BREAKING NEWS: Large Number Of BYE Girls Placed

Bais Yaakov Elementary closedBREAKING NEWS: U/D  A large number of the 70 girls from Bais Yaakov Elementary school, who have been out of school since the school closed down approximately 3 weeks ago, have been placed into several Mosdos, TLS has learned. “Baruch Hashem, the Mosdos are co-operating” an Askan tirelessly working on the situation told TLS. He added, that their priority now is on the older grades. He also noted, that several girls will end up in out-of town schools. Since the school’s closing approximately 3 weeks ago, some of the upper grade students have grouped together and have hired a teacher as a temporary solution. The First grade students have been at home since the ordeal began.

We will continue to bring you all further developments on this story.

U/D 2:22 p.m. As for why the school did not re-open, the school was losing over $20,000 monthly. And the fact that the building was lost, added to the strain.

It is also worth noting, that teachers have been teaching with ‘Mesiras Nefesh’. They have not been paid for several months.

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  1. This is exactly why I stated in an earlier comment that it was not right to place kids piecemeal . There was no question that there were going to be a number of kids who for various reasons were not going to get accepted into other Mosdos . The only solution was to restart the school as a whole for the entire 70 . Since that was not done it is inevitable that some will have to go to deal or other places .

  2. I did not ask a shaila as I have no status or say in this matter other than being an anonymous commentor on this blog . i was just stating my opinion that this will be the end result if they dont find a system schoolwide solution . Unfortunately my prediction has come true . I wish I would have been wrong .

  3. Just for the record . If every school in town that was losing 20,000 or more monthly would close down ,then there would be many schools closing down . I am not judging anybody and I know it is extremely difficult to raise that kind of money . My comment is just to bring out the mesiras nefesh of many schools in town that lose a lot of money . Obviously a small school has a much harder time fund raising .

  4. To tyrone – Sephardim will accept any of these girls there open minded! They dont have those types of problems with schools in Deal. Wether they fit in or not is irelevent. The importance is all girls should be in schools right after Pesach, and all the teachers should be replaced at different schools. That is an acryis of the school that closed down.

  5. BYE elementary was composed of 2 elements . A large element of parents who felt their kids needed a smaller school and a small element of those that may not appropriately fit into a typical Lakewood yeshivishe Mosad . ( In no way does that fact make them woprse or better than anybody else ) The former category of kids will probably end up being placed while the latter few ,especiall the older kids in that category will probably have to go elsewhere . Not an issue of bad or good just a simple issue of needing the appropriate environment .

  6. While undoubtedly there were issues at play here it is inevitable that in the future other schools will not be asble to carry the burden of these large monthly deficits . While girls elemantaries pay loer salaries and can manage with full classes ,boys schools and girls high schools that pay much larger salaries and dont get that much higher tuitions here in Lakewood will keep struggling . If we dont band together to find a community widxe financial solution then Im afraid we might have more closings in the future but on a larger scale .

  7. Please explain how a school that is taking in a handful of kids to be divided in different classes ,can hire the old teachers ? Who do you want these teachers to replace . They are obviously not creating a new class just overcrowding their existing classses a little more .

  8. I dont think anybody is proposing anything . The facts are that everybody knew and knows that there are a small number of kids that would not fit in to any of the local Mosdos . By parceling out and dividing the majority of kids that could fit in ,by default these kids do not have a school in Lakewood that would work appropriarely for their needs . These are the facts .

  9. Is the Deal education so much more superior than in Lakewood that they charge 10000 more per child in tuityion ? Or just maybe we see what tzadikim the Lakewood Mosdos are that they subsidize everybodys tution to such a large degree even if that means having to go through a lot of financial stress .

  10. Yasher Koach to those mosdos that finally did open their doors and hearts for these girls. And still shame on the rest of them because regardless of how many (only about 14) did get in somewhere, there are those who are good girls and deserve a Jewish education NO MATTER WHAT! It’s a real shame that it came down to this type of “selection”. 14 is still not 70. Keep going Lakewood–you are taking the right direction. Maybe by this Pesach we will see the geula.

  11. Sorry if anyone took it the wrong way. No harm was meant. I was just bringing out a point about this crises, and how hard it must be to send children out of town…

  12. I find it very strange how you can insult and shame the existing Mosdos . We live in a town where there is really room for about 90 % of the applicants . The rest get in through overcrowding . There is absolutely no wiggle room or margin of error to allow for schools that close down to have their students absorbed into other overcrowded and full schools .

    Maybe the SHAME is on you ( and the rest of us ) that we dont care to spend our money to make a fund for runnung all our Mosdos ? It is certainly not a shame on the poor guys who are maxed and financially stressed out so that your children ( and mine ) can gert a top notch education for very little tuition . See what Deal charges .

  13. Please be aware that only a small percentage of children of Bais Yaakov Elementary have been placed. The rest of the children and their families have no where to turn. While many may feel that the children that are not being placed come from questionable families and that might relieve some of the communities guilt at allowing these precious jewish neshamas to sit home waiting, that is not necessarily the case. The schools need to understand that it is their responsibility to embrace the children very much in need of their help regardless of the space issue. The community must then move on to creating a long term solution to the school space problem.

  14. I am sorry to disappoint you but the Community is nowhere near even thinking about creating a long term solution to the space problem WHICH IS REALLY A FUNDING AND MONEY PROBLEM . So you cant really expect the schools which are private and struggling ,to extend themselves beyond their capacity ,when the Community is doing absolutely nothing in the way of creating a fund to solve the problem of building and paying for the upkeep of new and existing schools . It is unfair to put the burden on those that are already overburdened when they see that we as a Kehila are doing nothing to solve this crisis . Sure there are many fine yechidim that donate money and help etc etc . But this issue is growing beyond the capacity mof yechidim and askanim to tackle . Without a community wide solution we will never solve the problem

  15. Its the holy responsibility of each and every parent (not community) To make sure they are in a place, city, and level…. to be in a position were your children will be easily accepted in the local mosdos. These are your kids its worth the sacrifice.. Dont rely on the community or askonim!

  16. From all the comments saying that all the Lakewood schools are struggling, it leads to one conclusion. Our Lakewood lifestyle does not promote paying our bills and responsibilities. Growing up in flatbush, there was 10-15% of the student body whose fathers were in kollel/chinuch. Then another small percent who were poor. And the rest payed pretty much full tuition. Between the students who payed full, and the students who didn’t, everything balanced out.
    However, in Lakewood, it is unreasonable to expect the small working percentage to cover the expenses of the vast majority of the kollel people. And even the people who do work, being that most do not pursue a higher education, do not end up making out very well (and not out of lack of trying). So how do we expect there to be money for our schools?
    We B”H have many children, and do not have much money, and for some strange reason, we wonder why the schools are struggling?!
    Perhaps the Lakewood model needs some adjustments.

  17. To Tyrone……..You are not listening………….. This is not a non conforming issue but a space issue and every child deserves a seat in Yeshiva.

  18. I can debate wether there is or is not a space issue, but even if there is an issue a parent should try their hardest not to be the one with a space problem… It’s simple

  19. funny how everyone thinks they know what happened here and blames the other mosdod and the community at large.

    I wonder why the building is lost????

    i know at one point about 1-2 years ago some individuals secretly were planning on taking huge sums of money by mortgaging the building but they were caught. Taxs were not paid which is a big bubu if you are garnishing wages…. Now you want to know why this school failed…..

    Dont balme the community when people think they know bettter then everyone else and try ot change what Betzalel Hebrew DAY SCHOOL was established for. There is a Great NEED for such a school in Lakewood. BUT the peopel operating the school felt tey wanted to turn it into another BY. Many people for who Betzalel Hebrew DaySchool woudl have been perfect were turned down. And GUess what – that equals $$$$$,

  20. The ONLY great need Lakewood had was for THIS Bais Yaakov to stay open but that is not happening. BTW, the taxes and debts you are referring to happened when it was still the day school. That kind of debt does not happen over night. Years went by and no one would take responsibility so BYE did their best with a bad situation. BYE only inherited their debts and tried their best to clear up all debts to the govt. However some unmentionables had this tied up in secular court rather than solving things like a mentch! Also BYE did their best NOT to turn anyone away. Just look at the parent body!

  21. If there was a great need for a Day School in Lakewood, then Jersey Shore Jewish Academy would be flooded with students, but alas, they are not…

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