Accident Involving 2 School Buses Backs Up School Bus Traffic, Leaves Children Waiting

PHOTO: Two school buses clipped each other this morning, backing up traffic and leaving kids waiting, but nobody was injured. The buses clipped each other at the intersection of Ridge Avenue and Negba Street at about 8:40 AM, and involved a Murphys and STA bus.

The accident caused a traffic back up with multiple buses waiting on the adjacent streets, until police arrived.

Neighbors say police arrived at about 15 minutes later, and are currently documenting the accident, while the children remain on the bus. TLS.

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  1. Developer: Hey I just realized, we could squeeze three more houses on this block if we don’t make any streets!

    Builder: Hmm, great idea! But don’t we need a road so the people could be shuttled in and told what a great deal it is to buy a 5 bedroom home on a cluttered street for $500k?

    Developer: Good point! Lets make the road only wide enough for one lane, this way they can come in, but they cant leave!

    Builder: Cha Ching! $$$

  2. So someone is just estimating or someone took out a stop watch to see if it was 15min. I don’t buy it I have a feeling someones sense of time is off.

  3. It may have been 15 min… but was a minor accident “The buses clipped each other” not a crash, no injuries and no life threat. You want a faster response to these accidents hire more police just to do accidents, in this town it would be a full time job.

  4. A) there was another bus accident which delayed the police officer to the call.

    b) it was 15 minutes (ps police were called and informed to send the officers via East 5th so they would not get stuck in the back up- the officers were never informed)

    c) the other buses ended driving on the sidewalk

    d) we asked the twp to place crosswalks and no parking signs off the corners so the buses can turn. some of the crosswalks (not all) were approved and will hopefully be painted in the spring.

    e) the engineer does NOT speak with the officers who see the Ridge accidents almost weekly, so they do NOT take these accidents into account. We the residents need to inform the TWP that we want changes, Many of the no parking signs are missing on Ridge although this has been requested many times. many areas that have been designated years ago are missing no parking signs and painted curbs.

    f) we need a no parking during snow and no parking between 8-9:30 AM and 3:30-5:30PM. or whenever the main times schools are let out. This would keep the area open.

    g) We also need to remove parking on both sides of ridge were there are major curves in the road and with parking on only one side there is still an issue with 2 cars passing.

    h) PEOPLE SLOW DOWN!!!! some people think they are in an arcade and speed down Ridge as they MUSt get to were they are going without concern for their safety and the safety of others.

  5. A its not the builder,peaple should not buy houses if the roads are to small,peaple should not buy a house if there is no back yard for the children to play. A play ground doesn’t help a 9 year old boy.peaple should think long term when buying a house. Living space isn’t everything!!!!

  6. to all you people complaning about how wide the streets are not:
    that is part of the pakage!! where else are you getting a brand new 5 bedroom townhouse/single family for 350-500k?!?!?
    if you want to have wide streets then move to the older neighborhoods!!
    you wont have the 5 bedroom new house, but your busses wont get squished!! its your descision!
    noone is forcing you!

  7. Please note there is a law that no one is allowed to park within an intersection or with in 25-50? ft

    On ridge especialy by Nolan and Ridge and Ridge Shoshana people are parking in the intersection all the time.

    intersection includes T shaped intersection or S shaped such as on Ridge when a Street connects although it may be on the other side.

    There is no need to habe Ridge one way. This would slow down emergeny services and there is not enough streets to come back to ones home.

    There is a need to ban parking off intersections upto 75 feet to allow traffic such as busses or 2 cars passing to make turns.

  8. When will the BOE wakeup and realize we have way too many school buses in Lakewood. I understand neigborhood schools K-8 was appoved last night. This should be the direction for all schools, private and public. Have all future schools built on Oak street or pick an area for schools only.

  9. I have a friend that bought a house on a regular quiet side street, because he specifically didn’t want a development. Then they made a shul right next door. Forget about all the quiet that he wanted. There is no such thing as a quiet residential street in Lakewood any more.

  10. Maybe if the town would look around before giving out permits to build they would see that there is no place left. Why don’t people like the looks of trees and lawns, all you now see in Lakewood is Townhouses, condos and apartment buildings. Lets try and slow down building for awhile. Stop turning all our businesses into schools and maybe the tax rate will be normal again when we have businesses to suport our tax rate.

  11. I grew up on Ridge Ave. Now you would think your in a foreign country. There was no problem with busses, we walked to school. Oh for the good old days!

  12. to no 4
    this is a free country. the developer will do whatever he thinks will sell. if you dont like it dont buy it. if no one buys it he wont build it. we call this capatilism. if you want the government regulating everything move to cuba. bon voyage!

  13. Residents, Be advised that you have a good amount of influence about your quality of life in Lakewood.

    Home buyers had a right to believe that the infrastructure around their homes, conforms to a standard that will support the population of the community. They did not understand that the power brokers were working behind the scenes to maximize their profit at your expense.

    There needs to be ordinances developed that insure that streets are wide enough to provide for the free flow of traffic. Ordinances must deal with the adequacy of off-street parking and severe penalties for on-street illegal parking. Then a moratorium is needed that will prevent the Zoning Board of Adjustments and the Planning Board from issuing wavers and allowing variances to the Construction Ordinances.

    Only then will the quality of life improve in Lakewood Township. Only then will parents rest assured that their children are being transported safely, with all the care that the governing body can afford them.

    Your influence counts, only if you use it. Ask questions and demand answers. How did this happen, and who permitted it to happen? It must stop now, or others will suffer the same fate.

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