls. Each school has another excuse. What are these girls and their parents to do?

Bais Yaakov was an amazing school with an excellent faculty and a friendly parent body. The school had a great education and focused on middos, too. It’s a loss for Lakewood that the school has closed down. It’s a shame that more parents did not know what a wonderful school it was and send their daughters there. I am not attempting to eulogize the school now. I am just stating the facts.

My point of this letter is to make people aware of the fact that Bais Yaakov Elementary School is no more and there are over 50 girls (I am unsure of the exact number) without a school.

Thanks for letting my voice be heard,

A Sad Parent

The following is the audio message from the school: In accordance to a court order, Bais Yaakov Elementary school will be closing. All parents are advised to please place their children in another school, and the teachers are advised to seek other employment. We would like to thank the teachers for their tremendous Mesiras Nefesh to the school and to the children as well. And the same applies to all the parents who stood by the school in all its trying times. Thank you very much.

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  1. It is sad that it had to come to this. A wonderful school were the children were always happy to come to school.

    I only hope that he other schools in town do not close there ears to this and openn there doors some how for them. (by the way i was told there is (sorry was) almost 70 children in the school.)

    Lets all daven for these children, and look in the mirrow at our selves to see what we can do that this never happens again.

  2. Everyone keeps saying that these kids were so happy to go to school as if implying that in other schools the kids are not happy. How false.

  3. the school was in bankruptcy court due to some unnamed individuals that wanted to do more harm than good for the students involved.

  4. Yes Davening is always important, yet there is a need for quick action to help those that are left without a school for their children. Knowing how difficult it is to get into a school in the first place I am sure it will not be quick or easy. As a parent with children in other schools, I would have no problem if the schools my daughters are in would accept 1-2 girls per grade to help the situation. If every school in town would do that then the problem would be resolved.

  5. As a parent of a (former) primary student of BY; there are a few things that I would like to say in this forum. Firstly, my daughter loved the school, loved the teachers, and was excited and enthusiastic about going every morning. The teachers and the principal are extraordinary people who were truly dedicated to the education of these precious girls. This in no way implies that that is not the case in every other school in town. It’s just a fact. I wish that the community would really, truly internalize that these girls are not a number, a story, to sigh and shake our head at while we’re in line at the supermarket. They are real people, real students, real children, real Neshamas. I know that it’s inconvenient for schools to stretch their classrooms and find a way to absorb extra students at this point in the school year, but to the parents of these students, we can’t sleep at night as we wonder what we’ll do with our daughters the next day, the next week, and next year. Please, to the Lakewood community as a whole, let us not focus on the drama, the gossip, the story, the blame, etc. It simply doesn’t matter. All that matters are these girls. These girls deserve to have a normal school experience just like your children do. Please help us, we don’t know where to turn.

  6. The most important thing now is to place these children in a school. Why won’t TLS allowi information to be posted to help these girls?

  7. I’m confused. Lakewood is overpopulated with girls. There were not enough schools to hold all the girls in the first place. Why then did it close? Bankrupcy? Doesn’t make sense. What school in Lakewood, boy or girl, is solvent? It must be that it got a bad repuation, and parents refused to send their girls, and support the school. It happened many years ago to a girls high school. Sounds like it happened again. Then parents conplain about the homework, the pressures the schools put on the girls, etc. When will this community learn? We are our worst enemy.

  8. What people dont understand is the following : We have developed a crazy system where we rely on volunteers to open and fund schools . This only works if each school has one or 2 people who have a special desire to see a certain type of chinuch flourish and have the drive to keep a non solvent school afloat . Once a school becomes run by a board without a real leader ,it has no chance financially because nobody has the incentive to keep taking money out of his pocket to fund the deficits . So its a catch 22 . People have taynos when individuals control a school and set strict guidelines as to chinuch and admissions ,but in reality if we didnt have that ,and let the schools become run by boards ,they would all fail financially very soon .
    Unless we create a system for kehila wide funding of all mosdos ,there is no way to change this .

  9. shame on you #17
    as to the askonim, they should get in there with all their kochos. If we dont have rachamim, how can we ask it from shamayim? If you can’t be the instrument of a solution, the least you can do, #17, is zip it.

  10. Didn’t I read here that the Igud formed a committee to work on placements and solve this type of problem ? This is their first test. Will they succeed or fail?

  11. Aside from the tragedy for these poor talmidos, I pity the poor teachers, iIf they have outstanding salaries due. Deal Yeshiva announced it was closing its boys school a year ago (and later added its Bais Yaakov) and since then – a total of $1000 per teacher was paid by the school! Rebbeim and Morahs are owed tens of thousands of dollars.

  12. #18
    your confused & ignorant.
    you write a comment not knowing what in the world your talking about???
    get the facts, buddy

  13. Bring Back the Betzalel Hebrew Day School,A middle of the road school where ALL were welcome. The First school in Lakewood!!!!

  14. #22- Deal Yeshiva closed for other political reasons and didn’t add the Beit Yaakov, it was already in existance, and also has the same financial burdens. If any school loses their key major benefactor, no school will survive on tuitions alone. How many of us really pay full tuition anyway?

  15. everyone knows the bad rep. it got was probably from people like you who didn’t give it a chance from the get go. It was a Bais Yaakov that happened to be in the “Betzalel” building. It’s only a name a building, but that’s all people knew! Of course there was a need for this school! That’s why it’s a shame on the community as a whole.

  16. It failed partially due to the WARMTH of Lakewood towards other Jews who were not Black and White. Many Have packed up and left due to this.

  17. How can this be a test for the Igud ? Does the Igud have money to make new schools ? Did you contribute towards the millions of dollars we need to make and fund the schools ? we have over 22,000 children in our Mosdos and iy” in 5 to 10 years we will have close to 36000 to 40000 kids in our Mosdos in Lakewood ? The only ones who actuall did something for these kids are the members of the Igud who in many cases have used their personal funds to educate your children ? What have the rst of the 9000 heads of families done ? where is the fund of the tens of millions of dollar we need to educate our own children ? Why does everybody always blame those few heads of our Mosdos who have actually spent their own money and done something instead of blaming the rest of us who in most cases dont even pay enough tuition to cover the teachers salaries .

  18. Today is a very sad day in our community life. Yes let’s admit, we FAILED! These innocent kids that have no school now, and the trauma and shame may affect them for many years, are not at fault. It is us as a Kehilla that has to ask ourselves where we went wrong. How did it come to a point that in our town pure Jewish souls are rejected? Is this really what Hashem wants?
    In the past few years we have become sad witnesses to close to 200 kids from good Lakewood Kollel homes that today barley look and behave like Jews. It is very easy to be blind and blame the “internet” or other excuses like it. The real reason is US! We did not care enough about this youth, WE did not accept them into our schools, We left them bleeding on the streets and We must change our ways.
    I think WE should make a real Cheshbon Hanefesh and change, before God forbid this hits out own children.

  19. Its very nice to krechtz abd talk about Cheshbon Hanefesh but the real problem is that we as a community have failed to financially support our school system . If we funded our schools the same way the world at large taxes and funds for their neighbors kids education ,then no school would close and no child would be without a school . We are always short on space and therefore will always have to reject kids until arms are twisted to create class sizes that are unfair to the children and to the schools . It is our fault as parents and not the fault of the already overcrowded and underfunded schools . If the 300 million citizens of the USA understand that they need tp pay taxes tp provide a free education to their neighbors child even if they have no children,then why dont we understand that ? Why do we have a school system funded by user fees and school owners becoming schnorrers for us only to get called all kinds of nasty names ?

  20. here is an idea.. instead of having 50-70 girls at home or on the streets, lets actually get some use out of the property taxes we pay:

    Have 70 girls apply for public school. This mass influx will result in new classes being created which will be primarily of these jewish girls, who will get an excellent secular education. When school ends at 230, they can meet somewhere with private tutors who are hired for their hebrew subjects.

  21. shame on all those that took the Lakewood community for a ride with all the misappropriated funds….. Instead of doing all the back room deals to benefit them the money should have gone to fund the education of the children.

  22. This is only the tip of the iceberg of what may be in store for us ch”v . What will we do when a much larger school closes down in the future because the school founder just cant schnorr anymore and has too many debts and cant make payroll because his parents arent paying the proper tuitions ? What will we do when we add about 2,000 kids to our system every year and we cant find enough meshugoim to undertake financial suicide by opening schools and we are short on 1000 seats ? What will we do when people get so disgusted of any school lowner being called all kinds of deragtory names that most people just wont open up new schools anymore and we have shortages of hundreds or thousands of slots ? These scenarios are not so farfetched . I have several friends who were involved in opening up schools and they all say they would never do it asgain and would discourage anybody from doing it . Aside from the financial pressure the stress of being villified and called names is just too much for them . We are our own worst enemies by this type of behavior towards those who actually have done something for our children . It will come back to bite us .

  23. ok says:
    March 3, 2010 at 11:43 am
    here is an idea.. instead of having 50-70 girls at home or on the streets, lets actually get some use out of the property taxes we pay:

    Have 70 girls apply for public school. This mass influx will result in new classes being created which will be primarily of these jewish girls, who will get an excellent secular education. When school ends at 230, they can meet somewhere with private tutors who are hired for their hebrew subjects.
    i have a better idea . why dont you and your friends give thier seats up in thier schools so your girls and your friends girls can have this WONDERFUL education you are talking about. i think its a great plan

  24. while all chesed orginaztions are important. The coomunal issue of schools are the most important. Maybe a percentage of money donated to these organizations should go to a school fund. How to distribute this money being that there are NO communal schools is the main problem. Maybe the solution is to open a true communal school which has room for everyone that at least follows certain standards ( which again is a problem as to who decides this!) funded primarily by such funding. The reduced tuition fees will induce those hesitant to send there.

  25. everybody has comments ideas and plans . If we would take out our checkbooks instead of opening our mouths these problems wouldnt happen .

  26. this is totally out of the box. but i wonder if we cannot do a old time save the school situation. and here’s my idea. let’s find shuls that have a extra room or two also opening shuls that are normally closed during the day. split the classes between these shuls. bring in white boards and materials needed for the girls from the school to these makeshift classrooms. and send out a call to noshim tzidkonim to please volunteer to teach these innocent children they need lot’s of chizuk now.

    please for all of you who want to be cynical i’m not talking about charity. I AM TALKING ABOUT ANGELS. that’s right we need volunteer work and lot’s of unconditional chessed to save these girls.

  27. How about the Lakewood Rabbanim & Roshei Yeshiva making a Takannah that no outside Mosdos & Meshulachim can raise money in Lakewood such as door to door & Parlor meetings until all the Lakewood Mosdos have sufficent funds to operate. (I think the Gemorah says this rule ” Aniyey Earecha Kodmin”)

  28. Thank you’s were said to those who kept it alive until now. Unfortunately that does not solve the problem of having all these girls out of school. Neither does the suggestion of having them go to public school. They only had 5-9 girls per grade- how exactly do you see them being put all together to stay as a group?? I still can not understand this. We are not talking about 70 girls as a whole, but 70 individuals that can and should be placed into ALL the different schools in town. 2-3 extra kids will NOT make a difference in my opinion. You are the ones who crammed 30 girls into a class to begin with, I don’t see where one more will hurt.

  29. Hey Brainy . That is such a ludicrous thing to say wirth your reasoning there should never be an end . You can always cram one more . Most elementary schools stop at 25 to 26 just keep adding ONLY 1 more . what is the limit 35 ? 40 ? 45 ? its always only 1 more . no big deal

  30. So in other words if somebody went out of his way to do the community a service and crammed 30 kids into a class because the community is short of funds and short of schools he now is a bad guy and needs to get punished by cramming even more kids into his classes . This defies logic . Why dont you spend the same money that these guys did when they opened their schools and open up a new school so we wont have to cram kids into classes . Oh I guess that means actuaslly doing something instead of complaining about others .

  31. There is no problem here besides forcing the current schools to accept a couple of kids!!!! All schoold need money badly and that is another major problem but not this one. There are schools who NEED kids so why arent they pressured to take them?????????

  32. I feel for all parties involved.

    The children lose out on the maalos of the school.

    The parents have nightmares of where they can get their child a seat.

    The teachers are now left without a worker identity. When a person is terminated the disilusionment is unbelievable, they feel hopeless, knock themselves, and find it hard to wake up in the morning to face a bland world. Even if they made no money doing what they did, they still enjoyed doing it, and found a purpose in life. I have heard this firsthand from other teachers who were terminated.

    Court order or not, the Board of Directors has the responsibility to foot the bill for the duration of the year.

  33. what is everyone who has no clue what happened talking about! This has nothing to do with any of these silly financial formulas or sinas chinam theories you know nothings are spouting. IT WAS PETTY POLITICS, that’s all.

  34. TO #31.
    If you are truly an Ohaiv Yisroel as you call yourself, you would realize that it has already hit our own children, because all Jewish children are our own children!

  35. It all boils down to- “we don’t want you in our schools”!!

    We got that message a few years ago when Bais Yaakov started.

    I hate to tell you but we are all part of Lakewood. We are all frum.

    We should all feel v’ahavta lraecha kmocha. I guess #46 & 47 don’t.

    Just realize that this was NOT OUR CHOICE to have the school stop running in the middle of the year or anytime for that matter.

  36. A Mosad never closes for lack of funds! no mosad ever close for lack of funds. A mosad closes when it loses its neshamah! (From a odom godol)

  37. I’m astounded at how much people on this site know or rather do not know. This school did not close because they were rejected……blah blah blah….It’s always easy to rile everyone up on this topic but it’s not what was at issue. THere is barely a comment on this site that the school ultimately close d a s result of a court order. So tell me,what happened that there are court orders??? I”ll have a hard time letting you in on that since TLS won’t let it on. And so everyone-just keep kvetching and blaming the town,the Rabbonim,the Roshei Yeshiva…..Basically everyone who tried to help but didn’t stand a chance with everything that surrounded that one building on the corner of 5th and Madison. Don’t ever dare ask for the truth. You don’t want to know it.

  38. The REAL Truth is – – – the school is broke, teachers were leaving because they had not gotten paid, and all of you have your “great” ideas about sending the girls to public school?! What has this world come to?? NO ahavas yisroel, NO compassion. I pity all of you in the next world and see then what you have to answer to your Maker!!!

  39. you are right about 1 thing-TLS won’t let the whole truth be heard. They are in court because…that’s a whole different issue. The fact still remains that close to 70 girls now don’t have a school. They are not to blame for the court, the parents are not to blame for the court, yet they are the ones being punished here. You can still have a heart about the situation they are in.

  40. the only constructive comments i have seen here:
    a– the “volunteer school setup” could possibly work at least to finish out the school year- the kids will be occupied, and to put them in a new class mid year will be extremely difficult for them. in the summer regular arrangements can be made and they can start the new year in a new class.
    b– banning parlor meetings and other shnorring events in town until local schools are financially viable. (if indeed this school closing is really due to money and not some other reason)

    it is a sad commentary on us lakewooders : the schools that are accepting fail, while the more picky and exclusive the schools is, the more they have lines out the door begging to get in. Think about it!!

  41. I don’t understand, the building should have been paid for 30 years ago when it was Betzalel , no other Girls school had this advantage.

  42. Reb Festa Matziv .

    This school closing may not be related directly to only lack of money . There may or may not be other factors at play here . But the whole system where space is so tight and we cant keep making schools fast enough to keep up with a rate of growth that we never witnessed in klal yisroel is a direct result of not enough money . If our Mosdos were funded by the Kehila at least partially ,then there woud be an incentive for more schools to open up and we could stay ahead of the growth and have room for every child . As it stands now ,every year we are in a deficit of many seats and always playing catch up . So obviously some kids will always be left out due to lack of space and will have to fight their way in .

    But who are we all fooling? This wasnt exactly a school where a yeshivish person would want to send

  44. #15,
    Let me see if I understand what you’re saying. So if the girls are not from “yeshivsher families” they dont deserve to be in a school???!!!!!
    There are many manypeople in this town who feel that your children dont have the right to be in a school either because you’re on the internet!

  45. to #15,

    Such words can only come from a litvak.
    Are you so sure that only your way is the correct way?
    All the other kids and their parents are doomed? Are they wasting their time serving hashem?
    And by the way, did you ever think about how your grandparents grew up? In their schools there were only yeshivishe family’s? And did they grow up to be observant?

  46. To #15
    “yeshivish”????? I’ll bet my wife’s skirt is longer than your beard!

    What do you know about yeshivish? Don’t even get me started!

  47. QUOTE:
    Thinker says:
    March 3, 2010 at 1:04 pm

    this is totally out of the box. but i wonder if we cannot do a old time save the school situation. and here’s my idea. let’s find shuls that have a extra room or two also opening shuls that are normally closed during the day. split the classes between these shuls. bring in white boards and materials needed for the girls from the school to these makeshift classrooms. and send out a call to noshim tzidkonim to please volunteer to teach these innocent children they need lot’s of chizuk now.

    please for all of you who want to be cynical i’m not talking about charity. I AM TALKING ABOUT ANGELS. that’s right we need volunteer work and lot’s of unconditional chessed to save these girls.

    Absolutely I agree to this one hundred percent, but since i live in Brooklyn with no connections, I can’t do anything. The only is can those with even the remote possibility of doing this have the time and energy to do it. It only needs to be for another three to four months. I’m sure some shuls can hold out a ladies section here, a room here and a few teachers who are out of jobs i plead to you if you have the or any teachers who have the time job or not. Please help the future for they will be one day the future our future.

  48. Is there such a thing as a school thatr has room ? Will the board of directors allow another new board to take over the school and building if the new board promoses to fund trhe school ?

  49. To #10

    You are very right and indeed it really is heartbreaking for these children and their parents. I don’t know how these parents are handling this! At the same time this forum has turned into a voice for community bashing and counter bashing. Yeshivish,not yeshivish,Betzalel,public school…instaed of focusing on the REAL reason this place closed. The fact remains that as YOU agreed TLS cannot let the whole truth be heard because there’s too much to it. And that is VERY scary that we cannot talk openly about a schools doings…..Yes the parents are and were great,the children are great and will all be helped by G-D to grow into ehrliche Yidden iy’h. You are right;they are not to blame for the courts decision. Unforunately the people that ran this school ARE to blame. Now that is a BIG problem. A school or yeshiva being run shadily WILL NOT LAST. G-D can and will take care of his dear children another way. Let’s just wait and see exactly how that will be.

  50. The parents of the BY girls currently without a school might find this interesting – it was in last week’s (or two week’s ago) BP Weekly:

    Do you feel that your daughter has lost her sparkle? Home schooling group in Westgate, slots open for girls entering 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grades in September. Experienced teacher. Competitive rates. Call ********** for more information.

    This group is already open, so it might be a good idea to call up and see if this is a good option for your daughter, if she’s the right age.

  51. To “Home Schooloing Group”

    Just call the BP Weekly. They can usually help with such requests. It sounds like it was in the classifieds section and they can easily figure out which section it’s in.

  52. As a mother and long-time resident of Lakewood, who has worked in the field of education for many years, I am beyond appalled by the situation outlined here. The main issue is the following: it is March. There are 4 months left in the school year, and a school with 70 children has closed. This situation has happened before in the public school system. It is not unprecedented. Schools have closed mid-year for Board of Health reasons etc. I have seen principals stay until the wee hours of the morning, working tirelessly to place children in new classrooms. Classes were merged, teachers were reassigned, parents were notified. Children were not left for more than 1-2 days with out a classroom. I think that the above situation shows us how poorly organized the Lakewood Yeshiva school system is. Anyone reading this who is in a position of power in Lakewood: take note. If you are on the Va’ad, if you own a school, if you are a principal of a school, if you are the rav of a shul, if you are on the Board of Ed, OR if you are on the board of a school- YOU are in a position of power to help these girls. Each day that goes by where even 1 child is not in school is a lost day of learning. Each one of you reading this- do whatever is in your power to provide ONE child with a slot. I have been working in the secular world for many years, and in general, I am proud of what our community can produce. In this situation, however, I can only say that I am deeply embarrassed. I wish I had the power to help even 1 of these children.

  53. To Jerry there is nothing shady about people giving of their hard earned money to keep a school going. A few dedicated parents gave and gave and gave. There is a limit to how much a selected few can do. And then there was the shady few who gave us a hard time they wanted the school closed down so they can have a building to do with it as they please. But we as parents members of the school held strong and that is why it lasted as long as it did. And to the shady few— Hashem has a special place for you after 120 enjoy your time here while the temperature is still cool!

  54. To #29, Home Schooling Group: The LSC moderator took out the number – I’m not sure why, it was in the BP. I’ll post it again, and hopefully it’ll be ok. If not, maybe the ad will be there again next week? The number is: (Moderator’s note: We do not post numbers unless they are verified. Feel free to resubmit the comment in the morning and we will attempt to verify the number. Thank you for understanding).

  55. I’m glad to hear the girls were excited to go to school everyday. And to all those who kvetch saying, “It’s inferring all other schools are NOT as good”, I have two things to say: First off, it obviously was NOT meant to infer that, just saying a praise about their school. And secondly, my daughter goes to a different school and she does NOT like going every day. I wish I could switch out, but that’s a different story.

    And to take these girls into other schools won’t be so easy, since as it was mentioned before in other comments, it was a more “middle” type of school.

  56. I don’t understand were are the two wealthy balie batim that were running the school until now ? Why did they stop supporting mid year and maybe they should be responsible to get these girls into school

  57. Bravo for taking such a positive stand. BYE applauds you. Maybe you have some extra time to home school/tutor my not in school daughter for English.

  58. sure in the Public school system things can get fixed because they have public funding . Our community unfortunately relies on volunteers to fund and open schools with their own funds and that is not a recipe for having room to fix these type of problems . It is a shanda that this is the system but thats the way it is

  59. Duh…they ran out of $$$$$$$$$. Do you really think they would just up and leave on their own??? I don’t see you helping to fund it. It’s not their responsibility to place the girls. Their mesiras nefesh went totally beyond the limits.

  60. To Yehudi:

    It was just those shady people I was referring to. WHO those people are may be debatable. Some who you may have THOUGHT had only your best interests in mind were in fact those shady people. That is FACT,it just depends on how much you know or how much your stomach can handle.

  61. Well, those shady people got what they wanted. They destoyed a great girls school and stole the building. But in the end, the girls will prevail, building or not, they still have their fine morahs teaching in their homes. Yasher Koach to them!

  62. to “Jerry says: March 4, 2010 at 1:34 am”

    Person A has not put in one dollar of personal money and has a track record of transferring substantial assets out of the school.
    Person B has put in big money in cash, unsecured.

    My bet is on B as having no agenda for personal gain.

    Do your research, please.

  63. Jerry, I agree with u 100%, Hashem is bigger then us all thats why I leave it in his hands to decide, not mine or yours. We care about the kids both sides can choke on the building. We as parents never cared for the building, Just our children.

  64. my speculation Is that somebody was originally going to shut down the school a couple of years ago and sell the building to some developers then some well to do people got wind of this situation and took action by keeping the school together using there own money to pay for the school and fight the people who were trying to sell the school and finally they couldn’t doo it anymore so they just put the school in bankruptcy!

  65. This is the reason nobody wants to open new schools anymore . People put their own money into a school and then everybody takes the position that its their responsibility to keep doing more and more . This is crazy .

  66. That’s only the tip of the iceberg. DEEP DEEP down below the surface there was so much more going on. And it didn’t just happen over night. The school has had serious financial problems for years, stemming from before it was Bais Yaakov. Bottom line is the building is worth a fortune and now its in the court’s hands.

  67. ;-( It is now 3 weeks since my daughter has been to school. Yes she goes each day to one of the teachers house but still….

    All I could do is cry at night. I have called around ot the other schools, either they don’t take ny calls or tell me SORRY, try so and so school.

    Well I have tried so & so school. NOW WHAT???????

    I love when I read (on the TLS) that the Igun Hamosdes can get together and discuss what we should do if it snows but they can’t get together to discuss what THEY can do for these children.

    To all the Igun Hamosdes I ask is the snow more important than these 70 girls?????

    I do have one question, what do you mean by a middle of the road school. We followed ALL the same hashkafa as EVERY OTHER SCHOOL IF NOT MORE.

    If you are reading this you have a computer either in your house or access to one, does your school let you have computers with internet in your house.

    I ask of EVERY PARENT in lakewood, if you want to help, all you have to do is call your school and ask them to take in one or two kids. It will not cost you anything ( I will even pay for the phone call).

    I have so much more to say but I just can’t. The pain for my daughter is just to much.

    To all the BYE mothers out thier, be strong. Hashem will help…..

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