An Op-Ed: Marriage, And Communism – An Unholy Match

op edBy: Aaron Joseph. Just next-door in New York, a ferocious debate is being led by its governor. The objective is to redefine the word marriage. Not a literal definition, but rather, who can “legally” marry who. We here in Lakewood, are no strangers to this grisly debate. For we have had our own share of such morbid charades played out in Trenton, not too long ago. As neighboring states, one cannot help but wonder how one state might come to influence another. With the help of the one above, this challenge to the morality of mankind will fail, and all will live happily ever after.

With the ramifications of this issue important to any decent man, I could not help but reflect upon a recent quote in the Daily News, by New York Archbishop Dolan:

“…a government that redefines marriage to include gay couples is treading the same road as communist countries that redefine rights…”

An approbation of a religious leader is unnecessary. The assessment of comparing those who redefine the meaning of marriage to communism is a viewpoint that has far deeper meaning.

Redefining marriage is comparable not just to communism, but specifically to the very core of Karl Marx Communism, and the full unholy specter of atheism that Communism represents.

Communists are atheists. Communists do not believe in a supreme being or a higher authority. They believe only in themselves and the state. God is the Communist State nemesis.

Karl Marx believed, in some twisted illogical way, that religion was a means wielded by the ruling class to subjugate the working class. Hence, God could play no part in Marx’s ideology. Karl Marx believed only in himself, to him there was no God.

In this vein, it might be understandable how these hopelessly mixed-up American politicians, from the highest office holder in this land, to so many of his party cohorts, can be aligned with what seems to be a creation of a new political party- the “American Communist Party.”

These, men of supposed intelligence, who while well into their purportedly adult years, are still unsure of what marriage stands for. They, who while representing you and I in the government, do not understand what the United States stands for.

While the first amendment of the United States Constitution clearly delineates the freedom of religion “congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…” Many liberals of today’s day and age misinterpret these words as a basis to institute an un-American independence called “freedom FROM religion.” This their lame excuse to absence God from under the American heavens. Such belief is a direct endorsement of Communism.

The fact the first amendment addresses religion, is one proof religion was a cornerstone of society. The strength of religious governance, and the mighty influence religion had upon society, caused the Founding Fathers to insert the religion clause as the very first amendment.

The sorry political souls of today, through their public sympathy and outright brazen crusade on behalf of disgusting and lewd behavior, have clearly shrugged off any last vestige of Godliness. They have brashly proven that they believe only in themselves, and give no legitimacy at all to the meaning of our constitution, or more importantly, to a higher power. Karl Marx would be proud.

Marriage has been an iconic byword of the family institution throughout the ages, recognized and endorsed by governments – though never determined by them.

Should the word marriage prove unsalvageable for the sole, holy, only meaning of procreating a family, the unique sovereignty of what marriage truly stands for, must nevertheless endure. A new word of integrity must be implemented and enshrined, for the sole purpose of representing the holy union between husband and wife – just.

The U.S. Senate censored Senator Joseph McCarthy for his communist hunting during the nineteen-fifties. In retrospect, he may have been on to something.

Today’s new school of the “American Communist Party” is far more frightening than it was fifty years ago. These political officers who believe only in themselves, are embowered and emboldened by their claims of legitimacy through a twisted misinterpretation of the United States Constitution, “freedom FROM religion,” and the very protections OF religion, the constitution is to insure.

These depraved politicians are guilty not just of their immoral advocacy and the cardinal sin of obvious and zealous disregard for a Supreme Being.

They are guilty as well for the mistreatment of the people they represent, “We the people,” by their outlandish demonizing and trampling of the United States Constitution. Such misguided officers of government must be fired.

If there is a continuation of this process, of championing by elected government officers for that which is forbidden, how will it end? Of what use will the constitution be; what will be the fate of the institution and peoples it is to protect?

We cannot trust those that trust in themselves. Who can? Such people are cursed. As scripture states: “Cursed is the man whom trusts in man…” As President Reagan predicted so accurately, Karl Marx, Leninism, Stalinism and Communism, will all end in the “ash heap of history.” Mr. Reagan knew his scriptures well.

There is a Supreme Being, for whom even the loftiest remain far beneath his mighty shadow.

May we be of those of whom it is said: “Blessed is the man who trusts in God, and God will be for him as his protection.”

May the merit of our faith in the One Above, inspire protection, from those who believe only in themselves.

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  1. Intolerance is an ugly thing.

    Interracial marriage was illegal until less than 50 years ago. Times change and people should be afforded the right to live their life like the rest of the society, just as women and minorities have in the past.

  2. This article makes no sense. If you are gonna try and spread intolerance and hatred towards your fellow man, atleast get your facts straight.

  3. The sticking point is Marriage! They have Civil Union which protects their legal rights. Marriage is a Religious matter and is between a Man and a Woman. At some point the political correctness has to stop!

  4. I agree with number 1 let G-d be the judge and as long as people are not hurting anyone let them be. Tolerance and understanding to your fellow man should be the priority.

  5. #3- no one is saying they have the right to be married in a church or any place of worship. they are saying they should be legally married- to have the same LEGAL rights. Civil unions are a cop out. You want seperate but “equal”? go back to segregation.

  6. It is apparent that the author has never studied the communist ideology. It is a fallacy to state categorically “communists are atheists.” Additionally he states “Karl Marx, in some twisted illogical way believed that religion was a means wielded by the ruling class to subjugate the masses.” This is not Marx’s point. It is universally agreed upon that the ruling class used religion to subjugate the masses (Russia is a prime example herself, as well as England France and every other country that readily comes to mind). Marx was mechadesh that religion was specifically created for this end. It is a shame that there is a space limit , because I am not nearly done ye

  7. Well written. However ther will never be an American Communist Party. It will always be called something else more ligitimate sounding. Every country that has turned away from God, has disapeared fast.

    I think this can said shorter though.

    It is strange how people can read this article and come away premoting things that are not even found inbetween the lines. It goes to show how sold on the democratic party they are. for instance:

    #1 Says: “Intolerance is an ugly thing.”

    And what of Intolerance of God?

    You would be better read saying: Intolerance of God is an ugly thing. That way all else would be answered.

    #4 What do you mean by saying “let God be the judge?” Read the bible and understand for your self how he already has judged.

    #4 Tolorance of God should be the #1 priority.

    #5 Whats wrong with civil unions? Exactly? Interacial will always be called that. Immorality will always be called that- no matter how you call it.

    #6 This report does not seem to be about karl Marx. You wrote more then the writer of the report about Marx, and you make less sense. keep it short.


  8. Before you submit an article anywhere, please learn some grammar! Or at least have someone else edit it for you. I couldn’t make my way past the first paragraph!

  9. I know that a high percentage, if not all orthodox jews are against same gender marriage. Thats fine. Everyone has their beliefs and morals. I dont believe government should reject it same gender marriage. The government is not supposed to be a religious institution. Just because one religion says its wrong, does not mean everyone feels the same way. You are walking down a very slippery slope when you want the govt to ban same gender marriage.There have been petitions to ban circumcision in a few cities throughout the United States and abroad. Now, orthodox jews have no problem with circumcision but alot of people do have a problem with it. Their of the opinion that its wrong and barbaric. Pretty much the same feelings jews have against same gender relations. Its not the governments job to decide who is right or wrong in such cases. Leave the govt out of it. Let them get married. Have the same privileges as everyone else. You push this issue too much, you might come to regret it. No orthodox jews want to see circumcision banned.

  10. Maybe the people who spend so much time worrying about what other people do should spend more time worrying about themselves. It is none of the authors business what adults do as long as they aren’t hurting anyone else. The world would be a far better place if people would stop forcing their morals on other people.

  11. I can’t believe some of the comments here! Really, do you want an open display of this depraved immorality all over the place?? Do you honestly want your children growing up in a sick world to be exposed to it even more?

    Tolerance is a nice thing. But not when that tolerance crosses the line. Would you “tolerate” it, if people started walking around without any clothing on? Would you “tolerate” it, if people started harming other people? NO YOU WOULD NOT!

    Stop being such liberal-minded Americans! Yes, accepting people who are different than you is important, but accepting toeivah like this is abominable! There comes a certain point where you have to put your foot down and say, “No, I’m sorry, but there IS Someone who governs this world, and HE set down the rules and regulations that we have to follow.”

  12. Not only Orthodox Jews but Catholics and other religions are opposed to same gender marriage. There are also those who oppose it for other than religious reasons. Marriage was established to protect the family unit and the dependent woman and children of that unit. Divorce laws were established to protect the woman and children. Since same gender unions do not produce children or dependent parties, there is no need for marriage. The unions and other laws give the same rights and benefits to gays except for federal benefits. They the word marriage to legitimatize their lifestyle.

  13. No country in history has legitimized this disgusting behavior and survived. GOD said no to it. Are we “one nation under God” only when God doesn’t get in our way?? This is suicidal . it displeases our Creator. He doesn’t turn the other cheek, he exacts justice. Disobaying his will, puts us all in danger R”L. Wasn’t one 9/11 enough??!! We must protest this dispicable and wicked behavior, before the country gets a divine punishment. R”L We should all pray that these evil men be stopped.

  14. OK – separate the concepts of a civil union (sanctioned by the state) and marriage (the religious ceremony). Everyone now needs a civil “marriage license” issued by the town where the ceremony occurs. I also have a Ketuba signifying that a rabbi married me in a religious ceremony. Call the state issued certificate a “Civil Union License” taking the whole matter out of the discussion. Then same gender unions would not even be called “marriage” and the debate would be ended. Same gender partners would be then given the same legal rights as their married counterparts.

  15. Where does it stop? First we will allow same gender. And the reason for that would be? Equal rights. Then you will have animal lovers coming out of the “closet” saying that they would like to be “married” to their dog. Where does it stop!!!

  16. What I would like to comment about is the continual usage of cell phones while driving. I work in Lakewood and I see many drivers on their cell phones and not paying attention to whats behind or in front of them. I have a bluetooth and I wear it when I’m driving why can’t other drivers do the same. Why don’t the police give them warnings when and where they see drivers on their cell phones. I know I would get a ticket if an officer saw me talking on my cell phone while driving. Please have some dignity for the lives of others…..

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