Askonim Lay Down Rules For Applying To High Schools

r tzvi rosen high school rulesVIDEO (REMOVED UPON REQUEST) of R’ Tzvi Rosen speaking to parents of 8th grade girls last night, about the high school application and acceptance process. As was stated last year, parents were advised to apply to three schools in order to have a chance to get accepted to any school. One positive change to last years speech, was the announcement that only one entrance exam will need to be taken by a child applying to three schools. In previous years, girls were forced to sit through a three hour entrance exam for each school. Parents were also advised of the challenges they are up against if they have one specific high school in mind for their child. VIDEO REMOVED UPON REQUEST.

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  1. any the story start again. one question please someone please answer!! how much pain and suffering has to occur before we wake up and smell the coffee???

  2. You and everybody else knows today that there are not enough schools in general to go around . Besides blogging and complaining ,what are you doing about it . There are some days where about 30 kids are born in Monmouth Medical bli ayin hora . That is a new class just per day . There are going to be hundreds upon hundreds of new girls going into High School over the next few years . There are close to 500 girls going to high school this year while there are (according to some reoprts ) 1200 to 1300 girls going into primaries of elementary . That means a need for another dozen high schools over the next 8 years . Other than kvetching here and the inevitable comments of how big reshoim the existing high school menahlim and menahalos are , WHAT ARE YOU DOING ABOUT THIS ? Are you getting up and making the new schools ? Or is it just erasier for you to sit behind the keyboard and complain about others who might ac tually have done something .


    A parent of a soon to be High school girl ( hopefully )

  3. According to the schools ,other than the one joint test ,the rules for applying have not changedd . So who made these new rules exactly ? The Rosh Yeshivas ? The Mashgiach ? And please state exactly what the new rules are . Thank you

  4. Now please explain why parents of 8th grade boys are getting calls from yeshivos competing for them, while parents of 8th grade girls are reduced to begging for a seat in high school for their daughter.

  5. Its very simple . People treat teaching boys as Harbotzas Hatorah and every second yungerman ,would like to be Marbitz Torah . He then starts a Mesivta and tries to find people to donate for Harbotzas and Hachzokas Torah .

    People treat girls education as a nice thing but not Hachzokas Torah . The same gevirim who will give 1800 dollars to a boys mesivta with ten bochurim ,might give 50 dollars to girls high school with 500 girls . So there is no money available ,there is no kovod and no feeling of harbotzas Hatorah . Ad to that the fact that in Lakewood ,the High school tuitions for girls are very low and never cover the costs ( as opposed to elementary schools for girls where the costs for teachers are much lower ) and you have a recipe for not too many people wanting to open new schools . If there was funding ,there would definitely be enough capable people to start schools . But just to be a lifelong schnorrer and Bal Chov ,you hsve to be a little crazy to want to do it .

  6. its not an issue of just opening new schools. many people in the past have tried that and it did not work. Unfortunatly we live in a mold society and unless the school will fit into the exact mold that the ‘askinom’ want, they will not be matzliach.

    You need to be the perfect Menahel, the perfect Menahaels (yes you need both) in order for the ‘town’ to accept you and ‘allow’ you to open with the full blessings.
    Of course we will all give our brochos to a school for ‘ those others we dont want our kids with’ but for the general public there is a stone wall.

    Lets look at other cities and who is runnign their schools, with much hatzlocha. They would never be allowed to run a scholl in Lakewood. What the kicker is, that most girls and kollel wifes today are from those schools!

  7. to number 2 i feel ur pain but due to the fact that im not in the field of ed. and dont want to be, also due to the fact that im a 25 yr old guy who grew up here in lakewood, that part of my childhood i was able to run in the streets and play cops and robbers, tag, and even tackle foot ball in the street. it sucks to be a child nowadays. and school is even worse. but we must make do with what we have. i TRUST AND BELEIVE that my father in heaven is watching us and holding us. but when i hear that kids cant get into school, i cant even believe what im sopoosed to do besides daven, daven and daven. i dont have kids yet but i pray that my friends dont have these problems. ill pray for you but its hard for me to pray for someone i dont know… i wish you luck with as little pain and crying as possible. ani mayamin bemuna shelamah…

  8. To Simple Joe ;

    I dont understand your point about the town ” alliowing you to open ”

    I know several scvhools that opened withouit them askling anybody for permission .
    I also dont know which Askonim are the ones in charge of determining ,who may or may not open a school . I think that is nonsense .

    If what you mean is that the parents wont send to certain types of schools ,then that is the parents fault and if they have no school for their kids ,they then cant blame anybody but themselves .

  9. Can anyone help me? I am an 8th grade parent of a daughter who is an average student with outstanding midos and tzinyus . We are a simple family with a funny sounding name . My daughters a great girl and I know , I just know that we won’t get through the selektzia process. we don’t have money or yichus . Why should I even bother embarassing her applying to schools who will rush to cash my check (application fee / tax / fundaiser / theft) and then tell me that my daughter is a great girl but not for our school . I know for sure this is what will happen to us. my wife and I are losing sleep over it . and please don’t say that all the schools are the same because if that were true, the Rosh yeshiavas would send their daughters and scatter them out which they don’t . Can anyone help me avoid the bezoines???? I’m a yungerman who just wants his kid with eidle girls. GEVALT WHAT AWAITS US THIS SUMMER!!!

  10. I wasnt describing any pain . I was just responding to your comment about waking up and smelling the coffee . It soundede like you were again one of those blaming the situation on the schools . I just responded that smalling the coffee involves making new schools or at least writing a check so that others can make schools ,

  11. Nobody said that all the schools are the same . That is ridiculous . Just like not all Yeshivas are the same . what was said is that all the schools are fine and acceptable for a fine yidishe tochter . So if you dont get into your first choices ( which may indeed be better ) then you will still be fine by going to any of the local schools . It is OK to try to go where you think it is better ,but it is not OK to portray any school as unacceptable

  12. The schools that failed would have survived and thrived if they had financial support. Anyone involved knows that.its like a poster said before there is no kovod no financial gain. And all you get is GREIF in this town for the hundreds of thousands you either borrowed shnorred or shelled out of your own pocket from all the people that think its more productived to talk about the “pain and suffering ” that the “miserabl”e people that open schools and only have room for a few hundred cause.maybe the end of the suffering will come when the people running the world from their keyboards will have a little hakaras hatov to the ones that actualy did open a school and spend hours of their own time for the klal. That might encourage others to open schools.

  13. This video was supposed to be a private party. They don’t want future parents to abandon their female children like they do in china if they see this.

  14. Now I can understand why not too many people want to open new high schools here . Look at the post from Gevalt . He is most likely not going to pay full tuition ,and still calls it theft . why would anybody want to be so crazy as to spend his life schnorring for 90 % of the parents who dont want to pay even the low full tuitions ,and then find himself be called a thief . I know people who were considering opening schools but when they saw this kind of talk ,they walked away

  15. I’ve spoken to many parents of the schools that I don’t want to send to and they complain that their child was put with questionable girls, who’s haskofas are not so straight and watched their child change . why would I want to subject my daughter to thatm ,To gevalt, just fight til your bitter end its worth it in the long run

  16. If your daughter truly has outstanding Midos and Tzniyus and is an average student , then I can GUARANTEE you that if she is willing to go to any of the schools in Lakewood and applies to all of them ,that she WILL get an acceptance from at least one without any grief and suffering . If you have decided for her that some of the schools are not acceptable under any circumstances ( probably because of your Kovod ) then its your fault for causing her the grief . Blame yourself ,not the school who is full and has no room ,who you feel you just have to get into for your own Kovod .

  17. If you really believe that everyone or even most people ,pay full tuition in Lakewood ,then I have a nice bridge to sell you . The vast majority pay reduced tuition ,far below the cost of educating their child . And if you have multiple kids in any school ,then you pay even less for the second and third

  18. If we can get a Psak that supporting girls education is the same Harbotzas and hachzokas hatorah ,then maybe the gevirim will start funding it like they do the Boys mesivtas ,and our problems will be solved

  19. Just look at comment 19 to understand the problem. The same people who complain about the “terrible ” manahalim who dont want to accept everybody ,then turn around and state openly that they dont want their “precious daughters ” going to the same school with these other kids who they just screamed should be taken by all schools .

    Go figure it out

  20. hashem bless my friends, help them understand ‘our’ children are worth more in gold and silver, and anything in the world. the tears run down my face, but it will not help. So i turn to you and beg hashem my father in heaven, who gives me air to breathe and fuel for my soul, I BEG OF YOU, DONT LET ONE TEAR FALL FOR ALL THIS PAIN. HASHEM THERE IS ONLY YOU WHO WILL BRING THE END OF THIS GULUS. ONLY YOU! ONLY YOU!!! PLEASE GOD ANSWER US AND HELP US, AND IF THE ANSWER IS NO. PLEASE PLEASE HELP US UNDERSTAND. HASHEM I THANK YOU EVERY SINGLE DAY FOR EVERY SINGLE BREATHE.

  21. Couls somebody please explain exactly who the Askonim are and how they get the authority to make these rules and what exacrly these new rules are that they made . Thank you I cant really understand this post without that

  22. While it is always worthy to daven to Hashem for all your needs ,that doesnt preclude you from doing your chiyuv of Hidhtadlus

    I every family in Lakewood wrote a check for a thousand dollars to strart a fund for opening up new schools ,this problem would disappear in 5 minutes

  23. It has been said before but it bears repeating. Who has profited the most from the explosive growth? Let those people be approached that they must take responsibility for opening new elementary and high schools. If not for their unplanned (and mostly unwanted by the neighbors) building, it would not take 15 minutes to get across town, and the schools would not be so overcrowded.

  24. I have a neighbor who is a well respected askan who helps with all causes night and day
    That was asked to open a high school. His answer..”are you crazy? After I see the way the town treats the ones that open schools its suicidal” and many others have said the same! So the answer to why there is not enough high schools is because if you open a girls high school there is no money no kavod and a lot of motzi shem ra and lashon hora said about you.

  25. A little too late . This was a good idea 5 years ago when “those people”
    were making millions . Now with the cunstruction slump ,they are not doing so well . As far as their past profits ,they either lost it in the market or they put it away out of sight so they feel poor

  26. I couldnt agree with you more . i also know several people who are well to do and very capable who were approached and also said that after seeing how people treat the existing school owners with disgust ,they would never consider opening a high school .

  27. mr. gevaldt, you write among other reasons you might not get your daughter into a school, ” We are a simple family with a funny sounding name”. Now, what in heavens name does that have to do with not getting into a school?? yours truly, Melvin & Brenda Holtzhocker

  28. How people complain complain complain and then complain some more. We all know there are more girls going into high school than classes available. The schools which are all running budget deficits due to reduced tuitions and the economic situation all agreed to open one more class for each ninth grade. This way there will be enough room for everyone. The issue that arises is when people decide “Oh this one is no good, Oh that one is no good, Oh this one is too academic, Oh this one is too Balabatish, Oh this one gets all the garbage. You know after reading all this it is amazing that there are six high schools in this town.

  29. The ones that are worried about their kavod and will only send to one or 2 schools no matter if that’s even what’s best foe their daughter..might have some self inflicted”pain and suffering” in their home. As for the rest of us parents we will send to any one of the wonderful schools in town and are looking forward to a peaceful happy summer! To “mr gevalt” and the others like him you are the cause of your daughters pain and suffering “

  30. I want my children to be wwith the rosh hayeshivas daughters. this has nothing to do with kovod. a person is influenced bt the company they hang around. look around town at the girls outside of school, i want to make sure that my daughter is with very eidlele girls , theonly kovod is kovod ha-shem .

  31. what i meant by the name, is that i dont have a regular “name brand name ” that would stand out or put pressure on a school to take me rather an interseteting one like sholmazadeh. and yes i pay full tuition

  32. The disgrace is the Schools are taking three registration fees from the same person and have no intention of even taking the majority who apply in. It reeks of genaivah and in this chosuva town no one looks askance at it. Additionally all the school owners are doing very well financially and seem to manage to get sweetheart deals from the township. Why would anyone want to give them a donation to further line their pockets?

  33. Kudos to R’ Zvi Rosen, who is one of the askanim along with Mrs. Epstein and the Rosh hayeshivas who put these guidelines into place. Let’s just hope that the schools, realize that EVERY Jewish girl is a treasure and not make anyone feel bad. There are 450 spots this year and 450 girls, Be’h everything should go smoothly this year (I hope)

  34. What would you do if the only school you got into, you had some serious concerns about, would u just sit quietly and let the vaad place your daughter?

  35. why not have a class of 40 girls apply for public school. they will get a free secular education, and when classes end at 2 pm, they can all study hebrew subjects together, problem solved.

  36. Actualy the schools hire extra people to administer the tests and the registration fees don’t even cover that expense and your tuition that you will pay doesn’t cover the budget the administeators laid out from their own pockets hundreds of thousands to start the schools or shnorred dor money for YOU and will continue to lay out money for your reduced tuition. so get your facts straight and its people like you that make capble people shy away from opening schools

  37. What R’ Tzvi & Menashe F. Do for the klal is amazing. For some reason there’s always 400 applicants to the “hot” school, whichever one it is that year. they drive Tzvi crazy. Yes, the schools r different but its not as if the “bad” school of the year r co-ed with the girls wearing bangles or, gasp!!, hoop earrings. Great job, Tzvi. U Rock !! D.

  38. Its people like you who make it impossible to start new schools . if a school has to pay people to work overtime to deal with your daughters application ,do you want them to do it for free ? as far as I know the schools are not charging the hundreds of dolllars that the seminaries charge . Im not sure the exacvt amount they charge but somebody told me its about 25 or 30 dollars . To me that doesnt sound like enough money to pay people to grade tests ,deal with the application paperwork ,do interviews ,and everything else thats involved . Would you rather that the schools told you not to apply because they cant guarantee that they will have room for your daughter . You make no sense .

  39. Who will be in charge of. Talking about the girls records? Shouldn’t only the principles and teachres be involved. Why get lay people involved in such issues at all.

  40. Wow This is amazing . It sounds to me like the schools are charging enough for about one hours work of salary total per applicant . My guess is that they spend more than an hour total per applicant and actually lose money on the deal . And the people in Lakewood still call them Ganovim !!

    No wonder that nobody in Lakewood wants to open a school .

  41. how many yiddishe korbanis have to be taken before they wake up .you wonder why lakewood goes through so many tragedies its not about TZNIUS its about SENAS CHENAM and all the judging we do to our own

  42. The same problem is with Elementary schools, there are now around a hundred girls who have no school et for next year but they all still think they HAVE to go to BAIS TOVA or the like and if not then their whole life is over! Whats wrong with Bnos Rivka and Ateres Tzipora and Muriks place? They are the exact same as the rest, the teachers are just are FRUM and as Yeshivish! So whats the difference?

  43. A person shtuped and pulled and pushed and kvetched into the only school that was “appropriate for them” . The mother meets her friend in the store and complains that “its a great school but why do they have such big classes?” go figure!

  44. I am scratching my head . It sounds like everybody agrees that if every parent would apply to all the schools or at least agree to go to any one then every child would probably be placed somewhere . If so ,then the reason for the so called ” Korbanos ” is 100% the fault of parents who are not willing to go where they are wanted . So your kovod is so important that you are willing to make your daughter a Korban

    Please explain

  45. This was probably the same mother who went to The RY and screamed that the schools are Reshoim for not taking in all the teireh Kinderlach . Then when The RY got her in to her “top school ” she complained that her daughter had some classmates that were no good and the “chutzpah ” of the school to accept such kids in her daughters class . This is also a true story

  46. You are obviously one of the enriched owners of a school in town and you think you have everyone fooled. The owners of the high schools in town employ many of their children and relatives in their school and they are all doing very well financially. They raise tuition every year well above the rate of inflation–which actually has declined the past two years. Have you seen any school dropping their tuition rates?

  47. The law of supply and demand dictates that any good business has a lot of people trying to get in . If the High scholl owners were making so much money ,then everybody would want to do it . Are you really fool enough to belive that the Public schools cost is 12000 per child for only Secular studies and that our schools should be able to make money on less than 4,000 per child for both Limudei Kodesh and Secular ?

  48. it doesn’t cost 50 bucks to look at my paper and say aint taken her. you people are robbing the peoples money . shame on you! ps there should be one test fee and that’s it not three or four .

  49. The Public Schools cost is higher than 12,000 per student . And the cost of the land and buildings is not included in that because it was paid off many years ago . In that 3500 or 4000 per student ( after tution scholarships and write off for uncollectable tuitions ) most of our schools also have to pay big mortgages and repay loans for the buildings . You have to be suicidal to undertake it . My neighbor has a relative who did it and all his savings got sucked up into the school ,plus he had to borrow against his house a heavy interest just to make payroll . I think he is crazy to do that so he can be called a Ganov by the posters on here .

  50. Stop making it seem that only parents that are unwavering in their desire to attend the in school. Or the girls that are issues regarding tznius or learning disabilities are the only ones overlooked. Perfectly normal girls from normal families often are made to wait until last minute hondling is done. Well meaning askonim are a part of this insanity. If I told you which girls from which families were made tpo feel like garbage, you would be insulted that you were not included with these chashuve people. Don’t believe the hype. The emporer has no clothes.and so on and so forth.

  51. who says there are 450 applicants for 450 available slots???

    Thats so false!!! Considering last year there were over 500 applicants, the number would surely go up NOT down!!

    My daughter was one of those not accepted last year and is B”H thriving where she is now.

    Lakewood h.s. are not for every girl that goes through this system. You can have a very ehrliche girl who’s grades just aren’t up to par with the others and she still manages to get married and have babies, and change diapers, just like the straight A student!!

    Good luck this year!

  52. To # 14
    Please give us your name We will forward it to the Askanim and make sure you only get charged 10 not 50 and your daughter doesnt get an interview ,but only a letter stating that they aint taking your daughter

  53. You know good and well that the only normal girls from fine families that had to wait it iut till the last minute ,were those that did not want to go to one or 2 of the schools . There was not one normal girl from a normal family ( as you call them ) that was willing to go to any of the schools ,that did not get in on the first round . It was only those ,that certain of the schools did not “pas ” for them that had to “hondel ”

    So please stop saying false things that everybody knows is not true

  54. The only lies that are being said here is that there are enough classes . According to somebody who I think is in the know , there really isnt enough space ,based on normal class sizes . Based on class sizes of 25 to 27 like it is in elementary school , there is probably only enough room for about 375 to 400 . Therefore it is no surprise that there will be a bout 50 kids who will wait till the end to be shoehorned in to schools making oversized classes against their will .

  55. To stop the lies

    You are very misinformed . According to good sources ,the only “Normal kids from normal families ” that had to wait and hondel last year ,were those that did not want to go to certain schools . If they had indicated their desire to go to any of the schools up front ,they would have gotten an acceptance right away . So please do not say things that are not accurate . It does not help the situation

  56. We were from those that were handeled till the last second. But its our fault and I admit it I had one school that I felt was best for my child and I faught and pushed till the last second but I know I did it to myself. I had no taynos on the school I knew they were full. I had other options that were simple and I chose the hard way but I know that most parents being handeled at the end were like me they chose this route. Or they were dumb enough to apply to one school only.(I think the meeting with r’ rosen was to discourage people from doing what I did last year)

  57. Not only did you do it to yourself, you did it to everyone else, too. You consumed valuable community resources (time & effort on your behalf).

  58. Sorry but we applied to two of the schools that are not considered popular.along with an established one. We ended up getting into one of the more popular schools that are impossible to get into and we did not even apply to. Because we were simply used as a bargaining chip. And there were about forty other families like ours that were forced to wait till last second to find out where they are going. You won’t see them post on here though. Most are verý choshuveh families and don’t have internet. It is not the schools fault or the askans fault for all this. It is just plain simple bad planning. As they said abouthte snow plow issue. Just do your job the right way. Or move aside and let someone else take care of getting the acceptances sorted out quickly so nobody gets hurt.

  59. You must really think the readers of TLS can’t see a fake post when they see one. Please don’t keep defending the retarded policies that you have instituted to help the situation ahead.pretending to be a parent from last year. I have yet to meet a parent from last year that gushes over the help they received. Most are still shell shocked. Your retarded policies are not special or differently abled they are plain and simple retarded.

  60. It is highly doubtful that girls’ high schools would continue to stay in business for decades without being somewhat profitable. As an outsider looking in, it would seem to me that these schools are trying to maintain a certain image. Rejecting girls, even if only at the outset, is an elitist tactic which works well. It makes a school more desirable to the ignorant parents who want “only the best” for their precious daughter. This system remains in place because everyone involved plays their roles so well: the gatekeepers of the schools, the parents of the more “desirable” girls, and even the parents of the “rejected” girls begging from school to school. Chazal tell us that the Mizbeach sheds tears when a couple divorces. Why the Mizbeach? Because the children are sacrificed along with the marriage. Here, too, precious children are being sacrificed. Their self esteem may never recover, and the ramifications can be drastic. LO SA’AMOD AL DOM RE’ECHA.

  61. I have an easy way to solve this Crisis . I know many capable people that are ready and able to make new High Schools schools . They arte willing to make you a deal . They will run the school and all the profits will go to you . All they ask in return is for you to undertake to fund ant yearly deficit ,make sure that payroll and bills are paid on time and make sure there is enough money for a new building ,when needed . Any profits after a reasonable salary ,will belong to you . You will have full open access to all the books and records . You can even sign the checks and collect the tuitions to “guarantee ” your PROFIT .
    They will even get the bank loans necessary for the new buildings ,provided that you provide the necessary personal guarantees and collateral that the bank will require .

    All they ask is not to be forced to take more than 25 to 27 in a class . As long as trhere are less than 25 enrolled ,they will take anybody that you want .

    according to your “facts ” that the schools are turning profits ,this should be a no brainer for you . You need to do nothing other than guarantee the deficit ( which there will never be ) and you can walk away with this big yearly profit for doing nothing . I can give you a list of several highly qualified people who will make you this offer and you can pick from the list .

    Please advise at your earliest convenience

  62. To Stop the Lies :

    While i cant say that there are not exceptions ,but it is a fact that the vast majority of “normal kids from normal families ” who had to handel till the end ,did not want to go to at least one or possibly 2 schools ,until they had no choice . Almost everybody who UP FRONT,indicated that they were willing to go to any of the 5 schools ,got taken care of right away . Maybe yiou were from the 5 per cent that were an exception to this rule .

  63. After all the wonderful comments here. I have decided to do teshuva for all the genaiva and “pain and suffering” I caused to everyone. The school is up for grabs for any bloggers that want to take over. The debt and mortgages are up for grabs too! But hurry kol hakoidem zochoh! Just a few qialifications ar necessry. 1: be preoared to lay out about 20 thousand to get payrol out ontime every month(don’t worry you will get about half back when you finish chasing down some tuitions or when you shnorr enough 18 dollar checks) 2: you must pass a heart test to make sure you can handle being cursed out by a few thousand people that never met you. 3: you may not get any favors for your school from the twp (only schnorring 18 dollar checks is allowed) 4:you must be willing to sacrifice time from your blogging and complaining schedule to spend hours in school and nights on the phone. Anyone interested can get in touch with the various askonim. In case someone chaps up this hot once in a lifetime opportunity don’t worry you can just open a new school! Its fun try it!

  64. You may be observant but Im not sure you have your facts straight .A neighbor of mine was considering making a High School . He looked into the financial aspect and verified it with speaking to people in the know . He ran far away when he realized that he would be destined to a life of perpetual schnorring and indebtness . The avg tution Collected in Lakwd is ver low . High school teachers get paid much more than their elementary school counterparts and would call for a muvh higher tution base . add to this a growing number of parents who simply have nothing and simply dont pay at all because of the fincial crisis . With full classes of 25 or a little more , i think he found that the tutions basicall can cover the payroll ,payroll taxes and supplies and books ,assuming everybody pays . It doesnt cover ,rent or mortgage ,principal salaries ,extra curricular ,social workers mechanchos and the like . Cash flow is also never enough to meet payroll and borrowing every month (sometimes with interest or iska ) is a must . It also doesny cover down payments on buildings . etc etc .

    If not for dedicated people who want to do for the klal none of these schools would exist . In some cases ,the directors are business people who use their personal funds to feed the school and in others ,they are truly struggling daily to keep afloat . I challenge you to try and at least do the math and you will see .

  65. I went to school with all different typesof girls and the less frum learnt from the more frum and they too turned into wonderful bnos yisroel.Why in Lakewood does everyone have to be the same?

  66. Hashem made each girl different for a reason why does the whole class have to be 100 avg student. Why cant each girl bring her own talent to the class be it academically ,socially, talents. Why is everything based on marks? I know plenty of great girls that dont get 100’s on every test, does this mean they have nothing to offer the school

  67. I didn’t say I’m “gushing” about the help I got. Actualy I did have one person help me. I owe him a big yasherkoiach. My point was just that as hard as it was on me and especialy my wife we never faulted the school for giving us such a hard time. We understood. We chose that route and I don’t regret it. Its just that we didn’t have to. And we definitly didn’t get upset at the school and bash the owners and call them ganovim and reshaim.

  68. It’s amazing that you persist in spreading the myth of the school owners making major sacrifices. Without getting into names a simple property analysis of the girls high school owners in Lakewood show they all have substantial land ownership in town OTHER than where their school is located. In fact some of them were able to convice the towship that they needed property for their faculty. The faculty is their daughters and sons in law. That is the primary reason people are much more willing to support the boys mesivtas. Why donate to someones private business? If it’s such a bad business why are they doing it for so many years? Do you really believe they could survive so long losing money year after year.

  69. who remembers the great days on 411 lawrence ave BYHS? we had all different types from all differnet types of homes and we had the greatest 4 years of our lives! Why does e/o nowadays have to be the same. Our chinuch came from our homes.

  70. QUESTION: why don’t all the elementary schools open a high school? It would solve all the problems. ANSWER: it costs too much money. Most of them considered it at one time or another untill…….they looked at the financial aspect of it. Its a money loosing proposition. Basicaly you pay the teachers more than double and tuition is basicaly the same as an elementary school.

  71. The reason you think that way is because it never entered your mind to do something for the klal without personal gain involved. Fortunately for the town there are people that are willing to do for the klal without personal gain. And get bashed for doing so. I’m sure if you asked to take over the finacial department of any high school you would be greeted with open arms! Wht don’t you try it acording to your “observations” you should become rich that way. Maybe you can undetake a few of them and realy strike it rich!

  72. to # 36

    That is why in most places out of town ,High school tuitions are about double elementary school or at least 1.5 times as much

    Only in Lakewood are High school tuitions just a little bit more than elementary . By the time the Oilam has kids in High School ,they are usually struggling terribly financially ,and with our large families just cant pay . But the teachers still get about double the salaries over elementary so its a lose lose situation . If it made sense ,then every elementary school wopuld have a Hs .There is one that does and it is known that the elementary school supports the Hs deficit

  73. For those where unable to attend
    If someone would be kind enough to fill us in
    I watched the video of Mr. Rosen who talked about the applying to three schools etc
    1) Who else spoke?
    2) What else was covered?
    Thanks for your help

    an 8th graders parent

  74. I think I can arrange with every single High school in town for you to take over all the profits ,in exchange for your agreement to cover the deficit and meet payroll . You will be given full access to the books and records .

    Wow , You might really strile it rich with this

  75. As soon as you post your financisl statement that shows that you are capable of repaying about 850,000 in accumulated debts and coming up with 20,000 a month in deficit ,and qualifying to personally sign a guarantee for a 3 million dollar mortgage on the building ,then he will post his number for you to call .

    Please post your info ASAP so we can do this in time for the next school year

  76. I’m sorry mr “observant observer” already grabbed it. But don’t despair. Check back on jan 1st when his payrol mortgage and personal loans are due and I’m sure he will PAY YOU to take it off his hands!

  77. In my out of town community, anyone who wants to be in a Bais Yaakov gets accepted to our school, the only Bais Yaakov in town. Regardless of your grades or how “bais Yaakov-like” you are, Instead of creating challenges and difficulties and negative influences, we have created a welcoming warm atmosphere and the peiros that are yielded are immeasurable. Our “at risk” population is basically zero. We have almost no “normal” kids from “normal” families (as one of your previous posters wrote) who are not following in the “normal” ways of their “normal families. Instead, remarkably, most of the influence and changes are taking place in the opposite direction. through the influence of the “normal” girls there are more Bnos Yisroel than ever and the entire face of our community has been changed. And if you move out of town, we’ll take your daughter too!

  78. The reason why parents are more fearful today thasn in our days 20 years ago is as follows :

    Our nisyonos growing up was mostly haskofah . If you had a strong chinuch from your home ,then hopefully you came out Ok .

    Todays nisoyon is the terrible open street and immorality . There have been many girls from great homes ,that have been ruined by coming in contact with those that exposed them to texting ,dvds .videos etc etc . The exposure and downhill slide can be frightfully fast ,sometimes a matter of weeks . Unlike Hashkofah issues ,parents many times have no idea that their children have been so exposed to the street after sheltering them for so many years .

    I am not getting into the debate as to how much sheltering is good and how much is counterproductive . But the bottom line is that we are living in very trying times and it is getting much harder to bring up pure innocent daughters than it was years ago . Just a few weeks exposure to this stuff can ruin the most innocent girl for life ,hence the fear of parents today ,more than it was years ago . The chinuch at home is no longer the shelter and protection it once was . If you think i am exagerating ,just go out and see how many thousands of kids we are losing to yidishkeit many from the best homes rch”l

  79. There are many that can afford six thousand a year no problem. Those that can’t , cannot afford four thousand either. Let them owe it like they do the rest of the money. But the ones that have fancy homes and cars Should pay like tatalehs. Every other town is double that and they have high taxes too. Ask your friends in bkln monsey five towns even baltimore is more. LA forget about it. Pay up folks these guys are truly struggling. And I’m not a menahel. I’m actually an ex(still) angry parent from last years selection.

  80. I’m considering opening a high school. We will accept anyone that comes! We won’t even have any financial issues because as soon as the word gets out that we “accept everyone” we won’t have any applicants. So I can be an askan and not even have to worry about the finances! I just hope that even if we get no applicants I will still have the zechus of being bashed on all the blogs.

  81. if you plan to open a hs in this town beware.. the hardest part will not be coming up with the bucks, it will be the other HS fighting you to make sure you dont survive. you will convince quality children that didnt get into the other HS to come to you and one week before school opens up all these kids will be accepted into the established schools. has happened time after time again , the other schools dont want Competition.

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