Reminder: New Minyan for Mincha on GSP begins today

REMINDER: Beginning today, you will be able to catch a Minyan for Mincah on the Garden State Parkway.

The new Minyan at the Cheesequake rest stop will Iy”h be starting today, March 11, at approximately 6:30 PM.

The above map/diagram shows the parking and Davening area.

Parking is in the South end of the parking lot, furthest away from the building.

The Davening area is above the Sunoco gas station, in an area marked employee parking.

Please *DO NOT* park in the Davening area marked employee parking. Please park in the parking lot and walk over to the Davening area.

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      I dont have to be concerned what they say if I am doing the RIGHT thing? What do the goyim say when the yishmaelim yemach shmom pull out their magic carpets on 5th Ave when it comes time for them to face Dreca? They dont say anything! Thats the way it is!

      • The question is, is this really the right thing? The attitude of “Who cares what they say?’ is exactly how we should NOT be behaving. The world is changing, people, and our attitude and behavior have to change also. It’s time to lie low and not be “in your face” about our lifestyle and religion. It probably should always have been that way.

      • @Mark Levin:

        I agree with you completely who cares what the goyim think or say? The time for Jews to hide in the shadows is past. Since the election of President Trump, we have never been in a better, stronger position to fulfill our mission as Hashem intends us to.

  1. At Yosef
    Yes, it is necessary. There are many people who work in areas with no minyan and this timing conincides with the evening commute.

  2. Amazing. Yes, the minyan is imperative for all that would like a pray but travel for business. I am envious of the zchus of coordinator.

  3. Why? 2 questions: Do you make sure every act – that is correct – is subjetc to the clause, “What will Goyim say?” How about, “What will Hashem say? How beautiful are my children, they are not embarassed to daven with a minyan, and bring Kedusha all over the world.” Additionally, why do you think that every Goy condemns Jewish Religious activity? How shallow.

  4. I am so, SO HAPPY this minyan is starting. I work in Brooklyn and it’s hard for me to leave my office to get a minyan. Then in the summer I have such a pressure to rush home to catch a minyan in Lkwd. Now, finally, after So Much Talk about this minyan, this is finally starting. Now, I can leave my office 5:15-5:30 and catch this minyan. @yosef, seriously, what ? Is it needed ? Yes, it is. Goyim, what goyim ? Its behind the Sunoco. Why would anyone care ? It’s not in anyone’s way. Sheesh.

  5. R u also concerned what the goiyim think when we dance by kiddish levana
    Ppl need to daven and ive seen so many ppl davening by there cars so this is such a nice idea

  6. R Yosef, I couldn’t agree more with you. It’s another 1/2 hour to Lakewood, with a little planning and foresight hopefully those people can make it there. Or does anyone know a private place or shul in that area that would host the minyanim?

    • In what world is Cheesequake a half hour from Lakewood??!!

      I work off 114 and on a rare day with no traffic it takes me 40 minutes. As I said – a RARE day. The drive is normally more like 50-60 minutes. Then, there is summer traffic on Thursday and Friday – now you’re talking an hour and a half.

  7. Folks, we are in Golus…
    This is not smart…
    Can’t we find a minyan without doing it in public?
    Ever heard of Hatznay Leches…

  8. @Yosef – I think many will be happy to have extra people stopping off at their service area. Smart business move on their part for allowing it. While you’re there, you’ll stop for gas, maybe go in to use the restrooms and buy a drink or snack…

  9. @Mark Levin. Have you been hiding under a rock recently? There is a total double standard out there and we have to care about that and act accordingly. The Galus mentality that is so scorned is the mentality we have to maintain now.

  10. Should not be an issue if people park like a mentch, don’t throw their heimishe trash all over etc.
    But since we know that’s not going to happen, …….

  11. This is a BAD idea on every level. The inevitable resulting chillul Hashem (from cars parked where they shouldnt be, from people crossing all over the place, etc etc) is not worth a single tefilla betzibur. How do I know? Very simple, CH has no kappara, missing teffila betzibur does.

    This is aside from the numerous other halachic and hashkafik issues including:
    Davening in open areas is a halachic problem if there are other options (See S”A 90:5)
    It is absolutely against the spirit of the hanhaga that yidden are supposed to have in galus.

  12. It won’t be a chillul hashem if it’s done right such as make sure the minyan is not in anyone’s way – on the side, please don’t leave anything behind, don’t fly in there with your car, and run to the mincha to catch kedusha – knocking over some people… walk Normal..Be courteous – open doors for people, say thank you if someone holds a door for you. Don’t congregate and block doors by the entrance of any doorway etc..
    Now on a plane breathing over some people is another story…

  13. Really. Enough is enough! People survived for many years without flaunting ourselves and sticking out the eyes of others. When are we going to realize that as frum as you think you are, you are making others hate us. In the summer you need a minyan on the GSP? Seriously? When you can daven when you get back? Is everyone going to pull up there and park like a mentsch? Or are we going to see cars at the curbs with their hazards on if you’come after Ashrei? Just be subtle. Be humble. Be quiet. Stop sticking it in the face of the Umos Haolam.

  14. Thanx SO MUCH for whomever started this minyan. Its so convenient for us travellers. And, I gotta say, I’ve been a steady visitor and poster to this site for many years now & I dont think Ive ever been more surprised at the negativity. Chilul H-shem ? Poking the eyes of goyim ? So, is a minyan in an airport,off to the side,a Chillul H-shem ?? This GSP minyan will be behind the Sunoco station. Do you know where that is ? Most people wont even see it. According to you, A Hachnosas Sefer Torah which blocks off streets, is that also chilul H-shem ? please. Stop the negativity.

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