AUDIO: Non-Legitimate Emergency Service Allegedly Forwards Prank Calls to Hatzolah CJ During Fatal Accident Call

During a serious emergency call yesterday afternoon in Jackson, which resulted in two fatalities and other serious injuries, Hatzolah of Central Jersey dispatchers were being pranked – allegedly via calls made to a non-legitimate emergency service, initiated by children who apparently found it funny.

TLS has obtained two of the recordings – there are others – of the dispatchers receiving those prank calls.

TLS has further learned that this non-legitimate service – being pranked by kids – has allegedly purposely forwarded the prank calls to Hatzolah – and tie up their resources – in order to “teach the kids a lesson.”

During the course of several pranks, the children admitted to the pranks, which apparently were forwarded to Hatzolah by a non-legitimate, non-NJ-licensed emergency service impersonating Hatzolah – which has been condemned by Askonim, Rabbonim and officials. The children, apparently realizing the organization’s non-legitimacy, decided to have fun with it, possibly not realizing the calls all get forwarded to the real Hatzolah of Central Jersey.

It’s important to note, the organization is comprised almost entirely of young adults who were rejected from all legitimate organizations.

The organization, which attempts to give off the impression it is associated with Hatzolah, operates by listening to frequencies, and responds to private homes and scenes – despite not being called. In fact, at least one local emergency service has already unrolled a ‘silent dispatch’ system, where calls can no longer be monitored. Hatzolah of CJ is also soon unrolling an encrypted service.

“This is the epitome of malicious intent that puts the very lives of members and resident within our communities at stake,” said an Askan directly familiar with the situation. “Even advertising a number to an emergency call you are incapable of handling, puts lives at risk when seconds count. It’s not just irresponsible, it’s literally a matter of life and death.”

He added, “While no amount of conversations with the people responsible for this organization will be effective, it is incumbent on the parents of the children calling in these prank calls to put a stop to it. Continuing with these calls can lead to a loss of life c”v that no one wants to see.”

Authorities are also investigating multiple videos which show some of those members committing various traffic violations, which alone have endangered multiple lives.

Askonim requested that TLS publish the audio recordings in an effort to highlight the dangers, and urge parents to take immediate action.


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  1. Need to call them out by name.
    Publicly shame them. And rabbonim should put out posters also calling them out by name.
    I see the founder walking around with his swag jacket in minyan sometimes.
    Maybe cheirem??
    And his local Rav doesn’t seem to try.

    Knocking a LEGITIMATE organization where I personally know it’s members, and every one of them are simply happy to help the klal.
    ALL their calls are legitimate. Beyond disgusting. You should be ashamed of yourself for promoting Hatzala’s frantic attempt to destroy this perceived threat.

      • “This organization is almost entirely compromised of young adults”

        Not sure why you would categorize married men in their 40’s with successful families and years of medical experience with such a derogatory description.

    • Hey Faigy (not your name)

      There is NOTHING legitimate here.
      Anyone who knows anything about these bitter losers knows that they have absolutely nothing to offer.
      unless you “faigy” appreciate chaos and incompetency.

    • Sometimes people think that bullying is the way to go, sounds like this new organization is putting a dent into the pockets and egos of the guys that thought they own the county. Obviously if their only goal would be to save lives the original organization would’ve probably been run different. I guess their time to get exposed has come and they’re losing it, where did I just see this happen? It was all over the news oh yeah Right Donald JnTeumo was just indicted for nothing just for the sin of exposing the deep state and swamp.

      • I dont know much about this dipute between Hatzolah and this other organization.

        But the moment you start calling out Hatzolah as “nervous they will receive a dent in their pocket” you throw any legitimacy you have to the “pits”.

        You know anyone who made a dime off hatzolah?! of course you will say yes, because your already in that rabbit hole, but try actually bolstering your position with ANY relevant facts and you’ll find yourself quite lacking.

        Your maligning of a reputable organization is evil in its simplest form

    • Boohoo. Did someone insult your husband? These hot headed monsters should worry about saving their own Medrash before making believe they care about other peoples nefashsos.

    • @faigy
      Just wondering what is legitimate about showing up to a serious call without the proper equipment or training??

      True story – These guys showed up to a call last week and could not treat due to lack of equipment and no medics!! (B”H for HCJ who responded in under 3min and were able to stabilize the patient and transported with HCJ medics to hospital)

      By standing up for these animals you are taking responsibility for peoples lives!

  3. While it may be controversial, throw these kids into a jail cell for an hours. Shake them up a bit. And fine them/parents alot. Life and death isn’t a joke

  4. At the accident this past Sun in Gourmet Glatt Plaza, when the first ambulance arrived and tried to make the left turn into the plaza from W Kennedy Blvd, a driver coming out of the plaza drove directly in front of the ambulance, causing the ambulance to slow down to avoid yet another accident. A lot of people got to rethink their priorities in life.

  5. Knowingly forwarding a phony call to an emergency service?!?!! If that does not explain in full what this sham organization is all about then I don’t know what does!!!

    • Interesting how the forwarding part bothers you(if that is the truth) but the fact that kids and/or Adults keep prank calling an emergency hotline doesn’t bother you at all shows your true bias you mean no ones favor here but your own ego get a life dude

  6. This article may be partially factual, but it’s loshon hora. Hatzolah doesn’t have a monopoly on emergency services.

    • that is a question for Rabbonim and if they decide that it is more effective as a monopoly then that is the correct way.

      in europe there was only chevra kadisha and they handled every crisis, anyways, i never heard a astory of 2 competing chevra kadisha in the same city, and it wouldn’t even make sense.

      so, this gas to go before a herkev of Rabbonim to decide for the to’eles haklal.

      • There actually is a city with more then one chevera kadisha like Brooklyn, which keeps prices in check, and many more benefits. Monsey also had competing chevras, because of overprice allegations. Generally the public benefits in the end.

      • Its a little idiosyncratic to talk about monopolies when as a whole Hatzalah is the best paramedic service in the world… I don’t know how much hatzaloh billed you in the past for a call, but usually its hard to get cheaper than free

    • And since when do News Networks or organizations care about Lashon Hora? It’s all about the clicks or creating the Narrative to match what the best paying customers want.

  7. When is comes to pikuach nefesh these things must be regulated by rabbonim, Askonim, and the state. This other organization has no paramedics and their EMTs don’t receive nearly the amount of training HoCJ EMTs get. I’ve also seen these guy in this so called hatzalah, and I wouldn’t want any of them responding if my wife was in labor lol

  8. very confusing article. Btw, Hatzala of CJ should require all it’s members to drive personal vehicles with NJ license plates! When I initially saw the big black van with NY license plates driving with its lights I was skeptical! After some research I learned that this is indeed a legitimate Hatzala of CJ member. But it does raise a red flag when his license plate is out of state!

  9. This article is disgusting, trying to blame a fully legit EMS company for the pranks of kids. Using the fact the askanim weren’t happy about the organization to blast it in a disgusting way. Where’s your proof that they call buff? You just listen to rumors without verifying them? What happend to being dan lkaf zechus?? This is probably the worst lashon hara ever been reported by this site, and that says a lot. How old was the person who wrote this attack? Show this article to any of the rabbanim who were against it and they would be disgusted. You should be embarrassed.

    • The children on the recording themselves say that they were transferred from Hatzulah Nefoshos. Why would Hatzulah nefoshos do that? That is the proof that they are a ridiculous organization. They get pranked so they decide to forward the calls to Hatzalah?! That most definitely has a risk of causing issue.

    • if they will decisively work with true integrity to save the baby than i would rather thank you

      emergency is not a social event it’s not about who is the shaliach the main thing is that everyone comes home alive

  10. Can everyone just be civil and be kind to each other we have so many other issues in this world

    Let’s try and get along better together

    Thank you

    • Why? Because it’s shedding light on a ridiculous group on meshugayim? (not even worth the title of an organization)
      Perhaps this will get them to finally stop causing issues that can C”V lead to someone’s death.

        • Forwarding prank calls can lead to delays for real Hatzalah phone calls, buffing (showing up when not called) calls without proper equip or training and getting in the way are some of the ways.
          Those are all besides for advertising to call your organization in an emergency but being unable to properly cover the area promoted.
          People who moved recently have unknowingly called them instead of Hatzalah and have had extremely delayed response times (in one case 50 minutes). So if Chas V’Shalom it is a real serious call and moments count it can lead to someone’s death.

  11. Hi if H.N is correct of not do off rd being open is another topic. If if it’s true that they forwarded to hatzolah is serious it should be taken care of by rabbonim who signed them off. However yhe kids who make the prank call must be dealt with it’s. Or only about waisted time to the Disbatcher wich can cost a life. The kids them self are at risk………. Parents MUST be on top of this matter……..

  12. Thank god these young members didn’t get accepted into CJ Hatzolah

    We gotta be very careful who we let into our houses. unfortunately organizations have pressure to accept more with less vetting

    • please now are you so careful where you go on vacation???

      you never ate takeout? you trusted the immigrant in your own kitchen!! you spoke so openly to and thought so nicely about the person who sat next to you on the flight, etc.

      and those are shkotzim, here we are talking about meyuchasdige yidden, the sons of your friends and chavrusas

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