AUDIO: Rav Yaakov Landau ZT”L on Freezer Policies

In Lakewood, Rav Yaakov Landau ZT”L was the Rav of K’hal Chanichei Hayeshivos and opened Mesivta Tiferes Shmuel, where he served as rosh yeshiva to throngs of talmidim who followed his every word.

Over his very productive life, he was marbitz Torah to thousands of talmidim. Every year on Parshas Shemos at the beginning of the holy days of Shovavim, Rav Landau would speak to his Talmidim about the holiness of being a Yid, and the great spiritual level one can attain.

Despite speaking to Ninth graders, Rav Landau made a point in his subtle way to speak about the importance of living a life of Kedushah VeTeharah, and the importance of American Yeshivos to end “Freezer Policies” which don’t allow Bochurim to date before a time period that the Yeshivah decides.

This Shmuz, which was said in Lakewood in the year 2020, two years before his passing, Rav Landau condenses many topics – including dealing with Yissurim, and mentions the need to end “Freezer Policies” and to live a spiritually pure life.

Listen to the Shmuz below.

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  1. The only freezer policy I’m aware of is that of BMG. No one is forced to enroll there. If you do you so it means you are going to follow its Daas Torah.

    • where else should one go???

      and why are there no other choices???

      you really believe that nobody else was interested in trying to open a yeshiva???

      • I’m not saying that at all. Judging by its success, BMG is obviously doing something right with 99% of its policies, why should this be any different?

        • Hashem is helping Klal Yisroel learn Torah and that is the success we are witnessing, and hopefully the shidduch age will be lowered and we will make Hashem happy

    • All the Gedolim in EY spoke against the freezer policy in the USA. If they collect money from the Tzibbur they also are Meshubad to the Torah and if the Gedolim HaDor said it is Assur when they instituted it 30 years ago which they all did. More recently R’ Chaim Kanievsky said it is Assur….. there’s no individual Daas Torah…… we all have to answe to the same Borei Olam.

    • Perhaps you have a point if it only effected the Bochurim. This unfortunately is causing an unsustainable strain on the Bnos Yisrael……. It’s not fair not to allow Bochurim who want to date while you have the only monopoly in town. BTW not all Roshei Yeshivah in town are for it. Several prominent Roshei Yeshivah held exactly as Rabbi Landau did.

    • What you wrote is laughable. You know as well as everyone that in the Litvish system there isn’t another choice. All competition Yeshivas have been stifled. R’ Chaim Kanievsky said thisto thousands that this rule is Masneh al mah Shelia’s BeTorah

    • This is striking in our essence of Kedusha. There should be a movement of opening another Yeshivah. In the Chasidish world (Satmar, Bobov etc.) opening another Mossad was helpful to Yiddishkeit. Anotehr Mossad should be encouraged to be opened where we can adhere to the Gedolei HaDor and be without a Freezer Policy

  2. Thanks for posting this INCREDIBLE CLIP!!! We all know that ALL Israeli Gedolim were AGAINST Freezer Policies as they are detrimental to Kedushah. Some incorrectly assume there is LESS of a Yetzer Hora in America despite the Israeli Gedolim writing several letters to abolish Freezer Policies in the USA. Yet here is an American born and bred Giant who felt the need to tell this to Ninth graders… We should all learn from R’ Landau.

    • I learned by Rabbi Landau in Torah Temimah. He was not from this generation. He was many notches of Kedushah above most of his contemporaries. He conveyed Torah in such a Neimus that it is so hard to find. He would give this Shovavim Shuir every year though we were only in Ninth Grade. Regarding the Freezer, I don’t think it happened during the Shovavim Shuir, but I clearly remember him breaking down and crying about the need in our generation to be without such a policy

    • And somehow that yetzer hara is less potent while you’re trapsing around EY for 2 years? either skip EY entirely or come back 6 months earlier. Problem solved.

  3. What an inspiration. I think 99% of us know the Freezer is wrong and all American Yeshivos are about to abolish it under the directive of R’ Moshe Hillel Hirsch. The rest of this speech is equally enlightening. I never merited to learn by Rav Landau. Are his other Shuirim available online?

  4. Thanks for Posting this. There are Bochurim who are in their mid 20’s want to go out right away… Yet a policy that is LESS THAN 30 years old is Stopping them. As Rav Landau points out, ist is not good for the Kedusha of the Bochurim.

    It is obvious what a disaster this has been for the Bnos Yisrael…..

  5. Thanks for posting this. He is stating the obvious about the Freezer……. It’s a failed thirty year old policy which R’ Mattisyahu Salamon tried to have all American Yeshivos stop and listen to the Israeli Gedolim and immediately end it.

  6. This is something we all have to internalize. They are not releasing the numbers of the Shidduch Survey because there are so many single girls. Although the Freezer is only PART of the problem…… perhaps a small part of it. This is the easiest fix which has to be initiated immediately. We have to stop the freezer which is only 30 years old. We have to listen to Daas Torah of R’ Shach, R’ Elyashiv, R’ Aharon Leib, R’ Shmuel Auerbach and of course R’ Chaim Kanievsky and immediately end this policy.

  7. Some people incorrectly think Freezer Policies in the USA go back to R’ Moshe Feinstein or R’ Aharon Kotler. It is not true. I remember when the Yeshivos in the USA instituted it. Was less then 30 years ago. This is a fact!!!!!

  8. Time to listen to the Gedolim and end the policy…… The Gedolim of EY have clearly spoken that this should be stopped right away. Thank you to TLS for posting this and the other letters of the Gedolim on this matter.

  9. Gantz Shvach, As far as the freezer elimination thing goes.

    He says it under his breath more as a quip.

    The BMG freezer has been in effect since 1987 and not one guy complained about it in all my days there.

    I once joked to Rav Shustal if he can refreeze me for another 4 months.

    Alteh Bucher

  10. If there is no freezer policy in place then a Bochur will never get settled in Yeshiva and such a Matzav could be detrimental to the Yeshiva. Hence the policy. And by the way the Freezer is only for a few months. All the Yeshiva is saying is first get settled in Yeshiva and then start dating. A Yeshiva is a place to learn before anything else.

    • Glad you are on the level of Ben Azai…..

      Not everyone is as strong as you in Ruchniyus to deal with the Nisyonos. The average Bochurim coming back to America are 23. They have to get married as delineated by Chazal and Daas Torah of the Einei HaEdeh the Gedolim of EY who understand the Nisyonos of our generation. The Mashgiach R’ Mattisyahu hard to write it but Zatsal was against the Freezer as well. He probably would be more against it if he would see the large number of single girls. Of course this is only a small part of the Shidduch Challenge. But in my humble opinion it is the easiest part of the problem to fix. Hopefully when they change this there will be others as well

    • if the bochur wants to learn then he will continue to learn even without the freezer and in case he is no longer interested in learning then not only will the freezer not help him learn but it can chalilah push him away from the Torah path

      • Excellent point. As Frum Yidden we have to listen to our Torah, Gedolim HaDor. It is hard to listen to someone who is only responsible for the Girls, or someone only responsible for the Bochurim. That’s why there’s a concept of Daas Torah that sees the whole picture. If R’ Chaim Kanievsky was against it then it should be game over for the Freezer. Besides R’ Chaim there were many other Gedolim against the Freezer including R’ Shach, R’ Elyashiv, R’ Aharon Leib, R’ Shmuel Auerbach Yblcta R’ Moshe Shternbuch told my son to ignore the freezer. Many American Gedolim besides R’ Yaakov Landau, R’ Kolman Krohn, R’ Matisyahu Salomon were against the policy as well

  11. The policy that bochurim should not begin to date until after a few months of Yeshiva attendance, otherwise known as the “freezer”, was instituted in order to ensure that they weren’t coming to BMG to get a good shiduch. And that’s the only reason why. It made a tremendous difference in the level of learning, no question about it.

  12. The push to eliminate the freezer is to service the girls ages 21 and 22 and older, so that they can get to the new crop of guys right away and rule out the many earlier boys that are still available to them from earlier years.

    It does absolutely nothing to fix the shidduch crisis.

  13. no point in arguing about “what if” when anyone who looks around can see the disaster that has been wreaked on the entire girl side of the mechitza in fact even those who do get married feel pressured about the whole thing because they are not treated equal due to the inequal numbers on both sides which is what happens when you are trying to force waiting and enforce postponing by matching up disparate age groups

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