Alert: Dunkin Donuts On River Avenue Not Certified Cholov Yisroel

dunkin 1ALERT: [PHOTOS] Please be aware that Dunkin Donuts on River Avenue has been certified ‘Cholov Stam’. TLS today spoke with Rabbi Shlomo Isaacson, the President and Kashrus Coordinator of the K.O.A, the Kashrus company who recently gave the Hechsher to the River Avenue shop, who says that although the shop says it now carries Cholov Stam products, customers should take notice of the milk products being consumed. (Ne’emanus).

dunkin 2Rabbi Isaacson says the Cholov Stam status was given for the donuts and other products which contain dairy ingredients.

The store recently hung up a sign on the window saying they now carry J&J, Haolam and Mehadrin products.

The sign also says “please let us know if you specifically want Pride Of The Farm dairy in your beverage”. TLS.

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  1. so what does this mean for us non-jewish people. Am i still gonna be able to get the same food and drinks that Dunkin Donuts has always been offering.

  2. On my way to get me some Dunin donuts now! To our gentile friends, everythings stays the same , just no meat products, dunkin was always kosher products except the cheese and bacon

  3. #4 Reb Moshe paskened that cholov yisrael is prefered. Most of the other gedolei haposkim (R S. Z.) are of the opinion that chalav stam is NOT fine.

  4. Bh, its about time. First elizabeth then brooklyn then baltimore and now lakewood finally. They make tthe best choco chip cookies and bavarian doenuts. JJust in time for the new year.

  5. The issue with operations on cows are a general problem. Even on your supposed cholov yisroel milk. So I don’t this this issue being morre of a issue by cholov stam over cholov yisroel

  6. as in all Dunkin Donuts,the donuts are made from a mix with powdered milk.some poskim matir “Taaruvus of chalav stam” if its form has been changed.In this case into a powder.I dont know about the muffins and cookies…
    the bagles are parve dairy equipment .the only think treiffe in DD are the soups and sandwiches,so the kosher versions (baltimore,detroit) serve a ‘vegaterian style” menu

  7. todays non cholov yisroel milk products in the usa are considered as chlov treif according to most rabbonim since they use the milk from cows that were operated on. its a chutzpa that in our ir hatorah there should be stores wanting to reach out to us with these type of products (also the cholov akum ice cream store) when there is no need in our times to go look for heteirim when almost everything is available in mehadrin hashgochos. and them we wonder why we have such a problem with at risk teens(עיין פרי חדש יו”ד סוף סימן פ”א )

  8. I would honestly feel sad for all of you but I just can’t bring myself to care enough. Plus I’m too busy laughing at all the ridiculous comments (particularly lakewood resident at 2:09 – you made my day!). Ask anyone who is really in the know and not afraid of the truth (there are few left since R’ Moshe) – try his family members – and they might enlighten you as to the true story with R’ Moshe and “chalav hacompanies”.

  9. For lakewood resident 209pm, I dont see how you can make a blanket statement such as “cholov treif”. I never heard of such a ridiculous loshon.Its one thing you want to call someone a “novol brshus hatorah” for eating cholov stam and even that is a stretch.Its just the opposite.we have problems with kids at risk when parents make a kid feel he is eating treif because he eats a hershey bar or kit kat.!!!! When my son at his bar mitzvah said he doesnt want to keep cholov stam,i didnt make a big deal about it.he said”Totty,do you want me to be like my friendswho fake out their parents and eat it secretly”? YOUR COMMENTS ARE COMPLETLY NOT “iR HATORAH” AS YOU SAY YOU COME FROM

  10. Went to the todd plaza location this morning…they dont sell anything non kosher anymore..GREAT!!! So now I have to drive halfway across town to get a sandwich with meat on it…Nice …guess I will be going to brick and Toms River from now on for my stuff..

  11. to bagelman
    just because you never heard about it , dosent mean that it dosent exist. most poskim pasken that the milk from these operated cows are not acceptable! btw did you look up the “pri chodosh”? if you dont get a treisel from that then you must have a heart of stone.
    i can only daven that we should all do the utmost tshuva and try to please hakodosh boruch hu in the utmost way that he really expects from us. just like we wouldn’t want the eibishter to “cut corners” with us, lets not “cut corners” with him either.

  12. to lakewood resident
    i am just saying ,you cant make a blanket statement that people who eat cholov stam are eating cholov trief.Reb Moshe certainly didnt say anything about that in his famous teshuva where he says a ‘baal nefesh should be machmir on cholov yisroel.he doesnt say that all others eat cholov trief and that is with a ou or star k stamped on the bottle!!
    btw .I dont have a heart of stone but I see what is going on with young bochrim at risk and it doesnt come from cholov stam The pri chodosh did not mean if a young bochur is nichshal in a hershey bar he was pogem his nefesh for eating treif!!

  13. to bagelman
    first of all the pri chodosh is talking about all people that are not being carefull of what they eat.secondly, this issue of the operations that are done on the cows were not nogea at the time when r’ moshe zatzal wrote his tshuva. so there was not really any issue of cholov treifa then.
    also the star k does not certify anything thats not cholov yisroel .
    and at last as i wrote earlier in todays day and age almost everything is available in cholov yisroel and under mehadrin hashgochos, that there is no reason at all for people who live in our areas to feel the urge to bedavka be meikal and eat food items that are inferior in the halacha aspect.
    lets not forget the yom hadin is very near!!

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