An Open Letter From Parnassah Expo’s Founder Reb Duvi Honig

Dear Klal Yisroel, I am still struggling to gather my thoughts after the unbelievable Kiddush Hashem that I – along with thousands upon thousands of our brethren from across North America – witnessed at the Meadowlands Exposition Center on Tuesday. A distinct sense of achdus, determination and optimism permeated every one of the 61,000 square feet in the Center. Yidden of all ages, backgrounds and income level gave of their time, knowledge and resources to help others succeed, all the while helping themselves as well.

At this time, I must acknowledge Rabbi and Mrs. Nosson and Devorah Wahl, who worked around the clock over the past few months to make sure that every detail works out in the best possible manner. As I look back, I am amazed at how we managed to organize an event of this magnitude with such limited resources. It is no doubt a testimony to the Wahls’ talent and unwavering dedication. Mrs Devorah Wahl made this her personal project and invested her heart and soul into it – and it could not have happened without her.

It has been a long road until here, with months – years – of seemingly endless toil and uphill logistical struggles. Seeing all the happy faces at the Expo and hearing the countless individual success stories from both vendors and attendees in the days since, has made it all worth.

It is an honor for me to have had a role in such a great event, but I view every attendee, vendor, volunteer, staff member and supporter as a major partner in its success – and for that I am highly appreciative.

I’d like to personally thank my wife for being by my side and working on the expo together day and night, helping turn a vision into a reality, and my children for tolerating my preoccupation with this project over the past months.

Most of all, I’d like to offer a shevach v’hodaya to Hashem for the clear siyatta dishmaya that we saw every step of the way.


Duvi Honig

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  1. At last year’s event, immediately after (like a day after) there were reports of how it was an overwhelming success etc. We were told that only 1-2,000 people were expected and 7,000 showed up. We were told how people came from all over to participate. We were even told of how people were hired at the show itself (on the spot). etc. etc.

    This years event was much much bigger etc. Can we get some report on the event itself?? Just some basic figures and maybe a few testimonials from attendees and vendors AND speakers at the seminars. We know the parking lot was (over)full, but does that mean the 6,000 people came or was it much more. Hearing this information makes an impact.

    So Duvi, you did GREAT. Please let us know how great.

  2. What about Mutty Tress? The man gave many hours every day (and nights) for months to make this thing happen. He is a very talented giving person and should be recognized. Without him the expo would never have happened.

  3. Duvi,
    You set the record for one day totals of the Rambam’s highest level of Tzedoka and no doubt you are right up in making one of the greatest one day Kiddush Shem Somayims

  4. #3 what a horrible thing to say! If you know the man, he did none of it for his own personal enjoyment nor to line his own pockets as people have suggested. I think it is so sad how people are able to degrade the most humble and giving of public servants because their reality did not match their expectations.
    and besides, out of the 23 people I’ve spoken to 20 found it an unqualified success for their parnassah, 2 are on the fence, and only 1 felt he didn’t gain what he came to gain.

  5. Thank you Reb Duvi for an unbelievable opportunity to help klal yisroel!
    I am Amazed by each and every member of the Parnassah network staff. Who all went Beyond the call of duty no matter day or night with one goal in mind, to help other yidden with Parnasaah.
    In the past day and a half since the Expo people i dont even know have been coming up to me and thanking me for my roll at the Expo and telling how much they gained. One yungermann learning in Yeshiva told me his wife made almost 50 contacts for her bisness. He says if just 5 work out it’ll be a major success.
    Baruch hashem it was a major success and many yidden walked away very happy.
    Thank you to everyone at the Parnassah network office May you have lots of hatzlachah in all you’re Future projects klal yisroel needs you!

  6. #3 please provide your name for Tehillim groups around town. You need help financially, emotionally and spiritually. The show was a success beyond anyone’s imagination. So sorry to disappoint you

  7. I think people are misreading number 3’s comments. He is saying how Duvi did the highest form of Tzedaka a hundred times over. . . What did he say wrong?

  8. Nobody is bashing Mr. Honig and his volunteers.

    They worked very hard and all meant well.

    The questions still stands, was this expo the best way to find people jobs?

  9. To #12 – What alternative options are you presenting to the issue? Or do you just like to bash everyone who tries to help klal yisroel !

    Think about it.

  10. It was a great expo , but what it was advertised for ” Parnassah” was not a success. it was meant for vendores doing well, not people seeking jobs, so i am making an expo where all the unemployed can come and have a chance of getting into a company, please for next year do not mislead and dcharge 25 for those unemployed seeking employment that have no chance there.

  11. Some ppl get upset because they think that calling it a Parnassah expo means its for jobs. However Parnassah is all types of livelihood. Apparently this years expo was mainly focused on helping businesses succeed and get networked though it was an “expo” and they also included a job fair. If you followed the signs to the career/job part you would have entered straight into the job fair part if you were loking for a job. I saw LOTS of available jobs there and met many people that had access to jobs as well. But if you enetered at the business entrance you would have seen the BUSINESS part of the parnassah expo. They advertised it as both – there was no misleading. And hopefully if you are looking for a job you made connections and will follow up with those connections. And if not – better luck next time around.

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