ATV Riding on Lakewood Roads on the Rise

PHOTO: It appears ATV is the “in” sport this season. Over the last two weeks, police have received numerous complaints from motorists and residents in various areas in town complaining about the All Terrain Vehicles riding being driven on their blocks – something illegal in New Jersey.

According to New Jersey State Law, ATVs are not to be driven on public roads or highways.

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  1. We should really ban the ATV’s from the public roads, so that they become illegal. Obviously, once they become illegal, nobody would dare drive them on the public roads.

    I mean, if banning gans will stop the criminals from having them, of course banning ATV’s on the public roads will stop the criminals from driving them on the open roads.

    Elementary, dear Watson!

  2. The police should check out Morris Ave. Everyday a group of boys rode their dirt bikes and ATV on the sidewalks and roads. Besides being annoying , it is a danger. There are many young children in tis community that could be in harms way anytime these vehicles are on the road.

  3. with the cost of registration, insurance, and annual re-registration = expect more people to come up wacky ways to get around. NJ should blame itself. why should i have to RE-register my car? thats so stupid.

  4. Thank you to the public for calling in a reporting this. Now that the weather has warmed up and the increase in reports of these ATV’s the police department will be out enforcing the township and state laws that regulate the use of these vehicles. This enforcement will begin on the weekend. Please continue to call and report their locations.

    Thank you

  5. This is typical in Camden, Philadelphia, basically any crime ridden city where the gangs run the show. Let’s hope the LPD can put a stop to this before the criminals take over the streets.

  6. I think it makes perfect sense to ride on the road, since all of the woods in Lakewood have been chopped down for the hideous developments that paint our now grossly overpopulated landscape.

  7. Well just an observation but if anyone happens to notice the traffic in town, the person riding the ATV is thinking right … if he gets stuck in the traffic he has the option of going off road which will certainly get him wherever he’s going faster than sitting in traffic …. just saying

  8. the PD impounded a few of these operating in Lakewood the last few weekends. They are very hard to catch with a police car, since they can evade the PD by just traveling on the sidewalk, across a lawn, or just into the woods to the next road. At least the dude in the pic is wearing a helmet. Trenton has a real problem with the rogue gangs riding around the city in packs of 12 – 18 atvs causing mayhem.

  9. what about when they ride in the woods (right next to my develpment). is that also illegal. also, the decibal level these bikes cause should be illegal in it of itself.

  10. there is a small group of them that have motor bikes and atv’s and they ride in the large open area on Lanesmill rd in Raintree right before Barrymore they keep coming out in backyards on Redondo then they speed on the side walks and on other peoples properties, the cops have been here once but nothing has changed..I guess until some thing happens nothing will change

  11. You think the ATVs are a danger to the kids on Morris Ave.!!! What about the cars and buses that go down this street doing at least 50 and run right through the stop sign. That’s what you really need to worry about!

  12. as mentioned before, this is a typical issue with all ghetto’s. thank the slumlords why you have thuggish behavior in lakewood.

    (i am not saying all ATV riders are thugs – but this blatant disregard for laws is thuggish behavior. normal ATV riders find safe places to ride, away from the public eye)

  13. It is not typical with all ghettos. It is typical ALL over. It just so happens that the ghettos have less land and woods for these guys to ride. I used to ride in the sand pits in Lakewood all the time when I was a kid, which of course are no longer there. If you think it’s a problem in Lakewood, take a ride down to southern Ocean County, especially in and around Stafford. ATV’s and dirtbikes are much more prevelent in other parts of the state, even more so in rural areas, not just “ghettos”. As many friends and family as I have in LPD, I’m sorry to say they won’t be able to get a grasp on this problem unless they invest in an ATV off road unit such as Manchester and other towns have. But with all the complaining about taxes in this town I don’t see it happening.

  14. To Yikes #11 – Do not call our (THE COMMUNITY) homes hideous. It’s our god given right to by all the land we want and build anything we want. If I had a lot of money i would by all the woods and build homes for my friends and not make them pay one cent so they can perform their parnasah. If you don’t like it sell to a developer!

  15. This needs to stop!!
    This is a craze that is definitely on the rise!
    We have these guys zooming down our development smack in middle of the road, how dangerous and stupid, didn’t know it’s illegal, will definitely call police the next time I see it.

  16. #21, I couldn’t agree with more. One morning I counted 9 cars that ran the stop sign on Morris and North . There was a 10th car that had no choice but to stop or it would have been slammed into. I did call the police but were told that they could not station a patrol car at the intersection all day. I was told that traffic and safety would be notified and they would look into it. I haven’t seen any changes yet and that was at least 2-3 months ago.

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