AUDIO & VIDEO: Tisha B’av Shiurim by Reb Sruly Bornstein

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Learning B’iyun During Aveilus
Moed Katan 21 / 12:48 Mon Web

Paskening During Aveilus and Before Birchas HaTorah
Moed Katan 21 / 15:17 Web

מצות תלמוד תורה בתשעה באב
Taanis 30 / 25:29 Web

Adar and Av: Two Sides of One Coin
Megilla 32 / 7:55 Web

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Multi-Part Series for Tisha Baav

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder
Yoma 54 / 15M 51S Web

Davening for the Beis Hamikdash
Yoma 10/6M 57S Web

Gog and Magog
Yoma 10/10M 12S Web

A Missed Opportunity in the Times of Ezra
Yoma 9/4M 10S Web

The Second Bais Hamikdash
Yoma 8/32M 15S Web

The Destruction of Mishkan Shiloh
Yoma 9/4M 2S Web

The Asarah Harugei Malchus on Yom Kippur and Tisha B’Av
Pesachim 16/14M 20S Web
Was R’ Chanina Sgan Hakohanim really one of the עשרה הרוגי מלכות?

The Connection Between the Chet Haegel And Mechiras Yosef
Pesachim 16/9M 25S Web

The Tefillin Of Churban Beitar
Gittin 58/6M 40S Web

Tzadik Gamur vs Bal Tshuva, who is greater?
Shabbos 147/19M 56S Web

R’ Akiva
Shabbos 139/3M 8S Web

Tinokos Shel Beis Rabban will bring Moshiach
Shabbos 120/5M 50S Web

Why was the Beis Hamikdash destroyed
Shabbos 120/1M 44S Web

Unconditional Love will Bring the Geulah
Shabbos 90/10M 6S Web

R’ Gamliel and R’ Elazar Ben Azarya
Berachos 28/8M 10S Web

Rebbi Chutzpis Hamiturgiman
Berachos 28/2M 40S Web

Mishkal Hachasidus
Berachos 11/14M 26S Web

Avshalom trying to kill his father is a Nechama for Dovid Hamelech
Berachos 7/2M 38S Web

9 Days Siyum
Temurah 20/7M 47S Web

Pritzim Came And Defiled It
Bechoros 50/15M 39S Web

The Significance Of The Gid HaNasheh
Chulin 92/8M 20S Web

Can The Bais Hamikdash Be Tamei
14M 4S Web

Chizuk A Day After Tisha B’Av
Zevachim 101/4M 32S Web

The Importance Of The קרבן תמיד
Zevachim 89/12M 27S Web

What did the Romans do with the spoils from the Beis Hamikdash?
Megilah 6/3M 15S Web

Tisha B’Av should always be on 10 Av
Megilah 5/1M 47S Web

Crying Over Lost Beauty
2M 24S Web

Tisha B’av & The Sciatic Nerve
8M 16S Web

Gittin 56
#KamtzaBarKamtza #BayisSheini #PosekHador #RestOfTheStory #RomanEmperors #ThreeWealthyMen #ControversialDecision by Sruly Bornstein

Gittin 57
#PostMortem  #RoosterAndHen #ChurbanBeitar #BarKochbaRevolution #AnotherGlassOfWine #CensoredGemarah #BabyloniaEdom #ZechariasBlood by Sruly Bornstein

Gittin 58
#ChurbanBaisHamikdash #SomberStories #RiskingLifeForMitzvah #BrisTorah #PayingRansom #DyingForTorah #MotherAnd7Sons #TishaBaav By Sruly Bornstein

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