AUDIO & TEXT: Urgent Message from Dr. Daniel Roth

For the sake of your family, your neighbors, and your  friends, do not go out of your house

to stop the spread and save lives.

NO ONE should go out of their homes except for ESSENTIAL FOOD and MEDICINE.

Grocery shopping and medicine shopping should be done by REMOTE ORDERING  and DELIVERY if at all possible.

If you must go to a grocery store, sanitize your hands and the handle of the shopping cart with Purell when you enter the store. Before you get into your car, sanitize your hands and your steering wheel and your door handles (inside and out) with Purell. When you get home, wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds.

Do not touch your face while you are out.

Do not go out if you have fever or cough.

If you are out, stay 6 feet away from other people.

Do not TALK to people in the store. Do not TALK to the cashier.

Leave your shoes outside or just inside the door. The virus can attach to the soles of your shoes.

GROCERY ITEMS or MAIL or PACKAGES arriving at your home should be left outside for as long as possible; the virus can live for 24 hours on cardboard and up to three days on plastic.   Wash your grocery items with SOAP and WATER and throw away the bags they came in.  Wash your hands for 20 seconds with soap and water after that process.

Grandparents or parents should not be in your homes, as they risk a higher chance of DEATH if they get the disease.  No one should go from one home to another, including parents and grandparents.

People should not have cleaning help come to their homes.

If you have cough and fever you should assume you have this coronavirus and go into quarantine. There are not enough resources to test everyone yet but this illness is so rampant in our community currently that most people who have these symptoms indeed have this virus. If the symptoms are more severe, please call your doctor immediately for advice.

if you are sick with the virus, stay more than six feet from family members and wear a mask if yourare able. Stay far away from anyone over 60 or immunocompromised.

These guidelines will protect yourselves, your families, the rest of our community, and will SAVE LIVES. 

If YOU practice these guidelines, you will be fulfilling your responsibility as a member of the klal. Every single person who follows these guidelines might actually be saving a life, even if no one else follows these guidelines. The fewer people the virus can reach, the fewer people it can infect and the fewer people it can be transmitted to.

Everyone can spread this deadly virus, even if you are not sick now.

If every family stays in their homes, the virus will starve and die. The virus needs human hosts to live. If people are not in contact with each other, the virus will die faster, because it will have nowhere to go.


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  1. Please spread to at least ten people who do not have internet. I think that anyone who has internet should send out a text to ten ppl any time any news such as this that is pikuac nefesh comes out. I saw many ppl outside today and I am sure it is because they did not know better because they were not informed. I personally asked some people by phone last week and they did not get any of the calls. Many ppl are not on the list and do not get the robocalls.

  2. Wow! Reading the transcript/text of this (with all the CAPITALIZED words) and listening to the actual recording were 2 VERY different experiences!

  3. Here’s my question that no one is asking and no one is answering. If this is so contagious and spreads so easily and it’s been here for this long before we even started the lockdown doesn’t that mean that everyone was most likely exposed already? And if yes and it’s a virus that to my understanding you can’t get twice that should mean that the damage this can do is already done. So what’s the point of the lockdown?? Someone who knows what he’s talking about please answer. Thank you

    • Simple. If someone has let’s say a 40 percent chance of not catching a serious illness, woudn’y you do everything you can not to catch it?

  4. Thank you for article. No Purell, rubbing alcohol, or sanitizer available in the State of NJ. NYS is producing it in the prisons. The US Gov. Should follow suite. With all respect, the Dr. from Kiryas Joel, Orange County NY, sounds more encouraging.

  5. Can you explain why staying inside will help if we have all been exposed already? Especially if most people are having symptoms and Probably have it? And once you are allowed to go to the store don’t you still have a chance of spreading…? And why does the two weeks help? If we all stay in for two weeks and then go out will we for sure safe? Isn’t this distance thing only going to work if we stay in for two months???? A lot of people don’t understand.. thank you for clarifying

    • You can get it again. There’s no proof of long term immunity. This virus has claimed many lives already. Many were otherwise healthy. I know a few critical condition in the hospital and one that has already passed. It’s a newer virus, we need to take precautions.

  6. The line about cleaning ladies should be bold. For some reason, people are keeping their kids home from school, not going to minyan or even the grocery store but somehow forget to cancel the cleaning lady who goes from house to house & touches everything!

    • I saw that in my neighborhood yesterday and couldn’t believe the carelessness. This would be a good time to teach your kids to how to do household chores.

  7. Just went to a local grocery and was astounded to see many elderly people and people that were coughing. People are in denial about A) their age and B) Their health. Putting their own lives and loves of others at risk.
    Its scary!!

  8. It would be helpful if the stores would hire more people so they could do more deliveries. There are so many unemployed now in our community & everywhere. I did not want to go out to shop but had no choice when no delivery was available.

  9. Why don’t we do what the UK is doing? All seniors and immunocompromised people are quarantined while everyone else is living normally.

  10. I would think that produce that comes into the house should be washed with dish soap and hot water if possible before eating, and I would think twice before eating takeout food (who knows if the person preparing it has the virus).( Just because there isn’t data on this, doesn’t mean you can’t use common sense.)
    Also Dr. Roth if you are reading this, or any Doctor for that matter.
    Please urge the local groceries to make it easy for us to make orders instead of coming in to the store. Right now there is a 3-4 day wait for orders placed at the big grocery stores, and by the time the order is filled 1/4 of the order can be sold out. If Grocery stores were urged to encourage shoppers to place orders instead of coming in, and online orders were efficient, then I think that would reduce the in-store traffic significantly.

  11. Great article. I’d love to not go out for groceries but when I went on the Gourmet Glatt app (last night) to place an order I was told no more available deliveries for the ENTIRE WEEK … so now what?? Yup, I’ll be going to the store, regardless of how I feel. If they really don’t want us in the stores than we need to be able to get delivery.

  12. Even unemployed ppl arenot looking risk their health and jeopordize their families by taking jobs to fill grocery orders. What’s riduculous is to see the grocery orders ppl send in to be filled as though we are just living in normal times. Wake up and smell the Corona! Dont limit yourself to only the choice meats! And if this virus has closed down our shuls, it tells you to be flexible about the brand of chicken you eat. It is quite exasperating to hear a person smile sweetly and beatifcally and declare “but we dont eat that hechsher”. And if you truly dont, largely because you have some half truths and many gaps of information, then be willing to forego some items on your yom tov menu.

  13. Question. If we all stay home for a time and the virus does out in our community and then life resumes as normal. Won’t it come back from elsewhere? In order to truly keep it from coming back won’t we need to quarantine until it ends in the entire world? That would be a really long time because if our goal is to keep it from spreading those who don’t get it now are still vulnerable and it can and will come back from elsewhere. An honest question.

  14. Y’all are just questioning everything he said just do what is being told and we can beat this everyone can get sick no matter what the age is this is about protecting your family at this point that is all that matter just stay inside unless you have to go out for something that you need that’s it to many people are getting sick there’s already 42 people sick so u think that we need more we don’t we can beat this as long as everyone listens

  15. Question – we want to SLOW the spread. (That’s called flattening the curve). Too many critical cases at once and there’s no more hospital beds and no more respirators. And then the doctors are forced to decide which life is most worth saving!! R”L. When lockdown is lifted there may be more cases but hopefully by then hospitals have restocked resources and have more open beds.

  16. I dont feel that these comments reflect the feelings of 99.9% of Lakewood. Eeryone understands that if staying inside even slightly slows the spread, the lockdowns are worthwhile. We all undestand the grave dangers that are facing us, and are staying inside unless we are forced to go out, and even then we are petrified as we walk through the grocery aisles..Anyone reading these comments from outside of Lakewood- please realize that 99.9% of lakewood understands this. Wishing everyone only the best of health, and a speedy end to this all.

  17. So we are not allowed to have a conversation cant know the facts? Just follow what u r told i think im allowed to think for myself. Thank you @healthcare professional for straight answer. So to understand you are saying everyone will get this eventually we are just trying to spread it out so everyone doesn’t get it at once. Correct?

  18. Dr. Roth,
    I am supposed to be moving next week. There still is much work that has to be done in the house before we move in. On the one hand, I understand the seriousness of the situation,on the other hand ,I don’t know when it will get better and I can not afford to pay rent and mortgage in 2 different homes. What am I supposed to do? Not to mention all the other complications that are arising,such as having the kids home while trying to pack,and making pesach when we were not planning on it. What would you advise?
    Thank you

  19. Daniel Roth is not an infectious disease Dr and has no professional license to comment on things that he has not been trained for. In fact I believe it’s more dangerous to listen to his comments than people may understand. BH there are trained CDC doctors who are available to assist us all. Best not to listen to advice from an optician.

  20. Dr. We would appreciate some info on this Hydrochloriquine drug that seems to be doing well, i have heard credible info and not only from Kiryas Joel, that people have seen symptoms stop.
    the only answer i hear is that there is no data,
    its a desperate time and that calls for a different approach,

    if this pill works then BeH this whole thing could end, why not speak about this option? i would love to hear your opinion on this.

    thank you

  21. Thank you Dr Roth for continuing to take time from your practice and life to help educate the public. As a Yale educated physician who is an adjunct professor in Robert Wood Johnson, you surely know more than those commenting negatively on the Lakewood Scoop about exactly what type of doctor you are. So just letting you know that we so appreciate you helping people stay safe and save lives. Even the lives of people who don’t even know it.

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