Another Two Major Traffic Pattern Changes Coming To Downtown

New-sign-7th-Madison_ tls_wmTLS has been advised that two more major traffic pattern changes are coming to town, with one beginning tomorrow. Tomorrow, the Township will begin installing ‘Right Turn Only’ signs on Route 9, similar to the ones which were placed and then removed last year, due to the lack of approval from the State, (as reported on TLS). Those signs have now been approved and will be installed over the next few days.

The following are the changes:

1st Street at Route 9: Right turn only weekdays from 7am-7pm
3rd Street at Route 9: Right turn only weekdays from 7am-7pm
5th Street at Route 9: Right turn only weekdays from 7am-7pm
7th Street at Route 9: Right turn only weekdays from 7am-7pm
8th Street at Route 9: Right turn only weekdays from 7am-7pm
10th Street at Route 9: Right turn only weekdays from 7am-7pm
11th Street at Route 9: Right turn only weekdays from 7am-7pm
Carey Street at Route 9: Right turn only weekdays from 7am-7pm

With the new changes, turning left or crossing over Route 9, will both be illegal.

new traffic pattern 1st stThe second major change is as follows:

1st Street, between Lexington and Clifton will become one way EAST BOUND till Monmouth Avenue. Last week, 1st Street between Clifton and Madison Avenue became a two way street.

Also, Lexington Avenue will become a one way SOUTH BOUND from 1st Street till Route 88. Those changes will take effect June 1st.

The latest 1st Street change, will force the NJ Transit buses to make a right turn out of the Terminal and not allow the buses to turn onto Clifton Avenue.

The changes, part of the master plan announced last year, are aimed to ease the congestion in the Downtown area. TLS.

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  1. That is a stupid change..making the busses turn right out of the terminal. That will not ease the traffic because you still have all those cars that clog up Clifton ave.. There was nothing wrong with 1st st being one way out to Madison Ave..that is just plain you just put all the busses on Main St Fm lexington ave to Madison ave..that will clog it up even more..
    Brilliant deduction..Good thing I don’t work in town

  2. I tell yeah if it wasn’t for those rotten NJ Transit buses we wouldn’t have any traffic………..yeah right………..I see this part of their plan as having little effect on lowering traffic volume. The no crossing/no left turn signs will definitely help though should anyone follow them.

  3. So stupid lexington is a narrow street with no room to pass a car etc. having all the transit buses on lexington plus the existing school buses will be a nightmare

  4. Imagine how 4th st. Will be on fridays with all the traffic from 5th st and 3th st. Using 4th st to cross over rt. 9 plus the traffic from the tehater… It would be much smarter to just move away the tehater from downtown that would ease alot of the traffic

  5. we all shud b more concerned with putting some important traffic lights arnd this town, for example: martin luther and pine that left turn????? are they ewaiting for something deadly to happen before they decide to put a traffic light????????????????????????
    this towns driving is so dangerous!

  6. To #8 yes I meant theater… After all I never went to one and has no need to know the right spelling for that… After all u got it anyway.

    I hope every time u make a brucha etc. U are also very makpid to say it with clearly with the correct spelling.

    P.s, in the blog and comment world its acceptable for wrong spelling etc. Even the tls editor that should be more perfect spelling gets away with wrong spelling and grammer, so just chill out

  7. Anyone on the commitee can do anything for the infrastructure. Everything is at the county and state level. NOTHING with all the building that was approved over the past 10 years and NOTHING was improved on the roads except for some minor traffic flow changes like adding a few stop signs and changing two way to one way. When will the commitee start doing anything for the roads?
    the town is growing and the committee does NOTHING about it!
    Where is all our tax money going?

  8. This will not do anything at all. What it will do is cause mass confusion and accidents.Get ready for Lakewood version of a demolition derby.

  9. #11

    Learn to spell. People would actually take you more seriously.

    Do you put on a gartell every time you write a comment on TLS?

  10. I’m sorry, but I think “No Left Turns” is a really dumb move.
    Let’s have a new law “No Driving”
    How are you supposed to get anywhere without going in circles???

  11. As a frequent driver in the above mentioned areas I would like to note that the issue on First and Madison is not a left turn issue as most sane drivers dont even think of it at peak times.
    What I think would be helpful on First and Madison would be a sign that requests drivers to alternate with each other (similar to the one found off the Turnpike at route 3 for busses).I believe this would also increase the Derech Eretz/Kiddush Hashem amongst us drivers.

  12. o my i spend my day driving from sixty to a hundred miles a day in Lakewood alone! this just sounds like a complete mess! At least make a change once a month not at the same time! All i see is a disaster waiting to happen!!

  13. When can you make on Rt. 9? What this is saying is that, 24 hours a day, one may make a right turn onto Route Nine. From 7am to 7pm, if you want to cross Route Nine, you may do so at the lights at 4th, 9th, County Line & Kennedy. From 7 at night until 7 in the morning, you can go any which way concerning Rt. 9. Re-routing the NJ Transit buses is brilliant. They were always trying to make a left from 1st and then switch to the right lane on Rt. 9 to head down to Toms River.

  14. It’s obvious from the comments that some readers are making the wrong inference or deyuk. “Right turn only between 7am and 7pm” does NOT mean that you can only make a right between 7am and 7pm and that after that it is no longer permitted. Rather, it means that you can ONLY make a right during those hours and you may not go straight or make a left during those hours. After 7 pm, you MAY go right or left or straight. That’s it. I’m getting dizzy.

  15. Shvere traffic pattern notice. And once we’re at it, what’s p’shat in a
    yellow— go faster or go slower?

  16. When Madison ave going south crosses rt 88 and the newly designed
    2 lanes turn into 1— it’s like I’m back in NYC.

  17. this will not last. as it is traffic is always backed up 2nd. 4th and 6th street between clifton and madison/rt 9.

    this is stupid.

  18. How about making some streets one-way (like from 5th to Carey between Forest & Lex)? That would help the parking situation too…as well as the difficulties when parking lanes are full on both sides & two cars meet head-on.

  19. ppl are missing an important point. You can still cross 9 – but u do it differently. Coming up 10th from Clifton, u make a right at rt 9 & a left at 11th St. Anyone with half a brain was doing that anyway. I’m sorry they didn’t make it from 6 AM until 10 PM.

  20. To get into the 11th st. turning lane after making that 10th street right onto rt9 can be a little difficult. I’ll be watching out for you.

  21. The Wise Men Of Chelm strike again! The yeshiva’s on 7th. Yungeleit who live on Lawrence will only be able to cross Madison at 6th and will therefore get backed up back to Forest because of the bottleneck at the stop sign at 6th and Clifton. A light at the intersection of 6th & Clifton would help, but they won’t put one up because “not enough people were killed there”. (You need 10 fatalities to earn a light and we’ve only had 7.) What a mess this new stupid traffic rule is going to cause!

  22. u wanna croos over route 9 and dont wanna be stuck on lets say 6th where the back up is gonna be, simple.. just go down seventh coming from forest make the legal right on rt 9 and then once on rt 9 make the left on sixth..vualla…u crossed rt 9 and circumvented the 6th street back ups…oops just gave away the secret.. now this trick will cause back ups on seventh too…oy vay

  23. great comments — lots of laughs! Keep them coming! And the moral is, you can take the yid out of Boro Park and he’ll feel right at home in Lakewood. The main thing is — drive carefully, patiently, courteously, and make a kiddush Hashem to inspire and improve Lakewood’s yidden, besides saving our lives and our Torah.

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