Additional 15 Bus Routes Go Out For Bid – Negba Facing Possible Termination As Bus Provider

negbaThe BOE has announced last night that an additional 15 routes will be going up for bid, and another hearing on Negba Bus service will take place this week, after they say the bus company failed to improve itself during a trial period. “After the continued failure of Negba to provide comparable services for our children even after pledging in public to fix all the problems, our Director has recommended further action” said a BOE member.

The hearing, which will be taking place later this week, is expected to refer Negba to the County Superintendent for review, which may result in Negba being entirely removed as a transportation provider. However that has not been confirmed, the board says.

If the County removes Negba as a vendor, the company will be unable to bid on future contracts.

The latest routes out for bid have not yet been taken away from Negba until the bids come back and is approved by the district. TLS.

Below, is a video of last month’s hearing at the Board of Education.

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  1. as administrator we have a big problem with Negba. Negba were given many chances to fix the problem but they still leave kids waiting for 30 -40 minutes and chronically come late to school.

  2. maybe they should change their name to Kedma – as kedem means b4 – might give some incentive. Currently their service seems to be Negba – going south

  3. You are all being very harsh. Mr Rottenberg spoke here on scoop how he is trying very hard. My kids have not waited at all, they have been on time. why should we take away a person in our community’s business. Give it a chance.

  4. we have negba. they do a wonderful job. they are concerned about the safty of the children( as opposed to my (moderated) bus that brings them home

  5. Hi all
    for the record, my sons Negba bus use to be very unreliable. but that changed the bus shows up every morning at the exact time, on schedule.
    thank you BOE

  6. Negba is being treated unfairly. All companies have similar issues. Negba has been a target of a smear campaign. A huge Chilul Hashem on our part.

  7. It is quite obvious that some BOE members have a hidden agenda and are just out to get Negba. I have one kid that goes on Negba and another child that uses a diffr. contractor, and Negba’s performance is much much better then the other contractor. I think some investigation should be done as to who is behind this whole Negba bashing, and what their hidden agenda is.

  8. Something really doesn’t sound right. Who is paying off some board members to get Negba out??!! I know another school bus contractor in Lakewood with huge issues and noone says a word.

  9. My daughter has Negba and they never come on time. When I complained, they told the BOE I was lying and that the bus comes on time. I think everyone would agree that coming between 8:59 and 9:05 is not on time.

  10. Negba is doing an excellent job recently. I actually spoke to a neighbor who’s child goes with Murphy’s and he said the bus never comes on time! Sometimes he waites 5 minutes, and sometimes 40 minutes!
    Why is there no talk about that?? Who said the other companies are doing any better?
    My children come home with Clarr, and every day they come at a different time, and if no one is there to take them off the bus, the driver just lets them off – illegal and dangerous for their age.
    I could keep going but I think you get the idea.

  11. You named yourself correctlly- “Am Haeretz” indeed. All this bad about Negba is someone’s unknown hidden agenda. It has nothing to do with the wonderful service Negba provides.

  12. I think that once ppl start complaining about a company, everyone takes that as an okay to make every little issue into a big deal. I agree that this looks like a smear campaign…I’m sure if they did an equal review they would find other companies lacking as well.

  13. It’s unfair to write ” give them a chance” when it’s not your child.
    My girls are supposed to be picked up at 8. On Monday it showed up at 8:25 and today at 8:35. It was extremely windy this mornIng. When I tried to call negba, it’s either busy or they put you on hold and never gone back. They have had a different driver every day last week so my 11 yr old has to show up the route! Bymid-February, there are mo chances left!!!!

  14. why do we keep blaming the bus company’s for an impossible job
    Its high time schools in the same neighborhood pool bus routes which will lighten traffic and have fewer busses on the road

  15. My son use to come home late all the time and ever since Mr. R spoke on tls about 2 weeks ago my son has been coming home on time so there is definitely a good change and it shows that negba is trying

  16. To 27#

    The board attorney doesn’t have to play with the boe members he has one agenda to make money, that is what he is hired for, I’m sick and tired of seeing comments that he is meshbud to do chessed 24/7 for lakewood and your children this is his parnassah but on the side he has helped thousands of lakewood children already, its time for lakewood to realize people are aloud to make money.

  17. I too will agree that since the last BOE emergency meeting my child’s bus has been on time to the best of my knowledge. However,I wouldn’t agree with all the comments here about a smear campaign,chilul hashem,hidden agendas….We all know there were SERIOUS issues with them up until two weeks ago or so(after that meeting). Just because my kid’s bus is on time doesn’t mean the rest are. I would sooner suspect that half the comments above were posted by employees,friends….than to say that the BOE has hidden agendas. As if they had little else to deal with as BOE members in this town!!

  18. I am just saying that everybody should proceed with caution, before they terminate the contract with Mr. Rothenberg, because we are dealing with someone’s parnasah and that should be dealt we great sensitivity, and I am sure he has allot of frum bus drivers that will lose their livelihood as a result of terminating the contract

  19. To #31, Instead of using code words like frum, just say Jewish Drivers…. Oh no, lets not worry about the other drivers, just them. Since we the other people (as I am sure you refer to us) and have no use for us only to do your tasks, shame on all of you…. I thought we were created equally, but not according to you. I have lisrtened to your children on the bus, refer to us as nothing. Yeah, we have mortgages to pay and bills to pay and families to su[pport and yes we would lose our livlihood…. The majority of us are Christians. So without us, GUESS WHAT, you will be bussing your own kids. Then when you are late, who are you going to call and complain to? I am sure you will figure it out, since you are always right, WRONG!!!!!!!

  20. u r 100% right, the reason I mention frum drivers is because in our community the fact is most people spend the money in the community for example kosher stores private schools etc . the fact is we Jews do feel a sense of responsibility to each other when we all collectively suffer from anti Semitism, look around how much hatred is directed against israel and the Jewish people around the world, additionally allot of people in this community are related to each other . but ur right we should always proceed with caution when we terminate anybody’s livelihood because it effect families and children when the bread winner is out of a job

  21. To #33, THANK YOU FOR YOUR COMMENT…. I sincerely appreciate your sensitivity. I have nothing against the Jewish community, afterall they are paying my salary and I am trully grateful. Again thank you…..

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