Agudah rips Lufthansa over Airline’s “Disturbing” apology

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  1. “We regret the circumstances SURROUNDING THE DECISION to exclude the affected passengers.”
    “We will be engaging with the affected passengers TO BETTER UNDERSTAND THEIR CONCERNS and openly discuss how WE MAY IMPROVE OUR CUSTOMER SERVICE.”
    LOL! Yeah, those “circumstances SURROUNDING your decision” to exclude all the jews need to be better understood. LOL! . And yeah, it must be extremely difficult for you you “understand” the excluded passengers “concerns”, hence we appreciate your superhuman efforts to try real, real hard – as hard as you possibly and humanely can – to “better understand their concerns.” LOL! And we also appreciate your sincere efforts to try and figure out how you “MAY IMPROVE” your “customer service.” It must be extremely difficult for you to figure that one out.
    Lufthansa CEO, I feel your pain.

  2. How is this involvement by the Agudah helping the affected passengers ? You think Luftansa even knows who the Agudah is ?

    • CEO Carsten Spohr’s Assistant: “Sir, you received a 2cnd letter from Agudah.”

      CEO Spohr: “Who is dis Agudah fellow? He is getting on my nerves. Bring me a Bratwurst mit sourkraut now! I need to calm my nerves!”

      Assistant: “Aren’t you going to send a response letter back to Agudah?”

      Spohr: “Yes, I vill! I vill dictate to you the following letter to send him.”:
      “Attention Mr. Agudah. I don’t know who you are, and I don’t care who you are! I am warning you, if you send me von more letter, you will be permanently banned from all Lufthansa flights! Moreover, Mr Agudah – (by the way, is Agudah your first name or last name? Who cares!) Moreover, not only vill you be banned from all flights, but your entire family, including cousins, uncles, aunts etc. will also be banned. And zat is not all. Your entire neighborhood, and all jews who live within a ten mile radius from you, vill also be banned. Zat is called the ‘Lufthansa Way!’ So stop sending me these silly letters because I am not interested in better understanding your concerns. You understand, Mr. Agudah, or whatever your last name is?! (By the vay – silly of me to ask – but why don’t you write both your first and last names?! You think you’re so famous zat you go with only one name?!)
      P.S: No more kosher meals for you, or for anyone who is seen within a 10 mile radius of you. You understand?!”
      End of the letter. Now, my dear assistant, send out the letter now. Und macht shnell, Dummkopf!

      Assistant: Ya vol, Her Kommandant!

      • I have noticed lately in Berlin a few extremely important Treffen (meetings).
        Are they planning to change the 10 mile radius to 20?

  3. Bad choice of a photo. One guy has no mask at all, one under the chin and one under the nose. Still not an excuse for racism towards the rest.

  4. Why all the noise? Have we conveniently forgotten what happened just a short time ago, when the Germans slaughtered 6 million Jews
    Stop and think for a moment, Don’t buy their products! Don’t buy GermanCars,!Don’t fly on their Airlines!( just to save a few dollars) I’m certain we all noticed the murderous and vicious look of those armed police, who confronted our Jewish brethren.lesson ,have nothing to do with them!!!

  5. Yup! Lufthansa employees said that “YOUZ PEOPLE” (all jews) can’t board because of the few “creatures of habit” whom didn’t think about putting on their masks.
    Hitler ימח שמו said that the Germans are “The Perfect People” well we’re 10 times more perfect than them; those “Airhead” Lufthansa employees are real stupid.
    LUFT in Yiddish or German means AIR; THANZA in German means THANKFUL ; we’re not at all thankful to their airhead employees.

  6. I am not German but i feel that this story has been blown out of proportion. Yes,an egregious chain of events grew out of control and was handled by some klein keppeldik employees.they will surely pay for their pettiness and stupidity. However, it must be said that the German government has been deeply apologetic for the actions of their predecessors. Anti-semitism or words/actions against Jews are handled very seriously with criminal consequences, unlike other European countries like Sweden and France. While some heads will roll over this story, for the man on the European street, this story sounds like Jewish bullying. Do we have the right to stand our ground. Possibly. But are we eradicating anti Jewish sentiment or just deepening it? Your call.

    • i personally had a similar story that they didnt let me up on a flight with 5 more yidden, that was about 20 years ago, since then i have heard numerus stories of people with similar stories,
      get it!

  7. Keep buying their cars! They’re really sleek. I’m sure the few survivors left would love to get a ride with you. Maybe even put a couple German Sheppard in the car for good measure!!

  8. I was once, only once, in the airport in Germany for a short stopover. I’m usually a pretty chilled guy – and I was very, VERY nervous.
    Those black-uniformed cops, the boots, the blond hair, the steely eyes; just a face of hate. It gave me the creeps.
    And a previous poster is right: In the not too distant past, that face of hate was the last thing many of our relatives & ancestors saw on this planet before they perished by the hands of these nazis, Yemashv”z..
    I avoid, when at all possible, any & all products made by them & I don’t buy their plane tickets & I definitely avoid their airport….
    we all should.

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