Bachurim Offered Marijuana Cigarettes

marijuana smokingTwo Bachurim having a Cigarette were offered a Cigarette of a different kind this afternoon, a Bachur told TLS. The Bachurim, standing near the Train Tracks were approached by a Hispanic man who offered them the ‘goods’. “Cocaine no good, Marijuana good’, the man told the Bachurim, while offering them Cigarette at no charge. The Bachurim declined and headed back to Yeshivah where they repeated the incident. It turns out several bachurim from the same Yeshivah were offered the Drug as well. TLS-CCP

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  1. This is how it works in most cities!! The first dose is always free!! The yeshiva boys were obviously not where they belonged- if you said someone was in bagel nosh handing out pot…… That would be a story!!

  2. Awesome pic!!! Im getting the munchies just from looking at it!
    Its really too bad this guy was going to give away some good reefer- I bet it wasnt that good or he would have used it himself.

  3. everyone should get a life. this happens millions of times a day. just be caareful. but, gosh, take a cigarette ( a legal one) and take a serious chill

  4. Hey Kim:

    Why don’t you look up the Mishnas R’ Ahron about being Dan L’Kaf Zchus?!?! Or do you only know of R’ Ahron’s shitos about college?? Go back to your hole already,I think most people on this site are fed up with your childish comments. You’ve been making quite a few of those in the past few days. Even as a solitary comment,you make an accusation that you have alot of nerve to make. How do you know what kind of yeshiva bachur this was?

  5. Billybeeee: Dan lecaf zechus does not apply in the case of unknown random “bochurim near the tracks”. secondly, although my comment might have sounded childish to you, It had a very mature and serious purpose, many adults think that drugs are not an issue by our bochurim at all etc. I was trying to invalidate this false misconception. I wonder why a few words from mishnas reb aharon botherd you and your friends so much???? I wonder why so many people are angry at “Kim”. I have said many times face the issues that I bring up! calling “kim” names shows that you cant face a shtikel mishnas reb aharon! How very sad!

  6. Don lecaf zecus does not apply to random “Bochurim by the tracks”. Secondly: although my comment may have sounded childish to you it had a mature and serious purpose, many parents are still inocent to the fact that drugs are readly available to our bochurim, and saying my son never …is just being gulible. I wonder why a few words from mishnas reb aharon bothered you and your friends so much?? I have said all along, it’s not about “Kim” it’s about the issues! The fact that you feel the need to attack “Kim” sadly reflects on you! Why can’t you face a shtikel mishnas reb aharon?????!

  7. The message I’m getting is if you smoke its a very short road to smoking drugs and once you smoke drugs you are basically done. It goes downhill fast from there. Drop out, druggie, harder and harder drugs, girls, crime….
    Parents if you let your kids smoke you are responsible for the consequences. If you say don’t smoke and he does it anyways that’s a form of letting. Don’t give him money. It may sound cruel but if he has no cash he can’t buy smokes. If necessary put other punishments on him to force him to stop. Its dangerous enough without what it could lead to.

    Now that I think about it, how can ANY Rosh Yeshivah “allow” his bachurim to smoke? There should be a clear policy in all yeshivos, you smoke you are OUT. That way there wouldn’t be a Hava Amina to smoke. It sickens me when I see young Bachurim 14-15-16 puffing away like they are the coolest guys in the world. It needs to stop and we need to encourage Roshei Yeshivah to crack down on this.

  8. Kim:

    No need to apologize-we realize you quite obviously have a whole lot of time on your hands that you must find ways to spend. Blogging the same comment a few times with slight variations is actually a good way of passing time. I know one thing-when I was in Yeshiva and it was a mere few years ago I practically didn’t know what the internet was! I can almost assure you I sat and learned with MUCH greater sincerity than you. I cannot fathom someone who presents himself as a yeshiva yungerman that is online blogging literally half the day about every single topic on TLS!! I can easily face a Mishnas R’ Ahron because I have asked the same people who you would consider todays gedolim any and all hashkofah related shailos….that apply to myself or my family while you just “hock” from your stomach. Go ahead and ask R’ Yisroel Shlita if R’ Ahron would approve of your way of disseminating his shitos! Try R’ Malkiel Shlita or any Rov,posek or Rosh Yeshiva in town. Until then I rest my case.

    If you were trying to raise awareness to a drug issue,try to make your comments more understood to the “rabim”.

    Where I called you a name is beyond me-do you read between lines?? And now-you just go back to learn AFTER you’ve finished giving your “deiah” on every issue on this site. I simply cannot stand seeing the definition that too many people have of a ben Torah today. Just five six years ago things were VERY different.

  9. How many times must I say it: I HAVE NEVER CLAIMED TO BE OR REPRESENT BNEI TORAH!!!! can this please sink in! I’m considering paying for a ad banner on TLS saying this …

  10. i know from personal experiance that wen being offered weed for free than there is probably something wrong with it cause its expensive with todays economy so no one would waste it

  11. the comments today are so off the wall . This incident is a regular occurence in Lakewood. Many of our children are offered these things and sometimes inappropriate not tznius material . I know of one boy who was given a DVD in 5th grade by one of our Hispanic brothers. he waited til his parents weren’t home and watched it on the computer with two of his friends . all three of those boys today are completly off . and they all told me that that day was the beginning of their downfall. The lakewood police do an awesome job at catching these guys , but they keep cropping up like cacaroaches,(spell check please) ( and they are not just hispanic) . Unfortunatly we are still in galus and we need to educate our children before they are approached and warn them beforehand.

  12. When I was in yeshiva it was assur to smoke and if someone smoked they would be thrown out immediately. But guess what we still smoked even with this huge punishment hanging over our heads. Second from all the guys in my shiur that smoked not one of them still smokes regularly. So there is some fallacy that all it takes is one cigarette when their in yeshiva and they will be addicted for the rest of their lives and die by the time they are thirty.

  13. how about kvetching about guys who hang out in front of the shul smoking and setting a poor example for our youth? MAybee they have POOR Role models! Please don’t moderate this into oblivian

  14. i say if someone wants to smoke weed look at inapropriate stuff then let it be obviosly he should be told that its wrong but once he is in yeshiva he should be on his own cause then he will want todo it cause hes not allowed to do it but if hes the one controlling his moves then he will mostlikely turn out to be a good jew

  15. It is an education problem, If I am wrong please let me know…
    There are to many kids smoking on the streets, I am not talking about drugs or marihuana, I have seen many teenagers smoking and wonder who is the person that gets them the cigarretes?
    I do not smoke but I have been aproached by some kids asking for a cigarrete, or lighting their cigarretes…
    I think is a parents work….
    But also, there is another side; the law enforcement, none is supouse to get cigarretes to minors…

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