Approximately 20 Buses Get Stuck In Brookhill Estates Due To Parking Issues

buses_stuck_in_brookhill_estatesVIDEO: [UPDATED 4:30 p.m.] Approximately twenty buses were in a traffic-jam this morning due to the parking situation in the area. Police spent about 25 minutes trying to undo the mess which consisted of buses attempting to drive through the development in all directions. “This will continue happening until the Township corrects the parking issue”, an area resident tells TLS.

The bus companies we are told, were notified about this morning’s mess and were told to now conduct pick-up and drop-offs using only one direction of travel.

In other bus news this morning, a bus was pulled over by police on County Line this morning after the students were seen standing on the bus while the bus was in motion. The driver was given a warning and let off without a summons.

UPDATE 4:30 p.m. Following this morning’s incident, TLS and an area resident contacted Committeeman Meir Lichtenstien for a solution to the ongoing problem.

Committeeman Lichtenstien conatcted the Traffic & Safety division of the Police and suggested an immediate -yet temporary – solution to the problem, as the Committee works on a permanent solution.

Lichtenstien suggested that all buses use one direction of travel throughout the development, thus alleviating the congestion within the development.

Traffic & Safety in turn contacted the Board Of Education who agreed to the new temporary plan and issued the attached statement.

The change will take effect tomorrow morning.

Committeeman Lichtenstien added, that area residents are also requested to use the same direction of travel during busing hours so as not to defeat the purpose.

A permanent solution – which may result in a one side parking – is in the works.

Click here to view the Memorandum with the included map.

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  1. to those who wanted lakewood to be a city this is part of the problem that goes along with that status unless some proper planning is in place ahead of time ,obviously that is not the case here

  2. The township has been in existance for 118 years and now all of a sudden its there fault, and they have to correct a parking issue? Why can’t the bus drivers and citizens within this little community use common sense when parking their vehicles and trying to traverse the neighborhood? Its amazing how much easier life would become if everybody just took a moment to examine how their actions affected everyone else… And how can the township correct the parking issue when people will just park wherever they want anyway?

  3. Thank you Bob Singer for approving developments for developers without developing proper plans.

    We will all suffer long after he is gone.

    Every new house built in Lakewood should require 2 car driveways plus garage per apartment/house.

  4. I notice many cars parked the wrong way. You can potentially get a $54 ticket for parking in the opposite direction of traffic. Unless some folks here think this is England…

  5. this story made me laugh… every new house in a development has a total of 4 cars minimum per house, how on earth can they expect the developments to sustain that number of vehicles?

  6. Reply to # 3. Ignorance! The Township is there for the residents of this town! In this case the residents of Brookhill have been begging the township for over a year, to help reassign and enforce the parking and Nothing has been done. Everyone in the area petitioned in a signed request – and Nothing. Mayor Langert came down there as well and STILL NOTHING! So if we may ask, who is to blame?

  7. Just wait until there is a fire in one of the homes. First truck on scene stops in front of the fire. Other trucks will have to park further away due to the parking situation. No sense for the ladder truck to go as it will not be able to get up the street, or else be parked too far away for the ladder to reach the house. This is a fairly new development and just goes to show the planning that goes into the new developments.

  8. To #7 How is this ignorance? Only the residence of Brookhill park in the Brookhill area so if you want enforcement, then you’re just asking for the residents to get punished. How about the residents just figure out how to park without causing a problem? You shouldn’t have to rely on government to solve something for yourself. I do know that it is much easier to sit back and blame someone else, but maybe a little self initiated work to fix your area? Or is that too much to ask?

  9. ALL construction in town is approved with way too few parking spaces. maybe if you took down one or two of these over sized houses per development and convert them to parking lots.

  10. y don’t the just simply make these developments bigger for more parking room? unless of course it’s a money issue. i know a development where they have lots of room.

  11. I think #3’s point was that even if the town did make any changes to parking in this neighborhood no one would follow the rules anyway! (Take a look at the previous article about BMG and the commenter saying to leave him alone, he’ll park where he wants!)
    Whose cars are these any way? I’m going to guess they belong to people who live in the neighborhood. I expect an article saying the citizens are outraged that they have no place to park if the town does make any changes.

  12. And what about speed limits. I have been in brookhill before and people rip around the corners like madmen/women. Children play outside and run around, and then people drive withough fear of consequence, its very unnerving.

  13. If they are so upset, let the residents meet together and decide to only park on one side of the street – there is no reason why they can’t be mature enough to solve issues themselves until the township has time to take care of it officially.
    Unlike what some of you think, our municipal government actually has rules and regulations. Its not complain one day and get your way the next!

  14. I was there this morning and have tw0 comments. 1) right or wrong that the police were called but that’s what happened and they weren’t to happy about the situation. Chillul Hashem!
    2) As someone else pointed out the only solution that we have to get us out of this development problem is ONE WAY streets.

  15. i think that officer butterworth could fix this problem in one afternoon, as he would lift the houses up and stretch the roadway a few feet wider……

  16. The problem is you have one BIG bus picking up 3-7 kids at a time, put them all on one bus or have the parents, who are home cause they are parked on the streets, take them to school.

  17. all developments the busses should enter one way and exit the other way , even whispering pines. the problem with one way is there is more congestion and back up at the exit of the development if there is no traffic light allowing the flow of traffic to exit the devlopment. the county also ttok away the shoulder on squnakum making it dabgerous to enter the devlopment especially when people are stopped on the road( were it says no stopping) to drop off or catch a ride to work, In whispering pines it would be impossible for all the cars , busses, dpw. and mail to exit and make a left on to squankum. until there is a traffic light on squankum and whispering pines the busses will have to go one way and the cars two ways and they should pull over when a buss is trying to go through the development .

  18. fyi, almost none of the cars were from brookhill residents. there was a simcha in the shul. this goes on every time. people park too far away from the curb and park way too close to stop signs/corners. there was absolutely no possible way for one of the buses to turn the corner!!! it has gotten way out of hand. we need one way for buses only. cars are able to maneuver way easier. it looked the a guy from boe was here and hopefully something will finally be done.

  19. To #7 you say who is to blame I blame you how many cars do you have and what about your friends and family what happens when you invite all of your friends and family over. its nothing more then Lakewood worlds largest population of mini vans. Lakewood should change their signs from welcome to historic Lakewood, to welcome to lakewood city home of the most populated town.

  20. Get better bus drivers… You should not need a police officer to help you back out of a street!!! And if you can’t get around a car parked in front of a house, then drive across the lawn of that house… That’ll teach them… Or just put cow pushers on the front of the school buses and plow the cars out of the way. As for the speed limits, its the residents that fly around the corners, not caring about their own neighbors children… Its complete anarchy when you go into these little developments… Childrens toys litter the streets, the strollers are strewn about waiting to be stolen… Its an amazing sight…

  21. A stitch in time saves nine.
    Planning BEFORE developments are built is much easier than trying to solve problems AFTER it’s built. But of cours, those who made their money back then when shortcuts were taken, are not on the scene now and are laughing all the way to the bank. A layman like myself, who knows very little about building, was able to see all those problems way back then. Surely, the “experts” knew as well. It was just cheaper to do things quickly and we’re just beginning to see all the horrible results in Lakewood now.
    But they’ll just keep building and building with minimun planning…

  22. SEE WHAT I MEAN PEOPLE AREN’T PARKING IN YOUR DRIVEWAYS WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEMS??? Why can’t you park your car in your driveways?? It not fair to other people… You are making big problems here… I telling many people on my block that they should make a bigger driveway if they have a problem..

  23. there was one coomment sbout busses picking up3_4 childeren

    what would be so wrong if students of a neighborhood rode together to thier different schools

    these kids play together .hey they are neighbors.

    lets thank Hashem for this problem .with yishuv hadass and common sense we can tackle it .like neighbors

  24. answer is as follows . busses should pick up only at the corners next implement angle parking and finally make all streets a one way with enforcment. withut enforcment it will look like westgate.

  25. I live in Whispering Pines and this kind of thing is just waiting to happen.
    It so ridiculous that they have two entrances and still haven’t insisted that it become a one way street. When will these people learn!!

  26. lets blame the planning board. But come to think of it if the parents drove kids to school we wouldn’t have these kind of issues? right

  27. to #24
    what you are saying is that the shul was built with not enough parking spaces …. what a surprise! how did the builder get away with that, oh that must be the planning board or just politics as usual!!

  28. Is this why our inspectors get arrested for graft? I recall reading about expected problems with busses when they built several new communities. Safety has been compromised. It is the town leaders fault.

  29. OK I’ll try and leave another comment ,Like I said this is what happens when their is a lack of planning!! There has been so much developement in this town without considerations to the impact it would have.
    When the developer applies to the town its pretty much ruber stamped approval ~ and here are the results of that

  30. The Township didn’t cause this problem the developer that built all those houses did when they didnt plan on a traffic plan in the development. I say all roads leading around the development be one way..and the access roads to the development being 2 way. This way the busses can get in and out while dropping off and picking up. But if you have 8 schools busing in the same neighborhood you will always have a problem. Its not the townships job or the Police that have to figure out what is wrong with your neighborhood, No matter what they do you will never be why put it in their hands..Figure it out..get a them make it work.

  31. Would the problem help if you parked your cars in the driveways where they belong not on both sides of the streets?? or can you park on one side or the other leaving some room for the busses down the street? What happens if there was an emergency, how can the emergency vehicles get down the streets?

  32. No matter what the town does, there will still be a problem. Forest park is a one way street but people go up the one way all the time, park where they are not supposed to. Forest park has parking on the left side only but people park on the right side as well. Ive seen garbage trucks get stuck. Just because you are going into shul to daven, does not mean you are exempt from any and all rules of the road. You may as well daven at home if you are going to make a chillul hashem

  33. If it’s not residents’ cars why not go to the shul and ask for their assistance. If they change the parking to just one side you are only going to make it harder on the residents to find parking by cutting the spots in half.

  34. I say start up a township impound yard, ticket them and tow them to the impound yard. start making people pay for their stuipidty of not knowing how and where to park when it’s posted appropriately. if they want their vehicle back then they have to pay the ticket and impound fee. this is income for the township and will help pay for the items that are needed and required to run a township more safely and effectively. it seems to work in other parts of the country, so why not in the good ole busy town (city) of Lakewood.

  35. lets all keep a level head now.
    -Don’t ask the township to start changing things that they can only make worse.
    – Residents must come to a solution for their unique development.
    -If my street saw dangerously fast speeds, there would be a speed there the next day.
    -Maybe now the BrookHill HOA will get a consensus for a solution.
    -if you see a car parked horribly incorrect, or against parking rules, send them a letter letting them know they will be ticketed in the future. Or not welcome to visit the development in the future, due to the endangerment of others with their parking habits.

    Singer gave us what was asked of him. more homes, more homes, more homes.

  36. the problem lies in the way the cars are parked…..if people knew how to park…half the problem would be solved…period….and its in every neighborhood!!!

  37. do like red bank they have parking requirements if you dont meet them you must pay thousands per year to the twsp schools and bussines are taxed as much as 2,000 per space

  38. if anyone takes the time to read the attached memo, there is a big mistake on it! it should say travel north on lucerne until engleberg, make a right on engleberg, a left on arosa all the way until milano where you make a left! no wonder this town is so confusing when even the twp commitee & transportation dept dont know the streets!

  39. You think its bad now? Soon we will have Whispering Woods with .0003 parking spots per house. We do not have to build them a shul since there is already a shul in Whispering Pines that has .0000000000736 parking spots for each mispalel. But in the end it all works out because I have my fancy house on ——— Rd. And if a kid gets run over by a school bus because people are triple parked by the shul – hey that’s not my problem.



  42. I can’t believe that this story taking on so much hock. I actually was there this morning exactly where the baal hagan was, as there was a bris there in the shul. It seems that it was the additional cars that came for the bris – and I saw how they were parked may have been in part what caused the mess this morning, otherwise why would this morning have been different than anuy other. Also just to clarify the baal simcha is not from Brookhill as well as many of the people that came(inc myself) and so in big pat it was all the additional cars that ultimately wreaked havoc this morning. Btw if the oilam at the simcha were wondering what happened to all the doughnuts, I saw kids who saw that their bus wasn’t going anytime soon took the opportunity to help themselves to doughuts pasteries etc.

  43. All you people out there comparing Brookhill to other townhouse developments are making a big mistake! Brookhill is a single family development, every house has a minimum of 90 feet frontage! Every house has at least 4 parking spaces!……

  44. hey level headed what is inside your head. send them a letter, what are you going to mail it also. don’t let them visit the development next time, did you build the development, do you pay everyones property taxes. be realistic about this, you send me a letter I’m gonna read it and laugh then throw it away. the solution is ticketing and towing, i also like that idea of impounding the vehicles especially after repeated offenses.

  45. Just make one school in Brookhill and require all residents attend that school and then we can do away with all busing. The kids will be able to walk to school.

  46. one way would not be good at all. we would have all cars from whisper court going all the way around which would make much more traffic going around whispering pines also each side would have all cars from other side of whispering pines coming around bec they have to enter and exit from aone entrance instead of going out of their own entrance. P.S. I love whispering pines, the achdus is unbelievable and great ppl living here!

  47. i was under the impression that until a neighborhood is complete, it is not under the towns jurisdiction. so in brookhill, as well as west gate, they should really have a community group make and enforce rules, until the development is complete. that is also when the final paving occurs. the people are smart enough to do it, but not interested. who knows what they were thinking in whispering pines?? we use up alot of zchusim every day driving fast in these neighborhoods. lets put our heads together we can come up with a good solution!

  48. Every development built in Lakewood is a mess.Nothing is taking in consideration.The developer don’t care if the garbage trucks,school buses,delivery trucks or any other kind of trucks fit in there.The streets are built for 2 little cars to fit if that’s the case.All he care is to fit as many houses as he can and make his $$$.After that that’s not his problem.Soon the garbage collection is going to be done with shopping carts with the narrow streets.

  49. Would it be too much to ask that when entering a development with children playing that you SLOW down. Also, when making a turn onto a street, that you also stay in your OWN lane. Maybe stay off your cell phone, and be courteous to other drivers. In two days, I was almost hit three times. I was run off the road in three cases. Just saying…

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