Attempted Abduction In West Gate

lpd_nightPOLICE are investigating an attempted abduction of a woman in West Gate TLS has learned. The woman was reportedly walking in the development when she was approached by a man who tried to get her into his vehicle. The woman ran into her home and locked the door.

The suspect is described as a tall white male with a dark cap, driving a burgundy pick up truck.

Anyone with information is asked to call police at 732-363-0200. TLS-CCP

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  1. I’d love to know what #4 is saying as what seems to be the problem! Poor lady she must traumatized!Baruch Hashem she got away!

  2. what was wrong with pointing out what we spend our money on? Is it foul language to say that we spend to much on (moderated) programs that STEAL from the rich to give to the poor? Is your consience hurting you too much? Then maybe stop taking the programs and you won’t have to moderate comments that speak the truth.

  3. To # 7 & 8. If you any questions as to why your comment was moderated, please email us and we’ll be glad to explain. Some things are not for an open forum.

    Thank you for understanding.

  4. Don’t get me wrong. I believe in charity. But charity has to be given willingly. When it is forced by the government, it is nothing short of robbery.

  5. Pleasee let us know when this creep is caught… ! Not that lakewood streets will then be free of monsters but knowing about a specific guy on the loose is quiite unsettling!

  6. Why not create a citizens shomrim group that will be visible in neighborhoods with distinctive car markings etc? It may deter a would be robber or anything else for that matter.

  7. I hate to say this, but maybe it’s time for responsible adults to carry mace and/or pepper spray, if the crime in town is moving in this direction… (italics, bold & underline ‘responsible adults’)

  8. my heart goes out to this woman.
    Did the guy get out of his vehicle or did he try to lure her in from the drivers seat?
    It’s a big difference, especially for the fear factor

  9. To #2, and there also isn’t a day that we don’t see or hear good news. Even this terrible episode had B”H a good ending. If you ever want to see how H-shem is watching over us stand on a busy corner in the morning, like on the corner of Sqaunkam Rd and 12th Street and see how many school buses go by and pick up our precious children – bus after bus and B”H they all arrive safely to school (and come home) in my view that is Chasdei H-shem.

  10. I am very sorry to say, it is time for these huge developments to have private security by there associations. Senior developments have gated entrances and drive arounds by security or on a rotating basis. i was in westgate and it was dark and deserted, the back roads and alley ways are a disgrace. they have to look into safety patrols. small cars with roving yellow lights and hookup with Police. Thanks

  11. I KNEW it was just a matter of time. Had this been a younger child, say 3 or 4 years old, the outcome would have been tragically different. I say this because I ROUTINELY see child as young as 3 wandering developments on their own. Their parents have this bungalow colony mentality as if they are in a private, gated, secured community. PARENTS I IMPLORE YOU—–DO NOT leave your children to play in the streets unattended. Do we have to wait until an actual child abduction to occur before we have emergency meetings and tehilim sessions and demands made to the police. It is YOUR job to secure and protect your children.

    Oh, and while you are at it, please strap your child in an age appropriate car seat. I am sick and tired of seeing 5 year olds jumping around the back seat of a mini van that is cruising down route 9

  12. Cool masmid:If one opens his eyes he will always see “MEISEY HASHEM and CHASDEI HASHEM”its always there..but let’s post that too…however these days “me hocked uhn me brukked vegen di aleh meiysis!!

  13. good for her to run home and lock the door. she did the absolute right thing in this situation. i hope they catch the guy. these things happen anywhere. so remember to always lock your doors and windows no matter where you live. safety always comes first.

  14. to #12. i’d rather not have a concealed weapon. the only place i want a gun in my hands is at a shooting range where professionals are watching over me. and i don’t recommend that anyone else get a gun. true we’d like to protect ourselves, but buying a gun is not something you just do. it’s a serious thing to think about and, God forbid, something can happen.
    i’d rather call the police if something happens in the town than own a gun. police are professionals and know what they are doing because they’re trained. the best thing to do in a situation if you can is to get as far away from the area as possible for your own safety and then call the cops once you are safe. i don’t believe owning a gun is something to be proud of. any choice that you make in life, think ahead before you choose to do it.

  15. A few months ago you wrote a post about the rules when posting on this website. If i recall, people were supposed to post in english, not using yiddish or yeshivish, so everyone could understand.

  16. To #28, Halevai that was Yiddish! The Yiddish is so bad, I wonder why they don’t just post in English. Oh, right, their English is worse!
    My fear is that their aim is even worse and they purchase a gun!

  17. If the LPD are investigating, words or physical action must have taken place. Crime is universal. All municipalities have their share of random criminal acts. Recently Trenton decided that violent and psychopathic people don’t need as much supervised treatment due to funding cuts. That means these people who were in full-time (5 day a week) programs are now in 2 day programs. That means they are out on the street 5 days instead of 2. That’s one new factor in the crime equation. LW also has a disproportionate share of illegals who have an uninvestigated criminal background (not all do – but many do). Finally, and I am not blaming the victims in any way, but we learn that all of us are responsible one for another. Again, I am not blaming the victims but all our collective deeds receive a response from Heaven, measure for measure. Good acts are like throwing a golden nugget into the crowd, and bad acts are like shooting an arrow into it. Our sages tell us that it’s not the snake that bites but the evil deeds. Hashem (The Singularly Almighty Creator) instills fear and awe into a person when they understand this: He holds us culpable for what happens to another because we ourselves caused it. At the end of the day, all these actions are a wake up call to do Teshuvah (repentance) according to the Rambam (Rabbi Moshe Maimonides), pray properly and increase good deeds. Their is evil in the world, fear and love of G-d protects us when we, as a whole, act according to the Will of The Almighty. Random good deeds ward off random crimes for the entire Olam (community/world).

  18. You want a citizen’s patrol with marked cars? Anything else you want to order? LCSW is around for about 3.5 years and has a very hard time getting a DIME out of the community. It hasn’t helped their ability to take on new members with such financial constraints. So you want marked cars now too? That costs money,something that doesn’t come around very often.

  19. i cant beleive 34 comments & no one blamed the episode on tznius
    we are shtieging! or the net is having a negative impact on us? which one- u vote!!1

  20. i cant beleive 37 comments & no one blamed the episode on tznius
    we are shtieging! or the net is having a negative impact on us? which one- u vote!!1

  21. to #22 – I was there.

    How do we know the truth if you say he just waved and they post that it was an attempted abduction?

    tls moderator – if you say it was attempted abduction, where did you get the info from?

  22. To #43 and #44 If you are serious about your offer please call Lcsw at 732-367-1212 leave your name and number and i will get back to you or the TLS editor could forward my info to you.
    Thank you

  23. to number 26 please this happend late at night I doubt a 3 year old would be out at this time, during the day that would be another story

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