Blizzard Paralyzes Lakewood

Fiveish shovel tlsTuesday 10:40 p.m.(Further updates in extended article) The storm has arrived full force. Weather centers are reporting an “Explosively Developing” Storm, with accumulation expected up to 18 inches. Driving conditions are harsh. Please use caution, should you have to travel. TLS will continue to bring you all pertinent updates of the storm as we receive them.
12:21 a.m. As per Gov. Christie, all NJ Government offices will be closed today, Wednesday, February 10, due to the severe inclement weather.
1:04 a.m.Wires hanging extremely low on Squankum Road coming into Lakewood. Use alternate Route. (TLS-59).
8:34 a.m. Continental has cancelled all 400 flights for today.
11:33 a.m. Storm to get worse mid-day. Disrupts NJ Transit.
1:09 p.m. Major weather stations are reporting, that a second Blizzard is expected later today into this evening, and could dump another foot of snow in Monmouth and Ocean Counties.
4:34 p.m.Chaveirim suggests that anyone without a 4-wheel drive vehicle should stay off the roads. Driving conditions are extremely harsh and visiblitiy is limited.
4:41 p.m. Updated photo-current weather.
4:45 p.m. LPD has just shut down Madison Avenue between 6th and 7th Street due to icy road conditions. (TLS-46/TLS-52/TLS-CCP)
4:51 p.m. LPD and Chaveirim are advising there are cars stuck everywhere. Do not attempt to drive unless extremely urgent.
5:05 p.m. Storm intensifies, power lines are sagging on many roads.
5:47 p.m. URGENT: Chaveirim, PD and FD are overwhelmed with calls. Please do not attempt to drive in this weather. As we post this, there are dozens upon dozens of vehicles stuck on the roads.
5:56 p.m. send in your blizzard photos to [email protected]
6:43 p.m. The roof to classy Cleaners has collapsed. Multiple PD and FD units are on scene.
7:22 p.m.Driving conditions are extremely hazardous at this time. Trees are down in many areas. Wires are hanging very low on many roads. Stay off the roads.
8:33 p.m. FD responding to Lanes Mill for wires which are sparking. Many trees and tree limbs are blocking roads.
8:36 p.m. Thank you to all who sent in photos. As you can tell, we keep switching photos for our Featured Story. send in your photos to [email protected]
8:38 p.m. FD is reporting traffic lights are out at Pine and New Hampshire and at Oak Street and New Hampshire.
9:25 p.m. N.J. is expected to get hit by another storm this coming Monday-Tuesday, as current blizzard conditions paralyze travel in state. (Star Ledger)
10:03 p.m. As of this time, Chaveirim has received close to 200 calls for the day.

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  1. You will have trouble parking here. In the summer.
    The snow will make it even more difficult. Please avoid our neighborhood unless you are a township snow plow truck or hatzolah.
    Or a pizza delivery guy.
    Or the Bais Hatorah schoolbus.
    Or the yungerman who wants the succah I listed on free-bay.
    Or Hershel.

  2. It feels like Chanukah. I can’t believe that Purim is coming soon.
    I’m just afraid that my homebound wife will start working on
    shalach monos. She already has her theme but it’s a secret.
    Dai letzoroh beshaito.

  3. I just went outside to move my cars for the plow & I was slipping & sliding. The driving is brutal. Its wet snow on top of a little leftover ice. Try not to drive. Better to park urself in a shul, pick an exotic topic to learn, and stay there for the whole day.

  4. I don’t understand you Lakewood cynics mocking your neshei chayalos.
    They are mehaderres bemitzvos and want to have a
    mehudaros mishloach manos. They’re not watching t.v. or other
    shtussim. Let them enjoy their planning and baking.

  5. Don’t expect them to plow forest in excess or any non Main road for that matter for now. I can see them salting. But plowing in the first 5 hours of a 24 hour storm is not going to happen. State is way to broke for that.

  6. #11 and all your follow-ons:
    what am I chopped liver? caint a brudder get some love? if I was to venture out to whispering pines, i would hope to get to park one there, like Darryl in 86

  7. Genug shoyn.
    Your positive and sunny attitude have no place in a blizzard
    or anytime anywhere. Learn some yiddish, stop with the positive parenting classes, and ask my shviger for her recipes.
    Then, no more of your blueberry kugel and whole wheat chulent.

  8. I hope that all of the kvetches that r complaining that their streets weren’t plowed yet r just as makpid about shoveling the snow from the sidewalks in front of their homes.

  9. Can someone from LPW explain why trucks are driving around all with the plows up?? Not spreading anything either?? There got to be over 3 inches now!! Pls explain.

  10. Mrs veib: I wonder what your husband’s cholesterol numbers are.
    Why do you always talk down to us out of towners?
    I’ll have you know that I am a college educated professional
    and a member of our shule’s executive board and eruv committee.
    I get my recipes from a cookbook I won at our imos ubanos brunch,
    so I don’t need your mother in law’s old fashioned concoctions.
    The Torah’s ways are pleasant as it says “derochea darchei shalom
    vechol nesivosehauh shalom hashiveinu olecha venashuva chadesh yameinu kekedem yisgadal veyiskadash”. Please act nice.

  11. And in the end the chopped liver you make is equal to the love you take. Gee, late at night, a blizzard, more tolerant TLS moderation,
    and rosh chodesh adar approaching—–it’s the perfect storm.
    It gets by Buckner… They win!!!!!!

  12. On behalf of the entire Lakewood community I would like to commend the following organizations: Chavierim, EMS, Police, LDC, UEZ, Hatzolah, DPW, Mayor Steeve, DMC, Bikur Cholim, LAC, Fun Unzere, Vaad, LCSW, Buff, TLS, OEM, and All The Way Towing for your tireless work. Keep it up!!!!

  13. We are all benei and benos yisroel. Try some ahavas chinom instead of sinas chinom. There’s nothing wrong with soy sauce in the eivintzvivel,
    or broccoli shabbat soup. Just like no two people have the same face so to every one has their own recipes. Leave the gun, take the cannoli.

  14. Relax all you guys!! Leave the cleanup to DPW and get off the roads,would you?!! They will not plow the minute YOU can’t see black. There’s a system and believe it or not it worked VERY well last storm. Unfortunately it did not work at all in the first big storm of the year but that seems to have been corrected. And as another commenter pointed out-maybe get out and shovel your sidewalk just as quick as you expect them to have your street cleaned.

  15. Please Please don’t believe anything about any snow storm that the mainstreet media is reporting.. Additionally, even if you think you actually see or feel a real blizzard.. rest assured it’s pure hallucination!!! Our climate is getting hotter every day and you should not be fooled by what you are seeing.. And by the way.. I think it is nothing short of Chutzpah that they cancelled – again – the Senate Global Warming Hearing because of this supposed winter storm.. It’s a bunch of nonesense I tell you!!

  16. oscar gamble? smafoo wannabe getting ethnic on us. next we will have celerino sanchez and felix millan out for a stroll. ah to see those fields of yore, from a tiny apt on 15th ave. straw to the moon, THEY WIN!!!

  17. All schools closed for Wednesday and maybe Thursday. There is over 8 inches on the ground we are supposed 2 get more then 2 feet if it goes till Thursday morning. Maybe evan over 3 feet. Up 2 18 in NY

  18. any school news? i need to know if i should defrost my prune jelly for my hamentashen,and of course my mex neighbor shoveled my sidewalk why would you think i dont take care of my obligations

  19. Is there school by those schools for the few hours just so some people can pat themselves on the back to say “We have school”? I am sure the kids are really looking forward to it.

  20. I see cabin fever has hit hard my friend.  

    Unfortunately as a long suffering metropolitan fanatic myself I think you will hear those words “they win” when the one who uttered it in 1986 uluv hashalom comes back to say it again. Until then fasten you seatbelts because it’s going to be a bumpy ride.  

    Or better yet; do not follow them at all until the playoffs (if they ever get to it) so that you can lead a stress free Torahdiger life. 🙂

  21. #46: Ever thought of the Bitul Torah of the thousands of Tinokos Shel Beis Rabon? Kudos to those menahalim for their chashivus HaTorah, even for “the few hours”!!

  22. Did BMG give off today? My chavrusah is not here because he is watching his kids. My wife thinks I should go to yeshiva anyways. whats the eitzah? I rather help with the kids and learn in the house.

  23. if you consider the learning of a few thousand tinokos shel bes rabon for 3 hours just something that people pat trhemselves on the back for then many people will disagree with you .

  24. my rav told me that the snow this year is a punishment for lakewood. he wouldnt go into detail about specifics ,. we need to change our ways bein odom lechavero and stop judging others is all he said .

  25. On behalf of the entire Lakewood community I would like to commend the following organizations: Chavierim, EMS, Police, LDC, UEZ, Hatzolah, DPW, Mayor Steeve, DMC, Bikur Cholim, LAC, Fun Unzere, Vaad, LCSW, Buff, TLS, OEM, and All The Way Towing for your tireless work. Keep it up!!!! And of course Hershel 4 mayor

  26. Someone told me long ago
    there’s a calm before the storm
    I know
    it’s been coming for sometime…..

    I want to know, have you ever seen the snow
    I want to know, have you ever seen the snow
    coming down a sunny day

  27. What’s the big deal? Drive slowly, wait for the plows and just shovel a little … Even by the last one it was fine. So you will have to spend more tim than usual inside with ur kids. Just be happy ur healthy and alive B”h!

  28. Hey, Mr. Fortunate son,
    just wait a few hours
    and you’ll wonder, still you’ll wonder
    who’ll stop the snow

  29. Bottom line I’m so confused…some reports say an inch some say a foot…880 says a foot for ny…anyone know klar what they’re sayin for lakewood was this whole thing a big hoax?! Please help!

  30. I liked the snow we had on Shabbos much better. It was so much easier to shovel. Now I have to get rid of the heavy pile of ice that the township truck blocked my driveway with. But, I still like snow, I’m a child at heart.

  31. 4×4 or not you should not be on the roads. Let the plows and such do what they have to do. You make the situation much worse by being on the roads and eventually getting stuck on the side of the road somewhere. Four wheel drive DOES NOT HELP YOU STOP!!!!!!!! Just keep that in mind.

  32. There are at least two chasunas tonight (epstein and jacobowitz) if the oilem that lives nearby would attend it would make a huge simchos chason vkallah . one is in bais faiga the other in that new chasuna hall . Tizke L’mitzvos

  33. Are all Lakewood chasunas cancelled? A chossid claimed that there is no such a thing as cancelling a chasuna because the origanal date is the “mazeldickah shoe”!

  34. we gota raise taxes this year we have to buy 30 more trucks to make every body happy!!! the cost of a truck is abought 155,000 and well pick u up garbage every day

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