Bais Faiga Update

Bais Faiga update. In response to persistent rumors that the Bais Faiga deal/ordeal is far from over, The Lakewood Scoop contacted reliable sources in both camps. We learned, that while there is agreement that progress has been made, significant issues remain unresolved. Negotiations are continuing in good faith to close the gap. We will stay on top of this story and keep our readers posted of future developments.

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  1. i am not a lakewooder – but following this story i can tell you all that this school will fall apart– i wonder if this whole machlokes is lshem shmayim???

  2. ואם בחקתי תמאסו: מואס באחרים העושים:
    משפטי תגעל נפשכם: שונא החכמים

    לבלתי עשות: מונע את אחרים מעשות:

  3. I think that the only eitza is for all the teachers to join together in a union (independent from any sides)and to strike until they have both sides come to an agreement (not just a one side agreement wich has lead them us this point). they will be forced to come to an agreement within a week. The teachers should also have someone represent them. The teachers have th Coach!!!
    P.S the other alternitive is to lock both sides in a room with a big urn of coffee and no bathroom until they make a pshara. I have heard that this method is full-proof.

  4. So, two “camps” are at the negotiation table, RM/AK, and RBM. How nice.

    Why are the other 2 key “camps” totally ignored: rebbeim/moros and parents/children?

    After all we were publicly reassured it’s the “parents schools”!

    Enough to secret deals behind closed doors. Don’t these people realize it just wont fly with the oilam?

  5. P.S the other alternitive is to lock both sides in a room and throw away the key and get someone that cares about the children to take over the school.

  6. As a parent I am fed up and disgusted. All the parents should secede from the school and form their own school. with out us there’s nothing to fight about.

  7. I agree with anonymous 9:29.

    As a mother, for years I’ve had my heart in my mouth at every twist and turn of this monstrous rollercoaster ride called Bais Faiga.

    And after 2 recent massive ‘asifa’ fiascos, the only thing I want to see is a written agreement, hammered out and initialled by representatives of all sides.

    Submit it for a secret ballot vote of all parents, and learn to respect our decision, up or down.

    All terms and provisions must be fully spelled out and disclosed. No secret ‘side letters’. No secret ‘understandings’. This is the minimum you owe us. All of you.

    After all, if you’re afraid to disclose the deal, what validity does it have?

    And if you don’t trust our vote, how can you claim to represent us?

  8. TO May 18, 2009 4:55 PM & May 18, 2009 9:35 PM


    TO May 18, 2009 9:47 PM

    TO May 18, 2009 10:25 PM
    Your name – Please!

  9. we can’t get out we’re trapped in the school. If there was a way out half the school would be gone.I feel like I’m trapped behind the iron curtian

  10. We need to make an Atzeres Tfila on WEDNESDAY Night to daven for the sake of sholom in the city
    Either in front of the Moser’s house or in Yeshiva

  11. Anonymous said…
    If the yeshiva backs off there will be shalom.

    Speaking of Shalom (Torah Centers), they are having some issues too, B”H for Torah Umesorah.

  12. we want a vote . a vote will end this all right away .a movement of parents is underway as we speak . ak does read this blog so calling all bais faiga lcs parents show your support for an election lmaan hashalom let’s vote now

  13. according to the bais faiga charter and acc to rabbi saloman who declared publicly the school belongs to the parents
    we want a vote(moshiach) now!!!!!!

  14. to Anonymous said…
    I aggree let’s have an election and this will b all gone where do I sign

    May 19, 2009 12:34 PM


  15. to the one shouting all his comments
    why do you insist on perpetuating the mafia tactics used in this fight for peace
    what could someone possibly gain by putting a name
    having you or some other goon harass them and their families?
    where is your name big talker

  16. why should I write my name , so the mafiosos should come after me . ask any parent if they honestly think a vote is fair . can anyone give me one good reason why the parents who pay their tution can’t choose the leadership of our own school this aint russia you know .

  17. The old vaad has to go for too long they ignored all the problems in the school and let RBM handel it all by himself ,only now when they are scared of loosing power are they getting involved in raising some gelt.

  18. My kids go to the “moser’s” school and I thank the good lord for that. Better there than in this mess otherwise knwn as bais faiga and the cheder. Yes, I admit that such schools have a more yeshivishe parent body then my son’s school but I’m not sure if the crap that comes along with them is worth it. I’m actually pretty sure it’s not.

  19. You know, if people would just step back for a second and think about the way Lakewood must look from Shamayim now, you would cry. Open up a sefer Chafetz Chaim Shemiras Halashon and read what the holy Chafetz Chaim writes and says about Machlokes. Read about what he says the punishments and ramifications of a machlokes are. Yes, and even if you think it's L'sheim Shamayim! Just imagine, the entire Ir Hatorah from the highest echelons of town to the pashut layman embroiled in a machlokes! What a dream for the yetzer harah! Why continue to just blame children & young people severely ill r"l on tznius??? Why continue to blame poverty and the economic disaster on tznius only??! Open a Shemiras Halashon. This is the Chafetz Chaim we are talking about. I would venture to say that a tzaddik of whom it is said had ruach hakodesh, knows exactly what he is talking about. We are digging our own grave deeper every day. Read the sefer and you will be very enlightened and scared at the same time. Does anybody not think that the person sending out the hate mail will burn for a real long time??? What is wrong with this town? What are we doing? Aren't there ANY people with middos and sense in this town? We are bringing untold amount of tzaros to klal Yisroel & certainly delaying the coming of Mashiach. Really, everyone, get your collective heads out of the sand and wake up. This is nothing short of a disgusting Chillul Hashem. It will take very long to erase this black mark from klal Yisroel. My apologies for venting like this. But I live here and I am scared. Thank you.

  20. to anon 639 I agree so why can’t we end this tonight with a vote or have parties involved lock themselves in a room until this is over . if someone were to give in somewhere this all can be over today but as guy said before a vote seems like the most logical thing right now . no lashon hora no richilus just pure democracy can anyone argue with that ????

  21. please roshei ha’ir with all do respect this machlokes is destroying our town. please if you are reading this our families schools learning yiras shomayim is falling apart . please please end this machlokes today brabim ubshalom we can’t take it anymore . families friends and neighbors are being torn apart . we want it over today . I hope I was respectful to you . if we all came together bshalom I’m sure that moshiach would come . please I hope that u are listening and our message comes across . a bais faiga mother

  22. Anon 639 thanks for one of the best comments ever posted to this blog. Any believing yid knows that we are in serious trouble if we don’t do teshuva for this soon. And btw, I looked up the Chafetz Chaim in the English “A lesson a day”…You are so right. It should be required reading. See what the Chafetz Chaim says about it and you will flip. Wow.

  23. I fully share the deepest concern about the Loshon Hara. Frankly, I am even more concerned about gezeila d’rabim and a massive chillul Hashem.

    If it is true that the schools belong to the parents, as are the facts, and as we’ve alos heard publocly from the Mashgiach Shlita, in the presence of the Roshei HaYeshiva Shlita, because it is the parents’ children, their tuition, their donations, and their assets. Then how can ANYONE offer $1M in settlement, transfer ALL the schools’ assets to a new Board that was never elected, seize control, etc etc, without the ba’alim, (parents) explicit consent??

    Is the Shulchan Aruch out the window, together with the Chofetz Chaim, in this so called “Ir HaTorah”?! And all this in the name of “Daas Torah”?!

    I have yet to hear of a greater Chillul Hashem.

  24. Unfortunately a vote is not an option because one side will not be maskim since they will surely loose. So we must think of something else. The only practical possibility is a teacher strike. If anyone has anything better we ask you to please step forward. In the meantime we must organize a teacher strike. As hard as it will be for our kids to be home it is the only way to end this catastrophe.

  25. At this time, a teacher strike can not work here. The schools would be more than happy not to pay the teachers for as long as it went on. And u know what? The teachers can not afford to strike either. What a disaster.

  26. I think a vote will work if everone who votes signs on that they agree to the outcome no matter what that will b as a condition of being allowed to vote

  27. To Anonymous 8:24, rejecting a vote, and recommending a teachers’ strike.

    You gotta be kidding.

    You’re either badly mistaken, or dead scared of a vote.

    A teachers strike is a stillborn idea. DOA.

    But 1,000 to 1,500 easily obtained signatures of LCS/BF parents, on a petition demanding all sides submit to a vote, will force an election, ending this tragedy.

    Any side opposing the petition will have committed political and halachic suicide. And will no longer need to be reckoned with.


    Time WE parents acted to take our–and our children’s–destiny, into our own hands.

    I say we demand to be heard. Let’s hold an election-in two stages.

    First, for a new LCS/BF Board. Who will meet with all parties, hammer out a plan in 2 weeks, and come back to present it for another vote to approve or disapprove.

    The beauty is that we don’t need anyone’s consent for this first stage, except our own. Then the others must meet with, and listen to, our elected representatives. Effectively blocking outside, imposed “solutions”.

    Let’s pick our own representatives, who will meet with all sides and end this tragedy once and for all.


  28. you may need BMG approval though as if we do it on our own the Yeshiva may take it as a slight and we are only interested in peace and not fanning the flames of fires right so why cant we do this w/ the rosh hayeshivas approval what is the opposition ???

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