Approximately 22 Elementary Girls And 20 High School Girls Still Without School, Down From Over 100

acceptedAbout 22 elementary girls are still without a school for next year, down from about 80 after Pesach, one of the Askonim involved in the placement process told TLS today. From those girls, about 10 of them have an option to go to a school which was not of their choice, but a school nonetheless, TLS is told.

“Things are moving along nicely”, says the Askan who spoke on condition of anonymity, and says all girls should have a place in the coming weeks, before opening day.

As part of the process, Askonim are urging at least one school to open an additional class to accommodate the girls not yet accepted.

As far as High School girls are concerened, sources say there are approximately 20 girls still without a school, but that number is also significantly lower from June, when there were close to 40 girls without school. TLS.

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  1. If parents would be willing to send their children to schools that have space and want them ,rather than fighting to get into an older school that has no room ,then most of these problems would be solved

  2. There is plenty of room in the three schools (moderated) but people are insisting on not going there which is their OWN problem not ours!!! They Have a choice so then can get off their horses and just go there or deal with it themselves but don’t make this into a community problem………………

  3. The best schools need to keep expanding in order to accommodate every child that wishes to attend and can qualify.

    Less than the best schools will not last in this environment. It is competition at its best, where only the best survive and prosper.

  4. Its not about getting into A school. Its about rejection, feelings and what the girls themselves feel like. Imagine your daughter coming to into school or camp. A girl she just became friends with comes over and says, “Oh you’re from Lakewood? What school are you going to next year?”. That’s all she needed…

    The rule at one point was, that NO GIRL KNOWS WHICH SCHOOL SHE’S GOING TO UNTIL EVERY GIRL HAS A PLACE! What ever happened to that rule?

  5. There is no one to blame about the school problem except for ourselves. Fact is that lakewood is growing faster then any frum community is, and we can’t blame schools or askanim that 20 girls are still out of school, these askanim put there life into helping people that don’t even appreciate what they do for them etc. So instead of bashing and yelling at the schools and the vaad, how about you be the one, You start a school! You try helping! Don’t just sit and blog all day and expect that the problems will disappear, get off your computer and start helping.

  6. the girls school are a problem here in town for at least 7 years and still goes on….. what about the boys school? Primary and High school are still a big problem there are a significant amount of boys that also do not have where to go net year! What kind of a feeling they must be having? rejection, self esteem etc>>>> Are anyone in this town REALLY thinking about this issue???

  7. And every time there is a tragedy they blame it on Internet , Tznius …. I blame it on the schools. Great way to ruin a child for life , this IS the cause of all the tragedies.

  8. Every girl should be able to choose which school they would like to go

    to!! A girl’s high school years are the 4 most importent years of her life!

    it can make her or break her!! to tell someone who applied to a school

    she wants to go to as her first choice that she should go to a different

    school that she got placed in….is totaly the most insane thing i have

    ever heard! Imagin somebody goes to daven in a shul and the rav

    tells him to daven somewhere else..every person should be able to

    choose to go where they feel comfortable!! It is even more pathetic how

    there can be 2 equally amazing girls..and one gets accepeted because

    money (which the school may or may not get from the parents after)

    the other girl because her parents work so hard but are not millionairs

    doesn’t get in anywhere! what have we become?!? what ever

    happend to accepting people the way they are!!

    if Avraham avinue was living in these times..he wouldn’t get in anywhere

    either..because his father wasn’t frum!(and who knows if he had money)

    so please let us all accept eachother and the world will be a better place!

  9. To #2

    Talk all you want but apparently you did not struggle to get your daughter in a school. No one could be blamed for wanting what they feel is best for their child- ITS A PARENTS INSTINCT! I was in their shoes in the past, so yes, i can talk.

    On the same note,….I have to give it to the askonim for taking precious hours from their family, jobs and sleep to help out perfect strangers. No one can imagine to what degree these people go to help another yid whom they never met.

  10. I know of a school that went way beyond the call of duty and agreed to open an extra class and guess what?! Everyone had taynos that they are taking too many and not leaving enough for the other schools. Go figure… administrators listen to my advice; don’t even try you will never win. Jus
    t do your job and don’t try to satisfy the bloggers you will never succeed!

  11. This is a crying shame on this town! If the heilige schools can “squeeze” in the more elite of these rejected girls, then they can “squeeze” the rest in as well. They don’t know what they are doing to these girls’ self esteem! The girls may say they don’t care (just to save face) but you and I know the reality-it cuts like a knife into their soul. It is the cause of all our tzarus and during the last month of summer we should all do what we can to make these girls feel wanted!

  12. # 14 is absolutely correct . Its a no win situation . I also know of a school that wanted to take more kids and was blasted for hurting the other schools . So they took less kids and then they got blasted for not taking enough kids . They will never win .

  13. I am one of the 10 who r in a school bc of placement by (moderated),I was placed in a school that I didn’t apply to and there is a very very strong reason that I didn’t apply there. Lo and behold out of 4 schools I did apply to, all 4 said no and (moderated) placed me in a school that is not what we are used to( to put it nicely) We won’t go there and we would have been better off not being placed bc now everyone is telling us to get out of their office bc we have a school already.

  14. its time for each school to start building their own identities instead of when coming into the interview the head of the school tells you we are like Bais faiga in this and Bais faiga in that… It will help parents pick the right schools

  15. im 5 years old and my mommy said i have no school because we live in a town were (moderated) i would like to tell all the people commenting that its my mommy’s fault im not in school because shes being picky, I want to tell you how wrong you are shes looking out for my best interest and wants me to have the best education possible therefore the school she picks for me will shape my life forever so everyone think of me before you start judging my mommy thanks so much (please don’t comment that i should not be on the internet because after all im anyways ending up in public school……)

  16. To those that say that Avraham Avinu wouldn’t get into a school today……..

    Here’s a question for you: Would Avraham Avinu get a shiduch today?

    Would YOU take Avraham Avinu for a son-in-law even though his father was Terach and he was a baal tshuva etc?

    I know you wouldn’t. So you’re a hypocrite.

    (Rav Shteinman was able to say what he said because Rav Shteinman would have done a shiduch with Avraham Avinu as well. I don’t think anyone in Lakewood could say the same)

  17. i can understand if schools are packed with students. but the girls who can’t get into schools still need that extra attention. well for one, homeschooling for most parents is not an option i imagine. school is important to our children. not only do they learn, but they also get to socialize with other students. and that’s one of the most important things in life. to have good connections with others because that is one of the better ways to help a girl learn in school.

  18. This is tremendous tragedy that girls going in to high school should feel like second clas citizens, Their whole entire class got letters besides yechidim.

    If the people that own the schools would know the pain of parants end kids fele like every day that they are rejected.

  19. Kudos to the askanim, B’roishum R’ Menashe Frankel & R’ Tzvi Rosen who are working v/ hard for the families in need. Tizku L’Mitzvos. Dudi.

  20. those of us who are still davening and awaiting an acceptance letter know the story the way it really is…. and it hurts to read some foolish comments above.

  21. I am aware of several elementary school boys without placements. In one case, they registered with the vaad established for placements months ago (and followed up several times) and haven’t even been given the consideration of a return call.

  22. I personally know of one school that has plenty of room yet most parents won’t even apply there. It is not that this school isn’t a great school. In fact those who are in the know, will tell u that its a super above par school. However,because it doesn’t have an elitist better than thou parent body, YOU won’t send there. It is truly a sad situation on all fronts. Although I do agree that some applicants who’s parents are anti the system, should not be accepted,in many of the cases the schools are simply being overly judgmental and not operating in the lishaim shomayim manor one would expect from a yiddishe school. Klal yisroel has a big problem of baseless hatred and I agree with some of the above comments that the schools are contributing in a big way to this tremendous ongoing disaster in our nation which is getting worse by the minute. With the two recent tragedies of unzera killing ounzera rochmona litzlon,hashem has clearly shown us that sinas chinam is our generations issue. Are the schools not committing similar crimes in a emotional form? Its just awful! And I don’t see an end.

  23. #22

    wow you really missed the point of my msg! first of all i had no idea

    that r shteinman even said that but thanks for letting me know!

    and believe it or not i think i am

    a pretty rare individual i do not judge people on what they wear or look

    like..or if they are working or learning or are divorced or single…i have

    friends from yeshivish to balie teshuva…so yes i feel like people do judge

    alot here but there is nothing we can do..i just try not to give people things

    to make judgemednts about..but not everyne is the same..Hashem

    made all kinds of people in this world..wouldnt the world be crazy

    if every person looked dressed and acted the same way…

    not everyone fits your into your mold!!and you mentioned that i wouldnt

    do a shidduch with someone who has parents who are balei teshuva..

    how can you say that?? my parents happen to be balei teshuva ..and i

    have always looked up to them..i would be honored to have my child

    marry into a family with parents like mine!

    I hope this issue gets resolved

    bcause i know quite a few girls who had many problems because

    of this…it is the worst thing for a girls self esteem! Most importantly

    vahavta leracha kammocha! love your fellow jew as yourself!

  24. What is this baloney, There are enough schools and room for all. The schools are entitled to have acceptance policies to maintain quality. If you were not accepted you dont belong there go to the other school and shveig!

  25. I am begging the TLS not to delete or censure this post. I am the parent of one the girls that has been left out. Some of the Askanim do not return my phone calls. We are too poor to afford the NY Lifestyle that has invaded Lakewood, We applied to the schools as told. We have been denied because there is a false rumor that we are a problem family. Guess what. My daughter dresses Very Tznusdik. She wants to marry Kollel. We applied to a school that people are not banging down the doors to get in. We have no money, and cannot make ends meet. I guess that’s why we are a problem. Nebach I’ve never tasted sushi. I don’t go to the country. I even gave up a job when I was asked to falsify receipts for government programs. We are such a problem family. It’s intersting to note that the father is known in his neighborhoos as someone who posesses and lives by TRUE Torahdika Hashkafa but yet we are a problem. so my daughter, who according to her elementry school and anyone who knows her..has sterling middos, she sits and cries in anguish because her freinds keep asking her Nu are you coming? Rabhbosai, How much is a 14 year old supposed to take? Perhaps we all look forward to fasting this tisha B’Av?? Instead of saying Kinos, maybe we should have a yom iyun tefillah for all the girls that Wish to go to a Torahdika school and are being blocked, and HURT, by school politics. It has been confirmed that those A number of those who have not been accepted are being blocked because of politics between a high school and an elementry school. Hashem should help us all. We are soo worried about goyim hurting us, when will we start worrying about hurting each other? Hashem Help us. Aneini Hashem Anieni…..Bitzora Gedolah Anachnu.

  26. to #33

    be careful what you write to people in pain. you may be anonymous down here but your comment is going up with you after 120 where you are not annonymous at all.

    to #35

    I feel terrible for the pain your family is going through. My heart really breaks for you. I will daven for you this tishah b’av.

  27. I feel your pain! My daughter was not accepted either to any of the 3 h.s. which we were told to apply to. I’m not letting it get me down because there is a perfectly good heimishe high school not far from here with a wonderful sefardy taam. It may not be what your daughter is looking for, but I’ve heard from many of the teachers from Lkwd who teach there, that it is phenominal! So, to the Lakewood principals–you may think you have won by not accepting my daughter, but in truth, it is she who won because she refused to let this get her down in hashkafos and made her stronger for it!

  28. First off why does a 5 year need a school if he can write a nice long comment by himself. Second, start another school and take more money from the public school system.

  29. #38. Any of the 3 h.s? how many high schools are there? When I went to school there was only one. That number has increased by 3? or maybe its 4? I was forced to attend a school which I ended up loving. Not everything should be a choice. You learn and become stronger from changes such as these.

  30. I am a girl who was rejected from high school, the pain of not being in a school once school has started is unimaginable.Your friends all go on and start their high school yrs and your left behind. No one should ever feel such embarrassment and pain. I felt like the 3rd child in china, unwanted and not wanting to show my face in case someone would be tactless enough to say something to me. I cried for months…. Knowing that 14 year old girls are going through that pain right now…. People who have the power to change around this situation should be ashamed of themselves for not trying to prevent such anguish to children that age. It can ruin them for a life time….

  31. to # 40. We were told by the askanim in town (with R’ Mattistahu Solomon present) that we all had to apply to 3 girls schools minimum or the vaad would not help us get in.

  32. this is a terrible problem, but how about a bit of honesty?

    THis is not true for EVERY case, but some parents must look at themselves clearly in the mirror and say “am I ruining my childs chances because I don’t follow the accepted guidelines of appropriate dress? ” Even though you may not believe in these guidelines, REALITY SANDWICH- this is a place where these guidelines are taken seriously and if you want your child to have a fighting chance you SHOULD do your best to conform, at least 75%.

    Again, this is not the problem in every case, but I do know it is the case sometimes.

  33. to number 46, if u would see the list of the families that are not in school yet , you would flip! Some are Kollel Yungerleit, some are ehrilicha Baa’l Habatim, some are wealthy ,are just harmless sweet people. I would say %99 of them are normal, tznius, go to davening ands learning every day families. The guys that you r talking about were accepted into the lower tier schools a long time ago

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