Askonim Distribute Handicap ‘Windshield Notice’

[CLICK TO ENLARGE]  Askonim who have brought to the forefront the awareness of illegally parking in handicapped-designated spots, are coninuing their efforts with the latest ‘windshield notice’.The notice, attached here, is being distributed to residents and drivers within the community, to place on the windshields of those drivers who illegally park in the permit-only parking spot.

 “This is a grassroots public awareness effort to get people to respect handicapped parking spaces,” the creator wrote to TLS.

Last week, TLS posted a video of world-renowned speaker Rabbi Paysach Krohn who spoke strongly against those who abuse the spots, designated for handicapped people.

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  1. If you we’re ever shopping with someone that is handicapped then you realize the hassle complications of finding a spot far from the store.
    It’s something ppl aren’t mesim lev to.
    However I would like to point out that when NO OTHER PARKING SPOTS IN THE ENTIRE LOT AVAILABLE then either you have to wait for a spot, or you can park in the hadicapped sopt, an the handicapped person has to wait for someone to pull out of the handicapped spot. I don’t see why the person that came first should no have the right to park there. Handicapped are for ppl that can’t walk, not ppl that can’t wait

  2. While I agree it is wrong to park in handicap spot (i often miss borcuh becase i dont park there) I dont think we shoudl become a vigilantee
    Why dont we start with people not stoping by a stop sign?
    That is a REAL DANGER.
    We shoudl get a heter to call the police on them. This is on the main roads and in devolpments.
    Just my 2 cents

  3. Moish u make nosence, inorder to have a handicaped placard you need to show proof of disability. Its a federal law, unfortunaley it was being abused by people and the laws had to be imposed with tickets and fines.
    The person waiting for the handicap spot is for people that can’t walk far, that’s why the handicap person is waiting.
    There are handicap people that look like they can walk regular, but actually they were in bed a whole day or in pain. And they need to reserve their strength for those hours of the day that they have strength. Others can walk but not far. Nobody with a disabilty asked to be handicap . They would love to trade pplaces anyday with a healthy person.

  4. to #2 & everyone

    i totally agree with you. it really shocks me as tzaros get worse & worse in klal yisroel r”l BUT we still don’t get the message from Hashem to start doing teshuva TOGETHER towards the coming of Mashiach. Thus we leave Hashem no choice but to send us ANOTHER wake-up call again & it never stops…..
    How many parking tickets does it take a person to start taking it serious no to park illegally? how many tragedies do we need to confess to Hashem that we get his message & we will all do teshuva as a nation together so mashiach can come?

    May it happen very soon before any other tzaros hits klal yisroel C”V

  5. To #3. Whether or not you believe your reasoning makes any sense, (which in my opninon it doesn’t) bottom line is ITS THE LAW. If you were at a red light at 2:00 AM and there were no cars in sight, would you go through anyway?

  6. If I understand this correctly, the notices are there to raise awareness of OTHER PEOPLE who illegally park in those spots. They are NOT for the public to use to tell the handicapped that they will be “back in a minute”.

    Handicap spots are NOT THERE for the public. They are NOT parking spots. Pretend that there is already a car there and GO SOMEWHERE ELSE.

  7. i am in my thirties and Unfortunately due to illness I need to use handicapped spots. Of course I have the legal papers and stickers on my car. However I have been dismayed at he amount of time waiting for a pot to open caus of illegally parked cars.
    In front of of one store I approached a man making a delivery whie parked in a handicapped spot. His reply was ” when delivering 100 boxes that makes me handicapped” . How insensitive! My reply to him was that i hope you never really need to know what it’s like to NEED the handicapped spot for real.

  8. Because, Moish, if you’re so aware of how difficult it is for handicapped people, then it is still difficult for them to walk from a faraway spot. Therefore, if they wait for someone who legitimately parked in a handicapped spot, there’s no choice. However, if someone is not parked there legally and the handicapped person has to wait for that particular spot so he shouldn’t walk far, it is still causing him to have a harder time for no good reason. The non handicapped person can find a spot further away even if it’s on the street or a nearby lot. IT’s hard, but not as hard as it is for the handicapped person.

  9. for it work…. it must be followed by deadline. after the deadline tickets must be given & the TLS should report on the number of tickets.

  10. Layli . .. I think this is tongue in cheek . . .you can put it on the person that is illegally parked so that maybe they will get the message . . .I think it should really say “I have no regard for other people, I do what I want !” (again, tongue in cheek)

  11. Do you go through a red light if there are no cars coming from the direction that has a green light.

    Your thinking is flawed.

    The law is very clear. its like a fire lane or a no parking and no standing zone.

    Many disabled people cant wait all day. Ir takes strength to go out and about. Some have children that are disabled and making them wait longer than needed means leaving without shopping.

  12. We dont need handicapped spots to tell us how to behave. I dropped off an elderly couple in their 90″s going to a simcha in front of a shul, they both couldnt walk on their own. I parked in the Handicap spot despite not having a placard since my passengers were as handicapped as can be. All I did was bring them inside the building to a waiting relative. Yet I got yelled at by passers by for parking there!! I showed one of the yellers the old couple and asked him if this justifies me parking there, he just turned away.

  13. many shuls in town people park or block the handicapped spot, by blocking it in. So i guess their svara is, its only right for people who aren’t handicapped to daven.

  14. #22, It was very nice of you to drop this couple, but unless you put the placard in your window, you can get a ticket for parking in that spot even for just a minute. If the couple had a placard you should ask them to bring it along and you should put it in your window.
    A police officer once gave someone a ticket, not even for parking in the spot, but just pulling in to back out in order to turn around.

  15. to get more information. There is an email on the bottom of the windshield placard.

    also check next weeks local magazines.

  16. As R Dovid Cohen Stated its Gezel es harabim to use a handicap spot if you dont have a placard or license or if you remove the signage or space.

    Call him.

  17. What about all the Developments and souls that don’t have adequate Handicap Parking. We’re in a society that just doesn’t care!!!!!!

  18. My father who is 92 with a bad heart and uses a cane for his knee (and has the proper paperwork!) has the perfect solution: A small ball peen hammer up against an offender’s windshield has a more lasting effect than a ticket ever could!


  20. I asked poskim including r forcheimmer. If you have an authorized placard or plates and you are trying to get into a specific handicap spot for yourself-but you cant-because someone is parked in the space illegally- call the police-its not mesira.

    I was also told by a different posek that if the sign is altered or missing and therefore the police cant ticket-the spot you are trying to park in-that you can call the inspection department to issue a summons to the property owner to fix it or be ticketed.its the property owner responsibility to always maintain the markings and space. PLEASE NOTE:by law a handicap spot can never be removed. You cant just throw o it a space. In a development it can be proposed via the inspection department to allocate it and move it to a different location as long as it is within the barrier free code guidelines.the main social building must always have a handicap space.

  21. Anything quoted in the name of a Posek should be VERIFIED, CONFIRMED & ALSO ASKED IF IT SHOULD BE PUBLICIZED IN FORUM that is quoting him!

    1. Anyone can claim anything in anyones name. Who said its true or acurate!

    2.It could have been said in a certain senario & not every!

    3.The Posek may not want it posted in every public forum.

    I actually can tell you Bishaim the samr rav that the individual parking illegaly must be warned before reporting to authorities!

  22. Why should one be afraid to publicize a psak? Especially if its been stated the same exact psak to individual cholim on different occasions.

    YES THE PSAK WAS SPECIFICALLY ASKED . As was written in the previous post.

    ” IF you are trying to get into a handicapped spot that you are authorized to park in and a car that is taking the specific spot you want to enter is parked illegally, you should call the police and its not mesira. VERY SPECIFIC QUESTION.

    pick up a phone and call any of these poskim.

    R Forcheimerr
    R Dovid Cohen- he stated anyone can call him – he has no problem answering- he just does not sign anything.
    R Shmuel Fuerst – Chicago
    Harav Chaim Kaneivski stated and we have it in writing – if someone calls the police he is not a moser.

    Obviously there is a great issue why these poskim had to be contacted. Midos is not an issue? poskim had to be asked?

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