Bachur Assaulted While Walking On Ocean Avenue

ASSAULT: A Bachur walking on Ocean Avenue early this morning, was assaulted, officials confirmed to TLS. Sources say, the Bachur, 18, was walking in the area of Pearl Street at about 3:15 AM, when two Hispanic males approached him from behind. The men reportedly hit the Bachor on his head with a stick, and then fled the area.

Hatzolah was called, and multiple Hatzolah members responded to find the victim bleeding heavily with a gash to his head.

The victim was transported to KMC in stable condition.

A description of the suspects is unavailable at this time. TLS-CCP/TLS-00.

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  1. “Just carry a legal gun…” that is probably the funniest thing I heard in days! In NJ everyone knows- actually-everyone in the country knows that NJ has the most restictive gun policy- if you carry – you are either a criminal or a cop!

  2. if they belong in this country let them pay taxes like everyone else so there will be more $ to hire police who will patrol at night and this would not have happened !

  3. So what was a student doing on Ocean Avenue at that time of the morning? All of our inner instincts tell us that it is unsafe to be out alone, in the middle of the night, in an area that could be considered unsafe.

    Wise up! Do not make yourself vulnerable to attack and do not become a victim. LPD does not have the resources to protect everyone, everywhere, 24 hours a day.

    There are people out there that will hurt you, given the opportunity.

  4. All of you need to read the story again!! He was jumped from behind the only protection from that is to travel in a group. These cowards will not attack a group. To the young man, speedy recovery.

  5. Just because the alleged attackers were said to be hispanic, does not mean they were not born in the US!!!!
    I G N O R A N C E is very U G L Y!!

  6. Keep in mind, S’lichos was last night, starting at 1 AM and ending at around 2, maybe later. (For the non-Jews reading, this is a “midnight prayer” said the Saturday night before the High Holidays of Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur). Everyone was up and around during that time last night. Add to that walking time, and it’s not so surprising anymore that he was out there. However, caution should have been used, and he probably should have been walking with a group. Then again , there’s a Yeshiva in that area, and he probably thought he was safe. Now he knows better.

  7. “Then again , there’s a Yeshiva in that area, and he probably thought he was safe” That has to be one of the stupidest things I have read yet. How is a Yeshiva going to keep one safe? All I have to say is If anyone is going to walk any of the streets of Lakewood at that time of night they should do so in a group because that’s the only way to stay safe or at least have more eyes to get a description of the assailants and what exactly happened.

  8. Yehuda, thanks for explaining that.
    Bill, while common sense should apply, ultimately we should be able to walk home whether it is after prayers or midnight mass without fear.
    This young fellow meant no harm to anyone. He was targeted because of his appearance the perception was, he would be easy.

  9. Well said, Ms Candy Cane and Yehuda. Bill, you had some valid points too. Unfortunately, Lakewood is a small city with big city problems. There are a lot of unsavory characters out there who are bent on mischief. They have no respect for others or the law. They’re troublemakers plain and simple. Too bad we can’t lock them up before they hurt someone.

  10. Lakewood wouldn’t be so out of control with “illegals” if we didn’t make it easy for them to rent houses. Whenever there is a house up for sale in an undesirable area it is quickly bought and rented to “illegals.” Put the blame where it needs to be. This town has changed dramatically. The decent people that paid taxes have left because of the overwhelming change and the lack of good education in our school systems. The board of education was dismantled and became bias to one specific community. This town can not afford more police officers because there are too many people living in Lakewood that find loop holes and don’t pay taxes ,or are working “under the table” and don’t pay taxes. It’s time to take responsibilities for your actions and stop pointing fingers. You brought these people to the community of Lakewood. Having said all of that, I hope the gentleman that was hit on the head has a speedy recovery. No one deserves to be assaulted. It’s a horrible thing. Be well.

  11. If the town calls in INS where is the community going to get cheap labor to clean their houses? What about all the rentals that are over packed with illegals, who is going to pay those landlords the rent money. Out right greed will keep the illegals in this town!

  12. if i am correct—-i heard of another young man being jumped outside of his house on ocean ave—but not at 3:00 am–he also had a severe head injury that required 7 staples—are there two incidents or did llakewood scoop get the times wrong—also –this young man is 21 yrs old—not 18—does anyone know??–perhaps we need the jewish defence league in lakewood—this cannot continue—

  13. I do use the illegals for housekeeping, but i would gladly pay a lot more if they would all be sent back!!! maybe Kimbal would actually improve if they wouldn’t be giving charity to all these illegals!

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