Authorities Investigating Double Stabbing at Tent City

VIDEO: [UPDATED 8:40 PM] Two residents of Tent City were stabbed this evening, as first reported on our News Alerts. The victims, a man and a woman, were stabbed inside the encampment at about 6:30 PM.

Officials say the woman was stabbed in her arm and leg, and the man was stabbed in his chest. The incident reportedly occurred inside a tent.

The victims were transported to Jersey Shore Medical Center.

The suspect fled the scene.

Lakewood’s Detective Bureau and CIU responded to the camp for the investigation.

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  1. This has nothing to do with tent city. This is a national problem with knives. The faster we get knives off our streets, the quicker we’ll solve the issue of knife violence.

    Those who blame this on mental health or on tent city are simply not willing to face the fundamental cause of knife violence – knives!

  2. There is no way to to get rid of knives, even more-so than guns! If someone wants it, he will get it.. but def tent city is not the place to be!
    And it is a crime to allow this tent city to continue.

  3. Growing up in Texas, everyone I knew had guns. Not just guns, but stockpiles. My friend’s Uncle Nelson, for example who had 600 something guns, thought his collection was nothing, “Well ole Clem down yonder has over 900,” he would say.

    However, handguns were never part of our Confederate tradition and were not approved of by the older generation. Still, living in Houston, our younger generation started buying handguns in their later teens. Usually the cops would call your parents, if they caught you shooting in the city (and you were a good ole boy) but one was arrested in Galveston with his 357 magnum because he was 17 at the time. Lawyer got to keep it, like Jack Ruby’s lawyer got his gun (Texas tradition).

    They all got in shot-outs one time or another. Can’t shoot worth the beans with a handgun outside at a distance, so nobody ever got hit.

    There is nothing good about handguns.

  4. There’s something very good about a .45 when u have one chance to stop an intruder charging at u from 15ft away (your bedroom door) A .22 rifle that needs to be reload wont stop anyone

  5. The two that got stabbed was my friends. It has nothing to do with tent city, it has to do with domestic violence which happens all over. My heart goes out to my friend (moderated).

  6. The only good thing about a .22 is that the bullets are cheap. .45 bullets are very expensive, but they wil stop anything.

    I still do not see why anyone needs a handgun. You do not have to be a Lucas McCain, the “Rifleman,” to protect yourself with a .30-.06 or something like that–which has a fairly large cartridge capicity.

  7. The rate of violence, death, injury etc. for a total “population” of some 80 people is sickening. I mean “Tent City” must be THE most dangerous place to live in the U.S. Oh, and the education system is also below national average.

  8. Now I know the townships strategy. if they do nothing , at this rate the inhabitants of tent city will perish one by one. Ether by fire, knife, or gun. And it won’t cost the the township or tax payers anything. Brilliant!

  9. Expensive bullets, who cares, I don’t need more than one magazines worth. I need a small gun that I can grab and shoot at someone in my house possibly 10-15 ft away and charging. That’s why I need a handgun, a gun that maneuverable, and a powerful one too.

  10. They should have security at the entrance to tent city. They should have armed guards at the entrance. Who pays you ask? They should charge all the “tent”ants a monthly fee to cover costs, no different then all those condominiums that charge a monthly fee.


  12. I find most of the comments here to be of a slanderous nature. It’s very sad that people have to live this way, when a few blocks away people bathe in opulence. The whole idea that people of one class are better than people of another class is just absurd. Our social system needs to be revamped so that some people are not forced to live under this kind of stress. I hope that those who joke about this, never have to deal with this sort of stress.

  13. What the heck is everyone waiting for? Residents Sue, Township Evict, Judge Overule. TALK IS CHEAP! We must take action immediately and have TENT CITY CLOSED TODAY, NOT TOMORROW!

  14. The people in Tent City need to be relocated in doors to a makeshift shelter and social services needs to evaluate what each of them needs. This needs to be done NOW! If they don’t leave, pull down all the

  15. Sorry Mark, But you’re way off the Mark on this one.

    How dare you frame this issue around opulence vs. squalor and about forcing people to live under these conditions?

    This is absolutely an issue about safety, sanitary conditions of Tent City, as well as all of the neighboring communities.

    No community ANYWHERE in United States would sanction a communal living area where there are no roads, building, fire, plumbing and electrical safety measures in place. The potential dangers are enormous.

    I don’t know where you live Mark. But would you want them in your backyard? Me thinketh NOT……. Hard working, law abiding citizens should not fear their safety, or be concerned about their falling neighborhoods. Even if you would sanction these living conditions, Tent City does not need to be in anyone’s backyard.

    What does this have to do with ideas that people of one class are better than people of another class, as you asked? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!

    Mark, I do sense an agenda, though… that has nothing to do with Tent City………

  16. That judge that overruled the twsp is a genious. He’s also v/ kind; doing a service for the poor impoverished ppl of ocean County. Can’t s/one explain to him: leaving Tent city open for them is NOT a good thing. DB

  17. To # 32. If the whole liberal World Would listen even a little bit, our country wouldn’t be in the situation it is . Our judge, our legislators, and for that matter our President, have no interest in listening. They have their ideology and you can’t budge them.

  18. Reading the brief submitted by Mr. Wild on behalf of the Homeless, Lakewood has allowed this to go on since 2006. He argues for equittalbe estoppel, meaning that a court will not aid the town since the town has unclean hands through its acquiesence over the years.

    This is par for the course in our town. Look the other way. Reminds me of of the zoning laws and safety codes over the last few decades that were not enforced. From our elected school leaders to our elected town leaders, salutory neglect has always been the rule.

  19. Mark,
    Why does everything have to be a class issue or a racial issue? why can’t it just be what it really is, a group of people breaking every law imaginable, causing real safety issues for an entire community. you say, “our social system needs to be revamped so that some people are not forced to live under this kind of stress”. what is wrong with you? why is that the governments responsibility? where does the entitlement end? while i completely agree with you that this is not something to joke about, how about coming up with real solutions instead of just blaming everything on the government or the people who live “a few blocks away…and bathe in opulence”. oh yeah, and they control the banks too.

  20. If the court will not help the town then the town must now act! Find a makeshift even temporary shelter NOW! If not, the town leaves us no choice and we must sue the town too!

  21. (1) I highly doubt the comment regarding banning knives was meant to be taken seriously.(2) I think the judge ruling over this case would sing a different tune if he were living within close proximity to tent city. I don’t understand the logic behind this whole mess.

  22. Have any of you with your negative comments actually been to tent city? These people make the best of what they have. No matter where people live, if they are going to stab,shoot, burn, etc etc… They will do it. Try going there and seeing the church they put together or the dining area. My heart breaks for everyone there.

  23. To Jen.
    Been there. live right next door. Negative comments or not, church or nor, good intentions or not, they live there illegally and that’s that. They gotta go

  24. To Jen. They do not make the best of anything. All they do is sit around, drink, do drugs and attack each other. If you truly feel sorry for them get them the help they truly need. The enabling pastor has it all wrong. Don’t be fooled.

  25. I have on one occasion dropped off some can goods and bottled water to Tent City. In addition. a church group I belong to here in Jackson donated money to help them, which I voted for. I pray for these people, that their burdens ease. We all have something to learn from what is happening here.

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