Official: Pay Your Tickets, Or They’ll Haul You In

arrested_bachurSources tell TLS a Bachur was arrested a short time ago following a traffic stop, for an unpaid ticket. The Bachur was pulled over near the Yeshivah and when police pulled up his information, it showed there was a warrant out for his arrest due to an old summons which went unpaid.

The Bachur was taken into police headquarters where he was processed.

“Let residents know that if you don’t pay your fines, they’re going to haul you in”, an official told TLS. “It’s standard protocol”.

The Bachur is currently in the process of being released. TLS-CCP/TLS-KD/TLS-89

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  1. Obviously this is a reminder to anyone who has an outstanding ticket and thinks that ignoring it will make it go away, not realizing that it is HE who’s going away instead.

    So pay up.

  2. In other earth shattering news, my daughter was running to the car to go to play at a friends house, and she tripped, fell, & needed a band aid on BOTH knees!
    Wow, now for the weather . . .

  3. I once had a ticket for for driving my friends car and he didn’t have the registration card in the car. Anyway to make a long story short the court notices were mailed to the wrong address because of sloppy cop writing and the clerk reading the address wrong. About 3 years later someone was “nice” enough” to call me that they had been getting “important looking” mail that might be mine. To make a long story short my license had been suspended for over 2 years bec. Of a 45$ ticket that I thought was cleared up 3 years earlier. B”H I was able to clear it up and restore my license and get rid of the 450$ in late fees and penalties BEFORE I got pulled over and undoubtedly arrested. So let’s not pass judgement till we know the facts.

  4. Only in NJ do they arrest someone for an unpaid fine, usually people committing crimes are arrested, like a 21 year old boy babysitting his brother in Manalapan who gets murdered, in lockup a couple of hours after he was arrested on an old speeding fine.

  5. Stop complaining and be responsible. No one wants to get a ticket. But if you get one, make sure you pay up. Don’t try to be a wise guy and leave it unpaid. They will find you.

  6. This only happens in Jersey. Other states do NOT arrest for unpaid tickets. In addition, the sloppy court system in New Jersey allows for many notices to be sent to the wrong addresses. Happens all the time.

  7. At first glance I too could not understand why TLS felt this was newsworthy. You get a ticket,don’t show in court or pay it, and you will merit a bench warrant issued for your arrest. After reading these comments I understand why it’s newsworthy(at least for many). Because it was a “bachur” it becomes newsworthy. Guys; a ” bachur” just means a single guy, usually a person in Yeshiva. So that makes it sensational because our bachurim are tzadikkim and don’t belong getting arrested, right?? Wrong! The law is the law and applies to everyone. Getting arrested doesn’t mean he’s a “bad guy” or a gangster, it simply means he broke the law. Breaking the law has it’s consequences, bachur or senior citizen!

    Did TLS report when I, a” yungerman” got a ticket?? I know, had I not paid it….and gotten arrested, I would have earned the fame of getting onto TLS. For now, I’ll have to suffice with the fame my comments bring me on TLS!

  8. #12 – In NY they tow your car for unpaid parking tickets. In NJ they don’t. In NJ they’ll bring you in for unpaid moving violations and in NY too!!

  9. it is a seriously ridiculous law they have no idea if u r aware of ticket or warrant they could b sending it to wrong address from their mistake(yes ive had that happen more than once)and u can b totally unaware of ticket like red light cameras or parking ticket and u never saw ticket or u have a tenant that left out garbage. they should make it that all tickets have to b certified with return reciept otherwise u can be innocently arrested

  10. pay your ticket or fight it in court but It worthless to fight it in court because the judge increased the fine… I now realized to drive safe and reduce the chance to get a ticket

  11. it doesn’t matter if ur jewish, christian, muslim, etc. everyone is entitled to taking care of their own responsibilities. and there are absolutely no excuses for them. if there is something we did that needs our immediate attention, do not depend on someone else to take care of the problem for you. it is YOUR responsibility to get it taken care of. we don’t know why the system works in certain ways but we have to obey the rules and laws. if we don’t, we have to face the consequences.

  12. The Lakewood Municipal Court system is so dysfunctional. They routinely send out legal notices (NOT certified) to wrong addresses. It would be comical if it wasn’t this serious.

    Next on the agenda for the Township is to clean up the bureaucracy of the court system. I’m not referring to the Judges/Lawyers. I’m talking about the clerks and support staff.

  13. But the illegals don’t have to pay.
    I watch them in court snickering when the judge issues them fines+court fees and they just walk out the door laughing.

  14. Don’t think for a minute that the mexicans are walking out of the court room laughing at the judge and not paying the fines and court cost, that’s just their way of showing off in front of the people in the court room, look at them when they are paying the court clerk, they are no longer laughing.

  15. In other states they don’t issue an arrest warrant for an unpaid ticket, that’s kinda the point. If a person doesn’t show up at court, or doesn’t pay, it goes on the record and eventually it’s given to the sheriff to tow the car.

    The idea that someone can get arrested for an unpaid parking ticket is absurd and over-stepping the bounds of proper governance.

    You and the mantra “it’s the law” doesn’t make it right.

  16. Did you just say: otherwise u can be innocently arrested? By the sound of your whole comment, you are a repeat offender. So innocent…NOT!!!

  17. To ck says: you are right!!
    Some people just don’t get it , always an excuse why they did not take care of what should have been a simple issue of maybe a parking/motor vehclie summons . The issue is not recieving the summons its ignoring it and then blaming the “system”

  18. To Ck saysyou are so right
    some people just don’t get it
    The problem is not recieving the summons (Im sure most who have driven for years ,we all have been guilty of some minor infraction)
    The problem is ignoring the summons and then blaming the system

  19. “No, the problem is the punishment doesn’t fit the crime”.
    well I see you just don’t get it , if you ignore a summons you are the problem not the other way arround , sounds like you have been there

  20. You are ignoring my response. Whether I’ve been there is irrelevant to my point about the punishment not fitting the crime. You stating “I see you just don’t get it” isn’t actually a logical argument. It’s called a “cop-out”.

    The bottom line, getting arrested for not paying a parking ticket is excessive punishment. You’re accusatory tangents aren’t coherent arguments that justify the over-reach of the justice system. Again, just because it’s the law doesn’t make it right. Many laws are wrong.

  21. The purpose of the punishment (be it a ticket or warrant) is, First- deter you from doing the crime, and Second is to make restitution painful enough to make you comply with the rules, for the next time.

  22. Quote ” Again, just because it’s the law doesn’t make it right. Many laws are wrong.”
    well you got this right ,there are some laws that do not make sense,however ignoring a summons and having a warrant isssued is not one of them thats called being irresponsible

  23. my last comment here on this your quote”getting arrested for not paying a parking ticket is excessive punishment. ”
    the article says unpaid ticket ( could be speeding,careless driving, reckless driving etc.) it does not state it was a parking ticket, which i would agree would be over the top

  24. They used to have things called “Debtors Prison”, the point being that when someone didn’t owe money they would throw them in prison.

    In the United States, it is unconstitutional to incarcerate someone solely for failing to pay a debt. The way the government gets around this is by claiming that the person is violating a court order. That is what you would call a self-serving technicality.

    Why is a debt owed to the government different than a debt owed to an individual? The whole concept of being arrested for a parking ticket is abhorrent and an example of judicial tyranny, it makes no difference if there was “contempt of court” thrown in. The “contempt of court” ruling is just a mechanism to legalize an otherwise illegal arrest.

    “The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the Constitution so the second will not become the legalized version of the first.”
    -Thomas Jefferson

  25. It is really amazing to see how stupid some (let’s hope it isn’t the majority) Americans are. The Government, judiciary system, and law enforcement all violate our Constitutional Rights every day. It is Unconstitutional to incarcerate someone over debts. Most people who are unable to pay fines or other debts are POOR. The government can NOT make bills of attainder in the United States. That means they can not make laws against groups or classes of people. Laws which allow people to be incarcerated for debts is a law against a class of people- POOR citizens.
    Our government is allowing law enforcement to get away with false charges in order to bring in more revenue for the state. Wait until it happens to you. Wait until you fall on hard times.
    Americans like you are the reason why our government gets away with violating our Constitutional Rights. Without our Freedom and Rights this will no longer be America. They will continue to violate and take away our Rights if they are not put in check. You WILL be affected. One day you will wake up and realize that you no longer have any Rights because the government has taken them all away. This will not be a Free country any more. So you need to wake up.

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