AUDIO: Hashem said, “Shut it Down”; Powerful thoughts about this Mageifa

From a Baltimore resident to his children.

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  1. Heard this yesterday, must listen!!! (Don’t get caught up on the black hat comment, at first came across to me different than the intended message, I think he means it as a kal vachhomer not a bash at a certain type).

  2. This audio is a classic. Listen and absorb the message!! So on the money that it’s unreal. Articulate and penetrating message. But will people listen?? I hope so. There’s a reason this is going viral I believe.

  3. This left me shaking. It’s difficult to look in the mirror and acknowledge the truth, but obviously HaShem is trying to get our attention and telling us to grow up already. We need to be listening and growing.

  4. Please call the cause of the pandemic what it is, a virus. It is not a plague.

    This is not a time for misinformation.

    Moreover, it is insulting to our dignity as human beings to insinuate that a plague is ravaging our population. Do some research on the plague and its causes.

  5. I’ve heard many nice speeches posted by various rabbonim with great lessons. However none have hit this on the head like this.
    TLS, this should be stickied to top of your webite.

  6. It is an accurate description of the matzav and our needed response. I would just add one point regarding the kovod of our Batei Midrashim
    For the last year or so there has been a great hisorerus on not talking in shul. Some tzaddikim have spent fortunes to get the message across. After anyone has seen/read these messages – for them to c”v continue talking (or any other zilzul such as coming late and/or leaving early, or the kiddush makers) is nothing less than an affront to the RBS”O and the Shechina r”l. We MUST be mekabel that we will change our ways for the RBS”O to let us back in to His houses. PLEASE join. It is b’nafsheinu. Ah gezunte and kusheren Yom Tov

  7. Ok , Mr. very articulate orator from Baltimore.

    Not sure where your hanging out, but here in Lakewood NJ where I reside , no one is talking down at knitted Yarmulke people, and Yeshiva people from Yerocham, Yeshivas Hesder, and Yeshivas Mossad Harav and the like.

    In my neighborhood shul’s we don’t see the woman dress styles that you so graphically described.

    Vast majority weddings that I and most attend have become fairly standardized over the last ten years . Halls are mainly jazzed up yeshiva dining rooms and similar looking, all with one man bands.

    Sorry to pour cold water.

    Alteh Bucher

  8. amazing, amazing – how true & yes, i have to think good ‘n hard how to put this into practice. i wd. love to know who this sensible honest person is – i’m sure his family are very special ppl.
    esther from j’salem.

  9. very easy to bash weddings after you married all your kids off! and i dont think that our parents and grand parents only invited family to simchos, dont get radical! last but not least, hashem isnt an achzor and doesnt get mad, he certainly doesnt yell “SHUT IT DOWN” rather he sits and cries over every shul and yeshiva that had to close “imo anochi b`tzora” hashem says, i am with you in your pain, hashem still loves his children no matter what, althought this may be a tremendous time of middas hadin, i think the rhetoric in this speech wasnt right

  10. To Alter Bachur: he’s not just referring to your shul There’s a HUGE percentage of Shuls and weddings that need a lot of chizuk!
    To maaman: We do need such strong words! No one has been listening to Takonos!
    And the Navi does say I don’t need your Korbanos says HaShem! That’s pretty HARSH words!
    Our grandparents did make smaller weddings and Klal Yisroel was much smaller after the war They had very few relatives and a few more friends No shaychis!
    And finally in defense of the Tzadik from Baltimore It makes no difference that he married off all his kids BH The message is clear and accurate and not all of us saw it wrong at the time Now he does too
    He has a Big Zchus
    My daughter just got engaged BH I WOULD LIKE TO JOIN OTHERS IN SMALL WEDDINGS

    • R’ Zussman: I, too, look forward bezr”H to sharing in small weddings with family and perhaps a few, closest friends. (See & think about the recent letter from 3 Rabbonim.) Thank you for your good answers and comments to the anonymous 29 minute recording (which I listened to several times). In addition, pertaining to Hilchois Losh’n Horo, after reviewing the halachois for decades and consulting -today- with other “baalei losh’n toiv,” it appears that to illustrate the scope of the situation by randomly citing examples of closures, to alert us to ourselves and our “arvus,” seems to be “ein toi’eles gdoi’la me’zu”.

  11. Please delete this audio. While there may be some truth to what he says it applies and is true only of a miut of klal yisreol. At a time when we need to be more makpid on lashon hara this audio sends shockwaves of loshon hara through cyberspace. At a time when we need zechusim for rachamim to reach kisei hakavod this audio sends malachai gnai to bring so much kitrug on klal yisroel. Unless nevua has suddenly come down to Baltimore with the virus nobody can know that Hashem said Get Out and for the reasons he gives!! His words, as uncomfortable as they may be, give solace to all who grapple with why Hshm sent this to us as he gives reasons none of us can possibly know. So yes, we may have what to work on but lets work rather towards being dan others lkaf zechus and worry about our own families without maligning all of klal yisreol while prophesizing about reasons we do not have any way to know about. So please. Take down this audio. If you heard it dont be mekabel what you’ve heard. Wait for our gedolim to share what they perceive as tikunim for our dor. Please be mispallel for refuos and yeshuos and the ability for each of us to search our own selves.

  12. I listened to the recording and was wowed, I loved it. However one thing is clear the reason we make a big deal out of weddings is actually sourced in the gemara mesechas kesubos. The gemara says the reason there was a minhag to get married on wed is that we want to give the Chassan 3 days to prepare “shelo t’hei kalla b’einav l’hotzio” that he should have an incentive not to divorce her easily. Now that doesn’t mean that we should c”v make elaborate lavish weddings, but we should make a simple wedding for all the people you know.

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